Mayo News football podcast – Loftus to the rescue

A bit later than usual this week but the new espisode of the Mayo News football podcast is worth the wait. The delay is all the fault of the qualifiers because, with the Round 3A draw coming hot on the heels of the win over Derry, it made sense to wait for that to facilitate the inclusion in this episode of some discussion looking ahead to next weekend’s match against Clare as well as all the stuff on the Derry game.

Host Rob Murphy is once again behind the wheel for this episode. First off he chats with Mike Finnerty and then I take you through the action as it unfolded last Saturday.

After that comes the round-table, which was recorded after the draw for Round 3A was made and which features Mayo News regulars Edwin McGreal, Ger Flanagan and Daniel Carey.

The podcast also includes post-match reaction from Saturday with Mayo manager Stephen Rochford and analysis from Mayo News columnist Billy Joe Padden. Rob and I then round the episode off with some chat about next weekend’s novel clash with the Banner County.

The latest episode of the podcast is available now on iTunes and SoundCloud and you can also listen to it here on the site – just click the player below. Enjoy!

40 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast – Loftus to the rescue

  1. WJ, is there any reason the qualifier draw cannot be done on sunday game?

  2. I really enjoyed that podcast. It’ll be a long week of waiting to see the green and red again but the podcasts are just the tonic. Well done.

  3. Enjoyed that – thanks. Would always choose winning Connaught route but still, there is a lot of excitement generated by the qualifiers.

    Back to back Saturday games – hard to beat it.

  4. Dublin County Board disappointed match not in Neutral venue.
    I agree with them – since I like to be consistent!

  5. Toohollow

    Spot on! The poor Dubs ….didnt see national press too exercised about Mayo having to go to Limerick.Consistency…no harm for Dubs to see a bit of the country.
    Mayo to do it in Ennis…provided we have implosion out of our system.

  6. ah the poor Dubs,you are right huey,nice for them to see beyond the Liffey

  7. It’s great to hear/read so many commentators/fans mention the roar that greeted the goal. In the stand with my bro (and 8yr old daughter) and both concurred we had never heard a roar like it. The pent up anxiety and will for the lads just exploded. The chant of ‘mayo mayo mayo’ when all looked lost was fantastic too. Everyone believed they had the stuff to do it and it felt like we needed to push them to believe.

    My daughters face was a picture after myself and the bro simultaneously grabbed her and lifted her into the air. The momentary madness that overcomes supporters is quite hilarious. She has been to a good few games with me now but I know this one left its mark in a great way with her.

    What a journey we are on. Let’s hope it continues, in it together….

  8. Indo and David Brady likening the game to the replay in 96 for wides. In fairness it wasn’t that bad as that day some 96 lads missed under no pressure from a defender.
    Some recorded wides last day were actually passes that went over the end line and some like Tom P’s in traffic was never on, some were goal chances that ended up wide. The easiest looking one was Coen’s on his good side.

  9. The left sided free taker could be solved by giving to AOS who had the role in his first ever season with Mayo (maybe Mort was injured). Otherwise Cillian was practicing the left for a while, not sure if he’s abandoned it but his aim was to be a two footed free taker. Also Andy is great with outside of boot though it’s a bit risky to be doing for frees as if ye miss kick it can hit the corner flag. Diarmaid is good from the wrong wing too though we’ve seen him miss them too.

  10. Aido taking feees STOP IT
    Cillian on them all end of story
    And if he gets injured it’s probably end of season for us !

  11. We should all light a candle for the poor Dubs who have to leave the warm fireplace, search for their passports and sat nav their way to Thurles.

  12. According to yesterday’s stats shared on here cillian is the top man for taking points. Therefore surely he should be taking them from both sides?

  13. I don’t understand why he doesn’t, JC. I still recall with wonder that day down in Pairc Ui Chaoimh in 2013 where he saved us from relegation by landing two monstrous frees from out on the sideline, the first one from the left and the second (here) from the right. At this stage, you’d have to say he’d be a more reliable option than Kevin.

  14. Absolutely WJ. The two kicks were immense. Kevin Mc doesn’t look confident and then it seems to impact on his game, where as if cillian does miss it doesn’t seem to faze him

  15. If Cillian gets injured any year there needs to be a Plan B. From right foot Plan B used to be Freezer and Plan C was Jason Doherty or Alan Dillon. Now it’s Conor Loftus who has taken some in fbd or league or both and for U21’s. COS I believe also takes them and & Andy sometimes robs the ball and bangs frees over the bar when time is tight.
    From left foot Regan is the only one we know is reliable and he’s not currently deemed good enough to make the team. Hennelly takes them with both feet but he will remain our no 2 this season Clarke remaining fit and in any event Goalie frees slows match too much. So process of elimination means Aido a guy who believe it or not has taken them reliably in the admittedly distant past but if he had that skill once why not again. Yes for now Cillian is a better option than K Mc who has missed from angles he nearly always scores from play.

