Mayo News football podcast – Tipperary preview + U20s win Connacht

The trip to Tipp for our next qualifier test is fast approaching but the weekend just gone provided a nice interlude, with the county’s U20 team claiming the first ever provincial title contested at this level. In this episode of the Mayo News football podcast we look back on Mayo’s big win over Roscommon in the Connacht U20 decider and we also look ahead to the Round 2 qualifier this coming Saturday against Tipperary at Semple Stadium.

Host Rob Murphy and I set the scene in this edition following which we hear from Mike Finnerty and Ger Flanagan of the Mayo News who reflect on the U20s’ win shortly after the final whistle sounded at Hyde Park. Mike also catches up with U20 selector Mickey Conroy and with goalscorer Tommy Conroy.

Switching the focus to this coming weekend, Rob then gets the view from the opposition camp when he speaks with the first football All-Star from the Premier County, Declan Browne. Mike wraps up this episode when he chats with Irish Times GAA writer Malachy Clerkin who gives his expert opinion on where the Thurles tussle could be won and lost.

This latest episode of the podcast is now online and is available to listen to on SoundCloud and iTunes. You can also listen to it directly on the Mayo News website as well as here on the blog, using either the player below or the one on the panel on the right. You’ve no excuse, in other words, to be missing it!

The Mayo News football podcast is proudly sponsored by the Oxford Arms in Camden Town.

72 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast – Tipperary preview + U20s win Connacht

  1. Really looking forward to Saturdays match. We all know how good our backs are but this will be an opportunity for them to show a really solid display that maybe wasnt 100% the case in limerick.

    Im really interested to see where Lee keegan plays. I would have been all for him moving into the middle of the field but on big days he is always going to be given a man marking job and i cant see saturday being any different with the quality of forwards tipp have.

    I cannot wait to see how Rochford and the crew have approached this game and how the lay of the land in terms of players and positioning may have changed post TP injury!

  2. Hello,
    Just listenef to my first Podcast of sny description and it was vey good too. Don”t rush into new ‘Fads’. Declan Brown came across as very honest. Such joy from the under 20 side.

    Have reserved a seat to Thurles on the 2pm train from Dublin. Trains to Cork every hour or so.
    Have a good feeling about the game as i don’t see Tipp as an enemy we must not lose too. I have sat beside Tipp Supporters in Croke Park supporting Mayo. Also Liam Kearns flattered me at half time in a Laois V Mayo game once and asked me how i thought the game was going. I sat in the front row near the sideline. The Match was a draw and he never got excited during the game. We had agreed that it was very ‘Even’. He seemed so genuine.Then reading what he said in the Nenagh Guardian as reported in the Mayo News rings true to me. ‘Mayo being everyone’s second team’.

    Also, although disappointed aftet the Tipp v Mayo Semi Final he remarked that Mayo seem to be able to change their tactics within a game. The two teams will really feel they know each other.

    Great, New Venue, Exciting Players, Tactics? No Bad Blood and hopefully a really classy show by Mayo.

  3. Horrible feeling about this one. Think we will be bet. I can see Tipp coming out a 100mph after that shock to Cork, I knw we have experience etc but, Tom P’s initial reaction to the draw was telling. Hopefully im wrong of course and its just the pre game jitters.

  4. Forgot the bloody draw was on at the time. (I know, I know ?) What was his reaction? Tom’s I’m on about haha.

  5. A bit more nervous about this game after listening to the podcast. A big green and red support might be enough to swing it. Remember some of the big shouts last year for turnovers in the back door games!!

  6. Interested to see how Rochford will deal with the discipline issue. After the spate of indiscipline that we’ve seen in big games over the past year, we’re now beyond feedback sessions, group lessons learned exercises, team SWOT analysis and 1:1 coaching conversations. Time for Stephen to make a bold statement on this issue and sideline any player who commits a red card offence that negatively impacts the team and outcome of the game. Will he send a clear red line signal to the panel following last months self destructive behaviour during the Galway game ??

