McHale Park our home venue for NFL next year

So says County Board Chairman James Waldron in this article in Hogan Stand.  I suppose it makes sense – they did after all play All-Irelands in Croker when the place was half knocked down – and the supporters that would have been on the side where the new stand is going can easily be accommodated elsewhere in the ground.  It might even make a bit cosier though, on second thoughts, with one’s posterior resting on that cold, damp concrete, I’m not sure that’s the proper adjective to use in this regard.

The other thing is that we’ll get to see all the work that’ll have been done between our opening NFL match against Derry on the first of February and the final one against Tyrone on the 10th of April (remember that those dates are only “provisional” at the moment) which should help to bring out that subliminal Bob The Builder in all of us.

10 thoughts on “McHale Park our home venue for NFL next year

  1. The 10th April is a Friday (A Good Friday as well) wold they play a game on a Friday? I see you have it down as a Sunday in your fixtures preview. (not being picky, it’s a great site you have here!)

  2. You’re right, Mayo exile, thanks for pointing out my error. The correct date for the game is Sunday 12th April. I’ve corrected it in the 2009 Fixtures page.

  3. WJ, I’m surprised by this. I Assumed the league games would be spread around the county, and I think that would of been a good idea. It was a perfect excuse to do it this year.

    What about a came in Ballina or Crossmolina to lessen the travel time for the Erris folk (although it would lengthen your journey!)? Considering the sparse attandances for league games anyway, I don’t think the coutny board would lose too much money by moving the games around the county.
    An opportunity missed I think

  4. That’s a fair point, Dan, and of course it used to be what was done in the old days. But I think all manner of PC Health and Safety bullshit now holds sway which means that counties have to designate one home venue for all fixtures and have to have all manner of back-up stuff in place (in case someone starts to feck a few spoons around the place, I suppose). This might explain their reticence to move out of McHale Park but it would have been the ideal excuse to do so.

  5. If we want to spread the gospel, reward the long travelling fans and put a few bob into other communities then of course the four league games could be played in Ballina, Ballyhaunis, Crossmolina and Bangor or other suitable venues. Of course by keeping them in Castlebar control is kept despite lukewarm crowds. Can you imagine Tyrone beyond in Kiltane on a bitter March day and the wind driving across from Blacksod with half the Baroney of Erris watching. The Tyrone boys would see another side of Mayo , literally and metaphorically. Of course that will never happen, mores the pity. Do the Dubs play their league games in Croker, no, its in Parnell, tight and neat. but thats Mayo for you, careful that we would upset any travelling county by moving them away from a railline or Knock airport. Remember 2006 and we travelled to Clones to play Armagh u21s at a “neutral” venue, or to Limerick this year to play Kerrys minors in a “neutral” venue!! Anyway thats life…could be worse.

  6. That’s just it ontheroad, we’re forever being the ‘soft’ county. Both in terms of our playing style and our general administrative attitude towards other counties. I thought with the redevelopment of McHale park we had the perfect chance to reward some of our loyal supporters from the other parts of Mayo.

    As WJ said, maybe it’s a health and safety issue, I don’t know. If it is, then fair enough. But surely if we can host club championship games in these grounds, we can host a league game with maybe 5,000 supporters.

    I guess it just adds to this constant feeling of disillusionment I have with the county board over certain issues!

  7. Looking at the fixtures there, I think a lot of wives/girlfriends/significant others will be getting a Valentines weekend in Ballybofey this year!!!

  8. I remember Spain used to play all their home matches in Seville rather than Madrid because the home support was far more passionate down there than it was in the capital. Their results more than justified this choice of venue. I like your suggestion, ontheroad (even if I wouldn’t thank you for the extra mileage), about hauling a few counties down to Blacksod for some league games. I’m sure the likes of the Dubs would love it too!

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