Meath preview – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E32

The Super 8s don’t allow much time for looking back at the match just played, with the next one approaching rapidly almost as soon as full-time has been called on the one that preceded it. In Mayo’s case this week that’s probably just as well, as otherwise supporters would have ended up doing some serious brooding over the manner of the team’s bad loss to Kerry in Killarney last Sunday. Instead, thoughts of that one have had to be boxed away and attention given instead to Sunday’s Phase 2 meeting with Meath, a county Mayo haven’t played a competitive match against in a decade.

In this episode of the Mayo News football podcast we preview Mayo’s meeting on Sunday with the Royal County. Rob Murphy and I set the scene for Sunday’s match before Rob speaks with Mayo News columnist Billy Joe Padden, who talks tactics on what Mayo need to do and how they need to do it to re-ignite their Championship campaign at Croke Park on Sunday.  

Next, Mayo News sports editor Mike Finnerty catches up with Conor McKeon of the Herald to chat about Sunday’s game from a Meath perspective and to hear about the qualities they’ll bring to the contest on Sunday. Finally Rob catches up with Edwin McGreal of the Mayo News who seeks to move the focus on from last Sunday’s defeat to Kerry by honing in on a number of key factors relating to Sunday’s all-or-nothing clash with Meath.

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91 thoughts on “Meath preview – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E32

  1. Looking forward this podcast. Really big game for this squad – but aren’t they all at this stage.

    Hoping for – and expect – a big reaction.

  2. Tickets bought in SuperValu, jersey perfumed and podcast listened to. Lots of positivity and hoping for a bright showing on Sunday. Come on Mayo. We believe in Mayo. Maigheo ar nós na gaoithe!! Mayoforever

  3. Rarely call for knee jerk changes as I feel players should not be judged on one poor game. However I feel there is definitely a need to freshen things up Sunday. Though a big admirer of Hennelly I would still pick Clarke on Sunday. Has been excellent for us though struggled on Sunday as Kerry had us completely sussed out.. Full back line has had its fair share of problems all year and expect O Donaghue might start in place of one of them.. Half back line under pressure also so think Plunkett or McCormack in with a shout. Would definitely start Seamus in midfield and I also think that both K Mc and Jason in trouble in half forward line. Neither have had great seasons. I think Andy might get the nod in the full forward line. Lots of potential changes there. Doubt JH will be that radical. Meath are a tough proposition and James will have to be very smart with his starters and use of subs

  4. Sunday is Mayos and Meaths All Ireland in my opinion.

    Win this and we have had a good season when you consider all the injuries suffered along with all the new faces in the team. Meath though will want this one just as bad. Its their All Ireland final too. If they win this they can point to getting promotion from div2 , reaching the super 8s, and beating a serious div1 team in the super 8s. that would be a really top season for them. Not to mention continuing the hoodoo they have over us since 51.

    So make no mistake this will be hell for leather on Sunday. I expect there will be a few slaps as well. Meath are no shrinking violets and have always had big men to dish it out.

    I hope JH has the memory or 96 to put some some hurt into our lads for this one. I really don’t fancy losing to Meath again after 96. 2009 was nearly worse the only saving grace being it was not an AI final.

    Bottom line: This one means a lot (to some of us anyhow)

  5. Totally agree JPM.

    Really is an important game for Mayo. Would be a real sour note to reach the Super 8s and then limp through without a whimper. I know injuries have disrupted us but we can’t accept anything less than a win this weekend given the stakes, and the history of this fixture.

  6. Great job as always, gentlemen. Think I like the Billy Joe strategy of saving the vets for the push to the finish when the outcome’s still in question. However, if Andy starts and we pile on the points early, I won’t complain!

