Mayo News football podcast – Limerick preview

The football qualifiers get underway on Saturday and, once again, Mayo are seeking to start a backdoor run that will propel them all the way to Croke Park. Limerick provide the opposition in Round 1 and this edition of the Mayo News football podcast previews Saturday’s clash at the Gaelic Grounds.

The centrepiece of this podcast episode comes in the form of an interview by host Rob Murphy with fellow Ballinrobe native Maurice Horan. As well as being a member of Stephen Rochford’s backroom team in 2016, Maurice was manager of Limerick’s footballers from 2011 2013 and so, with a foot in both camps, he’s uniquely well placed to provide an insight to both teams ahead of Saturday’s meeting.

Rob also gets Billy Joe Padden’s thoughts on how the game might pan out tactically, while Rob and I also have some chat about the game, during which I mention the recent outbreak of artistry on the blog in the form of a rash of football-themed limericks. I even pick my favourite one.

This latest edition of the podcast is now online and is available to listen to on iTunes and SoundCloud. You can also listen to it on the Mayo News website or here on the blog, via the SoundCloud player below or the one on the right.

The Mayo News football podcast is sponsored by the Oxford Arms in Camden Town.

46 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast – Limerick preview

  1. – Looking forward to listening to this later on.
    – If Mayo want to be judged as serious contenders for even Super 8’s this year then we need to be winning this by +15, a loss really would be catastrophic while scraping a win would raise a whole new level of questions and scrutiny. Think of what Kerry or Dublin would score against this Limerick side.
    – The fringe/newbies when introduced (hopefully not in the 62nd minute) will need to go for it and push for starts as there is only really competition for 5 places on this Mayo team, everyone else is guaranteed a start and this leads to complacency.
    – Mayo have stumbled and stuttered so far this year, Saturday evening should be a first step in getting Mayo purring again but it’s only that.

  2. Olive i have to say i wont mind a scraped win at all , the main thing is to get through. as one fell said on the site previously its a good chance to blow out the dirty diesel. lets just get through it and then see who we get next. but that being said, i expect us to win well.

  3. Olive The goal in the backdoor competition is all about a small glass bowl. We just have to be in it. What can you honestly take from a 15 point + win. It’s only Limerick but we must meet them on their own turf and show as much respect as it takes. A small win will be enough to achieve our goals. Let those teams in the other bowl worry about Mayo.

  4. I’m with Olive on this. If we give them a spanking it’ll give us a bounce. Wouldn’t wanna go into a round 2 qualifier against Monaghan on a downer.

  5. Brendan we could meet anyone in Round 2 it doesnt have to be Monaghan

  6. @brendanlynskey

    Are you writing about the team or supporters? The team will know where they are at whatever the margin.Really this is a test of Rochford…does he fully believe in his panel.We will see.

  7. We need to be winning this one comfortably aginst a division 4 team, i know mayo dont hit peak til august but lets not forget we rode our luck last year more than once in the qualifiers aginst derry cork and roscommon, we dont want to be in a situation on saturday where were 2 or 3 points ahead with a few mins to go and one mistake could be the end of the season, see what kerry galway and dublin have done to lesser opposition in the last forthnight.

  8. Only caught up with club game reports from Western and mayo news at the weekend. Was a bit surprised to see that 3 panel members played for breaffy, (Rob, Conor, Michael Hall) and couldn’t see any other panel players lining out for their clubs. Any ideas? Are they still on the panel.

  9. Also agree that we need to be wiping the floor with limerick. Confidence boost badly needed.

  10. Brendan Harrison out injured and Donie Vaughan doubtful for the game Saturday according to Mike Finnerty on Mayo News.Backs should only have one change with Leeroy Keegan back to replace Stephen Coen who did not stand out against Galway.

  11. We shouldn’t have to use the Boyler or Andy on Saturday. If we can’t beat Limerick without them we are going nowhere. Remember if we are to reach a semi final we will have 6 games in 7 weeks.

  12. James Fleming that is factually incorrect. We cannot meet ‘anyone’ :p. If we beat Limerick we must play against a losing provincial semi finalist so that’s an opponent from a bowl of 8. When I mentioned the ‘bounce’, all I was trying to say was that a hammering of Limerick would give confidence/a psychological boost (like Ah now above) which would particularly be needed if we were to get a strong team like Monaghan in round 2.