  7. Nerves are good. Means we’ll shout louder on Saturday. Sure some of us were nervous before Donegal game in 2013 and that turned out pretty well.

  8. @45 I don’t think we can afford the luxury of leaving a top player on the sideline in order to make a statement about discipline. I reckon the players in question have learned their lessons.

  9. Diehard – agree we can’t afford to be without top players but we cant afford to continue hitting the self destruct button either. Management should make it understood how serious they take the issue. Not sure Rochford will deal with it tho…

  10. First time poster, I have being reading through the blog for the past few months and it’s very interesting getting all the views from Mayo supporters. I have to say nerves are great before a match and what have you, but when all is said and done if Mayo can’t beat Tipp they have no business looking on further. No disrespect whatsoever, but we are a step above Tipp every day of the week. You can say we have struggled against weaker teams at this stage of the championship, but the fact is we come through them and it has stood to us. For a fact I can say Mayo teams in the past would not have won those games.

    Malachy Clerkin has hit the nail on the head about Mayo. We are still the second best team and only the super 8s will prove otherwise. Galway haven’t proven anything yet and their big game is now ahead of them in Croke Park when they meet the Munster champions. If Galway are serious about contending an All-Ireland or at least making the last four, that clash with most likely Kerry is a must win. As Malachy put it Kerry haven’t proven that they can topple Dublin this year either, despite the hype about them. They may just walk all over Cork as has being the usual occurrence in the past few years, but I can’t see Cork not being up for this game. Donegal have being also pretty much talked up as had Monaghan a few weeks back.

    Bottom line is that Mayo are still in the championship and over the past few years have proven that they are the second best team. There is no logical indication that they are not, despite the usual talk that we have heard over the past few years about them. Tom is obviously the worry and I do find myself wondering if that his loss will be the setback this year, I think Harrison is a loss for us as well for this Tipp game and I hope he can make a speedy recovery.

    In the long run if we are to make another go of it this year, this game will stand to us and will be the step up we need. If Cillian keeps his found form from the Limerick game we could be in for another packed summer of action.

  11. I’ve often remarked about the weakness in the GAA regarding fixtures arrangements ….and they’re at it again. There was 11 games played the weekend before last and 11 next weekend – there was 1 last weekend!

    One thought on team selection – what about KMcL back to halfback? His old stomping ground!

  12. Personally I thought Diarmuid was a little unlucky with the red card. Not unlucky in getting it. i agree it was deserved but I don’t think he went out of his way to hurt Conroy at all and it was down to poor timing and clumsiness as much as anything else.

  13. With all the rumors that went around about how bad Conroys injuries were I was half afraid the lad wasn’t goin to make it at all. Then I saw him Sunday and there wasn’t a bother on him. I’m glad he’s alright but I think the initial rumors were swelled out of all proportions.

  14. The podcast showed a good example of how mindset and psychology works in sport actually. Currently we would consider ourselves equal to Kerry at least. We beat them well last time we met in championship. We are two of Gaelic footballs “big guns”.
    However it’s clear from listening to Declan Browne that he wouldn’t give Tipp a hope in hell if they were playing Kerry this weekend. However, he seemed quite bullish about their chances against Mayo. This despite Mayo and Kerry being at a similar level.
    I’ve spent some time living in Tipp and they are a traditional Gaa hurling county. There’s a natural arrogance about their attitude towards their hurling team – they believe that they are the best in the country every year. In fact, they are exactly like Kerry football fans. “Home of hurling”, “natural hurlers” etc etc is what you always hear from Tipp people. While football is a poor relation down there, the super-confidence of the hurlers can rub off onto the footballers too – and it’s worth a few scores sometimes.
    It’s a dangerous game for us, and I certainly wouldn’t want to give these lads a 7 or 8 point lead. Tipp are a confidence side, and would be swaggering around as if they invented Gaelic football if they found themselves getting a run on Mayo, in a way that the likes of Roscommon wouldnt if in a similar situation. They have been complaining about Robbie Kielys black card in 2016 since that day, despite the fact it was completely and totally deserved, and I’d love to put them in their place again on the weekend. Once we play well, we should beat them.

