Mayo News football podcast – Rebels reeling, Rossies ready

In this week’s podcast you can relive the atmosphere from Saturday evening’s epic tussle with Cork in Limerick. Ger Flanagan and Rob Murphy were in the stands at Gaelic Grounds while John Fogarty of the Irish Examiner joined us afterwards to give us his thoughts. Plus there is post-game audio from Cillian O’Connor.

There’s a detailed review of the game with Mike Finnerty and Edwin McGreal before they both set the scene for Sunday’s tussle with Roscommon. Meanwhile, we hear from Roscommon manager Kevin McStay thanks to the Off the Ball crew on Newstalk.

This latest episode of the podcast is now available on both iTunes and SoundCloud and you can also listen to it here on the site – all you need to do is click the player below. Enjoy!

25 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast – Rebels reeling, Rossies ready

  1. Unlike the Cork game which concerned me greatly last week, I’ve voted for us to win on Sunday. Recovery is going to be critical this week, however, if it is manged properly then I think we can win this one with a bit to spare. Agree with previous posts that Rossies are likely to try to move the ball lightening quick and will look to run us ragged for the 70+ minutes by running themselves into the ground with all the pace and agility that their young team possesses. However, if the bodies are right by Sunday we can withstand this onslaught and counter it with power and intensity.

  2. One of the reasons Cork came back into it because they had the better of midfield. Mayo were poor all game in midfield. Clare the week before did not have the same midfield threat hence the comfortable victory.
    SOS went off and Parsons while he made a few great runs, won very little ball around the middle all match. Barry Moran may well be needed there before the year is out.
    Very poor decisions on the sidelines as well . The management almost blew it.

  3. Let’s just imagine this scenario for a minute – Cillian gets injured or black carded early. Who takes over free kick taking duties?

    Another one is Clarke gets injured or black carded – Are fans going to have a meltdown when they see Hennelly coming on in between the sticks. I certainly hope not. We need to be prepared for scenarios like this.

  4. Whatever about a replacement for Cillian, the other scenario was completely avoidable, but hennelly was retained and then not played since his blunder. Really that situation defies logic. Pray neither scenario happens because plan B doesn’t bear thinking about.
    But Great to be going back to Croker, heady days indeed!

  5. The Rossies will have their homework done on Mayo and will try and emulate Cork’s tactic of running at us but they will also try and isolate our full-backs by letting in early diagonal ball to their forwards knowing it has been our Achilles heel in the last few games. That worked really well for them against Galway but Galway brought no intensity to that game nor did they pressure the Rossies kick-outs until it was too late. Bear in mind that Galway came well back in that game before fading away again. Mayo will bring far more intensity and Croke Park experience to the party and hard fought matches are far better prep than 2 weeks of training. Mayo to win if they can sort out the full back line, keep Enda Smyth at bay, keep their discipline, not allow Roscommon to build up a big lead and make sensible calls on the line. Its a simple game really!

  6. If Parsons is out then Aidan O’Shea will be needed in mid-field with Loftus starting in the forwards. It might give us better kick-out options because Roscommon destroyed Galway on their kick-outs in the Connacht final.

  7. I think Vaughan will have a big part to play when we hit Croke Park, he covers the ground well and dont forget he played very well in both finals last year.

  8. If anyone is looking to get into the spirit of the game early, Michael Commins will have Paddy Joe Burke and John Regan on his Wednesday night show starting @ 11:20 pm on MidWest Radio….should be mighty craic

  9. Hi guys,
    Took me a bit of time to get my head sorted after saturdays epic battle to put down my thoughts. So here goes!
    Referee, no complaints, thought he handled the game well.
    Umpires! Well, you know
    My thoughts on umpires and these lot didn’t do anything to change my mind.
    So, to the football!
    On the whole it was a great tussle between two footballing teams. Three gripes I have and they are;

    1: to concede a free in the dying minutes of normal time by playing across your goal beggars belief but it happened because of my gripe #2

    2: I’ve said it after every match, we have no one who stays in their positions on the right side of the park. Look back at the game and notice how Cork let the ball into their left forwards. This was because they knew that if the ball was turned over in that part of the pitch that Mayo would have to play across their goal in order to move the ball as they had no one on the right of midfield, right half forward or right corner forward positions.
    Now lads, and I’m talking as much to the players as the coaching staff, WAKE UP! Everyone knows you play the ball across your goal from the right back positions, when all you need is for two players to drift out to the right sideline, one to the middle of the park and the other in the half forward position and two passes and you have the opposition scrambling back to defend, simple football, let the ball do the work and you will conserve your energy till the end.