  13. Throw the shackles off….play with freedom and enjoyment…I feel looking at the Galway game and the league we played with fear and uncertainty of where we are going as a team….you can feel it in the stands too….

  14. There is no point “resting” players for this game. We’re just after a 4 week break and there is another 2 weeks until the following round assuming we win. Later in the summer is when fatigue will be a factor.

    It may be worth leaving Boyle and Andy on the bench to try some new faces however.

  15. The theory that we peak in August I think will be proven incorrect this year. Management targeted the Galway game and I don’t think we played badly against a quite good and improving Galway team. Would rank them joint 2nd after Dublin with Kerry. Had we avoided a red card I think we’d have beaten them with wind in 2nd half. Some people and pundits saying our build up too slow…. but on a tightish pitch vs a packed defense it was always likely to be a struggle to break them down. Despite a few wides I was happy we took the shots (as Spillane says speculate to accumulate) and fairly happy that we were catching them leading up to half time until the red card changed Mayo’s 2nd half tactics.
    Seeing what happened Clare, Tipp and Sligo recently Mayo have to be hot favourites. Worrying that 2 key players probably missing training due to injury and hope they’re right to play some part in round 2 should we prevail. Donie missing means game time for one of the 2 new lads. Also can we keep Keith as sweeper, a player cut out for the role. If that means 12 jersey for Keith and Crowe starting so be it. I have a hunch Chris Barrett will star this weekend with 4 more weeks summer training.

  16. Danny Swahili-Ray was slouched forward on his Dail desk, his cap cocked sideways like you’d see on a drunken bagpiper.

    “Dere looking for everything now in Mayo boy”. Day want London in de football draw, and de whingen bastards want de referee to give dem a free everytime dere fouled, de feckin eejits”.

    WJ the Ceann Comhairle hopped his gavel off the desk. “You’ll respect this house Swahili-Ray, yea shit sputtering gutter snipe”.

    “I’ll say what de good people of Kerry elected me to say Ceann Comhairle”. “Dem barbarians in Mayo elected dat cross eyed jack ass Deputy Revellino, to represent dem here in de Dail. He’s doing nathing except giving out about referees and eatin big Indian curries and wandering around here and the hole burnt on him like de Japanese flag.

    “Order Swahili-Ray. You’ll retract that last comment”.

    “Dere off to Limerick at de weekend like a shower of ballubas and dat jack ass, curry hole over dere in de middle of dem. Dere worried about composure. De bomber Lishton never went on to a pitch unless he had at leasht sixchteen pints drank. He spent the firsht 20 minutes of every game bating the full back like a rented mule and when he had dat done he might sober up a bit and try and focus on where de goal poshts were supposhed to be”.

    ” Dail adjourned”.

  17. Great insight from some posters this past two days, think Swahili and Revellino.
    People should remember that Mayo only woke up in the championship last year for the replay v the Rossies in Croker, they played pathetic in all the preceeding matches, with only a few guys carrying the team through the Derry, Clare and the drawn Rossie game. A spark lit for the Rossie replay, something very simple, it was a confidence bust all through the team. I am convinced this year is panning out much like last.
    Like all my good ideas, the best ones come into my head when laying down in bed. Time to forget the blanket defending, a good system would be to play at least two tackling defenders in the forward pisitions, as a good man marking job for the entire 6 defenders on their kickout, no marking space and to locate at least 1 forward in the midfield and defense in order to help with the scoring ( im thinking of a strategy for Dublin here ).
    As I said to a Mayo referee while on holidays in Mayo in August of 2013, the only way we can win a final is when we are ahead by 3 points or more, especially against the Dubs or Kerry, too easy to become a replay with a soft free awarded.
    I do agree that the management did a great job in steering the team through the qualifiers this past 2 years, its almost the same bunch of players, no reason why it can’t be done in 2018, hopefully the subs can give more if introduced a bit earlier when needed.

  18. Mayo Supporters team named for the Battle of Limerick.
    Some shocking omissions and inclusions .Swahili inclusion very controversial after reports of recent trouble in the camp
    Reve not happy . Wanted # 11.
    Sean Burke could yet be called up.
    Anne Marie calls the whole substitution thing “#%*ing Bizzare”

    1. Olive Kerrigan . A safe pair of hands .Sees the game clearly . Will lead the cheer leading from the back of the stands . Not to be messed with.

