Meath review – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E33

One home win stands between Mayo and a place in the All-Ireland semi-finals after Sunday’s action in Croke Park. It was far from a straightforward afternoon but Mayo’s nine-point victory over Meath, combined with a draw between Donegal and Kerry, leaves James Horan’s side right in contention ahead of their Phase 3 clash with the Ulster champions in two weeks time. 

In this latest episode of the Mayo News football podcast, host Rob Murphy is joined by Ger Flanagan and Billy Joe Padden of the Mayo News to review a frenetic day of events. They start with the overview before we go into the in-match highlights recorded by Rob and Ger. 

Once done, we hear post-game audio from James Horan, Cillian O’Connor and Andy McEntee. 

From there it’s the analysis section, first up our own Mike Finnerty and then it’s GAA Hour podcast presenter Colm Parkinson before Malachy Clerkin of the Irish Times gives us his thoughts on the contest. 

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64 thoughts on “Meath review – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E33

  1. Good job on the podcast, its unusual to hear Mike Finnerty so critical but I must say I agree with his take. However, as BJP said, the intensity Mayo brought in the final 15-20 mins was really positive and a glimpe of what we can bring to a do or die match.
    Also, really enjoyed Wooly’s commentary, I listen to his GAA Hour podcasts every week, he can be a funny fella.

  2. The last 15 minutes was was much a Meath collapse as mayo driving on. Kevin McLoughlin had a bit of luck, having dropped the ball to get a second bite, and the penalty was silly indiscipline from Meath goalkeeper. First half we were torn apart up the centre by a very mediocre Meath team.
    So we have to leave that kind of form way behind us.
    Are we capable, I think so, but it will be going all the way to the wire….

  3. I felt EOD done a great man marking job when he came on and cut out a lot of their threat he also has good pace .Moran was the main difference jaysus he is some man for his age sharp physically and mentally. Boland, McDonagh, and Boyler were very impressive and Carr had good impact when he came on .
    Is it me or is horan more bullish in his post match interviews for his second time at the helm?

  4. Sounds to me like Horan is still a bit p*ssed off from when the podcast (and this blog) suggested it was his training methods which were to blame for Ruane and DOC’s broken bones. Still a bit narky with Mayo News!

  5. Is it unrealistic to say that Ger Caff can still a job? He’s a speciality full back..

  6. Hard to blame him on that one, Aiden O Brien has had the best thoroughbreds break down on the gallops.
    I think he feels mayo are better than their performances, that they are showing more ability in training than they are in games.
    It’s showtime in Castlebar, the super 8s bandwagon moves to McHale.
    I think Horan is quietly confident that when the stakes are at their highest, Mayo will put their best foot forward.
    Not to be missed, that’s for sure …

  7. @ Ontheditch Do you not think McLoughlin dropped the ball deliberately because he knew he was going to be blocked?

  8. I have looked at Mcloughlin goal a few times and have to agree it was intentional. I could not see any infringement and bar a lapse in concentration he anticipated contact .

  9. Mayo beat Meath for first time in championship since 1951
    On same day Open golf championship concludes in Portrush – first since 1951
    On same day an Offaly man with Mayo connections (Uncle Sean played for Mayo and gave him his first golf encouragement in Crossmolina), wins Open.

    Just sayin like…

  10. It is irresponsible and foolhardy to suggest T Parsons be introduced against Donegal. Consider the man’s health , welfare and future and forget about him for this year.
    Use him as a psychological ploy by all means but let that be that.

    Logic says we haven’t a chance against Donegal. They are fit, fresh and playing great football. They drew with Kerry who destroyed us.
    But we don’t do logic.
    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we beat them.

    “What then cried Plato’s ghost, what then?” You never know.

  11. I mean, Donegal experienced some difficulty against Meath too and only won the game (by the same margin as us) when they emptied their bench. Meath are not a shabby outfit.

    That all said, it was a very flat performance in places and we will need to find another gear for Donegal. Rochford has, I’m sure, let them in on a few state secrets and I expect David Clarke to be under some pressure from his restarts. This is a big problem area for us going forward. We need to come up with some kind of strategy. The whole country and its mother knows his shortcomings now. I hope over the next couple of weeks some time is dedicated to trying to come up with a plan for this.

    Getting injured players back will be key also. We need Paddy’s pace back in the team. Aidan looks like he needs a break as well.