    3: my final gripe and that is about soloing the ball. Lads, ye are senior inter county footballers and 2/3 of ye can’t solo the ball! Basic skills performed well will get you the success we all crave! Big Sam!

    So, on that note I’ll take this opportunity to wish all the players the best for Sunday, I’ll be there with my two boys as usual roaring ye on to what I hope will be another victory.

    ‘Hon Mayo!

  10. I think it was Jackie Tyrrell the Kilkenny hurler that said, it’s only when you get to Croke Park that you feel like you have achieved something with your season, that is where we are now, back to where we want to be.

    You reckon that Roscommon will try to get off to a good start, so for us we should be looking to dent the underdogs confidence early in the game, not let them build up their own confidence. That is what happened to them in a few of their big underage games, they got off to a bad start, I seem to remember Dublin building up a big lead on them in one of the U21 finals that they were involved in.

    If Tom Parsons is not fit for this game then maybe we should try looking at giving Lee Keegan an outing in midfield, we have played Donie Vaughan there in the past so why not give Lee a chance there. This could give us something different as we will need something different this year. Evan Regan has actually done well the last two times that we have played Roscommon in the league so it will be interesting also to see if he might get a start up front in this game. This would add to our competition for places up front as well. I would prefer to see him starting rather than bringing him on late in the game, Danny Kirby would probably be a better option to come on as a sub, again to give us something a little bit different. It would be nearly the last chance saloon for Evan at this stage.

  11. lads, I don’t care if we never win the all Ireland. We cant lose to f*cking Roscommon in an all Ireland quarter final!!!!

  12. Ditto that, East Cork Exile. We would never hear the end of it if we did lose. The lads need to go deep into the tank one last time!

  13. Agree with you HSE (as usual!) on Evan Reagan. He’s right for the Rossies. He did brilliantly in last year’s league match, add in the Ballina thing and it makes sense. I agree also that he has looked sharp when coming on: most people around me were convinced that he had scored that point last Saturday and the replay from behind the goal seemed to bear this out.

    He’s a confidence player and a with a good start he could really blossom. Meanwhile, I feel we can do anything with Loftus – start him, or bring him on in a crisis, it doesn’t matter because he has class and temperament. He wouldn’t have got this exposure if we were coming in as Connaught champions. This and Chris Barrett’s return to consistent form have been the new developments of the campaign so far.

  14. PS forgot Reagan played in this years league match, created a penalty and wasn’t substituted.

  15. All – I want to nip in the bud any slagging off of Roscommon supporters. As well as being bad manners towards the neighbours, all it’ll do will enflame stuff coming in the opposite direction, some of which I’ve already had to delete. This isn’t the Mayo GAA Banter Page nor is it Stolen Sheep so please everyone bear this in mind and act accordingly. Thanks.

  16. @Catcol, Yeah we have seen what Jason Doc did against Cork and we seen what Conor Loftus has given us, they have now set the bar high. So if Evan, Fergal, Danny or Shane get a chance then it’ll be up to them to reach that level as well.

  17. Booked my sailing and ticket this morning, looking forward hugely to the double header. More concerned for this game however, feel Roscommon will be a huge attacking threat and will take us to the wire.

    However, the game time from last few weeks to see us over the line – Just.

  18. Agree with you Willie Joe,we need to have banter but should be good natured, as someone who says stuff to get a reaction I would always be happier when we win but wish all the best to our opposition when the game is over even Dermo who I call out on Dublin sites I am sure would be fine off the field,I will certainly be shouting for Galway in the first game sorry game changer but they are our near neighbor’s and we owe them one as well after our last game up Mayo

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