Mayo News football podcast: the final preview Part 2


Tired of all that reading I dangled in front of your eyes earlier on? Okay, then, here’s Part 2 of the Mayo News football podcast All-Ireland final preview.

I’m in this one, chatting to host Rob Murphy, where there’s a decided overseas air to proceedings, as it also includes contributions from Connacht Rugby head coach Pat Lam as well as Sky Sport’s Dave Lawrence and Sean Randle, both of whom have been heavily involved in the broadcasting of GAA matches in recent years.

The podcast is out now on Soundcloud and is available to listen to here. The third and final preview podcast from the Mayo News will go live on Friday.

26 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast: the final preview Part 2

  1. Talking about quotes on the other thread I really like the LA Motta one Darragh OSe had last week in his article “you never got me down Ray”.
    I think it captures Mayo football perfectly. But maybe You’ll never get us down”
    Think it would be a great chant. Would live to see it unfurled on a green and red banner on the hill on Sunday. You know what they won’t get us down either ……win or lose we will be back!!

  2. Great work WJ. Thanks.i just seen a clip on the Indo with the 2006 win over Dublin. The dubs were boiling with temper at the start, boiling more at half time, cooled down nicely when they went 7 points clear only explode with fury when Mac hit the killer near the end. It’s as sweet today, 10 years later as it was that day. I don’t know what could ever top that point from Mac? It was magic.

  3. Did anyone listen to Midwest earlier? I heard that Angelina mentioned about McGuinness being down in Limerick with the team.

    I’d heard this before but assumed it was shite-talk.

  4. I live in meath and train the U10’s at my local club. We had a training match in advance of Sunday. The was a row as both teams wanted to be mayo and everyone wanted to be AOS, COC, or DOC.
    Heartwarming. Whatever about the best team ever to play football, it’s good to see this mayo team are already full of legends.

  5. Tony

    Did any of them ask to be John Casey , Liam Mchale or Ray Dempsey? It’s funny how the wheel turns

  6. I watched the 2006 pre match activities again. Great memories! What struck me most was the shameful one sided shite talk by Brolly and O’Rourke during the whole event.

    Mayo portrayed as the small minded upstarts…. Against a Dublin team that had not been in a final for 11 years!!!

  7. Softandcraggy, I am just after watching the same thing, my thoughts exactly , I’d imagine there will be plenty more condascending shite talk this Sunday. Ciaran Mac’s point at the end is still my fondest memory of following Mayo. Similar result this Sunday ten years later will do nicely. Hon Mayo.

  8. WILLIE JOE Do you know any place to swap or buy tickets in dublin on sunday morning .i seem to recall in 1996 and 1997 people swapping tickets in the big tree pub or quinns pub .my son has a hogan stand ticket and would like to swap it for two hill 16 tickets so that his friend can attend also.

  9. Jimbo, ah ok, can’t help im afraid. I know somebody who wants to swap 2 hills for 2 stand tickets, if any1 is interested? (Long shot I know).

  10. Its not City centre but it is reasonable for Croke Park, Kennedys of Fairview for breakfast. An excellent place. I searched the City centre far and wide with a work colleague for years. There is nowhere decent. Those horrible frozen catering sausages in almost every place.
    Kennedys choice of bread, choice on the eggs, top quality rashers n sausages.
    It has a front awning and is near the main junction near Centra.

  11. Annoying how many people are going because it could be great fun (from other counties) while Mayo people who braved London and travelled long distances to games are left high and dry.Thankfully I have tickets but feel for those who dont especially outside the county and are not attached to clubs.
    On another note attended Galway Mayo association dog night on Friday.Great to see so many ex players there..Willie Joe, Noel Durcan, Anthony Larry, John Finn etc.Well done to them .

  12. Lloyds Pub on Amiens St gets a great Mayo crowd on Match Day because it’s next to the train station….all the people I know go in there……try there first for a ticket

  13. Tonyk –

    Exiled in Meath myself and have witnessed the very same with my own kids. They were being coached by a former Meath player [96 vintage] on Saturday morning and his young lad had a Mayo jersey on him!!

  14. Excellent podcast. I was particularly impressed by Pat Lamm. He nailed it as regards what attitude the lads need to bring to the match and how to be confident in their approach and how to deal with the distractions of hype and history. .I hope SR plays it for them or brings in Pat for a half an hour. Absolutely spot on. No wonder Connacht were able to perform last year.

  15. Diehard I think there was a few extra fellas around the dressing room last year that annoyed the players. I heard thd jim macguinness was around lst year as well and it was all shite talk.It’s not easy block out the past but it can be done. I met a dub last night who fears the dubs might get cocky due to the overwhelming odds. I think it’s set up perfectly. For me 2 guts are extremely vital. Diarmuid and Kevin mac. 2 guys who can cover serious ground. Get them right and that’s the platform.

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