    Expect Michael Murphy to try and run the show in this match. Don’t know who we put on him, but keeping him at an arms length would go a long way to improving our chances. Ryan McHugh will have to be reined in too.

  12. I definetly think McLoughlins “drop” was intentional and pretty clever. I was right over it so good view.
    The 2 weeks are a big help to us.
    Rochford gives them the advantage though

  13. Main problem with our long kickouts lies with our midfielders & half forwards – we have absolutely no strategy or plan – everybody jumps to try & catch the ball resulting in broken ball falling far too often into grateful arms of opposition.

    We need a proper system with one designated player either jumping to catch the ball or preferably palming the ball down to half backs who can then move the ball swiftly upfield. There simply must be players under the breaking ball. Its too easy to blame kickout for our failure to win a reasonable amount of our own ball.It makes absolutely no sense to see 3 Mayo players jumping to catch the same ball with nobody on the ground to win the breaking ball.

    We were really poor in this area yesterday & Horan needs to address this problem urgently so that players understand their role

  14. Solving our restarts is the key. How? Hennelly is an obvious solution but then there is the niggling doubt about him for other reasons. It may boil down to going with Hennelly and risking a possible melt down in the goals versus another poor return with Clarke’s restarts. Not that I blame David at all. It is simply that we are missing a few potential ball winners – Parsons, O Connor and Ruane – that would make Clarke’s job a lot easier.
    We all seem to assume that David Clarke cannot kick the ball long with a reasonably low trajectory. Why not? I know he’s 36 ish but surely a bit of quality coaching could develop this particular technique. He only needs it when forced to go long. And if he could pile drive a couple of early 70m ones the high press by Donegal might cease. I know very little about the techniques of kicking a dead ball but surely using a high tee is nearly guaranteed to result in a high lobby ball. Why not use one that barely sets the ball above the sod. As well we were taught way back that you place the ball with the writing (O Neill All Ireland) facing you. You always kept your eye on the ‘I’ to make consistent contact with the ball. We were also taught to rotate the ball slightly when placing it depending on whether we needed height or a low trajectory, for instance kicking against the wind.
    Surely a decent kicking coach could manage this with a player of the calibration of Clarke.
    The golfers of all ages change their technique all the time. It’s not such a big deal but it really could be a deal maker or breaker against Donegal.

  15. Horan is p****d off allright and more bullish
    But I doubt it’s from this blog or anyone connected to it I think Mike Finnerty called it as he saw it and I agree with him we were very poor but we did enough to win and it’s always sweet to beat Meath. Donegal will be a different kettle of fish altogether but Galway Kildare Armagh Monaghan etc would love to be in our position and would give them a right rattle. We’re playing football in August one game away from a semi final not bad for a team that are “finished” and has no “marquee forwards” and are “wide open at the back” you can bet your bottom dollar as J Streicher might say that Mayo will throw everything at Donegal and it might just be enough

  16. @Diehard I completely agree with you wrt Clark’s kicking technique and coaching. Its hard to believe that we are where we are and we still have this vulnerability, that doesn’t seem to have been addressed by the kicking coaches. Wrt to the T, I’ve mentioned this before, if he persists with using a T resembling Croagh Patrick then the ball will likely have a high looping trajectory.
    Contrast that to the T that Cluxton uses, much lower and probably has some science behind it, for Dublin dont leave anything to chance.
    This is a real problem folks. Combine this with our injuries and the Rochford X factor, the odds are against us, big time.

  17. mayo are going into this game as big underdogs ad rightly so. Our performances in the last few weeks have been indifferent. we were very poor against Kerry, and only average against Meath. but we did what we had to do and after 5 tough weeks o the road are one game away from a semi final appearance while our esteemed Connacht champions exited with little more than a whimper. The 2 week break now will do the team the world of good. and hopefully our injury concerns might have eased off a bit for the next day. we need every available member for the challenge. this team will not go down without a serious fight. you can be sure of that one. A Saturday evening championship game in August in front of a sell out crowd in Mchale park. Its what its all about and this team always play their best when its all on the line. Believe.

  18. Correction…….”a player of the calibre of Clarke”. He hardly need ‘calibration’ just yet!

  19. Think Mayo in best possible position. If we had won Connacht we would be heading to Cork in a fortnight needing a win at best to make Semis after coming off a drubbing from the Dubs. Instead were coming off the back of a win with a home game against Donegal. I know which I’d pick.

