Mayo News football podcast: so it’s Dublin again

Mayo News football podcast

As promised earlier on, the latest Mayo News football podcast is now online and is available to listen to.

In this edition Rob chats to Mike Finnerty and myself about being back in the final facing Dublin. Mike looks back to that never-to-be-forgotten clash with the Dubs in 2006 and I chat how Sunday’s semi-final between Dublin and Kerry played out. The podcast is here:

41 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast: so it’s Dublin again

  1. I have my ticket secured for myself and my son through the gaa season ticket scheme.I would urge everybody who secures a ticket for the game to prepare to roar on the team for the full 70 minuites and not just sit there like in the second half of the 2013 final.let everybody bring a flag or a mayo hat.If u are half- hearted about roaring on the team give the ticket to somebody who will. be prepared to be exhausted at end of game and dont let up until game is over, and mayo have won the will feel no tiredness then

  2. Good man jimbo. That’s exactly the spirit. I don’t doubt we will all be very loud if we can get started at all

  3. That’s right Dave…in the past few years it’s taken the team to perform before the majority of supporters perform. That’s not supporting..its reacting.

  4. Yes, I meant that that if we can get the shouting started at all. The team are the ones that will react. I think we need Andy or someone to say this a day or two before the game on Midwest and have it on the front of the mayo newspapers. Tell the people to wear lots of green and red and bring a flag. We, the fans in Croker need to think of the fellas on the field as if they were a family member trying their best and looking to us to shout them on. I never played in front of more than 20 people but have ran long distance and the people along the route in the last few miles really keep you going, you just can’t stop when they are roaring you on. These players have went through hell since 2011 and some even before that , the least we can do is roar them on for 70-80 minutes.

  5. A couple of smoke bombs in Green and Red on the hill for the parade as well as anytime the Dubs start screeching “you boys in blue” would be a good touch. Could be viewed as a bit incendiary however….

  6. Don’t know if it’s just me but the podcast is cutting out on 7:07 when Willie Joe is saying “defeat is just like”…..

  7. Good to see that a ref based away from Dublin has got the final. I was afraid it was going McQuillan’s way again, he who was reffing Dublin training matches in 2013, if I recall correctly.

  8. I’ll have another listen later on, FDB – it was okay when I listened to it earlier on. I’d say “crap” is probably the next word I uttered at that juncture!

  9. Here is an idea.
    Can we get all of our followers here on the Blog who will be in Croke Park to become a section owner/leader for their section (301, 302 etc….) where they are seated. Role? To motivate all Mayo supporters. Hand out flyers to their section or part section before throw in.. Maybe have a generic flyer so each leader can print out. Stand up and rally the crowd when things go quiet. Really push and push the crowd to be the loudest ever…. To bring Sam home…

  10. Well if any of ye get a spare, throw it my way and ill risk the smoke bomb in return.

  11. Some positive news here…..

    Mayo GAA twitter:

    Good news at our All Ireland final press night as Stephen Rochford says all players are fit ahead of September 18th.

    Mayo News Sport twitter:

    Stephen Rochford at @MayoGAA press night: “If you’re going to be All-Ireland champions, beating the champions is the way to go.”

  12. League legends I’m up for that. I’ve said this already a few times I know – I’m trying to get people to stand up when the team come out and sing ‘stand up for the Mayo men’ to the rugby tune of ‘stand up for the Ulster men’. Feel if it was really loud would really help the team to feel their crowd is behind them and they would never expect it – something different to show our appreciation. I know lots of people don’t like chants but in fairness Mayo Mayo Mayo versus 3/4 of the stadium singing come on you boys in blue is hard going. It is intimidating esp from the hill. I would find it easier to sing something catchy and keep it going for longer. I’m going to try it anyway. I’m not really a soccer fan and normally hate the chants at their matches but this is a posher chant robbed from rugby!!!!! I feel it has its place because of playing Dublin with their massive chant. We have to try and beat the hill as some Kerry player and someone on here said last week. When the hill go quiet the Dublin team go quieter. Let our Mayo men silence them with play and us with our nicer louder chant. This all Ireland will be the death of me. Obsessed.

  13. Sinead 37 brill idea +league legends.What is the tune to that Sinead? The Mayo Mayo chant is hard to keep going because after a few roars you feel you should shut up. Best if there’s a bit of a lyric + a tune
    to carry it… not too much though.

  14. I have no problem with our old, basic Mayo chant. They chanted it in 1936, and we’ll be chanting it 80 years later.

    Just be loud. We expect such high standards from the lads. Let’s demand a certain standard from ourselves

    Up Mayo!!

