Mayo v Kildare preview with Donal Vaughan and Michael Foley – Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E23

After waiting for six weeks for a game, now Mayo have two matches in the space of a week with the Round 2 Qualifier against Kildare fixed for Croke Park next Saturday. To preview this do-or-die knockout meeting with the Lilywhites, Rob is joined on the pod by former Mayo footballer Donie Vaughan and Michael Foley of the Sunday Times.

The lads cover a lot of ground over the course of the show, including taking an overall look at the state of play in the All-Ireland Series, what they made of Mayo’s performance against Monaghan, and how next weekend’s game is likely to play out.

Donie also gives a great insight into the Mayo squad’s mindset for these sort of knock-out Championship matches and talks about James Horan’s management style and approach during Donie’s time in the Mayo colours. 

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95 thoughts on “Mayo v Kildare preview with Donal Vaughan and Michael Foley – Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E23

  1. Whatever about Mayo player’s wanting to play in Croke Park . The venue where Mayo has by far the best record, and a full size playing surface to rival Croke Park as well.. Only 3 year’s ago it won the annual GAA award for the best playing surface in Ireland…At a neutral-neutral Venue geographically located between Kildare and Mayo, is actually Dr Hyde Park. I don’t believe we have been beaten there in more than two decades, our most recent victory in our home from home only came a few months ago, v Armagh… Croke Park is always virtually perfect of course, it costs allot of other people’s money to keep it so..The GAA farm in North County Dublin is constantly growing it’s own turf, and the playing surface in Croke Park is constantly being replinished…It needs to be so, what with all the Football and Hurling match’s played there, the Concert’s and the exclusive training if Dublin senior team!

  2. @Leantimes, Mayo beaten in the Hyde in 2001 ( one player got the line if i remember correctly ) and 1991, a fair while ago alright. I’m looking forward to the game on Saturday evening in Croker, there will be a good atmosphere afterwards when Mayo win.

  3. Got tossed out of the championship there by Westmeath in the same year .

  4. Probably the reason for the game not been played in Roscommon is capacity, seemingly the fire service and health and safety have deemed the seats in front of stand to be unsafe and will have to be removed and replaced.

  5. @Mayo88..Ray Connelly got the line undeservedly in 2001..Who scored tthe last minute Goal to win it for the Rossies on that day?. 1985, I remember a Séan Lowery pile driver of a goal into the town end, from an exquisite 60 meter diagonal pass from Jimmy Burke. If that pass in 85 from Jimmy Burke was exquisite, his goal in 1989, was unusual to say the least, in a classic replayed Connacht Final that went to extra time..But it’s been 100% winning since 2001 for our senior team, including Mayo’s biggest ever Championship win I believe v Sligo in 2016. Our underage teams and Women have a very decent record there as well, I believe!

  6. Good question from Martin Breheny;

    When last did a team as limited as Tyrone 2021 win the All-Ireland football title?

  7. If Tyrone are so limited how did they beat Kerry, Monaghan, Donegal and Mayo? The 2005 Tyrone side was one of the best teams I ever saw, yet they went and lost to Derry and Laois the following year.

  8. Game on in Croker . End of .Not ideal for supporters but it’s not going to change.
    I’m based in the Midlands so only an hour for me and the family. Not expecting a huge crowd from Mayo .. Mayo by 4 or 5

  9. @Wide Ball, they cost Peter Keane his job and Ulster is dog eat dog plus this question has been asked by many long before this years championship started.

  10. Get a few of them Tyrone u-20 ‘s in and we’ll see next year how limited they are!!!

  11. When did a team as limited as Mayo 2021 last reach an all Ireland final – mabye Mayo 2020

  12. I guess Tyrone were the least limited of Donegal, Kerry, Mayo.
    Thats all they needed to be. They were a better side than Mayo by a good bit last year.

  13. @Sean Burke
    Sad,but it’s badly needed.
    When you’re parroting Martin Brehiny you’re losing.

  14. @leantimes: Gerry Lohan. Three goals in the last ten minutes that day, if memory serves.

  15. What do you mean ulster is dog eat dog? Surely that makes it an impressive achievement to win it? Keane was on thin ice after flopping vs Cork the previous year and his term was up anyway.

    +1 on the block feature btw

  16. I am sure the fact that Cork beat Kerry the year before and the Kerry lads fitness was so poor against Tyrone that a number of their players went down with cramp before the end of normal time – this contributed to Keane losing his job. David Clifford couldn’t play the extra time because of cramp.
    One thing people cant find fault in Mayo teams recently is their fitness levels

  17. We cannot forget, that I would say about 1/3 of our team are toddlers in the footballing sense.

    Mullin, O’Donoghue, Hession, Flynn, Carney, Eoghan, Tommy (injured unfortunately) and I’m sure there are one or two more.