  20. A lot of talk all year bout the tight confines of mac hale not suiting our lads. I wonder have people changed their minds with donegal on the horizon? I actually think it will suit us for this one especially with some of our lads not fully fit. Add a full house of mainly home support and maybe just maybe we can produce a shock on the day.

  21. It would be mighty to get the win against Donegal.

    One more scalp for our mighty players.
    Another dressing table knocked over and flithered before, (maybe), some of them leave the field of dreams and fade away into another chapter of their lives that they all so richly deserve.

    They might leave the pitch and the ball and the boots behind, but they will never leave the memory.

    Whether they win lose or draw in 2 weeks time, I will remember this team for as long as I live.

    I’ll be with them again next year. A new face here and a new player there.

    I have a life time contract with these lads,
    That jersey,
    And our flag.

    Tattoos of the heart can never be wiped away.

    Long live our mighty footballers.

  22. How many of the kickout experts on this blog ever played in midfield?
    Cluxton has changed the kickout forever, there are many ways to kickout a ball, this is exactly what the Dubs do,
    1, The short safe kickout on the ground just outside the 20 metre line, the player collects the ball, then gives it back to Cluxton, who then gives a short punt pass to a lone player and so the attack builds up, this is made simpler because the opponents all run into their own half of the pitch as instructed by their manager that is afraid of his shite to take them on, thus giving the Dubs time on the ball to pull their opponents left to right while a hole appears, even allowing the corner backs to score.

    2, The long kick about 15 yards to the left or right of Fenton, the space is created by the middle players making dummy runs, this is hard to counteract as Fenton has serious speed.

    4, The kickout right to either touchline, the Dubs must train on a pitch that is wider than Croker, they make use of every square metre of the pitch.

    The best way for spectators to see a goalie’s kickout is from the Davin stand or the Hill. From my position in section 315 I thought Clarke did well in the 1st half, some of his kicks were of a low tragectory type, but his intinded target was rooted to the spot under the Hogan stand and the meath man made a move and caught it, this is no fault of Clarke.
    I was confident that Clarke was well able to deal with those two high dangerous balls that came down on top of the square as they came in.

    There is only one way to beat the Dubs, get ahead and stay ahead, take them on for their kickouts, ball carriers in all positions of the pitch and the high diagonal right into the edge of the square, half backs need to take the odd gamble, leave their men and assist with wining the ball from the kickouts.

  23. Would man mark Murphy with Paddy Durcan and Mchugh with Keegan.

    If DOC fit i would play AOS on the edge of the Square for the first 25 i think that Donegal defence could leak goals if a team went direct at them

  24. I think the Rochford factor can work to our advantage.

    Seeing him in the opposition dugout so soon after being Mayo manager should act as a real motivator for the players. I am certain that they will not want to lose to him under any circumstances

  25. Up MAYO, I’m sure Tom’s decision to return to play this year will be Tom’s, his medical rehab team, and JH mgmt.
    You can be sure above all else they are not going to take risks with his health.
    JH has said he’s very close and he’s training.
    That is all positive for Tom himself, and no one I’m sure is being irresponsible or foolhardy as you put it when it comes to T Parson’s or any team player’s health.
    If it’s this year or next year it will always be a joy to see him return playing for his county again.

  26. Clarke must speed up his kickouts. Keegan must mark murphy. bring Andy on at half time. We can do it. Now would someone confirm to me before I go off my rocker……they didn’t play the anthem before our game yesterday ….right? Why?up mayo

  27. Michael – thats what always happens it’s played before the second game always for a double header.

  28. By the way the Croker steward with the beard wasn’t on duty on Sunday in front of the Davin stand on the Cusack stand side, he seems to appear only for the Dublin games.
    He is the guy that throws a ball onto the pitch while the goalie is trying to take a quick kickout, I’m looking forward to meeting him for the inevitable Mayo v Dubs game to come this year.