  7. Mayo v Meath 1988 AI semi final

    Worth a watch, Meath were current All Ireland champions and went on to beat Cork in that years final.We never had any luck in that Red away strip losing games to Meath 87, Donegal 92, Leitrim 94, and Kerry 04 lets hope Sunday we can get abit of luck in our new Blue strip like we did in The National League final, but it did us no favours in the heat of Killarney last Sunday wearing Blue, cant understand why we dont have a White strip with green and red trim like we had in 1951.

  8. We are of course under strenght and injuries have hurt us. We were gull strenght against Roscommon though and it made no difference. Eventully the question will have to be asked why we were not properly tuned in for that game

  9. Unrelated, but are cork on their way back. Senior team in super 8 and now U-20 giving kerry a good hiding last night. 1-11 from play from the FF line. Impressive.
    JPM spot on. This is a massive game for both teams. And yes it means a lot, it means a hell of a lot. Call it pride, revenge, whatever way you want to dress it up, this is a game we just have to win.

  10. My memories of that 1988 semi final against Meath was that it was a close game and Liam McHale announced his arrival on the big stage but looking back at the highlights when the score was Meath 13 Mayo 2 we appear to be absolutely useless hard to believe we made it to the All Ireland Final the following year

  11. I think that any player that is anyway injured should be held off for this game including Aido & perhaps Leroy. Give them time to recover.Perhaps some others who were injured up to now could come on & make an impact, just look at CoC last week .By the way this is the second year running that Kerry will not get to -20 final despite all their minor wins.

  12. Jr, who do you suggest plays midfield when we’re missing DOC, Ruane and Parsons and you want to keep AOS on the bench?
    Ideally we would rest him, but Vaughan proved last week he’s not a midfielder and Mike Murray doesn’t look ready yet.

  13. @Ah Now – I’ve worked a fair bit down in Cork over the last 3 years and the consensus is politics have killed any chance of Cork football even getting themselves half organised. On top of that, the one thing you hear again and again, is that players havent wanted to be in the county set up because there’s a toxicity in the core that was allowed to fester, and when you add in playing second fiddle to the hurlers, and the fact that they ploughed nearly all their money into the páirc, well their decline has been no surprise to a lot of Corkonians. The underage structures have always been good and the belief seems to be now that relegation to division 3 was the bottom and the only way is up. Maybe they needed to go there! By playing numbers alone, logic would say they’ll be back at the top table before long.

    Back to Sunday, expect Seamy to start and Mikey Murray to see game time off the bench. Donie to wing back as Edwin suggested, and I think Treacy will start in the hf line. I don’t think there’ll be many other changes, unless PD is fit to come back into the hb line. More confident after Billy’s upbeat assessment, but i still think its a 60:40 chance in our favour, if that. We need to ensure we finish strongly as I think that will be the winning of the game, rather than going for quick start like we did against Galway. We haven’t shown to be too strong at that mind, closing games out not really our forte. Will we have a dry ball? looking that way I think..

  14. If your using someone else’s season ticket for croke park super 8 this weekenf, I’ve be asked to use someone else’s to keep attendance up. Does the season ticket holder still have to buy a ticket, and all your really doing is scanning their ticket on the gate.

  15. Casual observer, the season ticket holder had to buy the ticket and print it themselves

  16. I agree 60 40 in our favour or a bit better than that. The most important change for me is SOS to start so we can compete in the air from the start. His kick passing below par the last day so instructions should be win primary possession and lay it off as well as competing hard with any Meath man near him on the ball. If he tires hopefully the game will have opened up by then. If no natural midfielders bar Aido flood kickouts with tall players like McDonagh and Cillian who might play CHF.

  17. @Casual Observer, -Yes the Season Ticket holder would have to pay separately for his/her Ticket for this Match, in fact every Match after the first round of the Championship (which in our case was considered to be Roscommon)…. We have Only ONE possible opt out in the Championship Season, to use, and then apart from that, Season Ticket take the money from your account, wheather or not you attend the Match….If you have a Match Ticket, and don’t go or get the Ticket scanned, you are still charged for the Ticket….

