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This Wednesday is the deadline for clubs to submit nominations for the vacant post of Mayo senior football manager. Ahead of this deadline it’s difficult to speculate on when the new manager will be in place or indeed who that new manager might be but this latest managerial furore to engulf the county does raise a number of pertinent questions that are worthy of debate about how and why we keep ending up in such a position at such regular intervals.

In this bonus episode of the Mayo News football podcast we assess where things currently stand in the appointment process and how it’s likely to develop from here. Host Rob Murphy and I provide an overview to the situation while Mike Finnerty and Edwin McGreal of the Mayo News delve deeper with Rob into an issue that continues to bedevil this key position within Mayo GAA, questioning why those charged with finding a new manager cannot at the same time come up with a better process for doing so.

This latest edition of the podcast is now online and is available to listen to on iTunes and SoundCloud. You can also listen to it directly on the Mayo News website as well as here on the blog, using the SoundCloud player below or the one on the panel on the right.

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50 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast – manager update

  1. WJ,
    Just wanted to write a quick note to thank you and the Mayo News for these great Podcasts and the Blog in general. I live Stateside now for a number of years and it is a great resource. Also watching the Junior Match on Mayo Gaa Tv last Sunday was a treat. Twin passions are merged here, the initiative of great people who have the foresight to create great blogs and podcasts as well as the technology to allow us to participate in this great forum

    Thank you again

  2. I get the very uneasy feeling that the lads are implying that Horan will not put his name forward under this process and they’re fearful of a county board backed yes man getting the job who won’t have the ability for this huge role.
    If it’s not a Horan led management team then it will be a total mess.

  3. Yes that my fear too Puckout. It so worrying. James Horan is the only man that will be able to drive us on – but will them county board ones see that??? What will tomorrow night bring at all. I am beyond nervous over the whole thing

  4. Does anyone think that as the Mayo supporters are so commited to supporting the team and considering the huge reliance on fundraising mostly from supporters pockets that they there should be some input from supporters into the strategic development and governance of the Mayo team. The representation could come from some of the reputable supporters groups like club 51 or Cairde Mhaigh Eo.

  5. Willie Joe, Rob and the Mayo news podcast team
    I must complement you on a brilliant service…
    Thanks very much

  6. Lahanman – supporters shouldn’t have any input to picking a manager. You’d have people suggesting ridiculous options like McGuiness or Jack O’Connor.

    The Mayo News had a good article on how outdated the current process of nominating candidates is. If the county board believe Horan is the best choice, they should swallow their pride and pick up the phone to him. Not make James send in an application through a club.

  7. No way should supporters have an input to who manages the team. The whole process is the wrong way around though…instead of being nominated, the board should be headhunting the best possible person for the job. That person shouldn’t have to come begging.

  8. Ya I don’t believe supporters should have a role either but I do believe it would be no harm if members of supporters group with meet with county board officials maybe twice a year informally.

    A lot of teams in other sports meet regularly with supporters groups.
    Could be a very positive situation for everyone involved.

  9. Great Podcast WJ well done to all concerned. I share the anxiety of genuine Mayo supporters when it come to decision making in Mayo football.. Why has it come down to this?.

  10. I would have thought that a lot of supporters were members of their clubs. The County Board is made up of club representatives and so it’s easy to have your voice heard at that level through your club. The County Executive is a different grouping but is subject to ratification on some matters by the County Board.

  11. Carnacon have been reinstated into the Club Championship… following a meeting of the Connacht Council at Ballyhaunis l!. However all 8 Carnacon player’s who walked away from the Mayo Ladies team, have been suspended for 4 week’s… And a €500 fine for the Carnacon’ Club!……. I hope all concerned can move on now…. Plenty of work to do now for everyone involved to hopefully repair all the damage done! Quite a challenge.

  12. Think it will take a generation now to part heal the bad feelings from the Mayo ladies rumpus. Its sad that it wasn’t dealt with behind closed doors. No winners in this one. Mayo football has suffered, Managers reputation has suffered the Carnacon club has suffered and the individuals involved have suffered.
    Don’t see how the players who left can come back again and play under the same management after all that has been insinuated.
    Don’t know who was right or wrong but I do know the fallout from the whole sorry mess is going to linger for a very very long time.

  13. @leantimes you can be sure carnacon will appeal that!
    Agree there huge damage done to ladies football.if a top mediator could not sort it.afraid there be a big fallout over the whole situation.
    The whole thing is being played out in the media now who are getting great mileage out of it.
    People have different views but a coming together will need happen no matter who the manager is and put basically a peace process in place!

  14. Ultair, i dont want to hear another thing about that story. Another headline in the national media every day this week. Its beyond embarrassing ay this stage for Mayo. I dont think the walkaway players garnered much sympathy by organising a press conference and saying very little to back up their theory of player welfare issues and an unsafe environment. Also Sarah Tierneys statements of approaching the manager to suggest they get a past player in to talk to them and run through some defensive tactics. That is not the players responsibility, its the managment teams. Another player stated that she was called lazy. Hardly the worst thing ever said in Gaa training id imagine. They came across as a bunch of primadonnas to be honest who thought they were above the team. Im glad the county board has come out in support of Peter Leahy.