  15. On a separate note, watching Ian Burke the last day for Galway – if ever a player was designed to mark him it’s Brendan Harrison. We need him back soon if we progress in the competition.
    It’s also pains me a bit to admit this, but Shane Walsh was phenomenal on Sunday. The guy just oozes talent. There’s no doubt he’s already in the Ciaran McDonald/Maurice Fitz talent bracket. I don’t say that lightly either. Some of the plays he was involved in the last day were outrageous. It helped that Roscommon appeared to have nobody picking him up, but you still have to acknowledge ability like that, which is very rare. Colin corkery was the last fella I saw kicking frees of the ground with his weak foot at this level.
    Not sure if there are any Mavericks like this coming through the Mayo underage system, though I’ve heard good things about Ciarán MacDonalds young fella!

  16. Very positive to hear all the U20 interviews on the podcast. I think we can assume Ciaran Mc is somehow involved in the coaching then, if he was on the pitch clearly he came in from the sideline. The thought of our U20s being at a good consistent level each year is very exciting. It being somehow very linked with the Mayo way coaching initiative and let’s say the U17s moving on their large panel into that. Potentially a totally new departure in terms of having sufficient squad depth at senior level.
    The issue we have always had from 1989 to 2017 has always been not quite having the bench to come on . Two good players on the bench max for those finals as has been well documented on here. I really envisage in the coming years having the 21 quality players that we need and the four or five real quality forwards.

  17. Thats an interesting point there larry duff, even though we’ve contested the last 2 all ireland finals and lost by the smallest margin, as soon as the final is over then the general consensus around the country is we’re finished, if tipp were playing kerry then they wouldnt be given a hope in hell but since theyre playing mayo they have a good chance of an upset, parsons is our only real notable absence from the final last year and we’ve added a few new good young players since, i think people may be overhyping this tipp team, a decent side no doubt but they were annihilated only a few weeks ago by cork and are just not at mayos level if they play their game, mayo by 6+


    His royal highness EL arsehole AL Zwahairy loved the football qualifiers. He especially loved them when Mayo were in them. He knew he’d be selling an additional 5 trillion barrels of petroel to these football fundamentalists who drove night and day all over their country supporting their beloved football team.

    His half brother, EL fookhead AL Mcshitehead, a logistical genius, had deviously calculated the petroel exports to Mayo in 2017, and has been well documented, Mayo ran out of petroel in the dying embers of the 2017 final.
    “Fook AL Mcshitehead” had been posted on the Mayogaablog at the time.

    In April 2018, the niece of EL arsehole and AL Mcshitehead married the palace gardener, EL Declan AL Gillespee from 3 miles below Killala. EL Declan had free access to AL Mcshiteheads export ledger as he had to water the palace cacti on a regular basis.

    Fook EL arsehole and fook AL Mcshitehead EL Declan thought to himself as he doctored the export ledger. There will be plenty of petroel in Mayo to get the job done this year.

  19. Revellino and swahili, yeve got a little bromance going on there, having a competition to see who can write the longest comment containing the biggest load of shite that makes no sense whatsoever and is about as funny as as geting a wisdom tooth extracted, dont worry lads, yer both winners in most peoples eyes.

  20. I don’t believe that people think that mayo are a poorer team than Kerry to be honest when it comes to semifinal or final stage of the year. The reason that mayo are seen as vulnerable against Tipp is that it’s mid June and not August or September when Mayo are at their championship best.

    Tipp will be really up for this game and they have a very good team who definitely underperformed against Cork, I don’t believe they could win an All Ireland but at this time of the year they could well take potential All Ireland finalists out of the Championship. It’s all about a teams position in their training and strategical cycle in regard to their plan for the endgame. Mayo as we have seen start purring in late July-August and a team like Tipp will by at full tilt at this time of the year having set a target of making the S8’s.

    Larry duff, you mentioned not wanting to give a team like Tipp a lead of 7 or 8 points !! I’m afraid if they get a lead like that I’d be reaching for the flask and sambo’s and heading for the car to get ahead of the posse if I were you.

