Mayo News football podcast – Over for the Match, Part 1

The Mayo News football podcast Over for the Match live event took place at the Oxford Arms in London on Wednesday evening. In this first part of the podcast put together from the event we provide a flavour of the discussion that took place on the night.

The event in Camden was fronted by Rob Murphy, Mike Finnerty and myself. The real stars of the show, however, were the many people, from Mayo and elsewhere, with whom we spoke over the course of a very enjoyable evening.

Included in this episode are Tom Maloney (pictured above with Rob), Paul Coggins and Caoimhín Carty (pictured below with Mike), Terry and Hannah Gallagher, John Cobb, Kevin Walsh and many more besides. We’re in the process of putting together a second episode from the event where we sample some of the live stage chat in front of an audience full of Mayo supporters from all over London and beyond. That will go online on Monday.

A big thanks to Ireland West Airport Knock for helping this memorable venture take wings (literally). As always a huge thanks too to our season sponsors the Oxford Arms Bar in London where we were provided with such generous hospitality at the event.

This special episode of the podcast is now available on both iTunes and SoundCloud and you can also listen to it here on the site – all you need to do is either click the player below or the one on the sidebar to the right. Happy listening!

47 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast – Over for the Match, Part 1

  1. Really looking forward to this.

    Hoping to hear a few familiar voices from my time kicking ball with St. Mary’s when I was over as a student.

  2. Brilliant, just brilliant. Really enjoyed that , the love of the home county shone through. Found it very emotional listening to lads with English accents speak of ” us “. Reminds me of my own son , though born in Ireland, but not in Mayo and stone mad Mayo. Loved it. Well done to all involved.

  3. What a privilege to listen to this podcast,to reimmerse myself in the places I resided for a number of years,to appreciate what the podcast means to all our people away from Ireand and the connection it preserves on the shoulders of this almighty team that we cherish.Furthermore when Kevin Walsh articulated the connection as a first generation emigrant it confirmed what I long suspected that our footballers of this and previous era’s can galvanise the energy of Mayo people and of course their footballers for generations to come.If Carlsberg done a Gaelic football team ,it would be christened Mayo

  4. Great piece Willie Joe and crew. Did trip from London home for matches many times from 89 onwards. Its super to link in with the Mayo crew in London.

  5. Plaudits WJ on the institution that this blog has become. I’ve only had a chance to hear ten or fifteen minutes of your podcast from London. Training an underage team dragged me away this evening but I’ll get back to it tomorrow.

    Forgive me if I’m seen as rambling off topic but the Sean Cavanagh contribution in today’s Indo is something which, if I don’t pass comment on, will cause me a sleepless night.

    To synopsise Cavanagh’s contribution… Dublin is the best team he has ever faced. He felt Tyrone could beat them but was shocked by their awesome power etc etc. It escapes Sean, an intelligent man, that maybe the fact that Tyrone did not come out to play may have contributed to their downfall. I’ve no wish to be petty here but his brother, Colm’s “McGregor type” lunge on Brian Fenton’s abdomen is almost as memorable as Con Callaghan’s excellent match deciding goal for Dublin in the first ten or twelve minutes.

    He goes on to accuse Mayo of starting a fight in last year’s encounter with Tyrone in Croke Park. Curiously, I don’t remember any such incident. I do remember Sean and Lee getting involved in a tangle as they walked back out to resume their positions for the second half. I remember Leroy taking no shit from Cavanagh and
    giving as good as he got. And I was so proud of Lee for his stand and his stance. As I was by the manner in which Keegan totally blotted Cavanagh out of the game.

    The recently retired Sean did not depart the intercounty scene without a parting shot. He predicts that Mayo will try to start a fight with Dublin and he almost goes as far as saying they’ll see how much they can get away with in terms of violence in terms of leniency of the referee. Now folks, does this remind you of anything? Of course it does. In the lead up to last year’s AIF a number of Golden Oldies from a certain county instigated and added to a campaign which, from the outset, was designed to see Lee Keegan being subjected to biased refereeing. I needn’t go any further.

    Sean Cavanagh ( the player whose foul play caused the introduction to our game of the much maligned black card) has, as far as I’m concerned instigated a far more sinister campaign against Mayo than did any former players of our opponents in last year’s final. I don’t know why.

  6. Source of the Robe I completely agree with you. Seán Cavanagh is doing Dublin’s work for them this year. The article being discussed now seems to be the same one I read on the Daily Mail during the week on which I posted in another thread. In that post I forgot to mention that Seán C had suggested that Joe McQuillan would favour Mayo (!!!) so they would be safe enough starting the row. Another effort to get into the referee’s head before the match.

