Mayo ticket packages now available online

Croke Park layoutAnyone who is feeling optimistic about our chances of a serious run at the All-Ireland should note that ticket packages covering our quarter-final and possible semi-final ties are now available for online purchase (here).  It’s a good offer – €65 per adult and only €5 per chiseller for a ticket that covers the two games – and with the strong possibility of it being a Mayo/Dublin semi-final, buying now could (if 2006 was anything to go by) save a whole load of time and effort later trying to get your hands on a standalone semi-final ticket.

I know, I know, we could go wallop at the quarter-final stage, in which case you’ll have paid over the odds to see another Mayo loss at Croke Park and so could be left with a ticket that you don’t really want for the penultimate round. Those of us who, for our sins, are raising little Dubs do have that to fall back on, although PJ did point out to me earlier on that our half of the draw could conceivably end up as a Kerry/Galway clash, which, if such a scenario came to pass, I couldn’t see too many of us beating at path to get to. But, hey, this isn’t the time for any kind of defeatist talk: we’re heading for the semis and, as a result, this package offer is, quite literally, the ticket.  Have at it.

9 thoughts on “Mayo ticket packages now available online

  1. Hi WJ – I cehckd this out and offer for tickets is there. Any idea how these are allocated i.e. do you take what you get on a lottery basis (i.e. upper Cusack versus bottom Hogan) and do you automatically get the same seats for the following game ?

  2. For those interested, Young Pearce Hanley has been named for his fist game of the year, for the Brisbane Lions this weekend. Good Luck !!

  3. Good luck Pearce – I hope you are a disaster and on the plane back to Ireland in the morning

  4. Followin up on JPM’s comment; anyone got any idea on what the allocation is “I got seats 21 to 23” but I have no idea what that means or where they are. Any clue lads?

  5. Going to get my tickets now, me and MF will be dancing round croker looking all surprised!

  6. Just bought some tickets now but I’m in exactly the same boat as yourself, bw – I’ve got some seat numbers but I haven’t a clue what section they’re in. It’s a bit of a pig in a poke, really …

    There’s no option as yet to print the tickets either and I suspect that there won’t be until after the draw for the quarter-finals has been made and the dates and times for the matches have been finalised.

  7. I emailed these guys and here was the response….

    When you buy the packages the seat you are buying is in Section 308. They seat will be assigned to you when you print the tickets off. Each ticket will be allocated to you on a match by match basis and if you purchase tickets they will be seated together.

    Le Meas
    The GAA Ticket Office

  8. Can’t wait for the big day me and all me cousins will be in Dublin – not looking forward to the trafiice lights though me and all me cousins always get confused.
    Oh the red and green!!

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