  18. I’m thinking if we win this game and get a rub of the green with Kerry beating Donegal, then get a rest for 2 weeks, it will give the lads a much needed rest, I think we will be back as serious contenders.
    You know, Kerry gave us a hammering in Kilarney (their home patch) and to be sure, they are rubbing it in. It was an absolute must win for them, a test of of their manhood by many accounts, and they came through.
    So while they bask in the splendor of their win and ‘yerra” us, keep in mind, if we win this weekend, and they win, the final chapter in this story of Mayo and Kerry for this year may not be over just yet.
    But first, lets beat Meath.

  19. Sorry to burst anybody’s bubble here but if we manage to beat Meath (big if)Kerry don’t really have to beat donegal just beat a team (Meath)who are virtually eliminated in their last game

  20. @Tomthumb you bring up a good point…these group matches should be played at same time…but you think Kerry will throw the Donegal match?

  21. Well said Mister Mayor (your 2:09PM post) – fully agree. Kerry are not as good or Mayo not as bad, as that result may suggest. Kerry’s tails are up so will be out to put down another marker against a 2019 peer whilst avoiding a clash with Dublin until final. Mayo by 5, Kerry by 3, but by 1 and 1 will do us just as well. (smiley)

  22. There is very little fact I would go as far as to say none worthwhile whatsoever in Kerry not trying to beat Donegal regardless of our result.

  23. If Kerry get three wins they end top of the group. That would seem to be a big enough incentive for them to try to win on Sunday. They would then presumably avoid Dublin until a Final. Or am I missing something?

    If Kerry and Donegal both end on the same points (Donegal beating Kerry on Sunday and Donegal having beaten Meath/Kerry having beaten Mayo and maybe Kerry beating Meath) it looks like the head to head rule would put Donegal ahead and rank them first in the group. If Donegal win three games that also puts Kerry second. Both would put Kerry in line to play the Dubs in the Semi, which I’d say they’d rather avoid.

    Not sure if I’m rambling here – but it would be nice to know that Kerry have an incentive to win on Sunday.

  24. There is strong rumors that Kerry are going to make lots of changes for this game….because of course they don’t really HAVE to win it unlike last weekend..

  25. Its about building momentum anf having that look of invincibility. No question, kerry will want to win 3 out of 3 and so will Dublin.

  26. Why would Kerry want to go to Meath in the last game needing a win if they could get the job done this weekend. If they beat Donegal..they are through regardless and can do what they want for the last game. They will most defintely want to put down a marker against Donegal the same way they did against us. They will also want to avoid Dublin in a semi…I think it’s nonsense to think they won’t go for the win.

  27. @Tomthumb. I for one don’t really care too much about what rumors are regarding the Kerry Team…If we don’t beat Meath, our interest in the rest of the Championship is purely acedemic. But both Donegal and Kerry have a huge incentive to win the game, the winner, if there is a winner will have the conciderable advantage of being already in the All Ireland Semifinal , without a Do or Die showdown one week before the All Ireland Semifinals….A luxery we in Mayo won’t certainly have… But it would be great for a dramatic Do or Die, Championship Knockout, Quater Final V Donegal in Castlebar on the 3rd of August… After all the travelling the Highway’s and Byway’s of the Summer of 2019, Home Comfort’s would be mightly welcome for once… But we have to beat the Royal’s first!

  28. can anyone tell me if there is a seat on any bus going from claremorris /ballyhaunis aeria i have a match ticket but no transport , with any information please me know or ring 0879009501 . GOOD LUCK MAYO on sunday

  29. how about the train The Sweeper There is Morans and Lyons Coaches going from Ballyhaunis

  30. Might suit Kerry to play Dubs in semi, to catch them somewhat cold or even lukewarm, when Kerry appear to be peaking now or may have already peaked.

  31. does anyone thing Kerry doesn’t want to win and be assured of a spot in the semi’s…if so, cop on now.