  7. We need more people like Cavanagh bigging up Dublin, couldn’t get enough of them! That part I like!

  8. Source of the robe, I was horrified by what I read today too. What’s up with the man? He should be hiding away, licking his wounds, but is out causing trouble for a team that needs it like a hole in the head. I hope Mayo’s communication manager lets this one thing through to the team – as more motivation. Why can we not just have a quiet run into the final, without anyone trying to influence or even make things harder for us?! I think there should be a media ban in the week of an all Ireland. Getting beyond a joke at this stage.

  9. completely agree sourceoftherobe
    Cavanagh is bitter about last year.
    I cannot figure out why Philly McMahon never gets any scrutiny from pundits or press. I think largely it’s because the Dublin /AIG PR machine has spent their resources painting him as a saint and everyone is afraid to challenge them.
    There has never been any word of his attack on Tom Parsons last year which was on camera for example.
    We should draw attention to this type of behaviour and his general slegeing and diving and abuse of sportsmanship.

  10. Well said Pat, I’ve mentioned that “hard luck story” on here before. It seems to give him a free pass.

    Hope Aidan stays in at ff for the final. Keep Andy and Cillian near, unlike 2015 when he was completely isolated. Its our best chance of goals and will win us the game imo.

  11. As a Mayo man in Canada I have tears in my eyes listening to this, especially the piece about the Mary Robinson light in the Aras window.
    You explained it so well what its like being an exile. Gees the song at the end too , emotional here thinking about the sites of mayo the reek , clew bay …..
    Thinking back to how I found out about mayogaablog it was in a backpackers hostel in Australia ,2009 Mayo v New York .A few Mayo people who never met each other before that evening (Mayo colours connected us )we were sitting around a computer listening to the game live on midwest .A lad from Ballina showed us the mayogaablog website and Ive been following since .Im now living in Canada and keep up to date with Mayo football through the blog .Its great for exactly how you said it in the podcast for people away who dont get the chance to talk about football and stay involved in the build up .Grateful to have .Thanks Wille Joe

  12. David Brady is guest speaker at the Dublin GAA breakfast. €2k a table…. And allows you access to purchase final tickets.. Hope brady plays it cool.

  13. Brady’s playing a blinder so far this year.
    Sean Cavanagh’s interview was a bit strange alright.can’t get my head around some of it to be honest.
    Going to enjoy the rest of the build up, days like these need to be cherished we been spoilt rotten lately getting to is the time to finally get the job done.
    Since walking out of croke park last year I knew we were only inches away well we are back bigger and better.
    Its what management and players have learned together over the year which believe is the difference.
    Now to get a few tickets for the family that’s my job for the next few days,life is good.

  14. Funny how Tyrone are sulking about us beating them last year…in 2008 Mayo should have beaten them in the qualifier game in Croke Park. There was a questionable referee decision towards the end of that game too which went Tyrones way…Tyrone went on to win the All Ireland

  15. Great job on the podcast W.J and crew really enjoyed it.
    W.J you have done more for the cause over the last few years and when cillian finally lifts the jug you certainly earned a few porter vouchers from reader’s here for the celebrations.

  16. launches today. For 4 euro you can see the two junior championship matches and be in for a draw for a ticket.
    Killala – Kilmaine and Balla – Achill.
    Balla have plenty young talent ye might be interested in seeing.
    Rather than free steams I think nobody can deny it is a worthy cause to pay 4 euro and help club and county.

  17. @ Sourceoftherobe Not defending Sean Cavanagh here, but the black card was passed to be introduced at Congress before his famous foul against Monaghan. Admittedly his was the last famous “black card foul” before it’s introduction, but lets stick to the facts here and not the Joe Brolly hyperbole.

  18. I think what Cavanagh has to say doesn’t matter a jot. However, just like the rest of us he’s entitled to his opinion no matter how flawed so I wouldnt be getting too hot under the collar about it and neither should the Mayo team. The musings of ex-players (positive or negative) is rarely worth the paper it’s written on bar a few notable exceptions. Billy-Joe Padden’s article is always well thought out and I must admit I enjoyed Joe Canning’s excellently candid interview with Vincent Hogan. Neither Mayo or Dublin players need to be reverting to any twisted opinion from outside to motivate them – the chance to aquire legendary status is plenty. If Cavanagh wants to annoy half of us Mayo supporters with his views that’s fine but I’d prefer to see Mayo players take to the field next Sunday with an air and attitude of ‘not giving a shit’ about anything except performing to their maximum abilities.

