Mayo News football podcast: Tyrone toppled


Still in the zone, are you? Well, then, here’s just the thing for you. The latest edition of the Mayo News football podcast is now online and it’s all about yesterday’s nerve-shredding All-Ireland quarter-final win over Tyrone.

Rob Murphy is once more in the chair and I pop in and out throughout as well. I did a few short bits while the match was going on and then just after it ended. Hmm, logic went slightly out the window at that juncture, I’m afraid.

Back on planet sensible, Rob caught up after the game in Croke Park with Mayo great David Brady as well as Mayo News regulars Mike Finnerty, Edwin McGreal and Daniel Carey.

This’ll keep you going ’till The Sunday Game starts a bit later on tonight. Enjoy!

18 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast: Tyrone toppled

  1. We need to pay Tipperary the greatest respect. There are alot of medals in that dressing room from minor and have been in U21 finals where they lost to Tyrone so good footballers!. We can of course win but only if we absolutely focus on the job. We nearly lost to Fermanagh in 2004 don’t forget and we lost to Galway this year!

  2. great stuff WJ, one day you will be rewarded for your services to the Mayo fan.

    The lads played a great game, a full seventy this time or near enough.

    Interesting that the best players in yesterdays game were the best players for Pat and Noel. They were also the best for JH.

    Play our best players in their best positions and we are in the top 6 in the country.

    Tyrone are a big scalp, a formidable unit with a plan well executed and, with a different twist or two they would have scraped past us same as they did Donegal.

    Maybe there is a bit of luck around this year for a change.

    Tip won’t mind playing us and we won’t mind playing them, could be a real ding dong battle.

  3. Great podcast well done w j . My father is gone to the next world but every time you got a point for mayo he was like a child with a bag of sweet ill never forget the game were you came back on with a bandage around your head he said that is what I call a man lord rest him he was a mayo die hard we lived a few doors away from a few mayo players he also worked with a few won’t name drop but up mayo

  4. Sorry to let you down, HSHM, but I’m not that WJ! The real Willie Joe gave us all plenty of child-like moments of happiness with his achievements on the pitch for the Green and Red. Condolences on your loss.

  5. That’s right Pat…glad David Brady alluded to Fermanagh in ’04. And Laois a few years later… Yes this Mayo team are operating at the top end for a few years now but it must be said that despite yesterday’s win, we really haven’t played anywhere near our form of 2013/14 or even 2015. Yes we are moving in the right direction but we bloody well needed to and we need to improve again to beat Tip. I think the drive within the squad to avoid losing a third semi on the trot should spur them on and focus the mind. It’d want to!!!

  6. Still buzzing from yesterday’s game. Devouring everything recorded and printed about it- Thank God for WJ and this blog! Just been listening to the excellent Mayo News Podcast- So enjoyable ( Would be so great to have something broadcast for the drive down to Mayo after a win!!) Was quite surprised that David Brady was very reticent in giving credit to Stephen Rochford. And I spotted that he tweeted yesterday “Now’s a chance 2cut lose revert 2 what ‘s made U such a formidable force last 5 yrs… (sic)”. Perhaps I’m misreading what he is saying. I had huge respect for DB as a player (as a pundit a little less so) but I can’t understand why he seems to be undermining Rochford’s position. Nothing to be gained from it. And there are few who can deny that the tactics from the sideline really were pretty spot on yesterday. Come on DB credit where it’s due! Yes, there is room for improvement but we are where we need to be. We’re in a semi-final and we haven’t peaked yet! Onwards and upwards Maigh Eo Abu!

  7. Ah WJ, your spot on the Mayo News Podcast is just class. Your voice, the tension in it, and then the pure joy!!!! Class. Up Mayo!!!

  8. Mayo you did us proud on Saturday evening from the goalkeeper up to the forward line ye were magnificient

  9. That was a great listen for a Monday morning and at the end, when the crowd is cheering and the Green and Red of Mayo is playing … I swear, I thought my heart would burst. Magic.

    I can hear myself loud and clear in the background of your audio there WJ – why in the name of god did you not give me a good dig in the ribs and shut me up?!!

    Aido’s Fringe, I thought the same re DB – but I imagine he was firmly Team Connelly/Holmes last year which I can in fairness understand. I did think the sideline played an absolute blinder though and should be credited, apart, perhaps, from leaving a clearly struggling Diarmuid on for a little too long. Though I imagine that was part of the plan and was being well monitored too. I’m not convinced he will sit the next game out but here’s hoping he recovers soon.

  10. AnneMarie think I may have been close by too.. Thought I heard my dulcet tones! Were you in 308?

  11. Sure was, Aido’s Fringe! A rowdy bunch in those parts 😉 Like yourself, I’ve just been devouring everything in sight pertaining to Saturday.

  12. I wonder what would people be saying on this blog today if McCurry intercepted Aidan’s poor pass and buried it in the back of the net and Tyrone won by 2? I have full faith in SR and have had since day one but I think he would do well to survive the winter if Mayo lost last Saturday. Dublin were unbeatable last year yet Mayo managed to draw with them in a semi final where players made enough poor calls to cost us the game. One more point last year and we were in all ireland final. Dublin were a far better team than Tyrone this year. Not much between a slap on the back and a kick in the arse.

  13. But the point, Tommyk, is that he didn’t. I often wonder how 2013 might have panned out if it were Dublin instead of us that had to turn to their third-choice keeper in July that year (and before anyone says anything that’s not a dig at Robbie – just think Supple rather than Cluxton). But that never happened either. Counterfactuals are interesting but, at the end of the day, they’re no more than theoretical what-ifs.

  14. Why would you think that David Brady would praise Stephen Rochford from crossmolina when he is from ballina,I find it much harder to excuse John Maughan,who is from crossmolina,who fears for Mayo

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