Mega match week ahead

This piece was updated to include details of Friday’s Connacht Minor Championship match between Mayo and Roscommon and fixture details for the Mayo/Armagh Rackard Cup tie on Saturday.

The week that has just started is set to be a busy one for a number of Mayo teams. There are seven Championship encounters involving Mayo teams down for decision between now and Sunday.

Full fixture details haven’t been confirmed as yet for all of these matches. It’s still worthwhile, though, from an overview perspective to give them all a mention so you have a broad outline of the week’s on-field agenda.

First up are the U20 footballers, whose Connacht final meeting with Roscommon has been confirmed for MacHale Park in Castlebar on Wednesday evening. Throw-in for this provincial decider is 7.30pm and the match is being broadcast live on TG4, with full live match commentary as well on Midwest Radio.

While most of us will be content to take this one in from the couch some of you would, no doubt, prefer to be there. If so, you’ll be interested to know that Connacht GAA announced the other day that a very limited number of tickets will go on sale this morning at 10am. Details on that are here.

Next, the county’s Minor footballers are in Connacht Championship action on Friday evening. Roscommon provide the opposition in what is a provincial quarter-final tie – a straight knockout one at that – and the match is being played at Dr Hyde Park. Throw-in time on Friday evening is 7pm and a limited number of tickets for the game will go on sale tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10am – details here.

Onto Saturday where at least one and possibly up to three matches involving the county could be taking place.

The one match that has been confirmed for definite is the LGFA Group 1 Round 3 meeting with Armagh. That game has been fixed for Breffni Park in Cavan at 2pm and it’ll be streamed live on the excellent LGFA/TG4 Player.

While both teams are already through to the knock-out stages, the winners of this one will top Group 1 and so will get a more favourable quarter-final draw, which means there’s still a good bit of stake in Saturday’s game.

The three matches for which details haven’t been confirmed all relate to the small ball.

The county’s hurlers are also set to face Armagh at the weekend, though in their case this is in the semi-final of the Rackard Cup. That game will be played either on Saturday or Sunday and there’s no word yet where or at what time it’ll be on.

UPDATE: This match has now been confirmed for Saturday at 1.30pm and the venue is Seán Mac Diarmada Park in Carrick-on-Shannon.

The same goes for the county’s camogie team, who return to Championship action after a long hiatus this weekend. They’re playing in the Nancy Murray Cup and are set to face Donegal in Round 1 either on Saturday or Sunday.

The Minor camogie team are also in action, with a first round Championship game against Tyrone down for decision on Sunday. The venue and throw-in time for that has also to be confirmed.

A quick shout-out, by the way, for the county’s U16 camogie team who contested the All-Ireland final yesterday. They lost out to Wicklow in the decider but they did hugely well to make it to the national decider after what was a great campaign for them. More on that on the Mayo camogie website – here.

Then on Sunday it’s the Connacht SFC final. The venue is Croke Park, the throw-in time is 1.30pm and the match will be broadcast live on RTÉ, with the national station also providing match commentary on radio, as will Midwest.

Tickets are already being distributed to clubs and, as a result, we know that they’re priced at €35 a head, with no concessions. Tickets are also set to go on general sale today but I’m afraid that’s as much as I know on that at the minute.

So there’s the rough outline of the week’s action that lies ahead. More details on all these games will be filled in over the coming days.

45 thoughts on “Mega match week ahead

  1. Am I the only one that finds it mad that there is still no indication of what time tickets are on sale on the day they are supposed to be for sale?The lack of information is poor.

  2. There obviously a reason, that do this type of stuff by chance, I thought it was today

  3. It’s crazy Conor, I wouldn’t be surprised if they put them on sale at 10am, the same time as the u20 tickets are being sold

  4. I’m baffled by lack of detail, there is absolutely no details of time , pricing, pods etc .

    Why not release all the info before tickets are released. The GAA do a lot of brilliant things but this kind of stuff is beyond belief in 2021 . No other organisation would treat their fan base in such a way.

  5. The only tickets that can be viewed on ticketmaster now are for yesterday’s Leinster semi finals…it’s not as if this am happened as a surprise….no info on the Connacht Council page, no update since the original press release from the 13/07…farce. As usual.

  6. I’m in a que of 600 now in Ticketmaster, not sure what I’m queuing for but I clicked on Gaa so it’s not for little mix?

  7. Ya, massive queue on the gaa tickets section. It’s like just seeing a queue and joining it but not having a notion what you’re queuing for!