  16. Alan Kennedy Westport is the best freetaker I’v seen on the club scene. Id have him in as jersey 31 as emergency cover.

  17. @willie joe
    Any stats on Cillians free taking from 40m.
    How do our stats compare at that distance with Dub and Kerry or Donegal or Galway
    Its improving the fine margins we need to do to lift Sam.
    And if Cillians record is suspect at this distance who have we to improve our conversion rate.
    I never feel he is comfortable at this distance, not faulting the player, just saying….

  18. “When we weren’t at our best on the field against Derry, and things were going against us, we were able to count on Mayo supporters to get behind us,” said Stephen Rochford last weekend. “Nobody should underestimate how important that is to this group of players and the management.
    “There are no better supporters in the country and we really appreciate their support.”

  19. Thanks for getting back I just get the feeling we may be slightly underperforming at that distance relative to top teams.
    We did create a lot of chances last weekend, so the signs are good there. And in fairness the wind was swirling sw wind very tricky, both teams had difficulty.
    We were carved open up the middle and would be severly punished by a more ruthless side.
    Employing McLoughlin as sweeper would help. He spent the last year perfecting that art….

  20. @OnThe Ditch.

    The Stats guy Don’t Foul can show you some analysis of Cillian’s kicking game:

    It boils down to Cillian being very accurate up to about 46m, and beyond that, he’s vulnerable to missing.

    Someone like Rock on the other hand, has lower conversion accuracy, but a slightly further range. There is alot to be gleaned from this kind of analysis, small margins and all that.

  21. Cillian has often spoken of his analysis of his own game. In 2011 he realised his kicking from distance was suspect and went away and worked on it. In 2012 he came back to Croker and kicked to 45s into the Hill against Dublin to set us on the way that day.

    He might be erratic from 45+ but there are very few who aren’t. Rock missed a couple of very high percentage kicks the last day out for Dublin. It’s not a perfect science.

  22. Mayo for Ever – rule book would say one game. Ciaran Whelan was saying one month on Sunday Game. Imagine if a Mayo pundit exaggerated the suspension Connelly would get.

  23. Ya and can’t understand why nobody talking about a mayo player getting eye gouging by derry number 14 if it was any other county player they would be crying out about it

  24. There was plenty of talk about it, Mayo for ever, but the only evidence was a still photo (a fairly damning one it must be said) and retrospective disciplinary action isn’t taken without clear video evidence.

  25. Is nothing going to be done about that eye gouging? Fuck sake. The evidence is right there.

    They should appeal Durcans red card too, even if they believe he is guilty as hell. Look at the way the Dubs went on about Connollys “good name” etc and all that shite when he placed his hands on an official.

    Mayo are way too nice and gentlemanly both on and off the field. Did anybody notice the Derry manager and assistant throwing the ball away when there was a line ball just a few minutes from the end of normal time and they were narrowly ahead and running down the clock.

  26. Ya seen that too Jim flag and thanks willie Joe the photos says all they need to know it does not lie any way on to the next game

  27. Jim Flag I’m 100% with you on this one. Like you said the evidence is there – plain as day. It cannot be argued as being anything else. Joe Brolly’s silence on the matter is significant beyond anyone else. He had a very public conniption a few years ago over the Sean Cavanagh trip. He tripped a fella and down he went. No real harm/damage done, not really. McGuckin has gone to the knuckle into DOCs eye socket and not a peep outta Joe, the prick.

  28. Joet1480,.Joe Brolly expresses loads of opinions, that’s true.. Many of them ‘outlandish’.. It appears to me, Joe, just like many others these opinions are calculated to raise his own profile. Wheather or not these opinions are the genuinely held opinions, or not is a different matter.? . As a Barrister either Joe I’m sure, or the Barrister taking the opposite point of view, in my imagination one of them must be expressing the wrong point of view.. And of course, Joe does not have to express any point of view on any alleged ‘eye gauging’ incident, maybe like Arsene Wenger, when an Arsenal player gets sent off, he might not have seen the incident… Either way a still photo is not 100% certain evidence. I have no expectation of anything further being done in regards to the alleged incident. In the incident relating to Saint Philly of Ballymun, and Ciaran Donaghy, there was video evidence, there was also the audio from the referee as he was miked up for the 2015 All Ireland final, and nothing was done.. Of course Ciaran Donaghy said something like ‘what happens on the pitch, stay’s on the pitch’.. But if Diarmuid Connolly can get a 12 week ban for his infraction, I would be inclined to give a life ban to anyone guilty of eye gauging on a GAA pitch… But nothing will be done!

  29. The Ciaran Donaghy statement at the time was unhelpful in trying to clean up the game at the time. Donaghy went down in my estimation as a player who believes in fair play.
    Has Rochford made any statement on this incident? Maybe he will at some stage…its not the kind of incident that should go unpunished. Even if video evidence is required to suspend the player, it can still be highlighted as an jncident that has no place in sport.

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