  29. This debate about Clarke and Hennelly is head wrecking. Its going on for ages now and it’s the same points made all the time maybe true but Clarke is in Goal and we are still in the Super 8s .How many goals has he stopped all ready .Anyway this craic about the low trajectory makes me giggle a bit .Providing Clarke has not kicked out the ball straight down the throat of the opposition that we have set up correctly around mid field with lads ready for breaking ball we should still have at least 50/50 odds of winning the ball regardless of what time of night Clarke’s kick out arrives back down .I will take those odds all day over a short hesitant kick out with high press .So as an under age coach used to say to me “Drive the fucking ball out the field” .
    On Donegal , 2 key men for them have to be left in no uncertain terms that they will not be getting the run of McHale park .Murphy and McHugh has to be kept quiet .

  30. Thanks just a thought. Never noticed that before. I’d normally have a few pints before a game but not so yesterday. Lesson learnt

  31. The narrative regarding the two week break being good for the players will only be so if they actually do get a break. My read of Horan’s answers to media questions was that they were having more than one session per week in between all these gruelling games. Maybe that has not been the case but to contrast to Rochford’s time when a couple of players had commented on the fact that they generally had just one session in between weekly qualifier games in ’16 / ’17 to help minimise fatigue. Let’s just hope lads do get adequate time to rest and recuperate in the relatively short space of time to the Donegal game.

  32. Many see Rochford as an advantage for Donegal because he’ll have the inside track on all the Mayo player’s strengths and weaknesses. That could work both ways as there are plenty of Mayo players who know how he sets up chapter and verse too. Based on form (and what we saw yesterday) Donegal should win handy – they are sharp, young athletic and confident. Mayo are over the hill, tired, in transition and written off. That makes us incredibly dangerous because as Donegal collect all the plaudits they are being cheer led all the way to castlebar to a potential ambush!

  33. Mairead, apologies if I disturbed you in any way, but there are several posters on here advocating Tom’s return.
    I didn’t intend at all to put James and the medical team in that group.
    The player’s welfare is my concern, yours and theirs too I know.
    All the best and
    Up Mayo.

  34. We drifted slightly to 13/8 with PP. That does not make us rank outsiders. A good fitness report on injured players would change all that.
    Murphy drifts around the field, maybe he should be picked up by different players depending on his location. Then AOS did a good job on Donaghy. Negate Murphy and we’re halfway there, but he is outstanding player. Ryan McHugh superb as well…

  35. Just rewatched.

    Clarke saves a 1 v 1, deals with 4 high balls, and hit 17/21 kickouts. A completion of 81%. Aside from this, he had 2 possessions in open play, dealt with routinely, one leads to a score.

    I would be happy to index those plays.

    Not bad for a “liability”.

  36. Did some stats on Boyler too. They are as follows :

    He did everything right. He’s f**King class!

  37. Just out of curiosity as I’m not a great man for rules… would it be possible for a short kick out to be kicked/chipped straight back to keeper without picking or catching the ball… Lee was almost caught badly yesterday and I felt he could have simply chipped it back to keeper. But I know it’s dicing with danger… might score a bloody og!! But we’re living precariously in any event…
    I’m open to lambasting… I can take it!!
    Maybe it’s just as well I’m not the manager
    Hup Mayo…. Maigheo go deo

  38. @MayoMark what are the stats versus a top team like Kerry? Im not been argumentative here, just pointing out that its not realistic using Meath as an opposition, they are way, way behind a top team like Kerry and Donegal.
    And this is not to criticize Clark at all…give a choice he’s my number 1 starter, for even with some dodgy KO’s he still gives us the best chance to win. But the fact remains, we will be pressed by Donegal, for it is a weakness that they will exploit. Lamping it out the filed and hoping for a 50/50 isn’t good enough against the top contenders, imo. We’re better than that, hell, he’s better than that.

  39. @AxelM, that’s a very clever idea, for a player to kinda soccer pass the ball back to the goalie without even getting the ball into his hand, a back pass from a kickout, they would surely eat up game time doing this and then the quick long one to catch out the angry Dubs, then the goalie is sure to hit a loose player making a quick run about 50 or 60 yards away.
    Here is another novel idea, I wonder did Clarke every play much in midfield or in around full forward, play both Clarke and Hennelly, with Clarke dropping out to midfield to take Hennelly’s monster of a 70 or 80 yard drive.
    This would surely cause panic even for the Dubs.
    As mad as that sounds it will be something new that will beat the Dubs, need to bring the game to them.

  40. Mister Mayor, I did stats tonight because of the response from a number of people on the performance v Meath. I haven’t looked at the kerry game again.

