Mayo News football podcast: Tipp preview

Mayo News football podcast

The latest Mayo News football podcast is now up and available to listen to and as you’d expect it’s focused on our upcoming All-Ireland SFC semi-final against Tipperary this coming Sunday at Croke Park (throw-in 3.30pm).

In this edition, host Rob Murphy is joined by ladies football legend Cora Staunton and also by Brian Maloney, who lined out for us in the 2004 All-Ireland final (and then four years later won an All-Ireland club medal with St Vincents in Dublin).  Mike Finnerty covers the opposition, speaking with Tipp hurling icon Nicky English and with GAA journalist and broadcaster Damian Lawlor who has some interesting insights about what’s been happening on the football scene within the county in recent years.

There’s also some audio with Stephen Rochford and Cillian O’Connor, who both spoke about the big game at last week’s press night.

The podcast is available to listen to below. Also note that this is the first of two Mayo News football podcasts this week: given the week that’s in it a second (shorter) one will be out on Friday so watch out for that. I think I’m due to rouse myself from the deckchair to take part in that one.

12 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast: Tipp preview

  1. Some posters like to have a go at certain high profile players on the Mayo team, but of course the house rules do not allow this. The work around is to compare Billy and Jack. Everybody’s got an opinion on this one. We sit back and have a go. Pick a side and defend to your last breath. It’s cynical and not what genuine supporters should allow themselves get drawn into. But it is also a brand of cronyism and we all love that particular puppy.

  2. Pat, it’s not the Ref that decides boxing matchs! It’s the judges that score and ultimately decide on the winner! The Ref in that particular fight does not have a case to answer for. But you knew that I’m sure!

  3. Welcome everybody to ‘Willie Joe’s’ boxing blog. Of course the result of that fight stinks. Corruption, and these judges take an ‘Olympic Oath’ to be fair in their decisions. Maybe the Oath is not the only thing they take! In Gaelic-football terms I think Cormac Reillys performance in Limerick is just as questionable, same as the the Referee that insisted that Meath’s Joe Sheridan’s ‘Try’ be awarded as a goal, in the last process denying Louth a first Leinster title for about 50 years . I’ve seen some Refereeing decisions down the years that were terrible, dreadful. Mostly bad decisions are down to the human error and Gaelic-football being particularly hard to find Ref. , but I don’t think you can call them corrupt. The exceptions I have already mentioned.

  4. Glad to see Stephen Rochford stress in the Examiner that we need at least
    one goal against Tipp to beat them. Against Tyrone we did not have even ONE shot on goal while they created one great goal opportunity as our full backs were ball-watching and never saw their man frantically signalling for the diagonal cross that almost – had it not been not been for David Clarke’s wonderful block – cost us the game. Concentrating on defence was number one priority against the Tyrone waves but I’m sure a different system will once again be in evidence on Sunday. Surely the instructions to our forwards will be: keep your head down when you get an opportunity to shoot at goal rather than blasting the ball over the bar every time. I know a point is valuable but a goal is three times more valuable.

  5. Pick team and defend it, for me there are only about 4 or 5 variables.
    1) Full back strategy, 2 options.. either restore KK and enlist help of one of midfielders as sweeper or play Barry as the sweeper linked vs Donegal 2015. With option 1 Aido comes back to cover midfield gap and probably Cillian drops to CHF gap if Regan starts. That said FF line looks much more dangerous now with Cillian up there.
    2) If Diarmaid not 100% or at least 90% who replaces him Dillon or Conor OS seem the most likely as JD looking more of a sub. Conor OS similar enough attributes to Diarmaid would be my pick. Logic says leave Diarmaid off if injury not fully healed as loads of lads chomping give one a chance.
    3) Keith in backs or forwards. Donie more likely picked in defense or sub with Tom P most likely getting a full run in midfield. Chris Barrett could do with game time meaning Keith up front but Tipp also have a dangerous corner forward. Durkan looks likely to hold the 7 jersey now as he’s improving all the time.
    4) Start with Boyler or hold him back if needed. Might give Tipp a lift if he doesn’t start. There’s a huge game to be won and opposition need to be taken seriously. My call would be play him.
    5) Restore Regan or hold him until late in game. Logic would say he will struggle from now on with top defenses and sometimes double sweepers but he also needs big game experience. Leaving him off deprives us of most reliable left footer for frees.

    The new wild card us how or when to use Dillon. Tyrone changed their team to counter him and we changed ours to counter again. He may not have much more than good 35 mins at frantic championship pace. Seems to make more sense to hold him back as no idea what role needs to be filled on the day. He could be ideal direct replacement if Andy tires.
    Barry is the other wildcard as he could be named as sweeper #2, midfield (unlikely from start) or FF (again not from start). Midfield sub seems most likely though Tom P could be named wing forward of Diarmaid not starting.
    The great unknown is who are really doing the biz in training. I prefer KK at full back with big man to help. Other option is focus on winning midfield and leave KK one on 1.

  6. So my pick would to start be

    Harrison Keane Barrett
    Keegan Boyle Durkan
    Parsons SOS
    McLoughlin AOS Higgins
    Regan A Moran Cillian

    If Diarmaid fit Higgins replaces Barrett in backs, and if Higgins preferred to Barrett regardless then COS for Diarmaid.

  7. I don’t think Keane will be able for quinlevin. He can win ball and turn fast. Quinlevin will also spend time at midfield if things not working out. Keane possibly marking sweeney. Keegan on quinlevin. I feel we will have upper hand round midfield so let Lee bring him on a tour of croker

  8. Enjoyed the podcast very much – particularly the Tipperary contribution. It’s a serious credit to them that they have made it to an All-Ireland semi-final given the lack of support within their own county, and the exodus from the team this year. A bit similar to how we regard our own hurlers unfortunately.

    There is no accounting for that kind of gutsiness and I have no doubt they will face us without an ounce of fear next Sunday. They have nothing to lose, we have everything.

    Great to hear a woman’s voice on the podcast too – given that we’re lucky enough to be getting two semi-final podcasts this week, it would be really great if we could have a ladies’ semi-final podcast next week too! Hint hint, Rob and Mike 😉

  9. Not sure that there would be that much interest in a ladies podcast.

    Where is the semi-final by the way? Hopefully more than the 100 or so that were in Longford will head along.

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