Mayo News football podcast: Monaghan master MacHale Park

New year, new arrangements. I normally start the week after a game with a round-up of the match reports – and I’ll get to those a bit later on – but before that there’s some Monday morning aural entertainment for you. So, plug in those earbuds and get tuned in to the latest edition of the Mayo News football podcast.

Host Rob Murphy¬†and myself sat together high up in the stand at MacHale Park on Saturday night and we take you through the match as it unfolds. Rob then goes on to get the post-match views of Sean Rice and Billy Joe Padden, before seeking out more post-match analysis from Mayo News regulars Edwin McGreal, Daniel Carey and Ger Flanagan. There’s also some post-match reaction from Malachy O’Rourke, Stephen Rochford and Paddy Durcan.

The podcast is available to listen to here:

18 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast: Monaghan master MacHale Park

  1. just listened there to the podcast, while I understand Monaghan had alot more training done, Mayo were very poor. Look at the dubs, 7 point win.

  2. Mark, my question is who was the free man? and how was he utilised in the last 10 minutes when we were chasing the game?

  3. Monaghan may be better than Cavan but Dublin would still have beaten them. So would Kerry.

  4. How would you have utilised the free man against a 14 man defense?

    God almighty lads, I’m all for asking questions, but it was a freezing cold night in Ferbruary. I couldn’t care less if Dublin would have beaten Monaghan or not. It really doesn’t phase me. Stay up and no serious injuries with one or 2 new options. Job done. Move on to the Championship. That, for me, is a good league. And that is still very attainable.

  5. What I find fustrating with all of this is our compassion to such mediocrity. Winners are winners for one reason only and that is they always look like they believe they can win. We are too forgiving in Mayo. Let’s not forget that a lot of those lads have still a lot too prove in terms of mixing it when it really matters. We shy away from responsibility. All but one of our forwards I believe would come within an asses roar of the Dublin forward line. The rest would want a goog hard look at themselves and say what did I really contribute over the last 12 months . I really hope Stephen Rochford reverts to being his own man and forgets about over analysing stats. Currently it’s afar cry from his style of play with Corofin. Open, foot passing attacking football. We have too many footballers not eager enough to take on their man , nor creative enough to make space. Time for lads to add something different to the menu. Dublin do, Kerry do and before long we will have run our race with these players. If this was a restaurant serving bad food ad hoc would you be as forgiving. Get realistic. Players like challenges not forgives all the time

  6. Boys and girls maybe you were beaten by a good side.
    I am a neutral but this is a good Monaghan side further advanced in their preparations than Mayo

  7. Well said the Truth. If we hope to be winners we need constructive critical analysis not excuses!
    More expected from management imo, performing poorly in relation to making necessary changes. Particularly with a strong bench. I believe last saturdays game was a must win, look at the reaction on this blog site.
    Kirby a good distributor of the ball needs to work on his jumping technique, should hAve been replaced at half time.
    Boland did the simple things really well, bit of the Roy Keane philosophy. He took up some great wide positions and will thrive in croke park. Has the potential to be as exciting as Ciaran McDonald but I agree with Ann Marie, maybe not this year. You dont get the physical toughness overnight.
    Adam Gallagher deserved a place on bench in light of FBD performances
    Diarmuid O Connor has all the attributes to make a great midfielder. Nows the time to give him a run.

  8. Monaghan are a fine team and will be in shakeup in Ulster. I was in Clones last year and we were lucky to beat them- 2 points from Hennely helped. Now is the time to give players a chance and cull them if not up to it. Sunday will tell a tale–win loose or draw we must put down a marker and bully them. Who cares if we get red cards

  9. Diarmuid is an intilligent reader og a game who has a habit of being in the right place at the right time. Mid field would allow him that kind of scope and theres nothing wrong with a midfielder who can pick of a few scores. His natural game is that of a rover. He should be given the freedom to express that talent rather than restrict him to a traditional forward role

  10. Bit critical of Kirby there, he was on the ball quite a bit and used it well. No doubt the 2 savvy Hughes boys had a bigger impact on the day and found space to catch a few more balls but both our starting midfielders were very prominent in the game.
    No sure about Kirby in midfield purely because we have so many players who can play there but happy to see him get game time as he’s a good footballer. But to be writing him after his first proper challenge in the role seems a bit ridiculous.
    Midfield options Parsons, SOS, Barry, AOS, Gibbons, Donie, Coen, Diarmaid, Kirby, Nally. There’s probably a few more I forgot. I do think for most players it’s year 2 or 3 before they fully come into the role. Both Moran and Maher were around for a few years for Kerry and look at the year Moran had in 2014. Maher also had a very good 2015.
    Injuries aside I think Parsons is no 1 and SOS probably 2 but Diarmaid could grab that off him as he also has huge workrate but coupled with really good reading of the game whereas all too often SOS slows down things by over carrying. Speaking of SOS he seems have had injuries since AI final. Anyone know what’s the injury?