  32. The Sweeper

    A bus will be travelling to Croke Park from Garrymore this Sunday for the match Contact Pat on (087) 7674556 to book your place

  33. We’re a far better team than Meath, yet I can’t see us winning on Sunday. I personally think JH went gung-ho for the league this year. Not that he really wanted to win it, but he wanted to get momentum and secure our status early. I think he also was on a mission to improve our home form and targeted the early rounds against Roscommon and Cavan. To achieve all this, I think he had us far fitter than normal in this league campaign, it could be argued that we peaked fitness wise towards the end of the league, which is a stark contrast to the last few years. From ‘13-‘18 we were always leggy and lethargic in the league, our preparation was tailored to peak (fitness wise) in late summer/August. I think the opposite has happend now. I feel JH took Roscommon for granted, and never envisaged we’d be in round 2 of the qualifiers. I’d bet he would have weighed up the resting time between the connacht semi and final as ideal time to recharge batteries, instead we’re now playing our 5th game in 5 weeks!!.

    Couple all that with our horrendous injury list, and its easy to see why we looked a busted flush against Kerry. Theirs only so much a squad can give in a season, I feel we’re now paying the price for peaking in Spring, as the lads just seem out of petrol at this stage. A younger fitter Meath team, with a FF who can cause us serious damage with our lack of defensive system, will be licking their lips. I personally think theirs no way the lads can shake the tiredness we saw in Killarney, in just 7 days.

    I’ll still be there in Croker supporting our boys and will gleefully eat my words if we beat the royals on sunday.

  34. there isnt a single good reason for kerry to throw the game vs donegal, they will be going full tilt to seal topping the group.
    Absolutely mental talk,lol

  35. We could technically make the semi final if we lost to Meath by a point or two.

    Kerry would need to hammer Donegal, beat Meath in the final game and we would have to make up the points difference in our head to head with Donegal.

    Yes I can see Kerry getting the better of Donegal, hopefully, but don’t think they can dish out the required hammering we would need if we come up short against Meath.

  36. I don’t know where these rumours start – or do even start on the site here. But I can guarantee you Kerry will make minimal changes for the Donegal game on Sunday and will go all out to win. If Kerry lose on Sunday and barring a draw in our game – Kerry would then have to go the Navan having to win to guarantee a semi final spot.

  37. Look , we have to beat Meath and that’s all we can influence for now .

    Whatever notion some of ye have about Kerry playing a weakened team , go back to bed for the love of gawd. Kerry would then be heading into the Meath game with only two points on the board , why on earth would they do that . Are ye football men at all I wonder sometimes

  38. I think people are taking this Meath team to be a pushover. They will be anything but. I know Dublin beat them out the gate, but Dublin inhabit a different planet – solar system. Meath will not fear Mayo one iota, or indeed Kerry.

    I noticed in their game v Donegal, that at times, they displayed their traditional ability of bringing it to a dog fight.

    You have been warned…and should they overcome Mayo, I wouldn’t see them lofting hanging balls out to David Moran to field, at his ease or, standing back admiring David Clifford, in Navan.

    There may very well be twists and turns yet..

  39. It’s hard to watch grown men trying to defend a rationale as to why Kerry wouldn’t want to beat Donegal. Here are the main reasons why they would, and hopefully will:
    1. Momentum. They lose and the wheels come straight off.
    2. The psychological component. Nothing beats the feeling of winning.
    3. Strategy (a): If they beat Donegal and we do as well, a major opponent is out.
    4. Strategy (b): if we could squeeze through to the semi we’d be guaranteed to give Dub a game, just what Kerry will want.
    5 . Strategy (c): If we got over Dub, which would be maybe a miracle at this stage, Kerry get the one team that’s left that they’ll want more than the others, because if our perceived weaknesses in finals.
    Finally, bear in mind we have to beat Meath, an improving team. If we lose that one its over for a lot of these great warriors and I for one intend to be in McHale to see them off if that happens to be the case, dead rubber or not.