  21. Regarding Browne’s comments – Mayo (because we’re not in the same province) haven’t inflicted the annual beatings on Tipp that Kerry have. Plus Kerry clocked up 32 points in their last championship game. Factor in Tom Parsons’ absence and Lee Keegan’s lack of match sharpness and it’s not hard to see why Declan would be more fearful of Kerry than Mayo at the moment.

    As long as we get out of Thurles and are still in the championship it doesn’t matter.

  22. Harrison is a massive loss for this game. He’s our best out an out defender imo. Lee should be deployed on either Quinlivan or Sweeney. Coen is a rochie favourite, and despite his poor shooting and stray hand passes will start again at midfield….if he could improve in both departments he’d be a seirious player for this team. Id personally start Vaughan midfield, but theirs no way he can be sharp enough having been out nearly all year. I think Rochford will start the following:

    1. Clarke
    2. Keegan
    3. Caff
    4. Higgins
    5. Boyle
    6. Barrett
    7. Durcan
    8. Seamie
    9. Coen
    10. Mcglouhlin
    11. Aido
    12. Diarmuid
    13. Cillian
    14. Andy
    15. J. Durcan

    I think Hanleys skills are still below bar, which is only normal after 3 yrs with an oval ball. No doubting his pace though. Jason Doc is a seirious man to bring on in 2nd half to raise the tempo. O’Donoghue loses out on his height, caff edges him in this dept for Tipp’s tall forwards. Vaughan/Barry will cover midfield. Loftus in reserve if the game opens up in 2nd half and Andy tires.

  23. Dave Johnston….you are spot on… if I ever see you I will buy you a beer…

  24. We go into into the game in Thurles minus Tom, Brendan and possibly Donie. Lee has only played twenty twenty five minutes of championship football, yet a lot of people on this site are writing off the challenge Tipperary will offer on their home pitch on Saturday. Some Mayo Supporters are content when Mayo are favourites with the bookies. Mayo players live and work amongst Mayo Supporters and if the above views are prevalent among the Supporters, it could lead to the Players being complacent on Saturday, which would lead to lack of intensity and work rate which would end in defeat in Thurles. Mayo defeated a division four team now they are playing a highly rated division two team and if Tipp were lucky would now be in division one. Jim Gavin was in the media today talking up Laois, why because he is guarding his players against complacency. Thos O She said that Kerry and Dublin always respect the opposition, do we in Mayo always respect the opposition the evidence said we do not. I remember the Connacht Semi Final in the Hyde in 2014, we left Alan Dillon and Andy on the bench and played Diarmuid and Conor in the half forward line (who were very young and inexperienced then) ,only for Andy and Alan coming on were beaten, we totally underestimated Roscommon and were very lucky to win by one point
    First game v Roscommon last year our attitude was wrong and we should have been beaten, contrast that to the replay our work rate and intensity was up and we won with ease. Some of our players intensity and work rate was down in first half of game with Tipp in 2016, we were not impressive in that game but we were helped by the black card to Tipp’s best defender and a lucky goal by Conor. Our players attitude has to be spot on Saturday, if not the dream will end.

  25. Most people i talk to think the only team that can beat
    the Dubs is Kerry and maby and big if is Galway
    reason being Kerry have found new players with hight and pace while
    Mayo still relying on the same players ye keep thinking because ye
    came through the back door last year and the year before that things
    be the same this year you going to need a big squad of players to be
    able to play 5 weeks on the trot i rembember a friend of mine from
    Galway i think they were in the final in 2000 lost the replay then won
    in 2001 He was shure that Galway would be back in 2002 final we all
    know what happened there

  26. To be fair Dave, they have had the odd football related post. Few and fair between no doubt. Class post, made me laugh.

  27. @ Weighing scales, Radon and Brave Bronson. I will consider your comments.
    Comments considered.
    Press 2 yea would like to talk to an operator.

  28. Dave Johnston…. At last somebody said it. As a outsider not my place, but I though it was Willie Joe’s blog. Not revellino and swahili having a contest to see who could write the longest amount of bull.. Maybe could set up their own blog??