  15. I don’t understand why everyone is writing off the next 10 years of ladies football in Mayo just because of one club! There are 31 other clubs in the county and if anyone has any doubt as to the quality of football on offer, then get out this weekend and support your local ladies club. The standard of football coming up through U14 to minor at the minute is exceptional and will bear fruit over the next 5 years.
    In fact, as someone who is heavily involved in this area, I find it totally disrespectful to all the other clubs who work just as hard, harder in fact (because we have not had the advantage of using the Mayo senior inter county training as our senior club training, or the historical cherry-picking of the best club players throughout the county) to promote a healthy and active lifestyle in our young girls/ladies.
    Leahy knows this too. He gave every girl, irrespective of her name or club, a chance to trial at the start of the year. Any player that wanted a crack at it, was given it, and it was up to them then to make it or not. I know from being on the sideline that there are outstanding players in Div 3 and 4 clubs who would walk on to any senior squad. These girls never got a chance because they were not let.
    The county board statement puts it out there, warts and all, as to what actually has been going on. Those of us within the game knew all this, the national media however were hoodwinked by the glamour of a hugely successful club and by the status of their star player.

  16. Totally agree pebbles. But when the dust settles on this saga I think in the best interest of the county set up Leahy needs to step aside. A fresh start Is needed and if he stays there will be lingering resentment from some quarters.

  17. puckout sorry but why as leahy have to step aside what as he done but try to manage the football team. Carnacon players that have left the panel can not have the run of the mayo team. shocking what they have said bringing up mental health to try and gain the high ground . sorry just my though

  18. As many fresh new players as possible into the squad. When does the club championship take place. It’s a frightening thought…

  19. Looks like the Carnacon girls tried to use their influence to get rid of Leahy – when it didn’t work out for them they withdrew in haste using the “player Welfare” tag. It has backfired badly on them and they are now trying (but failing badly) to come up with reasons (other than team selection) to justify leaving. I feel sorry for the young Carnacon players on the county panel who were trying to establish themselves on the county team. Did the senior Carnacon players have any thought for these young players when they orchestrated the coup.

  20. Cherry picking players from around the county certainly shallows any success they have. Are there no rules about that? Not good for the development of the game in other clubs around county. Can things get any worse.
    Thanks pebblesmeller for your insights.

  21. South mayo exile could not agree more with you. Plus how is Mr Leahy and is family felling being excused of bullying and intimidation he as to carry this with him on a daily basis. And yes the young players from carnacon needs to be looked after.

  22. Peter the great would be great but JH has his vision of where we all want to be and how best to get there. I would love Peter to be there, no better man and equally love to see Nallen back. A true mayoman and excellent player mentor. Time will tell but we’re back in business.

  23. Where are ya getting the “_Peter the great” stuff from ?? Not on Twitter but is his name mentioned or just speculation that he’d join James

  24. Also, what history does Canavan have in coaching? A relatively unsuccessful spell in charge of Fermanagh is all I’m aware of. Good players don’t always make good managers.

    Why hasn’t Mickey Harte brought him into the Tyrone setup over the last few years.

  25. Wide ball imagine what the likes of Evan Regan And Fergal Boland and Conor Loftus could learn from the likes of Peter Canavan he’d improve their game I’d say by at least 10-15 per cent.

  26. Agree he’d be an addition IF James gets the gig . My question is where did anyone see his name mentioned as possible backroom member .

  27. I cannot provide a link to any source quoting it but so I
    Don’t want to say anymore out of respect for Willie Joe and the house rules. But I believe it’s a done deal.

  28. Canavan retired in 2005, 13 years ago. There were no 14 man defences in his days and corner backs weren’t in the gym 3 days a week either.

    He could probably provide advice on big game nerves etc but I think it’s fanciful to think he’d transform guys into all star forwards.

  29. All – please stick to the known facts on the managerial appointment issue. What we know at this stage is that it has been reported (but not officially confirmed) that James Horan has been nominated for the position. RTE are now reporting this (here) citing the Mayo News as their source. There’s no word on whether or not anyone else was nominated ahead of the 1pm deadline nor are there any confirmed details of James’ possible backroom team. Speculation about Peter Canavan being on the ticket is just that, speculation. Or, put it another way, an unsubstantiated rumour. And you know my position on rumours …

  30. No long process needed. Horan nominated means he has agreed to put his name forward and this re-appointment should be signed sealed and delivered in time for the county final.

  31. Wide ball we badly need a forwards coach. True the game has changed since Canavan retired but the posts are in the same place and I believe he would inspire our younger forwards to do better and improve their accuracy and shot selection. That could make all the difference if we don’t try something new we’ll never know. If Horan is back I’ll be delighted.

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