  40. I’m not a big subscriber to the notion that Donegal are world beaters just yet. Yes they have been impressive in putting away all their opponents in this year’s championship but bar an undercooked Tyrone (aren’t they always at that stage of the year!) who have they beaten to earn the right as Dublin’s most serious threat? Fermanagh. Cavan and Meath. All 3 of those gave Donegal a bit of a game and both Cavan and Meath scored goals on them. I think Kerry will beat them – they’ll be buoyant after beating us and they’ll want to get back to make winning a habit in Croke Park asap as well the incentive of topping the group. Mayo won’t take Meath lightly either and because both played on the same day last week there will be no advantage fitness wise for either. Expect us to make heavy weather of it as usual but our greater nous and experience of do or die matches in the last number of years will stand to us.

  41. Man of Aran, “you have been warned”…you’d swear we all think we’re playing the Kilmeena junior b team. I think we know what we’re up against Sunday. Who are these ppl saying Meath will be a pushover?

  42. I don’t think anyone is taking Meath as a pushover Man of Aran.

    I think they were leading Donegal at the 63 minute mark.

    They gave Dublin as good as they got out the field and were it not for their wayward shooting could have led that game going in at halftime.

    We will be more than satisfied if we come out on top in this one. Of course that and a Kerry win over Donegal. Both hard games to call.

  43. i have 2 Cusack Stand Upper Tier tickets for sale at face value for this Sunday

  44. Btw Kerry getting to the AI as I detailed above is contingent on them beating Don, Meath and the winner of Ros/Cork/Tyrone, so I can’t see any reason why they’d want to start the sequence by losing to Donegal and having to beat Meath for the dubious privilege of the Dubs in the semi.

  45. I think we are all under estimating this Meath team.
    They were very close to Donegal in Ballybofey right up to the bitter end.
    Meath could beat Mayo and Kerry in Navan to get another crack at the Dubs in AI semi Final.
    This group is far from over.

  46. Ok, going out on a limb here..but hell, why not, for the super 8 gives us this possibility.
    We beat Meath and Kerry beat Donegal. We then rest up and recover, then beat Donegel in Castlebar.
    Kerry top our group, we place second.
    Dublin top their group with Tyrone second.
    We face off against the Dubs in a semi final….and beat them, ending all the hype and their quest for 5
    Kerry face Tyrone in the other semi, which they would relish…and beat them….
    Then we face off against Kerry..for the fourth time this year!!! in the biggest match of them all!
    Forget about Revenge for Skibbereen, this would be Revenge for Kilarney!
    There would be no problem getting the lads up for that!
    Lets hope it works out this way.

  47. Meath are a tier two team carriage dubh. If Mayo lose to them it says more about Mayo’s current problems with injuries, fitness etc. than anything about how great Meath are. They are easily the weakest team in the Super 8s. Any team that loses to Meath have no business seeing themselves in the frame as All-Ireland challengers. They barely beat Clare for God’s sake and Offaly should have dumped them out of Leinster. If I was a Mayo player I’d be dying to get stuck into them – we play to our strengths and focus on our own game and we should beat Meath. Nobody here is taking them for granted.

  48. Mister Mayor…you remind me of myself when I’m trying to thinking of best possible scenarios for living. If mister Mayor made dreams we’d all be happy. Come on Mayo. Let’s be there and behind our team ?%…go deo

  49. All safety nets have been removed and we are now where the rubber meets the road. Killarney is now irrelevant. Let’s just beat Meath and see where we are . Hopefully cheering donegal and then looking forward to a fortnights rest and a real all ireland quarter final in castlebar. What an event that would be.