  15. AM I the only one who is sick of being told how to roar the team on? I roar and shout when the need arises and I usually am hoarse after every game anyway. I love the Mayo Mayo chant and some times I start it up myself when it’s there to be started! Agree with MayoMark, just be loud. We don’t need a chant per sé.

  16. It will be interesting to see whether season ticket holders get central seats for the final. In 2012 and 2013 we did however last year when renewing my ticket (went from 75 to 102 euro btw) there was a reference on the site to the effect that due to increased demand for tickets, holders would not be guaranteed to have the same seating arrangements as they would have for the quarters and semis.
    Personally I would be annoyed if we didn’t get central seating as before since the GAA should reward frequent attenders at matches who show loyalty to their team……..which is the point of the season ticket.

  17. Kerry’s Eoin Liston says this in The Indo:

    Mayo will have watched intently to see if there are any chinks in Dublin’s armour and I think we gave them some areas to target. They went after Stephen Cluxton’s kick-outs at the end of the drawn semi-final last year to great success just as we did on Sunday and they will hope to make hay in this area. Mayo must run at them more than we did and they have the players to do that. They have immense talent but it depends what team turns up. When they’re at their best they’re as good as anyone.

    We only played in patches and we were with them, all-square after 72 minutes, so Mayo will take great solace from that. We asked the questions of Dublin and while it took time, they found the answers. Mayo must push the envelope even further, if that’s possible.

  18. If we’re going to do the “Stand up for the Ulster men ” chant, we better be prepared to go all the way and sing God save our precious Queen after. I swear to god, ya could not make it up.

  19. There is as much chance of influencing the songs sung as changing Team Tactics on this Blog. Every Mayo fan will get out and support the Team. The problem is how many of us will get in!

  20. OK, i Know this won’t be popular but if i am been honest, i am sick to the back teeth of people saying ” i stand up and roar and get funny looks” , ” we only make noise when we are playing well” etc etc. The fact of the matter is, it is the same in any team sport, you go to The camp nou, parkhead, anfield, Raven hill etc , and when the team is not performing the atmosphere is rubbish. 2013 is often referenced here, and as a season ticket holder i was there and the second half was quiet, but the reason it was quiet is because the writing was on the wall with what was playing out in front of our eyes, after a good first half, we went in 1 point up, knowing we should be more ahead and that sickening feeling of another final defeat was in our stomachs. I am sorry guys but some of the stuff on here is just daftness,

    Wille Joe, i know there is house rules about playing the ball and not the man, but i am sorry, i have say Jimbo, that comment about giving away your ticket if you are not prepared to roar and shout is stupid in the extreme, Our season ticket grouping is myself, my brother and our 72 year old uncle, he does not stand up, roar and shout, simply because he is not physically able to. he is very mobile for his age, but standing up and down numerous times at a game is just not possible, so despite supporting Mayo since the early 1960’s , you think he should give away his ticket? That some how he is not as good as a supporter as you? That he is not entitled to be there? such utter nonsense is hard to fathom,
    Sorry if i seem to be annoyed, in fact, no i am not sorry, as i take that as an insult to my uncle, been told how to support the team. Will you be telling us what to wear next?Or maybe what to eat? Cop on to yourself.

  21. Agree with Wayne Scales, was thinking the same about my 70 year old Dad & thought it was some cheek to intimate that someone who spend the entire match was somehow more entitled to be there.

    I know what the people feel like who are trying to rally the troops – I too can feel like how can that crowd be so loud. Anyway we are all Mayo supporters and we all only want one thing no matter how we express it. Maigheo go Deo.

  22. And good for you F’andeelin,shout away,shout away to your hearts content but something new is just what might win the day for us.Not great to hear the anti out of the ordinary comments but understood!
    Point is, not easy to start anything new but there wouldn’t be anything wrong with a bunch meeting in MC Hale some eve and having a practice under some Maestro or other.
    Pure simple!! Just a few hundred needed!!!

  23. Okay, I think it’s maybe time to put this discussion about supporting and how to support to bed. I think we can all agree that we need to support the team to the max at the final but clearly what this means for every individual supporter will vary.

    Those of us who were there in 2013 will, I’m sure, recognise and accept that we didn’t get behind the team to a sufficient degree when the team really needed us but I’d say those out on the field that day would equally concede that the way they played that day – their worst performance of the entire championship – didn’t encourage boisterous support.

