Mayo News football podcast: replay preview


It’s Mayo News football podcast time again and this one is the first of a two-part series setting the scene ahead of Saturday evening’s All-Ireland final replay.

In this edition, Rob Murphy previews Saturday’s rematch with Seán Rice and Edwin McGreal of the Mayo News and I have some chat with Rob as well about the media coverage surrounding the replay. The podcast is available to listen to here:

8 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast: replay preview

  1. I think we all need to move our focus away from Dublins attempts to set the agenda for Maurice Deegan. The game the next day will not revolve around that particular dual that is if they are marking each other at all.
    There are 14 other individual contests on the field each of them equally important. For instance whether Cluxton or Clarke can make the difference. We need to up the pressure even further on Cluxton’s kickouts and Clarke needs to get a higher hit rate with his kickouts. This also means lads giving him better options.
    I watched the game again and I Reckon Aidan O Shea didn’t do himself justice. Aidan gave a magnificent display in the international rules game when he lorded the middle with his high catching and general physical presence. It is in him to give another big display like that. However, he needs to focus on doing the basic things well and not focus on his own display. That will take care of itself. I feel that because of the huge expectations on him he feels obliged to put on ‘a big display’ everytime and that when that isn’t happening for him he gets a bit frustrated. This can happen to good players. I might be wrong but I reckon somebody needs to coach him around this particular blockage. I have no doubt that if he could find his mojo for a while on Saturday he would cause mayhem……….and we would win an all ireland.

  2. I see it’s Ger Brennan’s turn today to highlight Lee’s ‘pulling and dragging’ as he calls it. I love the way all of the ex Dublin players are trying to be so clever in the way they are going about this. It’s kind of like sure there’s nothing wrong with it if you get away with it as ger puts it. Gets away with what exactly!!..marking his man? I am starting to think this may backfire for the dubs. At this stage it’s overkill and hopefully Deegan is aware of what is going on and maybe just maybe it might have the reverse effect. He received enough criticism following the 2012 final, he may not want the same again by focusing more on Lee than any other player.

  3. Refreshing to come across neutral, unbiased and accurate commentary on this tiresome theme which the Dublin propaganda machine has been pedalling for days. In his Irish Times article today Dara O’Se completely exonerates Lee Keegan of the trumped up charges laid at his door. O’Se actually heaps praise on Leeroy for the clean and legal manner in which he discharged his duties last week. I won’t dignify Lee’s direct opponent by mentioning his name, such is my disgust at the campaign of vilification and bias which has been carried out and pandered to by sub-editors wishing to curry favour and increase circulation in the Pale. I regret at having to harp back to a theme from which we had moved on, just that the Kerryman’s contribution came to late for inclusion in our previous thread.

  4. It is comical to see the Dublin press mob talking about keegan getting his so called just desserts and Deegan allowing Connolly play football.
    Each to a man seems to have forgotten that it was in fact Deegan who correctly sent Connolly off in the 2011 semi final for striking a donegal player (which was of course overturned).

  5. Just to mention something that you guys touched on in the podcast – Rob mentioned your brothers & families all back at your house Willie Joe after the game – it is this year that it has really dawned on me that how great it is that for the past number of years I’ve had this brillant reason to get together with my siblings & parents. There is no way in the world we would meet up with each other all together at same time otherwise. So for that alone I’m so Thankful to this team – amazing amazing memories with my family. Maigheo Go Deo. 🙂

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