  50. Hope your right Mister Mayor.. I think we’ve all thought of these possibilities but on current form I quickly brush these notions to one side and just focus on the hear and now. That reality could be very quickly dead and buried after Sunday.. buttt for the fun of it the only change I would make to your way of thinking is that Tyrone would beat Kerry and it would be Mayo Tyrone final 🙂

  51. Can Mayo hire BJ padden as a coach . He has an incredible insight into football and tactics and a great perspective and attitude…

  52. Kerry will go all out to put Donegal back in their box like they done to Mayo last week. I have a niggling doubt about Kerry though and that doubt is David Moran lording it in midfield. I think Mayo underperformed but of course there is no guarantee they wont do the same against old rival Meath. Cork like Meath have sunk low but this season will revitalise them and Meath will see Mayo as there for the taking. I think Horan has to plan for an all-out Meath onslaught in first 10-15 minutes. Its a 50/50 game I couldnt call it but I feel Mayo will need Aidan O Shea in better form than last week.

  53. Sean, I may be wrong, but I get the feeling that Mayo supporters are looking towards the Kerry/Donegal tie, naturally hoping for a Kerry victory, while subconsciously feeling – ah, sure our game against Meath will take care of itself..and this mindset can seep through to the players.

    Nobody should need any reminding of Meath’s “football philosophy” and be damned well prepared for it…

    I hope you win and eventually get an opportunity to wipe the smirk off O’Mahony and the rest of the yerrahs..

  54. I don’t know did I actually phone James Horan or was it a dream.

    JH: “Hello”

    Me: “Hello James”

    JH: “Who’s that”?.

    Me: “Just a Mayo fan”.

    JH: “Where did you get my number”?.

    Me: “O’Shea”.

    I thought I heard him giving something a kick.

    JH: “What the buck do yea want” ?.

    Me: “Just wanted to say hello and was wondering if you decided who your going to play Sunday” ?.

    JH:”I don’t decide that. We’re playing Meath”.

    Me: “Yea but what players” ?.

    JH: “I wouldn’t be telling you”.

    Me: “Its just James, they are arguing like buck on the Blog about the goalie”.

    JH: “I have that solved. I’m playing the 2 goalies”.

    Me: “You mean David in the 1st half and Robbie in the 2nd half” ?.

    JH: “No. They are both starting”.

    Me: “How can you start both” ?.

    JH: ” I’ll start who I want dipshit. David will tend the goal. Robbie will take kick outs and get the ball out of the bushes”. 50% want David and 50% want Robbie. If I play them both that means everyone will be happy”.

    Me: ” Well best of luck Sunday James”.

    JH: “Best of luck you Ceothlain and me with 111 players out injured”.

    Me: “Thanks for taking the call”.

    JH: “Which of the O’sheas gave you my number” ?.

    Me: “Aidan”.

    I heard something else getting a kick. Possibly a cat or a dog by the loud yelp.

    JH: “Don’t ever ring here again”.

    All in all I was happy how the call went.

    I’ll know Sunday if it was a dream or not.

  55. I very much doubt whatever the mindset of the supporters I saps tgrough to the players. As far as that goes I dont see many on here thinking the game at the weekend is sure thing.

  56. @Walter Its by no means a sure thing …Meath are mean and they will bring it…but we also have scores to settle with we better bring it too.

  57. Don’t think we will take them for granted but we have to expect to beat Meath or we are as well off out of it
    We are a croke park team, with all the experience we have and with Meath been a bit green at this level I think we will win

  58. Due to unforseen circumstances i cant go to the game i have 2 Cusack Upper Level tickets for sale at face value

  59. For the sake of the season, we are in a must win situation, defeat here would signal not only an end to super 8 chances, but in all likelihood would be the last game in CP for some of our long serving stars. While it would be great to go out on final day, it would be disappointing for them to lose to Meath, an improving team but still only promoted this year.
    In addition, it would call into question the success of some of the recent additions, winning a tight game a week after a disappointing performance would reflect well on all concerned. Lets at least bring it to the final week, it is within our control but really needs players and management to step up.