    Of those, we have a great mix of backs and forwards and Jordan at midfield.

    These lads are still learning and improving and I think we will get by Kildare Saturday and then see where we can go after that.

  18. 2-14 out of a total 2-20 scored by players who most probably won’t start on Saturday. Won’t be difficult to talk up the Kildare team in dressing room before the game when they realise that.
    Scores for Mayo v Kildare in League outing. : Ryan O’Donoghue (1-3, 1m), Jason Doherty (0-5), Jordan Flynn (1-2), Padraig O’Hora (0-2), Michael Plunkett (0-2),

  19. Well if Kerry had won the All-Ireland it’s highly unlikely Keane would have lost his job and the question is a very fair one and those who were banging the drum that “Tyrone will never get a handier All-Ireland” all of a sudden think they were world beaters.

    They’re not, and that’s not judging them on this years performances either.

    For all their heroics against a poorly managed Kerry, Tyrone weren’t even favorites to beat Mayo.

  20. @Southmayo Exile, you are right there regarding the Kerry fitness levels but that buck should stop at Keane’s door and ultimately did because they failed to stumble over the line but it just makes the point even more valid regarding Tyrone because Kerry weren’t as prepared as they should have been.

    I can’t see a similar situation happening under Jack O’Connor somehow.

  21. Fine margins lads, but finals are harder win when you have 70+ years of history weighing on the collective, the opposite is true as well look at Real Madrid

  22. @williejoe

    An ignore button is a common feature of many forums these days.
    Of all the forums I have frequented i have never felt the need to use it.
    Its designed for when things spill over from differening view points into a poster spamming,trolling,antagonising other contributors,disrupting contructive arguments, ruining the thread and generally being a pest.
    Id say you often wished you could apply that function over the years!

  23. What is the ‘Block facility’?,..Is it like Boyler,who had the ability…Proper Concrete Blocks, no Pyrite and no Rock’s?..Our defense, like Concrete Wall… Build to keep out the Ball.. Is that what they are asking for?..Mayo defenders keep down the score…I’m all for a good defense…. But our attack needs to be immense… Different Opinions like Chalk and Cheese, with people upset that you’ll never please… And others, they don’t give a hoot…winding up people and acting the flute…@It means nothing to me.. Your right Gerry Lohan with the Goal!

  24. @Leantimes.

    I enjoyed the rap. Good on you. You usually lighten the mood.

    I’ll give you an A+ for that effort.

  25. @All41n14all, why all the tetchiness about asking a legitimate question that the whole bloody country is asking, anyone that knows a thing about football know that Tyrone wont win a handier one.

    If the whole Mayo thing has made some so sensitive and paranoid maybe it’s time to find another hobby, on about spies and the like, how paranoid is that !

    My aim is to make Mayo successful and I’m afraid to do that sometimes hard truths need to be told, running away or hiding from them isn’t an option.

    The question wasn’t even about Mayo, in fact it wasn’t even about Tyrone, it was about the last (previous) team, but instead of the question being expanded to give hope and show that in fact you don’t actually have to have the “best” team in the to win an All-Ireland it was jumped upon in an uber sensitive way.

    Every newspaper headline isn’t about Mayo you know, but I’ll read every article written about Mayo whether it’s good, bad or indifferent.

    Unfortunately some of it isn’t nice reading but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

  26. Jack OConnor lost plenty as well…..Personally I don’t buy into this cult that grows around managers Anyway it’s more about the players than the manager.Otherwise OConnor woulda stayed with Kildare …he knew the players there wouldnt win an All Ireland for him.
    I don’t think Jim Gavin would either by the way

  27. Tyrones run to the AI was far more impressive than Mayos .While they were beating Cavan, Monaghan , Donegal and Kerry we beat Leitrim, Sligo, Galway and a Dublin team in decline. We didn’t actually play great in any of those games. A good second half v Galway, a good last 15 plus extra time v Dublin. Amazingly we were made favourites for the final, based on the emotion of beating the dubs and the fact that kerry were knocked out. I would take nothing away from the Tyrone win, they were better than us in the final. Much better Tyrone teams of 2003, 2005 and 2008 all performed poorly in the year following All Ireland success. We haven’t performed poorly in the year after All Ireland success since 1952. James can hardly be blamed for that one.

  28. @1989, You don’t think managers make a difference, I couldn’t disagree more.

    So do you reckon a Banty would have still won 6 in a row with Dublin ?

    Or Big Sam would have won the Champions league with Real Madrid ?

    Managers matter, like in every walk of life, some are better than others, it’s just a fact.

