Mayo News football podcast – ladies final preview

Last Sunday may still be a raw wound – as well as a proudly defiant memory – for many but the action isn’t over for the year just yet. This coming Sunday, the county is back in action at Croke Park contesting another All-Ireland final against Dublin, this time in the LGFA senior football championship.

This latest edition of the Mayo News football podcast provides a full preview of the big event on Sunday. In the podcast host Rob Murphy is joined by Mike Finnerty to set the scene. We hear from the legend that is Cora Staunton as well as Mayo captain Sarah Tierney. Special guest on the podcast is Elaine Buckley from the award winning Fair Game podcast, which focuses on all elements of women’s sport.

This special edition ladies All-Ireland final podcast is now available on SoundCloud and iTunes. You can also listen to it here on the site, either by clicking the player below or the one on the sidebar to the right. Enjoy!

15 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast – ladies final preview

  1. Hon Maigh Eo! I hope our ladies sew it in to them after some of the nonsense emanating from the Dubs’ manager this week.

  2. The best of luck to the ladies. I saw their semi final against Cork and thought it was a great performance. They left it all on the pitch to come out on top in that one so I’ll have the fingers crossed for them and hope they put in another top class performance in the final. Many congratulations too as well to Cora who is still at the peak of her powers. In terms of skill, hard work and longevity she must surely be one of Irelands greatest ever sports stars. 23 years since staring in the big leagues and still going strong. Someone we could all look up to. A superstar.
    Hon Mayo.

  3. Best of luck & good wishes to MAYO ladies on Sunday, they are great footballers & superb athletes, I am so proud of everyone involved, Up Mayo.

  4. According to the Connaught Telegraph, there’s over 40,000 tickets sold already for Sunday. This will break the record of just over 34k set last year. So lets all make the effort and get behind our ladies. Lets show everyone that we will not be silenced. We are Mayo, we are proud and we are in this together. We, the supporters outshouted the Dubs last Sunday in their own backyard… lets do the same this Sunday. Lets get that figure up to 50,000 and let the extra 10,000 be from Mayo. Are we going to skulk away quietly never to be heard of again? No we fucking are not. Lets be there, lets roar and shout and wave our flags proudly. I still believe. We still believe. Lets show it.

  5. Make that 40,002 JG – I got my tickets for the game this evening. I’d say 45k is now a reasonable target for Sunday, it’d be great if the 50k mark was exceeded. Whatever the figure it’s set to be by far the biggest crowd ever at a women’s sporting event in this country.

  6. I don’t think I will be going, but I was at several All Ireland Ladies finals in the past… But they are just as much Mayo as any of our Male representatives
    … Really hope ye do it,!

  7. Various degrees of colds and tummy bugs are working their way through my house at the moment, and I’ve to disappear for a few hours myself to play a match tomorrow morning, but I’m still hoping to use the few brownie points I have left to get to the ladies match tomorrow – as far as I know tickets are available on the day?

    Everyone who can be there must be there to help this brave group of girls to get over the line!

    Hon Mayo!!!

  8. WJ…not just the biggest attendance at a women’s sporting event in this country but in Europe EVER ….last year’s Women’s Final attendance of 34,445 took the laurels for that mark but was subsequently gazumped by the 35, 271 attending this year’s Women’s FA Cup Final in England…so if indeed 40,000 plus are going ( heading up from Leitrim myself with my partner and meeting my daughter there) then we will all be at a record breaking event – I’m with JG’s sentiments – Mayo people should rise from their torpor and trauma and return to the battlesite of last week in the same numbers, with the same roar, to help a Mayo team across the line and win our second All Ireland Final of 2017 { Westport of course being the first!} Mayo Abu!

  9. Best of luck to the ladies tomorrow. I won’t be able to make the trip myself but will be roaring at the TV.

  10. Its my first ladies final and will be making the trip east with a few mates…..thats an amazing crowd number and with good weather forcast it could break 50k.I haven’t bought tickets yet as I’m waiting to see will they open upper hogan or hill….does anyone think thats on the cards?

  11. I am going tomorrow and am really excited about it. I will be shouting and looking forward to a game without all the pressure before hand. There will be large numbers as Upper Cusack opened up. Don’t know about Hogan.
    My heart was in my boots last Sunday. I work in Dublin and dreaded gong to work on Monday. On arrival, all I got was respect, no jokes, and an acknowledgement, that it was anybodies, and quietly admitting they were worried.
    Soooo I will be putting my jersey on one more time this year, and supporting, not hiding and just too proud to go away.

    Really looking forward to tomorrow!

  12. You can, James. I got mine in the local SuperValu up here yesterday and there were loads of options available – Lower and Upper Cusack, Lower Davin and Lower Hogan. They’re also available from Centra and I’d say you can even get them from ticket vans approaching the ground tomorrow as well.

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