  60. Barrett and Mc Loughlin on the bench! At least we will have a strong bench if that team starts.

  61. Jason Doherty has been a great servant but he’s off form he’d benefit from a rest I’m disappointed he’s starting

  62. @Chris Kelly, I watched your two Youtube clips of that 1988 semi v Meath, brought back good memories for me ( we were innocent back then ) that football was agricultural ( to use a Rugby commentators phrase ), the very tight shorts, does not resemble today’s game, catch and kick and hope for the best, very little points taken from play outside the 21 yard line, the manager also acted as the Doctor and the Physio, the stretcher men were like something you would see in a paliamilitary parade with their black Berets ( my Geography teacher in St Colman’s and I would spend the first few minutes of each class talking about the problems of Mayo football, with the other 20 lads in the class all listening to the two of us, he would always maintain that the Mayo lads could not score a point from 40 yards out from the goal, his brother won an All Ireland with Galway, how right he was ). No such thing as strength and conditioning, the physique of the the 1988 player was much different that todays, not as much power back then.
    There was huge excitement for use lads at the time, just finished the Leaving Cert, Euro 88 fever was in full swing that summer, after the game, we slowly made our way back to Claremorris, our neighbour ( the driver ) wanted to stop off halfway and watch the Sunday Game and we finished up in Eyecatchers Niteclub ( as was the norm after big Mayo games back then ). We were big football guys back then but the trip to Croker was better than a day in the bog or helping a neighbour with making silage or with the hay, we did’nt mind the work and were glad to get the few quid.
    Jesus the free taking was poor ( from Mayo ), I hope the current Mayo players see that old match, and Martin Carney now gives out about the current players when commentating for Midwest Radio.
    I don’t football is as enjoyable for the players now as it was back then, too much emphasis now on safety play, tactics and limiting errors.
    TJ Killgallon was Mayo’s best player that day ( Jimmy Browne was a great corner back also but 1989 was a better year for him in the Mayo jersey, one or two defenders seemed to get injured in nearly game they played for Mayo back then.
    I actually marked one of the forwards in the 2nd half when our club played his club in a league game in 1991, I remember cleaning him out that day, he did’nt get the ball never mind a score.
    Back then we did’nt really expect to win an All Ireland final or semi final, but were glad to be there, but how expectations have now changed.
    This Sunday I will be in Croker again v Meath in the hope that we may get further, I may be 31 years older but the desire is stronger ( I often wonder what happens when Mayo finally win one, will we all loose our passion for the game ).
    1989 was even better supporting Mayo, with the excitement of the few draws in Connacht, the Tyrone semi final win and our first night spent in Dublin on the eve of the final v Cork. I think we actually went to mass in Phibsboro on that Sunday morning of the final ( ya we were all innocent back then ).
    The pub crawl following the team around the County for a few days after that final loss, the Beaten Path to name but a few.
    I had a dream to Revellino earlier thas year, it was Mayo accepting the Sam Maguire, 2 players, I wonder was this the league final I was dreaming about and got the Cups cross wired.

  63. Absolutely fuming if Carr is not starting , we cannot keep dropping newbies after one bad one , happens Loftus too 2017 -18 . They need a fooking run

  64. That’s a real shake up of a team! Glad to see the positional changes. That’s some half back line! I hope Andy gets a chance at some stage. He looked good when he came in against Kerry.

    That’s two out of three taken out of the full back line for a break.
    I wonder how the move to 11 will affect Aidan’s game. All in all, I’m really glad to see so many switches around. Rejuvenation is excellent for us, I think, going in to this game.

  65. That was a great dream you had Mayo88. We’ll keep dreaming and see what happens.

    It’s good to laugh Swallow Swoops. I hope you get to have a laugh each and every day.

  66. Dreams and laughs – that’s a good combination, Revellino! Thank you!

  67. Interesting team, not sure that it will have Meath quaking in their boots but needed to be refreshed. Lets see who starts and where, bottom line, whoever plays needs to step up and lay down a marker.