  29. Back to 2001 at the Hyde. The mayo player was sent off aftter a Rosie player dived! A Mayo foreard was show boating and ball got turned over and Roscommon came down field and got winning goal..
    In the qualifer against Westmeath. A Mayo forward missed a tap over free and a minute later put over a wonder score from.the corner flag.
    Thats what I remember whether the memories are distilled by the grains of time im not so sure…!

  30. I’m just thinking. Wouldn’t it shocking if we all ended up in the same nursing home in our later years.

    Could you imagine, and our blog handles displayed above the beds.

    The nurses would have an awful job trying to keep some of us separated I feel.

    We would still be arguing about who should be starting and who should have made the subs bench.

    James Horan might still be the manager and instead of not talking to the media he might be talking to himself.

    Fergal Boland will be fifty seven and hoping for a run out in the championship in a week’s time.

    Petrol will be 1500 euros a litre and the County Board will be telling the press that the Mayo supporters enjoy travelling to Wembley to play the qualifiers, and us in the Nursing home fucking slippers in the general direction of the television.

    There will normally be three missing from the Nursing home on any morning that Mayo are playing in a final. They will have sneaked away in the ambulance.

    The arse doctor will call around every year after the season tickets go out to treat the arses of anyone who bought a season ticket, because at that stage the only thing you will be getting with your season ticket is an almighty kick up the hole.

    So that’s just a little glimpse of what life is going to be like in years to come. I’m organising for everyone on the blog here to be sent to the same nursing home when the time comes.

  31. @Revellino… Will,.. O’Rourke, Spillane and McStay still on the Sunday Game?

  32. Viper. Peter Keane had unbelievable talent as his disposal. Look at Kerry’s underage All Ireland Titles over the last eight years. Mayo have been very poor even in Connaught. We have to go back to 2016 at underage That was why Keane lost the managerial job. You come across as very Anti Horan rather than acknowledging we have over achieved in reaching the last two All Ireland Titles. At this stage why don’t you name the person who you think should do the job.

  33. All41n14all and Viper – I’ve deleted those last bits of the exchange you had with each other. Playing the person not the ball isn’t allowed. A short spell in moderation would do the both of you no harm at this stage.

    FW – thanks for that guidance re a block function. I can see now where Sean may have been coming from on that!

  34. Willie Joe , I just woke up a while ago and I see that Revelino was dreaming about nurses at 1.24 Am and you were woken out of your slumber at 5.30! Ye are obviously already wound up in advance of Saturdays game. I’m dreading not getting back to Cork until well after midnight! Oh to be young again ! Sweet dreams Revellino!

  35. Revellino, if you are booking us into nursing homes could you get me into the one across the road from McHale Park? Be handy like, shneak down to Tolsters for a locka pints before and after….. Win, lose or draw….
    We could have Viper up on a soap box there in the middle of Cathal Duffy’s roundabout givin’ out like fuck that James is still in charge and it 2058.

  36. Some kind of block/ignore function is, now that you’ve mentioned it, something that’s worth a look in the quieter part of the year, which I’ll do.

    I’ve already been thinking about what to do with the comment function over the longer term, in terms of the blog’s sustainability into the future and my growing weariness in light of the ongoing toxicity and divisiveness relating to Mayo GAA issues, which Olive summed up so well in that comment yesterday. I don’t have any solid plans as yet (integration with Discord might be one route) but what I do know is that hosting a highly-viewed public comment function in this form is becoming less tenable for me with each passing day.

  37. @O SULLIVAN, I’ve said on numerous occasions and I’ll repeat again, I’d be absolutely delighted to see James Horan win an All-Ireland with Mayo.

    The manager just happens to be James Horan.

    I agree with you regarding Kerry, but really all that does is confirm what I have said all along, management of players matters greatly.

    One of the reasons that James Horan took the job again was because of the talent that was there already AND as he said when he took the job for a second time “I’d be very excited about as regards the youth talent that’s in Mayo”.

    But he also said at the time “I’d have a philosophy on how I think the game can be played”.

    The problem about having a philosophy about something is that it can reduce innovation and shackle adaptability because the further you move away from your own philosophy the more you are proving to yourself that your philosophy was actually wrong to begin with.

    Putting all ones eggs in one basket is a dangerous thing so it’s not anti Horan, it’s pro adaptability and pro innovation and pro professionalism, it just happens to be James Horan today but I’d have the same opinion if it was Stephen Richford or whoever was sailing the ship.

  38. Revellino, some crazy stuff going through your head in the small hours.
    One thing you forgot to mention will Mayo still be chasing that All Ireland in 2040 ?
    Surely if it’s not won by then, should we not resort to playing all Hurling or setting up of a Mayo League of Ireland soccer team ?

    Re the Nursing Home, you will never find me in an awful such place, and by the tone of some posters on here they won’t last a day in there, they will get almighty kick in the hole from the Robot Nurses.

