Mayo News football podcast – Tyrone review

Mayo supporters heading to MacHale Park yesterday had high hopes of seeing Stephen Rochford’s team record a second win in a row in this NFL Division One campaign, one that could have confirmed the county’s top tier status for another year. In bitterly cold conditions at Castlebar, however, it was Tyrone who emphatically came out on top, winning by twelve clear points and pushing Mayo into a do-or-die relegation decider against Donegal next Sunday.

In this week’s edition of the Mayo News football podcast, we pick through the wreckage from MacHale Park yesterday. Host Rob Murphy and I are joined by Mayo News regulars Edwin McGreal for a post-match panel discussion.

Mike Finnerty gets post-match reaction from both Stephen Rochford and Mickey Harte, while Rob chats with Mayo News columnist Sean Rice about where this latest setback leaves us ahead of next weekend’s showdown against Donegal. Rob also gets the views from the opposition side of the fence when he discusses the game with former Tyrone player and contributor Noel McGinn.

This latest edition of the podcast is now available to listen to on iTunes and SoundCloud and you can also listen to it directly on the Mayo News website and as well as here on the blog – just click the player below or the one on the sidebar to the right.

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24 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast – Tyrone review

  1. Looks like we’ll be missing Keegan and Cillian but look at the 15 that could conceivably start against Donegal. We can do this. The boys can bounce back.

    S O’Shea
    A O’Shea
    D O’Connor

  2. You made a good point Willie Joe on the podcast that last year Shane Nally scored from distance over the blanket. I’m not privy to what goes on in training but I’m suprised Nally isn’t getting game time.

  3. Lads I honestly think we’re going down. And I don’t think our home record will improve on may 13th the way we’re going. The management clearly had no game plan yday and it was embarrassing. We witnessed the fruits of Tyrones state of the art centre of excellence yesterday yet we still don’t have one and are behind counties in terms of the lack of a COE.

    Worryingly our set pieces are non existent. Cohen flicked a ball on at one point yet our management left big men who are proven primary ball winners on the sideline. We have conceded a huge number of scores this league campaign so our defence isn’t even performing. We have always struggled with forwards which is more worrying and have relied on backs for years to keep the scoreboard ticking. These are worrying times for mayo GAA

  4. Billie Joe has been giving out as to why we have tactical approach to league games. He is right

  5. Anthony Nolan the ref for Sunday he was the ref for the Galway v Mayo game last month.

  6. Was just wondering does anyone know what kind of panel we are carrying at the minute. Are gibbons, freeman, treacy, naughton, Ruane, and shakram all off the panel now or what. Was there club matches played this weekend with these lads playing.

  7. Good podcast WJ many thanks for your efforts. We will beat Donegal and we should not start that team above. This game will go down to the second half I have no doubt and we should be bringing in our best players at this stage. Why is Joe Bloggs not getting picked.? When was the last time you saw that fellow put his hand up.

  8. Drove by Galways centre of excellence this evening …floodlights on, everybody at home.
    We’ve a stand and 1 and 3/4 training pitches . Bekan is not the answer…it’ll never be a home when north mayo is isolated from it. Tough times ahead

  9. Hennelly should start clarkes kickouts where a disaster sunday , think hennelly gets the ball into play quicker and is a option from long range free kicks now that cillian may be out

  10. Don’t know why people are worrying about what Galway are at because what the fuck has Galway got to do with mayo Galway properly so happy what we are going true at the minute it’s backs against the wall for us now no body to blame but us it won’t be easy for us in donegal back yard but it is what it is if you look on donegal daily it gives a bit about donegal down with a bug it’s worth a read

  11. That’s it Alf, Mayo trying to build a house with none or broken down tools. With the traveling and effort this lads have given this past 7 years all I can say is thank you and it’s a miracle that you were able to compete at such a high level for so long. Sometime you Mayo fans out there are in Dublin take a spin out to neamh mearnogs grounds. That’s what Mayo need. Nothing less.

  12. The sky will not fall down on Sunday so relax. Show a bit of faith in a great team. This game of all games will not be over at half time.

  13. Well said PJ McManus. Who cares bout center of excellence in Galway. We have centers of excellence in last 7 years on the pitch.
    In this together.

  14. Mairead, we can’t go back harping on about the last 7 years forever. There comes a time when this team will break up and it won’t be pretty. Alf Stewart probably was using his head when he mentioned the Galway COE. They’ve already overtaken us as top dogs in Connacht. They’re using the centre of excellence to further their development. And in case you haven’t forgotten, we are playing them on 13th May. I’m sure they might use it between now and then you know.

  15. Look we wont throw in the towel just yet but it is fecken annoying that the rest of the province drops to shit until we raise a gallop and then they all become superstars after we set the standards. It looks like neighbor envy is a serious motivator for some.

  16. What is it that Galway will do in this Centre of Excellence that will put them ahead of us for May 13th?
    So when the cafe staff are paid, the fancy tiles cleaned, the big electricity bill paid.
    Specifically what is it that they do that we cannot do?
    Personally I think well supported underage coaches with access to new all weathers in Ballina, Swinford, Castlebar and Claremorris would be far better than one big multi million euro COE.

  17. Galway 7/4 to beat Mayo on the 13th of May for those that feel the goose is cooked.
    Seems like good odds for the dead cert many seem to feel it is.

  18. What part of ‘We can do this’ does not show faith?! Of the list above who should Rochie leave on the bench to make a second half impact and who should make the starting 15 instead?

  19. Sean Conors you may have a good point. David Clarke did not have a great day with the restarts against Tyrone. Free kick option is a big factor too when considering Hennelly.

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