Mayo team for Leitrim match announced

James Horan has announced his first starting fifteen for Mayo – Club Mayo Dublin had the world exclusive on this one a few minutes ago.  Here it is:

Mayo (FBD League v Leitrim, 9/1/2011): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites); Cathal Hallinan (Ballintubber), Ger Cafferkey (Ballina Stephenites), Richie Feeney (Castlebar Mitchels); Trevor Howley (Knockmore), Mike Nestor (Ballintubber), Chris Barrett (Belmullet); Ronan McGarrity (Ballina Stephenites), Barry Moran (Castlebar Mitchels); Aidan Campbell (Swinford), Austin O’Malley (St. Vincent’s), Aidan Kilcoyne (Knockmore); Kevin Dolan (Tourmakeady), Andy Moran (captain) (Ballaghaderreen), Brian Benson (Crossmolina).

Obviously, it’s only the opening FBD match and, with so many players unavailable for this particular competition and bearing in mind James Horan’s stated intention to give every player involved in the set-up at the minute a run-out this month, it’d be daft to read too much into this particular line-up.  That said, it’s an interesting pick with a good mixture of experience and fresh faces.

It’s no surprise to see the two Ballintubber lads come in – indeed, the only small surprise is that more of them haven’t been named.  A mean defence was one of the hallmarks of Ballintubber’s championship campaign last year and so it’ll be interesting to see if Cathal Hallinan and Mike Nestor can bring the same kind of outlook to the county’s back unit.  Stirring club performances in 2010 by Castlebar’s Richie Feeney and Kevin Dolan from Tourmakeady have also opened the way for both to show what they can do in the green and red and it’d be good to see both taking their club form with them to Ballinamore.

It’s great to see Aidan Campbell’s name in a Mayo team for the first time in ages and surprising too to see Austie back in the frame.  Andy Moran – a man well known for bellowing loudly to all and sundry on the pitch – is named as team captain for this fixture but it’s not clear if he’s being handed that role for the full year.

13 thoughts on “Mayo team for Leitrim match announced

  1. good to see the good mixture, the likes of dolan getting chance, campbell is big lad if memory serves me right. interseting times ahead, onwards and upwards i would hope

  2. The moment I’ve been waiting for – once the first team of the year is announced, the old excitement comes back.
    I know it’s only the FBD, but the last few months have really dragged. Good to have some football back to talk about.

    Glad that Hallinan is getting a chance. I’ve only seen him a couple of times, but he looked a good defender both times. And by defender I mean he actually defends. It’s been mentioned before that we need to sort out our corner back positions, actually find lads that have the sole responsibility to stop their man, nothing more.

    It would also be nice to see Killer and B Moran get through a few games without dislocating their toe nails or spraining their eye lashes. Killer could really be a big player for us this year if he stays injury free.

  3. It’s a great team, I think. Horan is spreading his net wide, and showing players that the jerseys are there for anyone that’s capable of winning his place. Looking forward to this game.

  4. I’m hoping to be there, Roger, though to be honest it depends on how the weather is looking then – in particular if this latest bout of snow we’ve been threatened with is still on the ground.

    Thanks for that info re the full panel, Hop it – here’s the link in case anyone wants it.

  5. Can you still get chucked out of competitions for incorrect Irish on the teamsheet? If so, Mayo would want to hand something other than what’s on the Mayo GAA site to the ref on Sunday.

  6. MAYO: David Clarke; Donal Vaughan, Alan Feeney, Keith Higgins; Peadar Gardiner, Trevor Howley, Chris Barrett; Tom Parsons, Ronan McGarrity; Andy Moran, Pat Harte, Trevor Mortimer (0-1); Mark Ronaldson (0-7, four frees), Aidan O’Shea (0-1), Mikey Sweeney. Subs: James Burke for Howley, Jimmy Killeen (0-1, free) for Sweeney, Neil Douglas (0-1) for Harte, Kevin Walsh for Mortimer.

    The above was the team that opened last season v UCG for us with a win in Garrymore.

  7. Good team. A nice mix. As Dan says great to see actual corner-backs picked and not round pegs in square holes – Donal Vaughan, Keith Higgins etc, wing-backs horsed into the corner.
    Kevin Dolan has earned his shot and what I’m most impressed about is that this team and panel sends out a signal – everything is up for grabs and everyone will get a chance.

  8. The match next week is switched from ballinrobe on sunday to saturday night, under lights, in McHale park. A chance to try out the new lights.(According to midwest)

  9. Agree with Ed that the message does seem to be that at least, given the trials, the FBD etc we should see the best available players on the panel come championship time.
    However, we’ve been there before on that score, at least in theory, both Johnno and his predessors the M&M show held big trials to find the great white hopes. Not being critical at all but I just want to see by mid league that we have a resonably settled side, at least down the spine. Under Johnno you couldnt rattle off the main positions before a team being announced and that cant be good.

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