  39. Viper
    Certainly not saying managers dont matter of course they do but I think they are a smaller part of the equation than the players. I dont know about Seamus McEnaney winning with Dublin he probably might have maybe not 6 but who knows ……..however I do know that the 6 in a row was more about the Dublin players than the manager / management team same in Kerry in Micko’s time.
    OConnor, Micko couldnt win an All Ireland wit another group Paidi either…….and I dont think if Jim Gavin was in Tipp he would win Sam there.
    Similarly I dont believe in the whole mantra of Horan developing players in a way that no one else can………bottom line is the talent was there and sure he had a big input but I just dont think its to the extent that its often credited to.

  40. WJ, I’m regularly on a soccer forum for United. What I find works well there is a sign up function. Now you can still be behind whatever handle you wish, but you work through tiers before you get full posting rights. The idea is obviously to maintain law and order until you prove you can follow the rules and it allows for fairly civil debate without the “you don’t know what you are talking about” etc. just a suggestion. It would be a real shame to lose the comment facility, as even though the fall out continues since last year, I’d say overwhelmingly most people want the best for Mayo GAA. A lot of people are also able to self regulate and keep the debate fairly reasonable.

    In saying all that, I know absolutely nothing about blogging, comments or the effort that goes into doing what I just said.

    On the actually post I thought it was great having Donie on, he almost sounds like he believes it himself when he said he didn’t miss it…!

    Interesting to hear his take on the changes we have made in terms of possession and a bit more discipline around our defensive structure.

  41. Anyone have any thoughts on our chairman and we enjoy travelling to Dublin,surely it should have been fixed for the afternoon to allow fans to get home at a reasonable time,we seem to roll over far too easily to Croke Park,it allows the Dublin hotels to up their prices massively,I wonder how much Sky pays to have matches at that time

  42. Calling a spade a spade I don’t think we are good enough to get to the final this year. I will be happy enough if both Galway and Kerry fail to win.

  43. I think it’s awful hard to gauge where we are at , win the weekend and have Ryan back for qf though and i certainly don’t think we as supporters should be defeated before the ball is even thrown in . Dublin are very good but not at the same level as 6 in a row , Kerry are excellent yes but far from unbeatable, do they look as good as Dublin at their peak ala three in a row time period , I don’t believe so , not yet anyway .

  44. Worse still for anyone relying on train service. Its madness. Kildare had already qualified at minor and senior, so why not lump the two together?. Unbelievable arrogance.

  45. @willie Joe
    I don’t think any of us fully realise what a pain in the hole it must be to moderate the comments section.
    I think you’ve been too fair minded (and I’ve ended up in moderation in years gone by myself!)
    Would it be possible to have a sign up system as someone suggested and is common on other forums? Also maybe a no nonsense approach (which I believe you do use after big matches when eejits from other counties are trying to troll the page) Maybe if a poster breaks the rules any time in their first 20 posts they are just automatically banned.If an more established poster breaks the rules you could operate a 3 strikes and you’re out rule.Maybe you have to use your real name.
    Currently we have a case where one poster (account created on 11th Sept 2021) has taken over the forum and is trying to turn it into twitter,there must be an easier way than indulging these kinds of posters and being ” too fair” if you get me.
    Usually I wouldn’t take too much heed of what people write online but with this blog it feels more personal, in my own case the blog was a great source of comfort when I was working on the other side of the world,loads on here have recounted similar tales over the years.Personally I’d be gutted if the blog went (although I think through no fault of your own it’s not been the same since a vocal minority invaded the place and its now mirroring some toxic elements of social media in general)
    Long post but I’m just trying to see if there’s any way that works for you that the blog doesn’t give in to these cancerous elements.Is there a way we can argue,disagree,agree,share info and hold differing opinions as has happened since the beginning?

  46. On whether other managers would have won for Dublin my take is success breeds success and when you know how to win you’re less afraid of losing. I don’t see many other managers who would get 6 even with such a talented bunch. The only other one who may have that capability is (and I had to say it ) Jack OC who I disliked in the past for his dour demeanour although I did see him smile a few times during the 2022 league. So as regards who else I’d like to see win or not, don’t mind if Galway do but not Kerry because they could get a head of steam for future seasons. And if they do win 2022 I’ll likely accept them as worthy champions so long as the final has no major mistake by officials or unpunished serious foul play (I have erased the AI 2009 final from my personal record books, likewise Dublins gouge gate in 2013 semi final left a bad taste on that game too).
    However we’re 3rd favourites actually ahead of Galway who have a game less to play so maybe the bookies know what we’re capable of. Who knows who we will draw in QF if we win Saturday but we should be improved Some more, maybe also with ROD back and capable of taking anyone on our day. We’re Div1 and that means we’re well used to the big boys.