  29. Larry Duff. There is no doubt Shane Walsh looks a fine footballer and who knows what he can go on to achieve but I think it’s going to take a few more performances in bigger games before he can be mentioned in the same breath as Ciaran Mac and Maurice Fitz!

  30. I’ll be leaving it tight enough on Saturday from Castlebar. Leaving around the 1pm mark, aiming to be there by 4.

    Two questions that someone may be able to help with:

    1. What is Thurles like traffic wise?
    2. What is parking like? I’m not fussy, don’t mind parking a km or 2 away and walking for a while!

    Thanks in advance!

  31. Interesting article by Alan Dillon re D.O C playing midfield . Ya would have to wonder what Barry Moran’s role is in the squad .No offence intended to Barry but he’s a midfielder . I wouldn’t mind seeing either in midfield .

  32. I can’t help you on traffic advice, Mark, but if it’s of any use to you Thurles Sarsfields will have parking facilities available 5 minutes from Semple Stadium – details here.

  33. Tipp are the type of team who can produce big performances against top teams and can score goals. It would not surprise me at all, if Tipp scored 2 or 3 goals against us on Sat and if we went in to the last 15 min of the game down by 2 or 3 points. The performance against Cork was not reflective of their true level
    They have lots of pace and size in their forward line and we’ll really miss Harrison, Vaughan and Tom P on Sat.

    I think and expect that Mayo will win by 2-3 points and that we could overcome a deficit against Tipp even if behind with 15 mins to go. We have enough quality in guys like Andy and Cillian that could get us the scores to get out of jail in those situations. Personally I think Andy should always be on the pitch at the end of games, even if that means he only comes on at half time – he’s got the skills and mentality that you need in those pressure cooker situations.

  34. Thanks Willie Joe, fair play. Ye think that’s a safe enough bet if I’m rocking up to it at 4 bells?

  35. Personally,.. Instead of worrying about who we might get paired with next Monday?… .I’d like to remind ye that… We won’t get paired with any team at all unless we are actually in the pot… That’s our predicament, the price of losing to Galway in May… If we are in the pot,? let them (whoever them are?) worry about drawing Mayo…. Gamechanger, gave us a very interesting post on the Tipperary Challenge earlier in the week… I think he hit the nail on the head… I don’t think that Stephen Rochford and Co, will be giving much consideration to the Monday morning draw, until well after the final whistle in Thurles, and then scant regard for the draw if we are not in it…. It’s not such a long way to the valley of Slievanmon anymore, but it certainly will be a long way home from Tipperary on Saturday evening, if are not in the pot!…. Might even take extra time) x2, and free kicks, and Hawk_eye.. To separate us!… Either way, it should be an occasion to relish,!

  36. That’s it Revellino. Last two posts fives lines and four. Good man heading the right direction

  37. You try too hard rev, people come on here to catch up on the latest team news and discussions, they head to other sites to be entertained.

  38. If you don’t like what’s written by a poster, skip over it and move on. Takes less than a second. Never mind being a keyboard warrior. Plenty of those elsewhere and plenty of opportunity elsewhere. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing.

  39. David Johnstone. I’ll leave a pint and a half one for you in what ever pub you drink in. Thought I was going mad but fair play to you. Someone had to say it. Well done lad.

  40. I read every single post on here and in fairness Swahili and Rev are two of the best and most intelligent posters here. Many of us also enjoy their light banter writing. Not harming anyone and as I said if you don’t like, scroll down. Not like they are taking over the site. Outta blue, there is no way you are going to like their stories anyway. I prob wouldn’t like mayo in similar stories over on a dub site. But cest la vie.

  41. I’ve no idea, Mark, but I certainly wouldn’t be leaving it much later than that. Thinking about it logically, Thurles is a place that’s well geared for absorbing a big crowd so I can’t see you’ll have too many problems getting parked up somewhere suitable.

