Mayo News football podcast – Kingdom quashed

It’s the day after but most of you will, for sure, still have your minds locked on yesterday’s match at Croke Park. Let’s take you back there with the latest edition of the Mayo News football podcast.

This jam-packed episode was recorded at Croke Park yesterday and it was edited by host Rob Murphy here at Mayo GAA Blog HQ in the hours since then. Sure, this one is nearly a live event.

In this episode, Rob and I take you through the game and afterwards we’re joined by Club ’51 stalwarts Ann-Marie Kenny and Anne-Marie Flynn where we chat about the win and what is means for us. We also caught up with Ger Flanagan’s grandfather (also Ger) and we have the photographic evidence to prove it.

Up in the press box, meanwhile, Mike Finnerty gets the thoughts of Shane McGrath of the Irish Daily Mail and Colm Keys of the Irish Independent and he also gets post-match comments from Colm Boyle. Rob catches up with Ger Flanagan (the younger) and Daniel Carey to talk about the game and the post-match reaction to it. Marty Morrissey even manages to get in on the act too.

Rob and myself also chat about our plans to do a special All-Ireland final preview episode of the podcast. The Oxford Arms in Camden over in London sponsor the podcast and plans are afoot to record a preview episode over there at some point over the coming days. Stay tuned for further details on that.

This episode of the podcast is now available on both iTunes and SoundCloud and you can also listen to it here on the site – all you need to do is click the player below. Happy listening!

19 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast – Kingdom quashed

  1. Kerry people are sound and mostly gracious people but there is an element in their GAA hierarchy that is simply insufferable . Today I’m going to indulge in my small mindedness and I’m going to finally exorcise 2014 from my psyche. I apologize but I will forget about these “analysts ” after this . Basically their analysts are not credible either in their blind bias but also in their so called analysis. To be fair there are non Kerry analysts who are equally as bad and some are even from Mayo. But anyway , with apologies in advance

    So let me see now .

    Q: Tomas : how in the name of God are Mayo going to get enough scores to clock up a winning score ” ?

    Ans: Why don’t you watch the Sunday game ( you are employed by them are you not ?) of August 20 th and August 27 th and you’ll be enlightened . Or to paraphrase P.O. ” why don’t you tighten the f$*k up with the analysis “?
    And why don’t you man up and take responsibility for super sloppy statements like ” Kerry will bring war “.. in fact they brought street thuggery . Actions matching what the words truly mean. To a man they lost the war. But don’t complain about Darren’s incorrect black card as you know ” all is fair in love and war”. You called the war.

    The Gooch . I’m also paraphrasing here but basically he said on the Sunday game August 20 th that Kerry would not be conceding 2-14 again. In fact he nailed it . Kerry conceded 2-17.
    He also said that Kerry football tradition would go out the window in the replay. He was both right and wrong . Deployment of a sweeper was untraditional for Kerry.The thuggery towards Mayo , physical , mental , written and otherwise was all too familiar alas from 2014. How sad that one of the greatest players to ever play the game was knowingly promoting and condoning this in advance. Truly inept and shameful so called ” analysis ”

    Dara :I feel sorry for Aidan O Shea being put in full back like that ”

    Hey Dara , Tip for you. We feel sorry for YOU ! Because you are so awfully and transparently disingenuous , partisan and thick. Not to mention condescending. You are the very definition of a complacent smug hack . It’s not like we will see something in writing from you holding your hand up . In fact I guarantee you will pick whatever team is facing Mayo to win the AIF , which is perfect for us . Thanks in advance for that.

    Bombers underpants : “There’s no way Mayo will try that failed experiment again ( of using Aido at FB ….. (reminiscent of Einstein’s take on insanity “)

    Hey bomber you’re no Einstein and that’s for sure !
    However , to be fair Bomber ,you did warn EF that this was no time for a rash overhaul . You were right on that ! They weren’t listening to you down in Kerry , were they ? So why would we ?

  2. Heartiest congratulations .to SR.and his brilliant band of.warriors Special.mention.for Keith,Colm Aidan.and.Andy AlsoJason and Conor.L
    A marvellous.performance..all-round!
    Heres hoping for a.great.finale.on sept17
    Best.of.luck lads!

  3. Swahili
    That’s one hell of a post.
    Therapeutic for you and alot of folks like me as well!.
    Have to say though Kerry lads generally are OK.
    Very sporting yesterday and always when I go down there they are genuine enough but look they never really feared or respected us cause we never beat them. They just always felt like they could get past us and until yesterday they were generally right. Just like us and Roscommon or Sligo or someone like that.
    Same with Dublin till 2006 that’s still etched in their memory. Their attitude changed after that day.
    Kerry will be the same.
    Great post though still laughing about the Darragh bit. Reckon alot in Kingdom might not disagree with ya there

  4. Have to say 99% of Kerry people are sound. Their is at least 1% in every county – including our own – who are very hard to stomach when they won a big game. I saw a Mayo person after the game yesterday and he was an embarrassment to the county the way he behaved to genuine kerry supporters. I can’t understand how people get so hung up by what the “experts” say before and after games. They are only giving their opinions. If the are wrong – so what – as Zippy said after the game what these people say or think is irrevelant. Lets enjoy with a bit of dignity and respect.

  5. @Swahilli
    Nail on the head. That Kerry had to deploy a sweeper against Mayo, fucking Mayo, the none marquee forward, soft centred fools that Jack O’Connor reckoned he had beaten by the Red Cow roundabout. They’ll beat us again, they’re the best in the country but for 75 minutes yesterday we BULLIED Kerry in every square inch of Croke Park, including the stands.

  6. Still on a high after yesterday and indeed the past few matches and don’t have to come down until
    At least after the replay on October 2. Seriously tho this Mayo team has got what it takes to go all the way this year if we tear into the opposition the way we did in the last 3 games and not give away soft goals theres only going to be one winner. The way this team keeps coming back is unreal we are privileged to live through this era.

  7. Swahili – That is one of the most enjoyable posts I’ve read in a while. Love it!

  8. A lovely bonus on Sunday to get the podcast Really love them Now is the time to enjoy the next three weeks. These are special times for Mayo which won’t last forever although with this team who is to say it won’t so get out and enjoy every minute of them and fly the flags high.

  9. The Dubs looked really good today, but Tyrone gave them all the time and space in the world, we wont be so accommodating I’m sure. Watched the game back earlier, and whilst it was one of the most enjoyable days I’ve ever had in Croker, there is still plenty to improve on, which is a good think. Paddy Power has us at 11/4 with the Dubs 2/5 on…

  10. You are so right Lahanman…we haven’t a hope. Tough on us getting so close so often to be out passioned and played by the greatest team ever. But sure beating Kerry was our all Ireland. Fair play to our men. I am very proud of everything MAYO… especially this team.

  11. Swahili, I thoroughly enjoyed that. I even read it aloud for maximum effect.

    Most of them are sound alright South Mayo Exile and Pat but even after that clattering on Saturday they were still in a position to patronise us (soundly) with their 328 All-Ireland wins and their “Yerra Dublin or Tyrone will be hard beat for ye, especially in a final”.

    Can’t believe you’ve outed yourself in a photo, WJ 😉

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