  47. I’m in Barcelona for the weekend at a wedding so unfortunately won’t be at the match. As much as the pay TV situation sickens me I have the computer ready to go but would prefer if there was a pub worth going to, better still if there were Mayo people (or any GAA heads) going somewhere particular to watch both games. And before ye all pile on, I know Google will suggest 70+ Irish pubs, but most are as likely to be showing darts or ski jumping as our lads. Any suggestions?

    On the other issue I’m very WJ for this fantastic forum and it would be an awful shame to lose it. My tuppence worth would be that people post in their own name with verified email. Robust debate is great but the Lord help us if you’re posting something about a player or a manager you’d be ashamed for your friends or neighbours to see, you really have to have a hard look at yourself.

    Anyway, thanks all
    Hon Mayo

  48. Great post there Willie Joe, summing up the situation so well.

    It’s a crying shame that the comment function, a fantastic facility, which I have enjoyed so much over the years, is being hi-jacked by a brigade pursuing personal grudges, that deflect from our main preoccupation – following and discussing Mayo teams as they strive annually to compete and win. There are so many brilliant posters, whose insights I regularly sit back and admire, and sometimes try get to their level, and they are being deflected and distracted by the wreckers.

  49. @1989, To be fair, If Jim Gavin ever managed Tipperary I don’t think his inability to win an All-Ireland with them would be used by anyone as a yard stick to judge his undoubted ability and intelligence.

    Pep or Klopp wouldn’t be judged negatively if they failed win the Premier league with a minnow.

    It’s always difficult to compare professional sports to an amateur game but I suppose off the top of my head take a look at how Conte turned around the fortunes of Spurs in a relatively short timespan.

    His tactics played a huge part in that, that’s well acknowledged and recognized.

  50. So glad Donie Vaughan confirmed my impression that Mayo play well in Croke Park – better football and results – with just a few exceptions only the great teams have beaten us there (sometimes with help from the refs unfortunately!). I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED when the Mayo and Kerry replay was played in the Gaelic Grounds in Limerick in 2014 – and we all know what happened there.

  51. @Corrick Bridge.. I’m afraid it’s been the Mayo County Board culture, and several County Chairman’s culture for years to accept whatever Croke Park and the CCCC decide. Interesting a previous incumbent of the office of Mayo County Board chair, has (rightly in my opinion) came out against the decision to host this weekend games in Croke Park…citing the cost and inflation.. he’s right. However during his own tenure as Mayo Chair, Mayo played Westmeath in a very similar qualifier game in Croke Park. If it’s wrong this weekend, it was equally wrong then. For whatever reason or reasons, at many crucial time’s Mayo County Board don’t seem to be able to object to decisions made by others in the GAA pyramid of power despite many of those decisions being unreasonable and unfair. Being Pro Mayo, should not mean being Anti Galway or Anti Roscommon, or Anti any of our neighbouring Counties or Counties that we have so much in common with. Like for instance for this weekend, certainly all 3 West of the Shannon team’s, Clare, Mayo and Roscommon their counties and their fans would have and should have a common interest in having the game’s played in a more local Neutral Provencal Venue or even,. like Cork/Limerick home venue because of a previous home/away agreement between the counties. ..I posted plenty on this blog about this subject when Mayo and Galway were sent to Limerick for a qualifier game in 2019. And the many posted that I was wrong that the game couldn’t be played in either Mayo or Galway because it had to be a ‘Neutral’ venue.. Well now, I wasn’t wrong at all, I was 100% right as Cork v Limerick proves, it certainly was within the rules for a qualifier match.. Others were equally adamant that it couldn’t be held in Dr Hyde Park… But in 2018 when Roscommon management and importantly backed by their County Board decided ‘Hyde or Nowhere’ the Connacht Board weren’t long pulling in their horn’s and the Hyde it was for 2018 Connacht Final. I’ve been actually following Kildare GAA forum and the general feeling seems to be that many of their fans aren’t overly enamoured by the CCCC’s decision,. preferring a double header in Tullamore where their Minor’s at Seniors play Mayo’s Minor’s and Seniors..My preference would be for the same double header played in Dr Hyde Park, but either would be better than Croke Park!

  52. On your comment WJ we can see what’s happened in Meath following their exit with toxic social media. Wouldn’t like to think the same would happen if we had a ‘bad’ year but guessing it probably would and in many other counties too. Social media has gotten ever more toxic over the last number of years with people becoming armchair experts in everything and egos leading to people nearly arguing with their toenails. I have no issue with some venue disgruntlement as cccc seems to have lacked common sense on this one but management and amateur players are giving a huge amount of themselves to the county cause and sometimes abuse borders on what politicians get and not saying that’s justified either. The last thing we want is players leaving panels because someone online has a opinion and that’s all any of us have.