  42. Not gone on the auld poetry either . Is Vaughan not good to go ( Even as a sub if needed)

  43. I enjoyed the poetry and thought it was witty and amusing, in much the same was as I think puppies being drowned in a bag is witty and amusing. Hopefully we’ve heard the last of it for this year, same with Eamon O’Hara.

  44. Posters who should partner Seamie midfield and whos your front 6 for the next day??

    I would like to see Diarmuid O’Connor midfield
    Starting 6 forwards
    Kevin McLoughlin, Aidan O’Shea, Shane Nally
    Evan Regan , Cillian O’Connor, James Durcan

  45. In the ‘Acient Day’s’ in Ireland, prior to Pope Adrian IV deciding that Ireland should become a possession of the English Crown,.. When the Gael ruled the Gael, the ‘Poet’ in standing was only second to the ‘Chieftain :… And the’ Chieftain ‘.. always made sure to be on the right side of the’ Poet ‘.. Nowadays, Minor and Senior, English Royals are currently love bombing us regularly.. The Pope is coming… Both have allot apologies to give, and both should start with to the’ Gaels ‘of Ireland, and 1066,.. Enslavement, Penal Laws, Famine and Starvation and the Facist like portrayal of the Irish by our Saxon overlords.. The Gaels of Ireland certainly lost allot in the intervening year’s, their Land, their Tradition and their dignity, when others European war like Monarch’s, including the Vatican, decided on colonisation of a Country and a people itself… But with all that was lost in the meantime.. The place of the Poet has been assured in the heart of the Gael.. Long may it continue!

  46. Donie only back a fortnight, would be surprised if he started. Maybe coming on as a sub.
    Diarmaid in midfield could work well, either him or AOS in there frees a place in HF line for e.g. Nally. Alternatively play Nally in midfield. Similar attributes to Coen but a great passer and shooter.
    If Diarmaid in midfield doesn’t work switch to AOS /Nally or whoever else gets a HF slot.

  47. I enjoy the bit of wit and sparkle in some of your posts from time to time, Swahili and Revellino. Is that bit of flourish not a countryman’s trademark by times? And I agree with your sentiments above, Sinead37. One can simply scroll over the colourful posts, if they’re not to a person’s fancy. I enjoy what people post here, from all manner of viewpoints, but there are certain standpoints from time to time that I also scroll past. I would wager that our above named Swahili and Revellino are among the most astute commenters also from a purely football perspective. They probably primarily come here to give analysis. Still, I think it’s a lot of censure if we can’t let the imagination go – after all, isn’t imagination and hope a large component of what keeps this journey going?

  48. I’d be on the same line of thinking Swallow Swoops and Sinead37 and all others too. I love reading all the posts. I have more history learned off Leantimes than I ever dId in school.

    As regards negative posts to what I write. Keep them coming. In one ear and out the other.

    Some people are shy about posting, don’t be. Your thoughts and ideas are every bit as important as any of mine or anyone else’s on here.
    Stick to the rules and never be put off by the naysayers. If you have something to say post it.

    The critical analysis is great. I love it.

    I thought there was a game this weekend.
    Hon Mayo.

  49. In fairness I think Revellino does try very hard and is very entertaining too . I don’t applaud his every column nor he mine. Far from it. This mornings piece I thought was very funny.

    His aim and mine is to keep it a little light . But we do the serious stuff too . It’s usually obvious which is which but we’ll put a smiley face on the ( try to be funnies ) going forward so that it’s easier for you Dave.

    Reve is a true Mayo man unlike the bash Reve and Swahili brigade out today , poking their little turtle heads out . Go back to your Skelpie and Falconer masters you have no business here . We do not plan on being cowed by any negativity unless asked by Willie Joe to cease and desist. He is the only one that matters here.

    [Deleted]. Most of what we post gets no comments meaning a lot of folks are already using the swipe function and don’t care for our comments. Fair enough.

    Sinead , thanks for your comments .

    Liam In fairness I think the poetry went down well. Willie Joe can attest to that . Maybe you’re the guy who didn’t get it about the Limericks ?

    As for the length of the wit , I’ll cut down on it by around 50 % so you can understand it being as you’re a… ah well no point explaining .


