Mayo News football podcast – Over for the Match, Part 2

One episode of the Mayo News football podcast was never going to be enough to do justice to the Over for the Match live event that took place at the Oxford Arms in Camden last week. Here, then, is Part 2 of the London tapes.

This episode begins back over this side of the water where host Rob Murphy and I chat about last week’s event and we also begin to set the scene ahead of Sunday’s final. We’re then transported back to Camden and the home of our sponsors in the Oxford Arms where last week Mayo supporters from all over London came to talk football and listen to some of the on stage chat.

We’re planning two further episodes of the podcast ahead of throw-in on Sunday, the first around midweek and the second on Friday. Make sure to tune into those as the build-up gathers pace over the coming days.

This episode of the podcast is now available on both iTunes and SoundCloud and you can also listen to it here on the site – all you need to do is either click the player below or the one on the sidebar to the right. Happy listening!

16 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast – Over for the Match, Part 2

  1. This David fed Goliath talk really piósses me off. Two only just separable teams from last year prepare to do battle. Two cute hoors of managers plottin the path and a massive game awaiting. These are the facts, enormous pressure on both teams both seeking legacy and glory. This could be one of the most beautiful and fantastic games to watch or a strategy tactical masterpiece. Either way this is no David v Goliath.
    Kerry are a distant third in the all Ireland standings out lack I belief was my only worry against them.
    In Dublin we have a brilliant oponent, we are brilliant too.
    Christ lets beat these, show them how better we are. Utilize this fu#kin pain this hunger, this experience fittness and skill, let’s land them to the ground. Let’s have them havin no regrets and still on the losing side. Let’s be champions this year.
    Mayo Abu

  2. Things are quiet enough match wise. I was browsing some match reports. A player few of you know of but he’s doing an outstanding job in possibly keeping his club up this year. Liam Moran Swinford. The scorelines he has from game to game in every game is a credit to a young player. 3-33 in his last 6 games between league and championship. I love the unheralded stories. Give me those all day before a Jim Gavin typical piece.

  3. Actually just to note. Liam Moran has scored 3-33 and Swinfords highest scoreline was 1-13 from my reading in those games and typically scorelines 10-13 pts type range.

  4. Jim McGuinness thinks we can disrupt Dublin by funnelling their attackers out towards the wings and refusing to allow them to recycle the ball back out, no ‘poke and prod’ as it were. Can Dublin switch seamlessly from patient, methodical build-up to all-out attacking mode if need be? Will their young forwards function under intense pressure from a battle-hardened Mayo defence? Will the lack of game time in some of Dublin’s experienced heads count against them?

    One thing about Dublin’s run to the final this year, *every* time we have played them in a final they have had a tough test against Kerry in a semi-final, whereas ours was less taxing in comparison. That’s been inverted this year and I think that will make the difference on Sunday.

    Listening to the Throw-In podcast yesterday (after laughing at the bit where the presenter said it was time to focus on Dublin, despite spending most their time doing exactly that), I think it was Alan Brogan who said that this Dublin team will beat Mayo three times out of four. By my reasoning that makes it long overdue for a Mayo win!

    Given so many narratives have been destroyed this year – Kerry, Dublin and Tyrone sitting at the top table, Tyrone being best placed to disrupt Dublin, Mayo having too many miles on the clock, Kerry having far more to improve on in the replay, Galway the coming force in Connacht, etc. etc. there is one last narrative to be destroyed on Sunday.

  5. Well said ultair. Let’s tackle the dubs from the get go like we did last year, they didn’t know what hit them in the 1st game with our tackling and intensity. No surrender to the jackeens

  6. Sean Cavanagh. Take a bow. You are playing a blinder. Keep talking like that and dont even think about shutting up until half three on Sunday.

    Cillian might even give you a mention in his victory speech.

    I wonder what plan ( if any) has been put in place for the victorious homecoming on Monday night. I mean 60,000 trying to march up main street Castlebar and get into Mchale Park. Hope everything is arranged already. Its not like we didn’t know this was coming.

  7. Have just caught up with part 1, and it’s terrific stuff.

    Meanwhile, in Ireland!, things are hotting up. John Fogarty’s advice to Mayo pundits should be required reading for Messrs Brady, Carney, Casey, and McHale:

  8. Heartily agree with the Examiner article linked by catcol above : Mayo pundits definitely need to be cuter in how they play the meeja. Never will I forget waking up on the morning of the 2004 All-Ireland final to see Liam MacHale in the Indo outlining how Mayo were intending to play! Nor his assertions at an Off the Ball roadshow a few years back that if Mayo beat Dublin that they could go on to dominate the All-Ireland series in the coming years.