  53. I can’t believe there hasn’t been more comment on this podcast – maybe people just haven’t listened to it yet – but Donal Vaughan has to be the most insightful guest ye have had on so far. It’s so refreshing to hear from a recent player, who is articulate and but also genuinely interested in and with a positive attitude about Mayo GAA, and in general.

    It can be very tiring listening to pundits who haven’t played in 20-30+ years and don’t keep up to date on the players, teams, trends. Or listening to journalists who just aren’t that interested/insightful. More of Donie please! Like seriously, RTE could do worse than employ this guy.

    On a separate note, I thought Enda McGinley was excellent on the Sunday Game last weekend. Whelan, Cavanagh, McGinley are all great analysts that played relatively recently. No more Spillane and O’Rourke, they are the definition of picking up a paycheck. Sky Sports have very good pundits currently with McGuinness and Canavan.

  54. Leantimes you are of course correct in what you say,there appears perhaps wrongly that the Mayo county board accept what ever Croke Park tells them,I could just about accept it if it was fixed for the afternoon allowing fans to get home at a reasonable time,but it is at worst possible time for Mayo supporters,for the record I believe that Liam Moffat tried to change the culture unfortunately he left the post

  55. @Leantimes: I fully agree with your post. Every time that a County Board has taken on HQ over its crazy scheduling in recent years (Kildare against us in 2018; Tyrone v. Kerry last year; Sligo U20s v. us this year; Cork v. Kerry this year) it has been Croke Park who has backed down, and fairly sharpish at that. Yet we have the Chairman of the Mayo Co. Board telling the world that our followers love going up and down to Dublin, even if they get home after midnight!

    The County Board seem to have either an extreme reluctance to bat for our team’s/supporters’ interests, or they are completely unaware of the matchgoing fan’s concerns.

    It’s a tough world out there at the moment, and asking fans to criss-cross the country twice in a weekend to suit Sky Sports is the height of disrespect.

    Mayo’s runs through the qualifiers between 2016 and 2019 were worth a huge amount of money to the Association, to the point that our early exit in 2018 caused a fall in revenues mentioned at Congress. We shouldn’t be afraid to use our financial muscle when we are so clearly being messed about.

    We in Co. Mayo gave the term “boycott” to the world, maybe it’s time to break it out again, given that our supporters keep getting hoiked across the country at great expense, all to suit Sky Sports/the GAA/ American football games or whatever you’re having yourself.

  56. What am I doing in moderation when another blogger attacks my integrity

  57. I have a nagging feeling this circus thats been created over the venue, will have a negative impact on performance. History seems to be repeating itself, but this time its our own supporters stoking the fire.

    I respect all contributors on here, but look the game is going to be played in Croker and thats that. If people can’t travel, no bother, I fully understand the reasons why. But lets stop this talk of “Boycott” and “Protest”, if your not going, again thats sound, just leave out the unnecessary over dramatic buzz words until after the game at least..could well be our last trip to Dublin this year, plenty of time to air the grievances then.

    2 days out from a do or die game, and no mention of selection, is ROD fit, tactics, where to play Aido, when will the team be named, why isn’t it named, where are the injury updates

    Its weird on here.

  58. GBXI, yes, I’m halfway through this excellent podcast with Donie V and have been really enjoying it. Have had to park the second half until I get a free few minutes but am thinking of it as a dessert that I’m just waiting to get to!
    Our former Mayo players are so interesting to listen to.
    I must echo you on Enda McGinley too. I really liked what he had to say on the Sunday Game.
    I noted today, when I re-read one of his comments from that programme, that it mirrored something Donie said on the podcast (and indeed what a friend of mine spontaneously said to me today):
    “… Mayo hadn’t played for six weeks when losing to Galway until today,” he said.

    “Going into that as a manager, you’re training away but you don’t know where your players are at, where their form lines are at…”

    He was making the point that 6 weeks was a big layoff and it’s a challenge to know how a team will perform after that. But Mayo did get the win and against a battle-hardened team like Monaghan. He saw that as a success. I presume he meant we could build on that.

    I note outside commentators are writing us off or playing us down again. It makes the stomach drop a bit. It reminds me of how people saw us as we made our way through the Qualifiers in 2017. I felt very worried for the team then when we drew with Roscommon. But we know the story changed from then.
    In a funny way, Mayo might be in a stronger position now than we have been over the last two years. With a newish team, we weren’t tested or challenged that much when you consider short routes to the Final both years due to Covid changes to the season.
    Now we are more developed and I’ve always liked when we play more games en route to the final stages of the Championship.
    I am also still a bit amazed that commentators are talking up Dublin – without question – when they were damp and flat last year (with questions in defence especially). Have they fixed their difficulties in a few months?
    Le cúnamh Dé, we can get over the next one, and who knows where we can go from there? Just as we like it.