  41. ‘Dublin would brutalize Clarke’s kickout’ according to Malachy Clerkin. And people still wonder why Rochford picked Robbie in the 16 replay.

  42. What did Dublin do to our kickouts that day Brendan? Worked out well alright.

    Kickouts were 100% accurate after Clarke came on that day, actually.

  43. Mayo will have to come up with a plan to beat Donegal in McHale Park. I think They should play Coleman full back and Croe or Harrison on Micheal Murphy. Carr, Loftus, Treacy on from the start, as we need a lot of energy and physicality to beat this team.

    Ryan MacHugh will be a big threat. We can’t give away any frees away close to the goal as Donegal have McBrearty or Murphy to tap over the bar. We need to foul them on the break like Kerry as Donegal are a very good team on the break. They can take any chances the get.

  44. James Horan and his Managnent Team pick the Goalkeeper…In my Opinion, Donegal will at times push up on whichever of our Goalkeeper’s is picked to start during spell’s in our forthcoming Knockout Quater Final. So we need to work on some restart Cheorography, … Some Play’s not already from the Stephen Rochford playbook..Almost certainly the biggest game for Mayo played in McHale Park this century… I don’t believe that to date in this year’s Championship we would have any chance against any of the other other four left in the race for Sam…. But we are still alive in this race, playing in Castlebar, and concidering the extent of the setback by the Roscommon defeat, the catalog of Injurys, the really tough draw’s we got in the qualifers and so many?games away from home… We have really done very well, (even if we didn’t play very well consistently) to be in with the chance that we have…. Hopefully some of our injured Player’s will be fit enough to play, Some who are injured but still have carried on playing, hopefully will be coming back to full fitness after this small but welcome break… For us to have a fighting chance, what happens between now and the Saturday 3rd August is of Paramount importance… I watched the whole Match again tonight on TV.. you get a different perspective from the TV in comparison to being there in the Cusack Stand…. Clarke’s kickouts were much better than my perception from being at the Match, but AOS had a very very quiet second half, good job that we had SOS to do so much of the hard graft…. But AOS looks to be suffering from the effect’s of some or other setback, ditto Lee Keegan….If we get everyone as fit as possible, we are in with a great chance….

  45. Fair enough Mark…I think in the Kerry match it was a game of two contrasting halves. We did atrocious in the first half, but without doing a deep dive, instinct tells me we probably broke somewhat even in the second half of that match. Seamie’s introduction at half time gave us some manpower in the middle along with a more aggressive stance against Kerry. As a result we lost the second half by a point.

    @Leantimes, I agree Aido looks off as does Leeroy. Both looked ponderous and as much as I hate to say it, late in the game, almost gave Meath opportunities to get back into the game, when we had just put it to bed. We tend to do this and I’m not sure why! Perhaps its lack of concentration,. fatigue…..but we dont see players like Michael Murphy do this. Just look at what Murphy did to tie the match with Kerry!

  46. Mister Mayor

    Murphy hasn’t played 5 weeks in a row.
    he also missed a free on front of the posts in 1st half

  47. Lads referencing the Kerry game as an exemplar of Clarke’s supposedly poor kickouts, seemingly as a result of David Moran taking those four marks. I remember David Moran securing almost 40 possessions against us in that infamous tie down in Limerick. Who was in goal that day? One Robbie Hennelly.

    Superior kickout my jacksy.

  48. Great point there It means nothing to me about Moran in Limerick. Hadn’t thought of that.

    Alot talking about fixing the goalie and kick out.

    Fix the other end, ie where the kick out arrives.

    Surely we’re big and athletic enough to break the ball from been caught clean. You don’t need to get as much elevation just to get the fist on the ball.

    I wouldn’t try any short kick outs. Certainly not straight out in front of the goal.

    I think we should bring 2 forwards in to the midfield area for all kickouts. K Mc and someone else nippy enough to get their paws on breaking ball.

    If we do not win the kickout I think the 2 forwards brought in around midfield to get breaking ball should drift back to the half back line to block the running channels. Slow Donegal down, make them recycle the ball and make them earn every score.

  49. Agreed. Clarke is one element of the kickout conundrum, but the other part is movement out the field.

    I think losing Paddy Durcan and DOC is huge in terms of losing an option for variation of the kickouts and winning breaking. Add in K McLoughlin’s deployment further up the field to this too, as well as niggling injuries to the likes of AOS and J Doc.