  8. They have some neck, don’t really care anymore, if I get ticket fine and if not so be it, watch it at home.
    Could have done without trying centra at 9 this morning.

  9. I was surprised to hear tickets would be on sale today, so in turn, I’m not surprised that they haven’t materialised.

    The GAA have bought an Account Manager portal with Ticketmaster, it’s a new way of selling tickets thru Ticketmaster which is separate to the main website. A big draw for the GAA is that it allows clubs to allocate their tickets to members who are registered. The member gets a ticket invoice on their GAA AM account, which they must pay within 48 hours and they then get the tickets. Smooth stuff that cuts out messing with payment and collection of tickets.

    Clubs were taking orders up to this morning. The general sale won’t happen until those are sorted out, including the period of time for members to pay, as the number to general sale tickets isn’t known until the club tickets are paid for or not as the case may be. This was how it worked for the Leinster Semis and they didn’t go on sale until the preceding Wednesday of the matches.

    I wonder did Pretty misspeak when he mentioned Monday.

  10. Glasred, they went on sale before those with club allocations had run out of time for our last game. I had heard tickets were to go on sale at 10 so I joined the big queue only to discover when I got to the top that the Galway game isn’t even up ready for sale yet. I’d say it will be tomorrow at that rate.

  11. Our club just sent a text to say that tickets should be online in next few hours
    No orders taken through Club this time

  12. Just got tickets for little mix
    After 40 minutes in que only buy tickets for a game that I watched on TV yesterday, Leinster semi.
    Tickmaster are the worst site in the world,

  13. Actually I stand corrected
    Now tickets are showing for this event but its saying not available

  14. Yes, up+, I was online for 40 mins being moved though a queue of 800, then when I ‘got though’, it was for yesterday’s semi final.

    Then refresh, and Mayo v Galway comes up, but it’s booked out or not available.

  15. 1565 in queue now on ticketmaster site. am i wasting my time staying on it . is this where i can get tickets for under 20 final as well.

  16. U20 Connacht final tickets was sold out in 20 seconds was anyone here lucky enough to get their hands on tickets?

    Poor form by the Connacht GAA not to push for increased capacity. 500 is stupid for such a final.

  17. Imagine what’ll be like if we win and try and get tickets to the semi final v Dublin. Carnage.

  18. Thank God for TG4 re wed matcch
    Queue moves fairly quickly in fairness.
    My guess its more of a GAA problem than Ticketmaster.

  19. I can’t see the tickets up on ticketmaster
    So frustrating to go from being a season ticket holder for approx ten years to wrestling for tickets online

  20. on the ditch, if it’s like me, the queue will move quickly, then nada. But keep going, it may change!

  21. Catcol, I got nothing initially as well but I stayed on the site and the game eventually appeared. I think I clicked into My Tickets and then into Buy Tickets again and it was there. Key is not to leave the site once you get onto it so you don’t have to restart the queue.

  22. I thought that we have PROs to notify us about what is happening,what is the point of them if don’t have any information,surely you would expect that the authorities would keep them informed,and then they should inform the public

  23. 1777 ahead of me,for a game that people were saying wouldn’t sell out there seems to be a lot of interest.

  24. its still hard to gauge , what seperates that que from cork v kerry , i assume there are some tickets for sale for that also?

  25. ive mates further up the line and one lad is saying now the options are pods of 2-5 upper and lower , make of that what you will just repeating his message .

  26. I reckon the the queue has moved by about 70 in 5 minutes, could be a long wait, just as well I am on holidays….

  27. that lad just got 4 for davin, so theyre been purchased now. could be a lot tighter than people thought it would be

  28. So we had to go to croker for 18k instead of 3.5k in Mchale which i have no problem with…however the U20 game on Wednesday only 4 days earlier can only have 500 at it instead of 3.5 in the same stadium!!! Its an absolute joke and trying to find out where to get the u20 tickets was like one of the secrets of Fatima…very poor form from Connaght Gaa,…

  29. Tickets purchased , sweet as a blue mouse in mid September as they say. Blondie i think the leitrim game was a pilot event re 3600 tickets available .

  30. Good catch, Big Mike – they are, they’re playing Roscommon on Friday. That’s now seven Championship games involving Mayo between tomorrow and Sunday! I’ll update the piece to reflect this when I get a chance a bit later on.

  31. I’ve now added a bit to that piece to include the Minor match against Roscommon on Friday evening. Included in this is a mention to the fact that a small number of tickets for this game will go on sale at 10am tomorrow. Details on that here.

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