    Reminder , again , lifting your finger and go “swipe “ means no more Swahili and no more Reve. Whodathunkit ? Technology , ha ? Problem solved . You’re welcome.


  50. I have to admit I like Swahili’s and Rev posts I don’t read every post they put up but they are usually a bit of Craic and harmless fun I still think ye should get together and write a musical about Mayo football but not just yet the happy ending is hopefully not too far away.

  51. I swiped that comment swahili, il presume there was nothing of any intrest in it.

  52. Revellino and Swahili, it’s time both of you got a blog of your own. Either that or get a hobby (and no, cluttering up a serious forum with asinine ramblings doesn’t count as one). Please just stop it now, it’s getting seriously tedious having to scroll past all that unfunny bullshit.

  53. Goodman Swahili and all the positive people too.

    Nobody should ever be bullied by bullshiters into keeping quite.

    Your a credit Swahili and a truly gifted thinker and I always love your stuff.
    There are great people (Backdoor Sam, Swallow Swoops, Sinead37, Leantimes and hundreds more who visit the blog, and you make sure you keep doing what you do because your gifted and many many people love what you write.

    Don’t heed the Tronald Dumps of this world.

  54. I’m not going to pronounce either way on the funny stuff, for now at least – it seems as if we’ve been waiting an age for matches but, if it’s matches we want, it’s matches we’re going to get from here on – but I’d appeal to those engaged in this particular debate to cut out the ad hominem stuff (in other words playing the man rather than the ball) in the exchanges. If this sniping keeps up then I will be forced to act and already I’ve had to delete bits of some comments to tone them down.

  55. All the negative posters have spent the day posting non football posts giving out about non football posts.

    Methinks yea are purposely trying to bring down the quality of content on the blog. For that reason this is my last post on this particular subject.

    There will be plenty of football posts, poems and stories in upcoming posts.

    Have a nice evening everyone.

    Rgds Revellino.

  56. Lets call a truce lads, we might have different opinions but our common goal is supporting mayo to the ultimate prize, peace out peoples

  57. Wonderful podcast Well done to all concerned. Well done to the Under 20’s. I think this is going to be a real tough challenge on Saturday with no more than a couple of points in it in our favour. It will need to be a fully committed 70 minutes performance as this Tipp forward line can do a lot of damage.

  58. Great episode lads hats off ye never disappoint. Interesting listening to Declan Browne he talks good football. Tipp won’t be short of self belief Saturday but either will we. Experience matters provided we’re tuned in from word go we will be ok.
    Looking forward to Semple Stadium never been to a game there.
    Congrats to u-20’s and all involved. Typical GAA running the championship smack bang in the middle of state exams. Jesus what are they at!!!

    Maigh Eo Abú

  59. Three more sleeps, Bring it on, poetry, tall tales, or whatever, its a good mix here, lots of different opinions,and views, the way it should be, and a bit of fun thrown in for good measure, Revellino, and Swahili, ye are two of the most gifted, and funniest guys on here, so don’t let a few, spoil the fun, for the rest of us.Keep them coming, it is what it is, a bit of fun after all.

  60. I got a laugh out of some of the limericks a few weeks back but the essay length ramblings by Revellino and Swahili drive me crazy. Complete gibberish is all they look like to me.

    Of course this isn’t my blog so I will just continue to scroll past them.

  61. It is Willie Joe blog and a very good one,I am sure if he felt that some nonsense posted he would soon deal with it,I enjoy all posts apart from critical ones about management or players,so please keep up the good work all of you

  62. W J Is the moderator here and that suits me every time. Great Podcast one of the best yet. Declan Malachy and Mickey came across really good. Well done to all that produces it.

  63. Excellent podcast as usual. I look forward to these podcasts. Rob Murphy exudes enthusiasm and Willie Joe and Mike Finnerty and Billy Joe always give rock solid analysis. We’re blessed in this football mad county to have this blog and podcast. The next big game Mayo are involved in I suggest you take the podcast on the road again this time in Mayo so we can all attend and enjoy being part of it.

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