    2. Shuffly deck . A shoe in at 2. He’ll shuffle you good and proper if you mess with this tidy defender of Mayo’s honour. Does such a tight marking job Opponents get isolated on “Shuffly Island”

    3. MayoDunphy. Sturdy rock at full back. Can talk your ear off and can be very dogmatic.

    4. Mayo88. Has the bullet points at the ready if anyone tries to persuade him to change his mind. About anything . Total rock.

    5. Sinead37 for her man marking prowess. Should keep her direct opponent in the doghouse. Can do up field sallies without any warning. M.A.Y.O. , M.A.Y.O

    6. Man of Aran. His allegiance is somewhat in question but by virtue of his vital interception to save Swahili’s blushes meant he was a no brainer for a starting position .

    7. Catcol. Just cause I love the name and every team needs a replacement cool cat when Tom Parsons is not available . Liable to confuse Mayo with Meow though.

    8. Willie Joe( Captain )Star ofvthe team. Strong around the middle of the field but on the opposite side to the Mackey stand . Sturdy voice for the men of Mayo.Honest grafter and podcaster .Picks up a couple of scores each game . Perennial All Star. Blogger of the Millenium so far.

    9. Pebblesmeller. Able to dish out the lumber so that his opponent will soon be smelling pebbles .The unquestionable hard man of the team .
    Caution : Do Not, I repeat , Do Not mess with him .

    10 and 12. Reve and Swahili at wing forward . Brothers in wing nuttery. They could get this crowd to do anything . This could be Marley , or The Stones or Shane McGowan or them all rolled into one .
    Reve has only missed two games in seven years !
    Like most rock stars can be very picky.

    11. Will be announced on the day but Sean Burke is a shoe in if he brings the monster flag. Otherwise it’s Regina.

    13. Roger Milla. A poet and he knows it . Winner of the inaugural blog limerick contest. Perennial all star. Was a must play .

    14. AxelM: Stout hearted man of the county Mayo. Speaks softly but carries a big stick. Never lets the side down.

    15. Mayomessi: For obvious reasons. Can’t leave him out. It’s just impossible .

    First Subs: All on the blog are on the extended panel .

    Anne Marie. Likely to be brought in the 75th minute just to get a reaction.
    Sean Burke or Regina
    James Fleming . Pure Poetry in motion.
    Give it a lash Jack
    Everyone else on the blog are unnamed subs .

  19. In 2004 The Boston Red Sox were in trouble.

    They had gone 86 years without winning baseball’s pennant. There was huge pressure on them from their loyal fans to deliver a title .

    The players , while talented ,were no world beaters. The only way they could deal with the pressure was to “act like a bunch of idiots “ and have fun playing .

    They literally had a meeting and came up with this “ strategy “ so that they could properly express themselves on the field of play.

    A few months later they became world champions !

    Mayo are the Red Sox of Ireland .

    They too are under huge pressure. They may or may not have it in them to “ act like a bunch of idiots “, but we do . As supporters we can make this fun , a party , all the while honoring our players and our county.

    Every game now could be the bookend of this teams great run . We should assume that ! Every game is sudden death. The odds against us this year are greater. Our eyes are not deceiving us. They are not always able to deliver the goods.

    As supporters then for us every game should be a celebration of the character , the honesty , the courage of this team . And it should be a celebration of ourselves as supporters . We need to take the shackles off. Shout loudly . Scream madly . Roar them on !

    The whole country has seen our support and are envious of that. Witness Darragh’s hideous attempt to punch the face of the 16 th man of Mayo.

    We are relevant . We are a factor . And we shall not be moved.

    We celebrate these men for who they are and what they represent , rather than what they’ve won .No other senior side does that .

    I’m saying this to you. Get in your car and go to Limerick to party . With your shades and your Afro . Your monster flags and T Shirts.

    Don’t let Darragh win. He’d love nothing better than see diminished support or mousy and timid support.

    Do you hear that Limerick roar ? It’s Mayo’s 16 th man . It’s all of us.
    Be there! Support this team in what may be their last game . Ever.

    I know they count on their support. On Saturday they need it.