  19. So what’s coming out from Cavanagh is Mayo are no saints. I’ve always been on the side of fair play in sport but listening to Jackie Tyrell yesterday you get a sense that his team were almost psychopathic in their continued quest for victory. I would like to think teams can win without breaking the rules but it’s getting harder for refs with cynicism rampant, our replay vs Kerry a good example where in 1st half they fouled non stop but without any obvious black offense. At various stages sledging, off the ball stuff (Dublin in 2 Eye gouging incidents in games v Kerry), feigning injury (McCann now just plays good football but St Philly still seems to clutch parts of his body which haven’t actually been hit in efforts to get opponents carded and makes miraculous looking recovery when play resumes, Cooper was at it recently too). Funny thing is feigning seems to be backs more than forwards, the fellas more likely to be up to any kind of skulduggery.
    Black card was introduced because Cavanagh had committed these fouls in not one but several games that season (Brolly rant in the last one forced authorities to do something about it) and the spotlight was negatively on him, great player and all as he was at the time. I’m a fan of the Black but refs don’t apply it correctly or consistently. I don’t think it’s rocket science to enforce but if refs uncomfortable with it perhaps going back to sin bin would work better. Could be introduced for feigning too which until last 3 years was considered very un GAA like. 4th official could call it.

  20. Sean Cavanagh is hoping that Mayo get a mailing at the hands of this amazing Dublin team. At least then he can say he lost to the greatest team ever…seems to me he wants to make sure Mayo have no hope and no fair play. Shag him we will win despite his vindictiveness. Maigheo go deo

  21. havent had time to listen to podcast yet ,but i saw a video earlier highlighting some of dublins dirty work of the ball and behind the ref at crucial times in match . wont mention names but mayo need to give as good as they get if this is type of game it turns out to be .Look forward to podcast .who knows what the future holds maybe many of the decisions will favour us this year the luck really went against kerry in replay as they were under pressure and tried the fighting approach .I know the management and lads will be well prepared for all situations and hopefuly spring a surprise or 2 .No fear of the dubs ,Cmon Mayo

  22. Cavanagh talking up Dublin is Brilliant News, the more Pundits do it the better, more pressure on Dublin as a result, prove the Doubters wrong should be Mayo’s attitude. Galway Hurlers win should be an inspiration to Our Team, it can be done after so many defeats. Galway’s mantra was ” ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”. Galway’s pain of previous defeats went from a burden to a driving force and the ability to channel that properly at crucial times made a difference according to Galway selector Francis Forde. When Galway went a point behind in the second half, Captain David Burke said to some of his players “This is not happening again”. Lessons to be learned by Our Team.

  23. Séan Cavanagh, is now a pundit, he was for a long time a great player… He was very good in last year’s Ulster Final, but I think that was his last hurrah…. I heard some of his comments on the radio, I wasn’t in the least bit put out by what he said…. I don’t buy, what Joe Brolly said on RTE radio today, any more than I buy what Séan Cavanagh has said for this last week…. I think at this stage almost everything possible that could be said, has been said about the upcoming All Ireland final …. Centuries ago, sailors came back from their voyages on the high seas with tales of Mermaids and Sea Monster’s and people believed them, they definitely knew more about Sea faring than the ‘land lover’s’ they told their tall tales to….. But I suggest to you all, that some of the gaelic-football pundits out there are as far off the mark as the sailors of yore with their tales of Mermaids and Sea Monsters,… Imagination can run rife without any inside knowledge…. Joe Brolly in particular has a vivid imagination, he has espoused so many different theories about Mayo, I have lost count… With Joe it’s a bit like picking all the numbers in the Lotto and then telling you that he picked the correct six numbers…. What Joe, Spillane and my favourite would be gaelic-football pundit Séan Bán Breannagh (really with Séan Bán he’s so bad, he reminds me of the time Jimmy Hill reckoned that the poor performance of some international soccer team was down to the unusual jerseys)…. Séan Bán is just as ludicrous, as Gaeilge!.. But they all desperately need the public to believe that they have some type of insight…. It’s very hard for them to have any type of insight because, nothing, not a squeak is coming from either camp,… It used not always be the way… In year’s gone by I certainly heard from very good sources, who was in, who was out and tactics… But this year nothing is coming from the Mayo camp, and that’s the way to have it…. Before both Kerry games, rumours were rife but again it was someone’s imagination in overdrive, or maybe something mischievous But of course, again not a grain of truth in any thing…. I don’t know exactly what will happen either, I expect to hear some such nonsense rumours about both teams,.. I expect I will again be illogical enough to worry about what I hear, even if what I hear is as outlandish as tales of Mermaids and Monster’s… And I hope that some of the praise of the Dublin team, (the greatest team of all time) is believed by the Dublin playes…..And I believe Mayo will win.

