Mayo News football podcast – Rochford reign extended

It’s back! As promised, the Mayo News football podcast has returned for an autumn update and is now online.

Host Rob Murphy is joined on the podcast by Mike Finnerty, where, en route from last week’s County Board meeting, they discuss the extended term handed to manager Stephen Rochford. At that meeting, Mike caught up with County Board chairman Mike Connelly, who reflects on the 2017 season and talks about Stephen Rochford’s extended term.

The focus then shifts to Parnell Park up here in Dublin where, in the aftermath of Monday night’s Dublin SFC final, I join in the fun. So too does Enda Varley, whom we get a few words with after he’d just won his second county championship medal with St. Vincents.

Rob, Mike and I then spend a while afterwards at Parnell Park chewing the fat about the inter-county year just finished and looking ahead to 2018.

The latest edition of the podcast isĀ available now on SoundCloud and iTunes. You can also listen to it here on the site, either by clicking the player below or the one on the sidebar to the right.

23 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast – Rochford reign extended

  1. I had a good think about the Jim McGuinness article, I think Jim has produced some of the finest GAA articles in the last few years, and he always makes very strong points.

    Yep as it turned out Dublin’s example of how to kill a game at any cost was one that worked from them and they managed to come back into the game when we didn’t kill it off. And then I think of the amount of times this county has tried to change tack in the dying stages of the game and it didn’t at all go to plan. I think myself we were just a cycle of play out from a draw, the game was swinging back and forth and I wonder would it really have been a wise call to try and kill off the game ten minutes out. Still it will be impossible to know.

  2. I hope to God AM gets POY this evening. I believe he deserves it. O’Callaghan will get young POY.

  3. Tom Parsons very very unlucky. Kevin McLoughlins also unfortunate and was favourite with Paddy Power. They usually never wrong.

  4. I didn’t expect us to get any more than 6 but McLoughlin and Parsons very unlucky. Congrats Andy!

  5. Tyrone token all star winner.
    If cluxton got the keeper, then KMcLoughlin would have got no 10.
    They were never going to give more to mayo than Dublin. …
    Maybe that is why Rock was moved out from the corner to give Dublin 7.

  6. Congratulations to all our All Stars and especially to Andy for his well deserved Player of the Year award. Kevin McLoughlin lost out because they had to ensure Dublin got one more than us and that Kerry and Tyrone got one each. A flawed process.

  7. Well done Andy Moran Both awards richly deserved, Andy has shown that Nothing is impossible roll on 2018.

  8. Probably would have been more flawed if cluxton got one … Clarke far better this year .. Well done to Andy . Gentleman and great role model

  9. Delighted for Andy Moran, gutted for Kevin and Tom , delighted for Chris Barrett also , looking forward to listening to the podcast later, bonus this time of year.

  10. Delighted for Andy and all the recipients.

    Kevin Mcl definately should have got one and Tom Parsons was brilliant all year. Always figured though that the maths would have Dublin getting more than Mayo.

    If Clarke had saved O’callaghans shot (just as an example) and Mayo had won strangely the jigsaw would have been rearranged and Mayo would be picking up another all star tonight and Dublin would be picking up one less. Nothing to do with with the years performances, sadly just a case of balancing the books.

    Mcaffery played a few minutes of the final and Dublin didn’t have a decent team to play up to the final and yet he has an all star. I don’t see why.

    It’s a nice occasion for the players but some of those deserving their all star sadly don’t get them.

    Well done Andy.

  11. Congrats to Andy and the other Mayo All Stars. Tom P and Kevin Mc were hard done by but every year there is somebody who misses out who should not have. But seeing Andy pick up the POTY [is today his birthday?] should convince them that there is hope yet.

  12. Overall, I think the all stars were reasonably fair. Remember its a fine line. If ky hadn’t messed up the free they had near the end of the drawn game when they were a point up – they would probably have 6 now and we have only 1. Six allstars was fair enough. If we were really that good all year we wouldn’t have lost to Galway and struggled to beat Derry, Cork and Roscommon. What would Dublin have done to Galway, Derry, Cork and Roscommon?
    I think they would have beaten each of them by minimum of 10 points. Disappointed Kevin Mac didn’t get an award. He does so much unseen work. Glad Andy recognised this too in his speech. One worry is that 5 out 6 allstars are well over 30. These kind of men are hard to replace.

  13. Well done all. Clarke any day over Cluxton. Barrett Higgins Boyle and what about Leroy. 1st name on the sheet every time. Barrett moved to corner to accommodate Sullivan. Also Rock given a token spot at no. 10. K McLoughlin’s all star. Aido at 11. Spoke well. 3 weeks in Oz. “Who wouldnt”. And Andy. That injury in 2012 so damn unfortunate.
    Well done to all.

  14. Well done to Andy Moran and to Chris, Keith, David, Colm and Aidan, all well deserved. What a gentleman Andy is and his great personality came shinning through on TV tonight. I thought your one with the mic needs a lot more training/personality for that job. She made Lester look good and that was some double act.

  15. Well i thoroughly enjoyed that!!mighty deserved. Can we cannonise him!!!!Lovely picture of Aiden (such a gent) with Dr. Mickie Loftus. But come on-LEE should have definitley got one. First name on every team sheet. Who could forget first game v Rossies, the game slipping and there he goes and saves the day again. He is the BEST i have ever seen. Anyways so delighted for lads. Chris B really summoned it up with his few words.

  16. Not too bad. Cavanagh had to get one he was outstanding all year. Tom Parsons was brilliant all year and is unlucky as is Lee Keegan.

  17. Heartiest congrats to Andy Moran and all our all stars well deserved albeit scant consolation for not coming away with Sam. Andy was the story of the summer but there’s one last chapter to come! I felt that Tom Parsons really lost out to sentamentality there tonight – Colm Cavanagh was nowhere near deserving of that midfield all-star especially after Tyrone’s car crash performance in the semi final against the Dubs. Kevin McLoughlin was also unlucky but can’t argue with the rest. Well done also to Joe Canning for the Galway hurlers.

  18. Bohola, disagree with you there, Dean Rock had to get an All Star… Best free taker in Ireland,this last two years .. The final free of the All Ireland final was far from a gimme.. But Dublin Joe should have got an All Star as well, very good for Dublin in the All Ireland final… What will happen to Dublin when Maurice Deggan and Joe McQuillian stop whistling.. They might find it just as hard to replace Referee’s like that as Cluxton when the time comes… But Jim Gavin was doing his bit to make sure one of the fairest and best Referee’s in the game, Nealon from Roscommon wouldn’t get any more big match’s after Dublin loosing the league final to Kerry by a point… Military Medals Jim , was doing his bit for Ireland, and the Authorities of the GAA kindly acceded to Jim’s wish and Nealon didn’t get to ref any other big match’s in 2017… Dublin have won the last 6 All Ireland finals they played in, 5 of them by a point… You just couldn’t have an objective referee, with the Whistle in a big Dublin match…. I blame the GAA for being so blatantly biased for Dublin…. But Military Medal Jim and the GAA should know that Dublin player’s won’t play for Ireland, of course that’s not down to the individual Dublin player’s, its most definitely down to the Military Medal Jim…. Rant finally over… Congratulations to all the All Star winners.!

  19. Hi WJ how about including all stars roll of honour listing all the Mayo winners since Johnny Carey won the 1st won? We have amassed quite a haul in recent years. Great work with the podcast keeping things ticking over until the fbd rolls around again.

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