  20. I have a terrible feeling that Dublin will get caught this year and we won’t be the ones to do it…….
    Losing Tom Parsons is such a massive blow

  21. was thinking that 4 guys gone to America and Connolly gone will be a big loss for them

    Kerry look good, but then again they looked good early last year too early on

    although they have introduced a lot of youth

  22. If we can get to the Super 8 we’ll know where we are at.
    If we don’t, it wont be because we are tired, over the hill or anything like that, it’ll be that disease that we seem to have developed the past few years where we just cant seem to get up for the lesser lights. I expect the same on Saturday night, while I don’t think it’ll be as white knuckle as Derry or Cork last year, it’ll be a stop start affair with us probably prevailing by 5 or 6 but with Limerick in the rear view mirror all the time, accounting themselves well because we let them.
    Hope I am wrong.

  23. Was wondering if anyone knows is there any way of watching the game online, presuming it’s not on tv, it’s the first mayo match I will miss in years

  24. as a limerick person i have to say there very little interest in this match the big game for us on sunday v waterford in hurling football in most munster counties apart from kerry and west cork has little following i heard about this blog site from a friend of mine he was saying how mayo fans reckons they have the biggest amount fans that goes to games that might be true in gaelic football i not sure but if you look at hurling cork bring a huge crowd to games as do tipp limerick
    galway clare waterford and wexford to put the limerick v mayo football into prospective they be huge excitment if we were playing leinster in rugby galway in hurling sligo rovers in soccer gaelic football is the 4 in not 5 most popular sport in limieck put it another way how many mayo fans goes to mayo hurling games

  25. There’s going to be a big physical gap in this game. I don’t see it being competitive at all.
    Last year all of Derry, Clare, Cork and Roscommon could at least front up physically. That won’t be the case in this game, so I don’t see it being competitive straight from the off.
    Pity abour Brendan Harrison and Donal Vaughans injuries, but at least it is in defence and not up front.

  26. Anyone planning on going to the U20 game and then head down to Limerick? Should make it down from Castlebar in 2 hours so seems doable.

  27. Welcome aboard, Lim. I don’t think your friend got that point right. We’d never claim we bring the biggest crowd to matches and, for sure, other counties – as you reference – have big support too. The point, I guess, is that we bring substantial support all the time, regardless of whether it’s league or championship, front door or back door, irrespective of the venue. Few other counties can match that consistent type of following, year after year after year.

  28. Lim
    Gaelic football in Mayo is the exact same as Munster rugby is in Limerick. A big fan base and lots of thrills and spills every year. And well pointed out by you that it’s kerry and west cork that’s the real extent of serious football in Munster though tipp are moving in the right direction but without quinlivan and Sweeney you’d have to ask where the scores would come from.
    I was in the Gaelic grounds for a league match, limerick v Tyrone, it was strange, limerick owned the ball and beat tyrone around the place but the final act of tapping it over the bar caused the limerick lads to lose the game. If they’d had a quinlivan in those days, the story of limerick football today would be a lot different.
    Don’t go taking offense to the posts on this or any other blog, this game is a formality unless there’s something very wrong in the Mayo camp, you could say the same thing if it were the Mayo hurlers vs the limerick hurlers, a foregone conclusion because of the gulf in class. I for one do not want to appear disrespectful to any team, well, maybe just one!!

  29. Can anyone tell me when are Mayo over 40s team playing Clare this weekend i know its in Ennis ?

  30. Thank you Brendan Lynskey for that information on the next possible opponents for Mayo

  31. It would be foolish to put our strongest team out against Limerick and risk more injuries. No dispespect to them but we should be trying out the b panel whatever it consists of and minding the likes of Boyle, Higgins, SOS, KMac, Andy JDoc and AOS. Those guys have nothing to prove. Bring them on after 50 mins if needed for a run to keep them fresh. There will much tougher outings beyond this that need to be looked at and this is a great opportunity for some of the fringe team to get a proper champi ship game under their belts. Another thing I hope is not for some sort of dummy team. Frankly it’s beyond boring now and why would SR need a dummy team for Limerick?

  32. I would be very surprised to see us blow Limerick away and not because we can’t but what is the point. We need to keep our ammunition dry for the bigger challenges ahead. We will play to the level we have to in order to get the win. Rochford should start a few of the less experienced players to give them a chance to show what they can do and get a feel for championship football. No point bringing them on in added time. Looking to forward to a party atmosphere win, lose or draw!

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