    We all know that if we are to win this we’ll need a strong, committed performance from start to finish from the lads and they’ll need strong, committed support from the stands. The two go together and I’ve every hope this is what we’ll see (and do) on the 18th. We’re in this together. Up Mayo!

  24. Well said Willie Joe.
    To give my tuppence worth – no one is suggesting that dedicated Septuagenarians should give up their ticket if they can’t roar their heads off for over an Hour. There’s no need to take things too literally!.
    However please don’t underestimate the benefit or the additional drive the team can get when being roared on by the crowd.
    We’re dealing with very fine margins here and any marginal gain, no matter how fine, will be very important on the day.
    So – if you can, roar your head off, and try to give the team a lift.
    If you can’t or don’t want to, fair enough, but don’t expect the Man, Woman or Child beside you to stay sitting or silent either. By the same Token, if you’re not shouting, don’t expect he Man, Woman or Child to do the roaring for you.

    You can be damn sure that the Dubs will be making plenty of noise themselves.

    Up Mayo.

  25. I’m not sure about this WJ. I think we could adopt a North Korean style of support. Snipers in the roofs, picking off the non believers, purges of dissenters, the families of those who fail to rupture their vocal cords screaming “boom, boom, boom” banished to work camps in deepest, darkest Roscommon.

  26. Willie Joe you are a genius… we have our lyric, just need a tune:
    “we’re Mayo, and we’re in this together!”

  27. The idea of being at a game and having your behavior monitored by a fellow spectator seems rather strange to me. I have been attending games not all GAA for more years than I care to admit, but this is new to me. I have never gone with the intention of judging the spectators. The idea of attending a game and watching another spectator seems rather creepy and needy to me.

  28. WAYNE SCALES. I apologise for telling people to give the ticket to people who will roar the team on.i just hope people do their best, because i think roaring on the team makes a difference, and this could be what gets the team over the line.

  29. I was talking to someone who was at the ’13 final and they were told to pipe down by a fellow supporter who was listening to the game on Midwest while sitting in the Hogan Stand

  30. hi folks its the two I thought it would be.Two best teams in the country,Just reading about ye trying to get your crowd roaring, way i see it gaelic football is way too fast for chants and songs , sure us dubs only sing when were winning and go very quiet when the wheels fall off; having supported the Dubs since late 70s the noise and atmosphere is dropped a lot since then, bigger stadium? mixed fans? better with old canal end and hill baying for their teams. plus I havent been to many all ireland finals five or six in my life time but have found the atmosphere lacking at most, too many neutrals and corporate seats sucks the colour and noise out of it. i swear their was a couple beside me last year and the auld dear was knitting ffs, yeah semis is where the colour and noise is kerry this year yous last year. Anyways cant wish ya all the best because I really hope to see this Dublin team claim their place as legends by doing the back to back, they are the best Dublin team ive ever i hope for a great match and really hope your day is near but not at our expense…safe traveling

  31. Inbetweener,
    This is the tune
    I think your idea of get together with a maestro is great! but how do we do it?! I don’t know how to spread this besides the supporters fb pages. Or else once we know our seats be leaders and start it up. Or we could hand out fliers on final day to Mayo supporters like someone suggested with the/a chant and when to first start it – when players come out. If we were loud enough others would join in later. I really feel something like this would lift the team. People who don’t like it don’t need to join in. Drinking 20 something year olds prob most likely to take the fliers and to do what we ask!

  32. Provisional plan so far: Meeting people for a sing song practice on the 12.30 Maynooth to
    Drumcondra train on way into the match. Sing song practice on the Leixlip platform before getting on the train. Meeting others in mcGraths pub or The Temple on Dorset st for another sing song practice about 1.15-1.30pm. Flier being made tomorrow night that supporters fb pages might post. Distributing on final day too and will email to anyone who wants a copy to print themselves to distribute on match day. Might be a school performance recorded too which I hope would go on the supporters fb pages and maybe you tube. Will see. Anyway if anyone is on the Maynooth train in, sing! Or drop into one of the above pubs. Or start it in your own pub or on the street.

  33. Sinead37, i love your enthusiasm . People will knock your idea but dont let it burst your bubble. Keep going

  34. Thanks Sean. Knocking is the way of the world and more so since social media was invented. Luckily I don’t really care what people think of me. Im not even a very extrovert person but I feel strongly about doing something different for this team on their 3rd final appearance in 5 years. Very fine margins as many are saying.

  35. Well done Sinead37 that’s the stuff .. You’re an example. I wish you the best and hope it works….Stand up for Sineads idea…. Stand up….!

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