Mayo News football podcast – two weeks out

The countdown to the big day on Sunday week is gathering pace and so it’s time for another edition of the Mayo News football podcast. The first of our All-Ireland final build-up shows is a busy one.

Host Rob Murphy and I set the scene for our trip over to London for our podcast event in the Oxford Arms in Camden on Wednesday night. We also look back on a great weekend of sport, in particular Galway’s All-Ireland hurling triumph yesterday and the Mayo ladies’ great win over Cork in their All-Ireland semi-final on Saturday.

On that very topic, Rob speaks on the podcast with Mayo ladies manager Frank Browne about his team’s stunning victory over Cork. Billy Joe Padden, meanwhile, turns his thoughts ahead to the big game on the 17th while Mike Finnerty talks to Stephen Rochford as he prepares for Sunday week’s All-Ireland final meeting with Dublin.

This episode of the podcast is now available on both iTunes and SoundCloud and you can also listen to it here on the site – all you need to do is either click the player below or the one on the sidebar to the right. Happy listening!

39 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast – two weeks out

  1. ‘Dublin Joe’ has been announced as the ref folks. No surprise there. I don’t think we have anything to fear.

  2. I felt a few things went against Waterfoot yesterday, 2 or 3 frees should have been given out around the middle about halfway through the 2nd half, Galway got 2 points out of those attacks, also the ball was thrown in directly to 2 Galway men, I hope Joe has a good game, gave us plenty of frees in the 1st half of 2013 final and also a good few at the end.

  3. Ref doesn’t make a bit of difference. If your good enough in finals you win. If your not you don’t. Hope we are good enough this year.

  4. Is that the same ref that told Cillian there was loads of time left before the free that he scored to put us within one point of the Dubs only for him to blow for full time immediately after the point went over?

  5. It doesn’t matter it’s a new day another chance we are blessed to be getting to so many finals let’s stay positive and get behind the lads and create a wall of sound in Croke Park no matter how the game is going. Remember last year when we drowned out the Dubs and the sound coming from the hill? Play it again Sam only this time with us winning

  6. No harm. He knows with his biased history, the crowd will be on his back on his first (Of many) mistake. Hopefully this will have him err on the side of caution and award mayo 5 penalties and send off McMahon & cluxton.
    Mayo by 1.

  7. Need to stop belly aching about the ref. He’s the man in charge and we need to deal with that. If we’re smart we will play to his particular preferences.

  8. A 60 year old woman called Delia has shown the way for the last number of years. As many Mayo people are afraid to lose and will not build any hype for the final, she goes out on the bridge in Maynooth and waves her flag proudly. The Dubs have flags on every lampost from Terenure to the M5O. We need to be proud of our team like Delia. Get the colours up. Get the hype up. Why the hell not. Its not like our lads are going to be overwhelmed by it all. Lets make sure Dublin Joe hears us and it can make all the difference like the first Kerry game! Hon Mayo!

  9. Digits
    You’re right of course, but I’d be quiet happy with a long ball in bouncing over the bar in the 6th minute of injury time.

  10. Agree with you Rock. It is what it is. Joe hasn’t been great, a bit pedantic and fussy but there’s no evidence that he is biased or anything like that. We just have to play it smart and the ref won’t be an issue. At least he’s not a Leinster ref like Coldrick that is too close to Dublin for my liking. I hope Joe keeps his cards in his pocket (except of course if he feels like waving them at sky blue shirts!).

  11. Backdoorsam . That game was deep into injury time . From the time of foul to the time CoC kicked it over the bar too exactly 44.5 seconds . I m afraid that’s not the ref’s fault

  12. If you want to win you have to be good enough to beat the referee as well as the opposing team. That’s what the Mayo team have try to do – avoid getting into a squeeky tight situation where a poor refereeing decision determines the outcome of the game. A whole lot easier said than done considering the sheer strength and quality of the Dublin team, but anything less and the eventual outcome will most likely be no different to 2013/15/16….

  13. The reality is the ref should be completely neutral as regards county and province,should not live or work in either, unbelievable in my view and would somebody like to explain how you stop a ref giving wrong calls against you or as 45 said be good enough to beat the ref as well, can you explain please how you would do it.