    Posters here suggesting that Rob is a panacea to this issue are IMO very mistaken.

    Don’t forget also that if Clarke had not produced big saves against Armagh, Galway and Meath, we wouldn’t be having any discussion here today.

  50. Kerry wasn’t the only game that Clarke’s kickouts have been horrible. They were terrible in the Meath game as well and we were lucky that the Meath weren’t really able to do much to turn into their advantage. Kickouts of that style again, and Donegal will make hay. I also am concerned that our full back line doesn’t have confidence in his short kickouts.

  51. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit MayoMark!
    I’m not saying the Hennelly decision didn’t backfire. It absolutely did.
    My point is that Rochford had every right to believe selecting Hennelly was right for the team.
    Hindsight is great.

  52. Dreamy, I refer you to Clarke’s 81% conversion rate on Sunday. Far from horrible.

    Brendan, I don’t know any serious Mayo followers who didn’t have the foresight to see what would happen in 2016.

  53. When the decision to replace Clarke with Hennelly was announced on the Sunday Game before the 2016 final, myself and a few relatives were in a pub near Croke Park. Michael Lyster broke the news and we all gulped.

    What transpired that day was regettably not an isolated incident. RH lost his place a few months earlier following a botched kickout against Galway which led to Tom Flynn goaling for them, which swung the momentum in their favour at a late stage of the game.

    I think of many such incidents over the years- the Dublin semi-final in 2015, Dublin replay 2016, Roscommon this year. The notion that Hennelly’s kickouts are superior is a myth; I can’t remember Clarke ever being picked off for a goal straight off his restart. A few points, sure.

    Fellas are jumping on Clarke for the Kerry game but are ignoring that Robbie got picked off by David Moran for 40 possessions back in 2014.

    I’d love to crunch the numbers since 2011, but I have a feeling that Mayo have a better win average and concede less goals on average when Clarke is manning the net for us.

  54. I’ve no doubt plenty many people gulped and feared the worst when Hennelly was announced. But plenty thought there was a solid thought process behind picking Hennelly also – that Hennelly had potential to help get us get more scores due to what he can do with his long kickouts (it was all about small margins). Dublin had got some good change out of Clarke’s kickouts at the tail end of the drawn game when they squeezed up on it so that would also was in peoples thoughts as well as the fact that Hennelly was an experienced keeper who played well in a final against Dublin previously.
    For the next game there have to be doubts that Donegal will do damage on Clarke’s kickouts (because of what we saw against Kerry) but overall I think he is the number 1 and will start. Mayo will have a better plan in place (than in the Kerry game) to win possession off his long kick outs I’m sure. His shot stopping and ability under the high ball are top notch.

  55. There was no solid thought process behind that decision.

    Hennelly bungled a high ball into his square back in the 2013 final, one that could have been dealt with by Ger Cafferkey. This allowed Bernard Brogan to nip in for a goal in a game we had been dominating. We lost by a point.

    I can’t remember Clarke ever conceding a goal like that.

    As I said, as iffy as some of Clarke’s kickouts can be, he has only ever been picked off for points from them.

    Hennelly has leaked goals on a fairly consistent basis from his restarts.

    I like Stephen Rochford and I think he did a lot for Mayo football. I believe he was very badly treated by the Mayo County Board.

    Hell, he may even come back to haunt us in the next round of the Super 8s.

    But to suggest that THAT decision in 2016 won’t be viewed as a spectacular mistake that cost us Sam is to stretch revisionism to breaking point.

  56. As I said above, the decision backfired completely. And I certainly never suggested it won’t be viewed as a spectacular mistake. I do think though that there was a solid thought process and reasoning for the call so I guess I’ll agree to disagree with you 🙂

  57. You know this Goalkeeper debate… James Horan will pick the Goalkeeper, We are NOW in the Storm of Championship Knockout, We have now to Support whoever is selected to play in every position, from 1 to 26…..All in this together!

  58. other poster makes reference to 13

    For me that was the worst blunder that was a game we really should have won.not saying all RH fault we lost,there were some serious tactical errors like going all out offence for the entire 70.

    ppl on about Clarke’s kick outs being targeted but if Hennelly in Goal he will be targeted with high ball into the square with MM on the end of them

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