Mayo News football podcast: Westmeath toppled, Tyrone await

Mayo News football podcast

The latest Mayo News football podcast is now available and this edition was recorded last Saturday evening. It features football-related chat recorded before, during and after our Round 4B qualifier win over Westmeath, covering both the Westmeath match itself and looking ahead to next Saturday’s All-Ireland quarter-final against Tyrone.

The podcast is hosted by Rob Murphy and it features Sky Sport’s Paul Earley, Michael Foley of the Sunday Times and Mayo News regulars Mike Finnerty, Edwin McGreal and Daniel Carey. I’m in there too and the podcast is available to listen to here:

17 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast: Westmeath toppled, Tyrone await

  1. Thanks Willy Joe
    Good to see this posted as was hard find Kildare podcast..

    Hope we can put in a performance as think it’s opening up for us if get passed Tyrone..

  2. Excellent podcast as usual from the lads. Good to hear what you sound like Willie Joe

  3. Listened to it this morning, you’ve some dedication Willie Joe draggin those lads back to the gaff!!

  4. Mighty to be in qf. My view is that we won’t know where both teams are at till sat. Tyrone have a long unbeaten run since last all ireland semi final. They are now ulster champs. Mattie donn is fit to play. They are confident coming into this. No one need tell us we need up performance levels. Saturday will tell us if we can do that.

  5. Ok, bare facts are we are in a quarter final, Tyrone are in front of us, Tipperary wait in a semi final! Surely whatever motivation this bunch of lads require is in that statement! We have given out for years about getting no luck, we’ve got some huge luck in the draws we’ve had to date, and potentially in the future. Road to an all Ireland and only have to navigate against one div 1 team! I have to believe that we are and have been holding back, at least a performance. It’s been mostly individual errors that have been the cause of our woes this year, the team itself is not playing that bad. Individual errors can be fixed, bad hand passes, bad kickouts, bad shooting, these can be sorted. But Tyrone will not be as forgiving as Fermanagh, Kildare or Westmeath! Tyrone are that team who makes a game so claustrophobic that players wilt and become afraid! Only for Chris Barrett in 13 we were gone! I believe if we play to even 80-90% of what we are capable we will beat Tyrone, anything less and they will pick us off!

  6. As usual McGuinness on the ball. Really hope we go for them rather than being overly cautious. Look back at our good performances They have been based on getting after the opposition and taking them on toe to toe. If we are ultra cautious and negative it will suit them. They practically always win those type of games because they believe in their system and will stick at it until the other team blinks. Look at Ulster final. They weren’t playing well and trailed by 4 in a low scoring game but they kept at it and ground Donegal down because Donegal tried to protect lead. Mayo are hopeless at protecting leads so we need to get at tyrone, push up on them and keep them on the back foot

  7. It is a fantastic achievement to reach another Quarter-Final, we all want more for this team because they deserve it.
    – Tyrone IMO do not respect Mayo never have, witness Sean Kavanagh’s ‘I seen fear in their eyes’ patronising comment 2013.
    – Mayo have better and more experienced individual footballers than Tyrone
    – If ever there was a game with Power v Pace this is it so we know our full back line is going to be dragged out and then tested by pacier Tyrone forwards feeding off Sean K
    – Will target Diarmuid if he is playing, he will be man marked like never before. All they need to look at is a video of how Fionn Fitzgerald
    marked him out of the league game this year while a couple of weeks later the same Fionn got roasted by Ciaran Kilkenny.
    – They will target McLoughlin because he is our sweeper, he will have to hold position, he did a huge amount of work against WM on both sides of the 45, this time he will need to wait back.
    – The rest will then be simple swarm tactics so Evan will be smothered so he will not be able to get possession as will SOS and KK in particular as any delay in releasing the ball will lead to trouble.
    – It’s all been said a thousand times before but fast kick passes into taller more powerful players is the only way to win v Tyrone.
    – Throw in the usual Tyrone tactics of time wasting and verbals and we have a game on our hands.
    Hopefully the referee will NOT be the talking point after this.

  8. Olive. I think a draw would be a disaster. Element of surprise gone and yet another game.

    a controversial 1 point win would be just perfect.

    This has all the makings of a cracker, can’t wait.

  9. I think that doherty should start in this one instead of Evan. I think Evan will just
    get swarmed anytime any ball gets sent into him. Bring him on in the last 15. Doherty
    playing deeper, tackling and ability to kick the odd point is whats needed on Saturday.
    Personal wise, the big concern is Keane. He just looks too slow. He’s giving it his all but i’d be concerned he could get a roasting of McAliskey/Mccurry/ONeill. I’d have no problems with him being on OGara/Murphy/Donaghy ..

    If Keane wasnt to start, .. I think Keith dropping back to mark in the corner and Vaughan picking up Cavanagh ..

    Think there is no doubt mayo have the players, have they the hunger and tactical nous to deliver ?

  10. This to me is the big one – the team I have had the most concern about meeting all year and it’s in front of us no. I’d far sooner have been meeting a cold Dublin team on Saturday than a Tyrone team that will be gunning for us and will see us as a soft touch. 2013 springs to mind – as FAC says above if it hadn’t been for Chris Barrett that day, our goose would have been well and truly cooked. It’d be great on Saturday if we didn’t have to rely on our defenders to dig us out with scores.

    I know everyone is saying that they are overrated, but they have two of the finest players in the country in Peter Harte and Colm Cavanagh and without a plan for each, we are in trouble. Beating the blanket and scoring from distance is always a challenge for Mayo teams – as is getting direct ball into our forwards. Couple that with our defensive difficulties at present and I would be very wary about this one.

    That said, I do believe we’re capable of beating them; but we will need every ounce of wile. And no more Mr Nice Guy with this lot – we need to play them at their own game and dig out every dirty trick in the book.

  11. Id agree that Evan will probably be eaten up in this game. I’d be happier to see him drop out, AOS go into the full forward line and Doherty come into the half forward line. Saying that, with Colm Kavanagh prowling AOS’s influence could be curbed but his sheer size in there should cause trouble.

  12. I think Tyrone will be expecting and prepared for Aidan O’Shea at full forward.

  13. Yes, but having him in that position hasn’t really worked since that Donegal match. He’s too one dimensional at FF. The Dubs have shown how to stifle him in that position. All just my opinion of course.

  14. Right – I’ve watched the first half of the game again. All I can get through for the moment.

    My take on it –

    – We had a very poor start. No score from play for 15 mins. That won’t do on Saturday.

    – COC kicked some super scores from play. His third was a beaut after tossing a defender aside. Much better from our captain. Wasn’t great off placed balls and hopefully will tighten up on that.

    – Andy was absolutely outstanding. Great runs, superb distribution and a couple of good scores too. Will need his Renaissance to continue on Sat.

    – I thought AOS was quietly influential throughout. Was fouled for a couple of handy frees and was releasing the ball early.

    – The goal we conceded was piss poor. If you’ve decided to foul a man to derail a major, put him down.

    – The fact that we nearly conceded another immediately after was nigh on calamitous. Clarke actually did very well to hold him up.

    – Last five mins of the half gave WM a limited lifeline. They shouldn’t have had even a breath left. When we’re on top we need to be far more ruthless.

    Not looking forward to this half of ball!

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