  68. Big changes to the team. Barrett makes way for his clubman O’Donoghue. Coen named in the corner and Higgins moves out to the half back line. Seamie O’Shea and Vaughan named at midfield.

    Aidan stationed on the 40!!

  69. O’Sheas will be midfield and Vaughan will play half back. Higgins will either move to half forward or play as sweeper. Great decision to hold Carr back as takes the pressure off him. He’ll play better when the game opens up more

  70. Good one Rev. It put me thinking about a silly idea I had a while ago. When I was playing it was the time of the heavy ball – the wetter the day, the heavier the ball. We had a great shotstopper who couldn’t kick the thing 20 yards, so our FB took all the kickouts. He could send it 60 yards or short as required. Is that a possibility here (I know CB can kick a dead ball), or am I raving after these couple of drinks I’m after having?

  71. Mayo88…ah great memories there! Loved 1989. The build up..the songs, etc. The night before in Dublin and staying in Drumcondra. Had completely forgot about the “tour’ after final. The thousands at knock airport. Shop fronts all done up in green and red. I remember us hitching to mchale park to a training session and everyone wanting to meet Willie Joe! Heady days. Oh the nostalgia. Simple but great times. Oh to be young again!

  72. From RTE Sport

    Mayo have made three changes to their team following the 10-point loss to Kerry in Killarney last week, though goalkeeper David Clarke retains his place in goal from Rob Hennelly.

    Seamus O’Shea, Eoin O’Donoghue and Ciaran Treacy all come into the side with Chris Barrett, Kevin McLoughlin and James Carr making way.

    O’Shea slots in at midfield with Aidan O’Shea advancing to the half-forward line in place of McLoughlin. O’Donoghue, from Belmullet, is a straight swap for Barrett, while Treacy is named at wing forward with Jason Doherty moving into the corner instead of the deposed Carr.

    Mayo have not beaten Meath in summer since the 1951 All-Ireland final and defeat for James Horan’s side would likely hasten their exit from the championship.

    Meanwhile, James O’Donoghue is the notable absentee from the Kerry team named for their clash with Donegal on Sunday. The Killarney Legion player is believed to have picked up an ankle injury during the comfortable 1-22 to 0-15 defeat of Mayo last Sunday, and Graham O’Sullivan is named in his place. The only other change sees Jack Sherwood come in for Shane Enright.

    Mayo: David Clarke; Stephen Coen, Brendan Harrison, Eoin O’Donoghue; Lee Keegan, Colm Boyle, Keith Higgins; Donal Vaughan, Seamus O’Shea; Fionn McDonagh, Aidan O’Shea, Ciaran Treacy; Cillian O’Connor, Darren Coen, Jason Doherty.

  73. @Sean I agree…Carr must start…
    And I would have Donnie and DOC sit this one out, at least for a while. Great to see Seamie, Tracey and O’Donoghue named…I cant imagine Aido not playing in center filed alongside Seamie, with Donnie to sit, I’ll guess we’ just have to wait and see.

  74. So I see Keith Higgins is moved out to the half back line for a ‘rest ‘..!what kinda rest is that..don’t know what plunkett ever did wrong this year compared to some players who seem undropable also I feel sorry for James Carr…knowing management he probably won’t even be on the subs

  75. Well I’ll say one thing, it’s difficult to see how that team will set up. Coen could go to the half back line and Keith to full back line. Aiden could come back to midfield, donie could start midfield or drop back, doc could play in the corner of drop back and there could be changes on the day!!!

  76. Billy Joe’s analysis on the podcast is intriguing listening. The man talks a lot of sense.

  77. Think keith will be sweeper donie will slip in to wing,aidan mids and doc at CH.
    Darren and cillian two man FF line.
    Id rather see carr coming on later than starting can use his blinding pace when bodies tire.S coen is such a vertisle player which is priceless on any team with so much injuries yet alot cant see this.

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