  11. We might struggle to find a forward role for AOS and he also might end up back in midfield.
    One option is top of the right as it would be hard to double mark him and be coming in on his stronger side. That would allow Andy or Freeman the FF role. He used to score points for fun as a minor many from distance.

  12. I would definitely keep kirby on panel and use him for a half against lesser opposition. Just thought he did is fielding from a standing position, whichmeant he was slow to get up there and lost balance or was toppled over rather easily. But is distribution is quality and thats worth keeping him there.
    AOS would need to strip an awful lot fitter before id consider him for midfield role. Compare fitness levels to say Diarmuid.
    Donie Newcombe could turn out to be a useful find. The Monahghan forward he was marking seemed to play a sweeper role once they lost position. Rochford instructed Newcombe to remain back making him a ‘Freeman’ in defence. Looking forward to how he performs against Kerry when he will have a man for man marking role. It will be great experience for him.

  13. I agree fully that Kirby should get more game time
    Newcombe v james o Donohue if kerry remain unchanged. Keep an eye on that one!

  14. The state of the MOTM vote is a reflection of what a fair no of followers felt about that performance.Theres nothing wrong with feeling down after such a show…. when will things ever be different. And there’s nothing wrong with being critical of team
    and individuals so long as there’s foundation from what one sees. As far as i could see generally throughout
    Mayo players were way off their men for one. How nice it is for a fella to always feel he’s first to the ball! And that was the case with Mon cept for that spell at end of firat half when they inexpli went off somewhere for a while.I was not convinced though that Mayos ‘resurgence’would continue after halftime and so it was!
    This team at the best of times is not noted for its vision/application to game plan if there is one/running off the ball/kicking proper feeders. These failings were all on exibition sat night
    and still Mon for all their ball possession could have left the points on the pitch against a very generous and wayward opposition . That’s says to me that Mon won’t be up to too much further along in this league!
    As regards us…. They’ll prob shape up the next day…. tidy up a bit… plug away and come out of the contest with more aplomb than they did on Sat.
    I’m a bit worried about E Regan for he always looks like a frightened rabbit no matter what he’s up to …seems to me that he needs to relax into the game a lot more. It’s time he began to click into what had been envisaged for him!
    Kirby for a big fine chap and a surprisingly good ball player wouldn’t be thanked to grab the ball more firmly when he gets his hands on it! I’m of the belief like some others that he might best be hanging in as a full f line operator…and I mean an operator… could cause havoc !… he seems to know what’s around him and that is a big plus.
    As regards the general format of our attacking force being up to anything near what would frighten the serious ops theres little/no sign of any noticeable progression . However it’s early days yet and Mr Rochford is aware of this and will be doing all he can to inculcate the desired ingredients over the weeks to come!If they succeed under his baton then hear hear to them and him, if not then on we go into a future that will be simply no different to a past that most of us are all so well acquainted with!

  15. Mr Rochfords honeymoon period is long over. Dublin win all irelands because they have jim gavin, kerry will win all irelands because they have √Čamonn Fitzmaurice and mayo will win because we have Stephen Rochford. Does that sound daunting.
    Its a twenty man game nowadays Mayo have strength in depth. Utilising those subs to maximum benefit, thats what we need to see against kerry

  16. Folks all very plausible , but let’s try and sort a few things out.
    1. Someone please point out the last time Evan Regan had a good game for Mayo … That’s right if it’s taken more than 5 seconds to come up with the answer then their is a problem. Someone said it earlier he plays with fear. He is the type of guy who needs an arm around the shoulder. He would also be the guy to perform when less is expected of him. That’s why I believe he will only ever make an impact sub.
    2.D.kirby ..if I had to put a bet on I would be pretty confident that he will not be midfield come championship time. Yes a better option than Barry Moran at full forward but most certainly not a County midfielder. Try him all you want but when the test comes he will not be there. Mathew Ruane should be tried and developed in that role.
    3.All our forwards are markable and that’s a massive problem. They play a particular way that does not keep the backs guessing….. It’s a case of when we eventually get it to Killian and teams know it. Monaghan the same but their forwards worked harder to make space.Ours don’t penetrate or take on their men enough in the scoring zones we always go wide.

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