    Nor John Casey’s breathless description of a very minor schemozzle coming out of the tunnel prior to last year’s drawn final…

    Best thing to do is say nowt, and when you have to say something, praise Dublin.

  9. agree It means nothing to me – in John Casey’s defense however, i think he was given a bum steer by an RTE hack from Galway as to what happened there. He was standing outside the tunnel, the RTE lad decided to pin the blame for it on the Mayo lads.
    The GAA fined the Dubs a princely sum of 5 grand for arriving late and causing the chaos.

    But yeah, we need our lads that are involved with the media to play to the tune rather than playing the fool as some of them do.

  10. And of course John believed him and relayed the story. A dub would have said it was the oppositions fault regardless of who was at fault.
    Our niceness has gotten us nowhere over the years, but these current Mayo players came from, thank God they don’t take any prisoners or play it nicely anymore. They won’t be bowing and genuflecting to the dub altar on Sunday, I hope John Casey and co become a bit sharper to the ways of the world and defend Mayo even if Mayo are to blame. Trump style.

  11. Very good podcast would be better without all the talking in the background hope mayo do it this time

  12. Well this is my take on John Casey…. If John is there as a paid pundit… It’s his job to know what exactly is happening in front of him….and not be told by anyone… If a referee was to decide what exactly happened by what the players, or the crowd told him , he wouldn’t get too much right….. No one can predict the future, and pundits give their best guess as to that inexact science, but surely it’s not too much to ask for to describe the present, or what exactly has happened in the previous minute accurately…If you didn’t see it, you didn’t see it, and if you did, you should know,…. The word’s of John Casey were used against Mayo by many, in the time between the draw and the replay in an attempt to damage Mayo… The clips are there on YouTube and the Narrative most definitely was… ‘If this is what an ex. Mayo player is saying about Mayo, well it must be true’…. I don’t believe that it damaged our chances because, in fairness to the GAA, they came out and told the truth about exactly what happned, , which was the opposite to John Caseys take on the subject … (If the Dub’s had their way, they would be guaranteed to come out first, warm up at hill and parade on the outside… Oh they are guaranteed that… Unless the Dub’s see fit to come out when Mayo out and ambush them, and an ex Mayo Player blames Mayo)….. I agree with Willie Joe that the interaction between Mayo and Dublin fan’s is far healthier this year, than what was happening, I welcome that and hope it continues….But the facts should always be stated. … Furthermore I am not convinced that many Dublin pundits have changed their spots in relation to what they are prepared to do in the public relations war before the throw in next Sunday….. It is ironic that Kerry manager Eamon Fitzmorris done more to enlighten the general public as to regards the Dublin dirty tricks department, re the blackening of Lee Keegan’s name, than most of high profile ex Mayo players and now pundits…. John Maughan consistently being an exception in his own polite way…. I remember John on the Marty Squad as I drove back from Dublin after the 2015 defeat to Dublin , John truthfully said what he taught about the shenanigans of Philly McMahon much to the consternation of Kieth Barr, who tried to paint John as a sore loser…. John Maughan was obviously telling the truth, but not too many Mayo pundits taught to agree with him… Are we in Mayo predisposed to bending the knee to a supposedly superior force?…. I think we are improving in this department, but there are still a few and I’ll put it this way…. If they were lawerers , I wouldn’t want them to be defending me if I had been charged with something that I didn’t do in court….. I’d much prefer if they were acting for the prosecution….. I’d never go down then….. My message is this…. There is allot to be fought for, before we get our hands on Sam…. The player’s inside the white lines are the one’s we invest all of our hopes in….. Let’s do what we can, outside of the white lines…. No backwards steps and bending of the knee!

  13. Great podcast yet again.
    WJ , you’re definitely correct to say it’s much quieter this year than in previous finals.
    I myself find I’m more relaxed about it than usual and don’t have the usual dread of not winning. I get that feeling from others too, of , if we’re beaten so what. Nothing we can’t handle.
    If I’m correct, it might find its way to the team and remove much of the pressure to win. Then , that might just be when it happens.
    Looking at earlier results.
    Dublin beat,

    Mayo beat,
    If given a choice which group would anyone wish to play.
    Come on Mayo , now is our time.

  14. Great podcast Thanks to you both. Looking forward to the next two. It does seem maybe because were playing the greatest team ever and not expected to win that there is less pressure been put on us in the media this year. I think the team can use that to their advantage and go out with nothing to lose and give it all they have as of course they will in any event.

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