  14. Agree Gerry. Ref should be from a neutral province. Minimal bias towards a particular team can swing the game in that teams favour. Stakes in an all ireland final are way too high to even contemplate letting the chance of that happen. It’s so hard reach a final that both teams deserve at the least a completely neutral referee. One way to increase the chances of that is to have an out of province ref.

  15. You’ll hear the usual guff about never mind the ref but I hope to God it’s not tight going into injury time. Dublin joe is one of the 3 worst refs in Ireland. Only deegan and Reilly are worse.

  16. Henry Sheflin made a very good point yesterday. He said you need to play the referee. We would do well to heed such advice from a veteran of many All ireland victories. Know what he pulls for and what he lets go and adapt to that as much as possible.

  17. Complaining about the ref two weeks out sounds a bit petty guys and girls. I have a feeling no matter who we got we would find one time or another we feel they screwd us over. Play the ref… we have loads of experience with him… be clever and use it to our advantage. It’s in our own hands.

  18. All ireland final is the football highlight of the year. It should have the top rated ref. Top rated ref should be the one who has gotten the highest percentage of calls correct and has shown no bias toward any team. Poor referees ruin matches and referees who favour a particular team should not be let referee again. All we want this.year is a fair ref. I’m list out the calls made against us in last year’s final but it was shocking.

  19. I’m inclined to think the ref is great when we win and to blame when we lose. Look at Waterford yesterday. They had about 4frees to catch Galway and pull clear. Sadly for them they didn’t convert them. We must do what Galway did. Make every attack count. Score and score again. Yes, refs do make mistakes but really where would you find a neutral ref in Ireland. Sure everyone wants Mayo to win… don’t they. Let’s win it for ourselves and stop complaining about ref…that goes for Jim in Dublin too!!

  20. If we play our game on our terms we will win. We can’t allow the dubs to set the tone or pace .Joe in far from the worst ref out there. I think the dubs will test their limits with him early to see what they can get away with we also need to figure out what’s acceptable behaviour in Joe’s book early, too often we’re slow the figure out the ref. S.R has made his point about the need for a strong ref and I’m sure it’s been noted at hq

  21. If we win this and I think we will, it will be likely to be called one of the greatest games there ever was. It’s the only way the Dubs would stomach it to be fair.

  22. Dublin Joe for 3 in a row. Lol. Has a ring to it.
    That was my first thought on hearing of his appointment.
    However at the end of the day if we are good enough and smart enough
    And score more than they do we win regardless of the ref.
    Best wishes to the Lads and let’s hope we get to experience what they had in Galway tonight.

  23. The problem is Mo-direach, we haven’t won. Not for a long time anyway in the big one.

    Should have last year but ref calls cost us.
    Could have 3 years ago but ref calls cost us against kerry in the semi.
    Should have in 1997 but ref calls cost us.

    We haven’t gotten a fair crack at all in alot of our finals. Fine, 04 and 06 we were bet out the gate but in some.of the finals we have every right to be aggrieved.

    All we want is a.fair ref who is consistent and I hope that we see that on the 17th.

    I know people say well.what’s the point in talking about old war wounds, but we cannot be the innocent boys every year getting slapped and put to the back of the class and keep our mouths shut. The ex dubs did their bit for their team last year and got lee taken off. They do whatever it takes to win, fair or foul.

  24. Revellino – There’s no point bitching about the ref. Rochford has already come out and said what needed to be said on the matter so let’s just leave it at that.

  25. Delighted to see the ladies’ fantastic win feature on the podcast – well done Rob. Frank Browne – what a man!

  26. Rochy telling the world that Andy’s goal in the Kerry replay was straight off the training field. Surely he’d be better off keeping that to himself?

  27. Laughing at listening to the podcast and hearing you Willie Joe on about London (seemingly) being so far away from home for the emigrants 🙂 Me listening to this in Australia it seems on the doorstep of home. Just thought it amusing.
    Anyway, I’ve taken a notion – informed the boss at work, the wife (the real boss) that I’m away home for a few days for the final. After a few clicks, flights have been booked and I’ll be landing in Dublin on the 16th. Am I right in the head at all! I swore blind last year that I couldn’t stick being so far away for the final if we were to make it that far again.
    The only thing now is to sort out a ticket for the game. God help us.

  28. Your dead right Erris head Fair play to you I hope you can stick around for a few days afterwards to see Sam cross the bridge at Corick and lifted high in the square in Belmullet. Safe travels

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