Mayo News football podcast: we’re in the final

Mayo News football podcast

We’re back in the All-Ireland final and Rob Murphy is already well tuned in because the Mayo News post-match podcast on yesterday’s semi-final win over Tipperary is now live.

Rob did mention to me that he might dial me in after the game yesterday but wisely thought the better of it. Instead he’s got far wiser heads on the case, in the shape of Colm Keys of the Irish Independent, Mayo News columnist Billy Joe Padden and Paul Earley of Sky Sports who, from what I gather was happening on RTÉ, was a far better co-commentator on the game yesterday.

Mayo News regulars Mike Finnerty, Danny Carey and Ger Flanagan are also on board for this one and you can listen to it here:

One thought on “Mayo News football podcast: we’re in the final

  1. Just catching up with coverage including rte and sky recording. Tommy Carr was a disgrace. How does he get on the gig as an analyst. He starts with his biased notions and spends the game bending the truth to back his warped views. Sky was much more balanced and professional. Rte is moving toward tabloid tv. Jim McGuinness and James Horan oozed class compared to Spillane and Brolly.

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