  24. Cavanagh is entitled to his opinion and ye are entitled to pick holes in his analysis . What I dont get is the offended people, we havent won an all ireland theyve won four , its as straight forward as that . Have ye ever stopped to think and imagine if we had four in the bag , we would be shouting from the rooftops about how we are the best of all time. Their record is phenomenal , its unthinkable to what they might achieve , since 2011 theyve lost two championship games , they could be going for a row if clarke didnt pull off thay save from brogan and if conolly had of netted that chance v Donegal.

    You have to respect what they are doing albeit disliking it at the same time.

    We will need everything to go right and offer something extra too ,loftus could be the extra that gets us over the line.

  25. Mayo have a great chance of winning this time if we BELIEVE! Dublin are a great side but so are we…

  26. Barring a draw, on Sunday evening the 17th, Philly McMahon will have 5 All-Ireland medals and Keith Higgins will have none or Keith will have 1 and McMahon will have 4. So it’s up to our lads to go out and win the medals for themselves and it’s up to us to roar them on. Best of luck to all involved for Mayo GAA.

  27. I think Galway beating Waterford isn’t really comparable to the task of Mayo beating Dublin. Not running waterford down but they are not as far ahead of the pack, or even at the top of the pack as Dublin are at football.

    Dublin are favourites because they are back to back champions with a very good team.
    Mayo don’t have the trophies, yet, but do have a very good team.

    Of course the bookies odds don’t reflect both teams abilities. I would.see.both teams even enough. I would however have to make Mayo slight favourites because we are on a real charge, players still improving and growing in confidence.

    The other big advantage Mayo have is the hunger to win one. Dublin could not have.that same hunger. Sure they want to win 3 in a row but that’s a much different hunger than ours. There’s is vain, ours is pain.

    We’ve had the hunger before but I felt we lacked that bit of confidence. We seem to have that this year. If I was having a punt it would be on my own warriors. There will be no.let up with.them this time until the ref whistle, until the job is done, until the cup is won.

  28. Good stuff revelhino
    It’ll sure be interesting to see if enough dubs are really bothered to make those runs that will need to be made. And all the talk and threats in the world from jimbo can’t make a tired player any less tired, and it’s even harder when that same player has won a lot of titles already. That’ll be dublins worry, plus keeping 15 players on the field for the whole game, when the hammers are getting hammered there’s going to be sparks.

  29. Mayoismine.

    Your right. Dublin are strong favourites with the bookies. They are expected to win. Not by me though.

    Mayo, going by the bookies are not expected to win. No pressure.

    Mayo, going by the analysts are not expected to wiin. No pressure.

    Mayo, going by the majority of ex players are not expected to win. No pressure.

    Mayo, by the vast majority of the public are not expected to win. No pressure.

    Mayo haven’t won sam for 66 years so why should they be expected to win this year. No pressure.

    That’s exactly why there really isn’t major pressure on the Mayo team. They are not expected by most to win.

    Dublin are been held up as maybe the best team ever. That’s pressure.

    Their maanger said they only beat us by a point after a replay last year because they didn’t play well. Well let’s see how good they are this year if last year’s bad displays were a fluke.That’s pressure.

    Dublin are very short priced favourites with the bookies. That’s pressure.

    The vast majority of ex players, analysts and the vast majority of the general public expect Dublin to dominate Mayo. That’s pressure.

    We’re definately ahead on the pressure stakes.

    Everyone knows it’s hurricane season and there is a category 5 heading towards Dublin and expected to hit the 17th.

  30. Oh Revellino, you the man!! Your posts are my oxygen these days. Always powerful stuff. Please post as often as you can in the days before the match and get us all ready. You are the type of supporter Mayo deserve.

  31. This is magnificent WJ what a great idea to involve the hidden Irish in your Podcast. Well done to all involved.

  32. wondering weather is like for this day week really excited now. pressure on the dubs now mayo have nothing to lose

  33. Cat – Long Range forecast is for a dry and settled weekend next week – perfect playing weather. So we have good news on that front (pun intended).

    Dunno where people are getting the pressure thing from, it’s been a low key build up for this final, not alot coming from either camp. That’s the way it should be.

    The next seven sleeps are going to seem like an eternity.

  34. Fantastic stuff, well done to all concerned!

    Sitting in my apartment in Vienna, I think the best part of this podcast was when the English-born Mayo people spoke about their attachment to the side, pride radiating from their clipped accents. It’s something that I hope to hand down to my future children, and it indeed reinforces the social glue that is the GAA to many of us emigrants.

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