  59. Can’t make the Mayo Kildare game this weekend and have 3 tickets for sale for €60 (face value €90). Tickets are for Lower Cusack section 305 row Q. If anyone’s interested maybe WJ can put us in touch in the background. Cheers!

  60. I think the anger with people over the venue comes back to the showing in last years all Ireland final and the league final v Kerry this year. It`s a long and lonely journey back to mayo after games like that and the league final feeling is fresh in everyone’s head .

    In all honesty i spent long enough not being able to go to games in 2020 and 2021 that if it was in Timbuktu Saturday i wouldn’t miss it for the world.

    I know one thing and that is the negative energy around at the minute inst feeding into the panel. I`m expecting a statement win from Mayo on Saturday and our summer of hope to be back on track at 7.30pm Saturday evening.

  61. Willie joe. Personal attack on my integrity was made. I have the right to defend myself. Let’s have the same rule for everybody.

  62. Super podcast. Great stuff from Donie. A gent also when you meet him in person. One of the few who always seems genuinely happy to talk football, even in his playing days. Looking forward to hearing him on the pod again.

  63. Craggy, I can’t see where that happened and if it did it shouldn’t but you too shouldn’t be naming others in that way. I apply the same rules to everybody in the same way but, as already pointed out today, it’s becoming an ever more difficult task with the general level of anger and antagonism being shown by too many contributors on here.

  64. I will be away but feel ye must beat Kildare to rescue season and reach QF stage. I thought they were poor against Dublin but the goals destroyed them and they actually played reasonably well in the second half. Its certainly no gimme for Mayo and the Mayo forwards apart from COC really need to step up I think ye need ROD asap given Conroy is gone. I expect Armagh, Cork and the Rossies to come through the other ties. Good luck and enjoy the game if ye can as I certainly find enjoying Galway games quite difficult in either code these days.

  65. Maybe some people are just sick and tired of the whole supporting their County thing.
    It seems to have taken a massive toll on a small few posters here, writing about the past, what they would change etc.

    For those few, I say no management or player goes out with the attitude of losing a game or a final.

    I’m expecting a win on Saturday evening and from then we will see where it takes us.

  66. I wonder will Jason Doherty start on Saturday considering he scored 5 points from play against Kildare in the league game. Darren McHale could start too.

  67. There is one aspect of the Croke Park games that hasn’t been mentioned. The Government are making efforts to reduce carbon emissions including trying to put an end to burning turf. Yet the GAA bring thousands of carbon emission cars from three Western counties to Dublin when the matches could easily be played much nearer home. And that’s not counting the huge expense of fuelling these cars

  68. I’m with you Mayo88, after last years All Ireland I completely lost the plot and totally over reacted and even on this blog regret what I may have said. Since then and taking some time out to reflect supporting Mayo is all about the journey, we may never reach the desired destination but we have had and will continue to have special days. Supporters from for example Cavan, Leitrim, Carlow etc must look at us and be filled with jealousy. Whatever happens this year and for continuous years it gives me and my family so much joy each and every summer to follow the county and someday like the dog that continuously chases that car and thinks it’ll never catch it someday it may happen and we won’t know what to do or how to react when it does. Best of luck Mayo on Saturday. I won’t be travelling this time but here’s hoping for another day out to see if we can seize the day!!

  69. Grainne Uaile i agree 100% its madness.I would disagree with another poster in that i dont think it will bother the players one little bit when we are talking about the venue.We havent got around to talking about the game much and that will suit them fine.Everyone can make their own call whether to travel or not { i understand how crazy the cost of living is } but i think the atmosphere will be dismal come half time in our match.Our group of regulars is certainly well down for saturday.With the price of fuel we decided to stay in Rathowen { very reasonable } and head over to Tullamore on Sunday.I wouldnt start Flynn or Eod on saturday and feel we will improve sufficently to win this one with a change or two in the half forward line.

  70. There are those who will just never agree…To remedy disputes just ask me?… If you feel your honour is brought into dispute, by someone on the Blog acting the flute… I have the solution, to this dreadful situation, It’s bit more drastic than even Moderation,.. You need a dueling pistol, two hundred years old, bought in an antique shop, from where it was sold.. You need your seconds..Gunpowder and Ball , a clean shirt to die in, the public to enthral. Your fighting for your honour for one and for all, but you got hit between the eye’s with an old pistol Ball… For some would try the patience of the Nation, the solution might be to reduce the population. .. So it’s Pistols at dawn in Old Castlebar,.. Your welcome one and all, from near and from far… Back to back first, and then ten paces apart…Was it a gunshot I heard or was it a fart?…. And those too quick with their wit, but too slow on the draw, quivering and shaking, the pistol fell out of their paw. ..And all agreed a grand fellow was he, had the pluck and the courage to fight for his integrity. Prayer’s said, and Widow consulted, … Not surprised said she , he’s too easily insulted.. Put into a box , with flowers on top, and buried at midnight by a Man called Rock…. And if by chance your dispute is with me, It’s Pistols at Dawn and we’ll just see… And if by chance I happen to be late,.. you can start without me, that’s just great;

