Mayo News football podcast – keys to the Kingdom

Right, the countdown to Sunday’s All-Ireland semi-final against Kerry is now properly underway. No better method to get you in the mood, then, than a fresh episode of the Mayo News football podcast.

In this edition host Rob Murphy is joined by Mike Finnerty, Edwin McGreal and Sean Rice in the Mayo News offices to get stuck into the detail of what promises to be a fascinating duel between the current League champions and last year’s All-Ireland finalists.

Also included is a preview of an interview with former Mayo selector Tom Prendergast, who looks back on the epic semi-final of 2014 between the two counties. The full interview will be in Friday’s podcast extra.

To round off this edition of the podcast, Mike Finnerty caught up with Knockmore’s Kevin McLoughlin at the Mayo squad’s press night evening to talk all things football and milk cartons.

This latest episode of the podcast is now available on both iTunes and SoundCloud and you can also listen to it here on the site – all you need to do is click the player below. Enjoy!

21 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast – keys to the Kingdom

  1. Great podcast. I met Paddy Prendergast in his house while I was cycling the Wild Atlantic Way for charity in June. He is a true gent. I was proud to have my picture taken with him. It was great talking to him about all things Mayo.

  2. Nerves are setting in now.

    Have a few mates from Kerry and the pod is exactly right about their view of Mayo – they don’t really see any way that we’ll beat them.

  3. ” They don’t really see any way that we’ll beat them”.
    Now THAT is the very definition of complacency . We should be agreeing with them about that en masse.

    I thought too much of the podcast was being worried about Kerry. However the interview with McLaughlin was spot on . Kevin said very confidently ” we’ll be ready “. Make no mistake , we’ll be ready to do our talking on the field .

  4. keegan to the half forward line and go for it from the start, defencive football don’t suit mayo

  5. Donie to play at FB v Donaghy in the battle of the dons. Our man Donie will be The Don! Shoes v Star. Stars burn out but Shoes can go on forever!

  6. I hope Loftus gets a chance the next day. He’ll give the Kerry defence something new to worry about and will create goal scoring chances.

  7. I think we should hold a little in reserve for the final, stop D Moran we win simple as,and I am convinced our management will have a plan to deal with anything Kerry come up with, up Mayo

  8. Hold anything in reserve and there will be no final !! It’s all out war on Sunday if we are to have any chance of winning.

  9. So difficult to try and guess where Lee will play and who’s place he’ll take. Not sure though about him lining out in forwards. He may be better hunting from the back. His play is so exceptional from deep it’s hard to know how it could be bettered in the forwards. But I’m looking forward to seeing what transpires.
    I certainly can see Paddy on O’Donoghue and what a battle that should be. Hard to see who else but Paddy could match him for pace. Chris is having a super year too so he may also be matched with him.

    It really is a match that is very difficult to foresee how each team will line out given the uncertainty around match-ups and style.
    Whatever about Kerry saying they’ve been warned, we need to remind ourselves that if it wasn’t for their uncharacteristic wastefulness, Kerry would have been out of sight by half time in our League match against them in Spring.
    I know it was only the league but still…,

  10. Aye cant be showing our hand in an aul semi final v Kerry. Be better off saying half the team have a virus and play some young lads from development squad.

  11. Trevor Naughton….front seat for you for that bit of wizardry. Now, I’m not a scientist or a cobbler but I’d cobble a bet on the Star way out afar, to hover and dangle for longer than some of the shoes I see walking about the place nowadays!
    But tiz true also that the brightest stars do flicker and dim and often disappear from sight for long periods only to sometimes return in their brightest glory.

  12. It is notable that when I mention that Keegan has to come back in the yerras begin to morph into yikes.

    There’s no doubt we need a plan in place for their inside line, but they know we’re capable of running right down the middle too. Moran is a fabulous midfielder so our best option might be to turn him the other way. Get him chasing Keegan and Parsons. That negates him and also reduces the supply line to their attack.

    All simple in principle and shows how difficult a job it is for Rochford & co.

  13. Whatever about the Yerra scribes, Mayo need to be very mindful of the cuteness of Kerry on the field of play.
    Take for instance Donnacha Walsh’s antics to get Lee sent off in the ’14 drawn semi. Kerry knew Lee’s threat then, just like Dublin did last year. Walsh saw an opportunity and boy did he take it.

    In the ’14 replay Kerry gave yet another masterclass in cuteness: the targeting of Aidan O’Shea and the total shrewdness in the extra time – gaining yardage for their own frees, and moving the ball back for ours, and turning it into a dogfight to see out the match. Small margins and why not if you get away with it.
    So there is every reason to be very mindful of the likely cuteness we’ll encounter because more often than not when we we play Kerry they win the small margins and they get the breaks. They have a win-at-all-costs attitude and they seem to relish bringing this against Mayo. They do not see themselves losing this match so that is the challenge that awaits us.

  14. @inbetweener we are mayo the normal laws of nature/physics don’t apply! 🙂 up mayo!!

  15. I don’t agree with Mikes point to drop Doherty. He is a very important player for us and has to start. We can’t go back to playing defenders like Coen out of position up front.
    Vaughan is not the man for donaghy… Not great in the air

  16. James,
    I don’t know if you are accurate there, Donaghy creates space from a standing position with the use of his body. Vaughan is a powerful man and has buckets physical strength, I think if he tries to jump with him Donaghy will beat him as Vaughan should frustrate him with on the edge pulling and dragging and make sure he has to turn away from the posts when he lands. If Vaughan jumps he will not have the prepared stance to make him turn,, these are the inches,,, if ye were wearing a Dublin jersey ye could foul him out of the game be just holding his wrists and preventing him from even competing but Philly and Bastic are the only players in the game that are afforded that particular luxury by Jim Gavin’s “top three referees”

  17. Yeah I accept your point gamechager but I would rather have someone on him that will contest the ball rather than waiting for him to get the ball before they challenge him.

  18. Mayo need to be a lot more clinical than they were against the Rossies, bring in Nally and Loftus up front. We will be punished if we don’t take our chances.

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