  71. @Dean

    McCarthy’s bar in Barcelona should sort ya out for the match. You’ll get the exact address with a quick google. The owner is from Shrule, even if he is not there himself, just say what your looking for and they’ll switch it on for ya. Great pub, and the owner is a gent.

  72. Viper
    I cant really comment on the Soccer side of things because I am 30 years out of date but of course management is a massive factor.
    I just don’t think it’s the biggest thing….. however there are bad managers dragged over the line by great players and certainly average players dragged over the line by great managers.
    I am always perplexed by the Jim Gavin factor in Dublin without doubt he has talent and intelligence but give any punter the budget of NASA every big game at home and a population base 6 times the size of any other county then I reckon that punter will deliver a fair level of success.Gavin had a fair share of luck as well.
    However the real secret is in the structures built behind the man on the line that can keep delivering a conveyer belt of talent and that’s what I don’t think the rest of the Country appreciates regarding Dublin.I expect them to win the All Ireland this year as well.
    In Mayo we must be going alot right to be consistently competitive…but a lot wrong as well if we keep coming up short.

  73. I actually think that Gavin was a great manager and that he gelled the team, not many managers would replicate his achievements. He created a strong culture alongside players like Cluxton and set very high standards which in turn led to their continuous success.

  74. @ Lineball 2.0
    Thanks for that. McCarthy’s sounds like the spot. I’ll be there Saturday ?

  75. Dublin still have some top players even though a few are getting on. I would say though that 2 are irreplaceable (Cluxton and O’ Sullivan) and McCaffrey is a huge boost to them when available although the hangover of losing them is probably waning now. For that reason I think Kerry have the edge over them in 2022 but the gap isn’t huge. Unlike 2021, Dublin have been good so far in the Championship and blew Kildare away for 15 or so minutes. Very few teams get to do that to another team especially one from the top 2 divisions so Dublin would need to be respected. I don’t think Dessie sets them up as well as Gavin and I also think that will be a factor later in the Championship. Also we and several other teams showed their defence is not what it used to be in the league so while things have gone well for the Dubs so far and they can put up a big score, I expect they could ship fairly big scores yet this year, the team doing that needs to minimise the damage the Dubs talented forwards get to do at the other end. Keep them to 1-14 or 1-15 and any team has a decent chance. As for us, we’re 3rd favourites and with a good performance and a win the next day, we might have enough of a head of steam to give either of the big 2 a right game should we draw them. I, like others here expect Ros, Armagh who are improving and Cork to progress although Cork have a soft draw and will likely get stuffed in a QF. Guessing it’s possible to draw Derry whose improvement has stalled – after their Ulster Final I wouldn’t have huge fear of them, and was probably speculated already – but can we draw Galway in a QF?

  76. Can anyone confirm that the Q/Finals are an open draw, or is it as Ciaran whelan alluded to on RTE that Mayo
    “are struggling to break down defensive systems they are likely to come up against on THAT SIDE OF the draw.”

  77. Repeat pairings avoided

    So if Ros and Mayo win as expected (I actually think Ros could have their work cut out more than many think in that one though) it means Galway have to draw either Cork/Limerick or Armagh/Donegal…

    50% chance of drawing Cork/Limerick, wouldn’t mind those odds

    A potential Armagh/Galway quarter would be fascinating though.. I’d fancy the winner to go and win the semi aswell given the lopsided draw

  78. Yes lean times the general view in Roscommon is Mayo and Kildare in the Hyde be a better atmosphere than Croker and salt hill for the Clare Roscommon game

  79. Are we sure that all repeat pairings are to be avoided and it’s not just a repeat of the provincial finals thats avoided? They were saying on the Ah Ref podcast that we could draw Galway in a quarter final if we get that far?

  80. It’s not that clearcut, On the Road Again. Here’s what the GAA’s Mater Fixture Booklet says about it:

    “Draw is Subject to Provincial Final Winners avoiding defeated finalists from their own Province in this Round and to the avoidance of repeat pairings where possible.”

    I’d take from that that they’ll look to avoid repeat pairings if they’re able to but it could be that this isn’t possible, depending on who’s in the last eight. So very unlikely that we’d be paired with Galway but such a pairing isn’t definitively ruled out either.

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