Michael Moyles steps away

Mayo LGFA Senior manager Michael Moyles today announced that he’s stepping away from the post following completion of his three-year term.

In the aftermath of the team’s recent defeat to Kerry in the All-Ireland semi-final, the Crossmolina native said he’d reflect on the issue for a short while but he has now decided to call time on his tenure in the post. Report on this in the Mayo News is here.

Michael took the job following a turbulent period for Mayo LGFA but despite that, and the loss of several high-profile players to the AFLW, he pushed the team forward during his three years in charge.

In each of the last three seasons Mayo reached the All-Ireland semi-final but it was clear when he chatted to the Mayo Football Podcast after the loss to Kerry a few weeks back that this was far from the height of his ambitions for his big-hearted and committed team. Sadly he leaves the position without leading his charges to an All-Ireland decider but he unquestionably leaves Mayo LGFA in a far better place than he found it.

Best wishes to Michael for the future and heartfelt thanks to him for all the hard work he put in as Mayo manager over the past three seasons.

13 thoughts on “Michael Moyles steps away

  1. I know his 3 year term was up but he has established a deep strong panel. It’s a young group and whoever takes over could reap the rewards. I think Michael deserves a huge amount of thanks.

  2. Michael did a very good job, without a number of very good recent past players, currently playing Australian Rules Down Under and good luck to all our young people in OZ as well.

  3. Fair play to Micheal. In many ways he got as much as possible out of this group.
    Considering all the girls playing Aussie rules they have done really well.
    Let’s hope his talents are kept in Mayo football

  4. Thanks for your efforts Michael, wasn’t an easy gig.
    Best of luck to whoever takes over, good group of players willing to play and club quality improving so could be a good time to come in.

  5. Deserves credit taking team over at a difficult time and reaching AI semi finals. Nucleus of a decent team there for next manager.

  6. Willy joe please ignore this if its too.far off.topic.. my gmail stopped receiving recently as I ran out of Google storage

    I never knew this was possible. I’ve acquired extra storage this morning.
    My problem is I’ve missed the last 2.patreons .I’m dying to hear Jack Coyne.
    Who do i go to now to have the emails resent??? Keep up the great work…you and Ah Ref are my 2 daily go to s…if there was a Mayo tiddler winks podcast that would be my number 3
    Liam jones

  7. Liam – apologies, just seeing your comment now as I was offline there for a while. Do you have the Patreon app on your phone? If so you should be able to access the episode from there. The main purpose of the email is just to let people know when a new episode has been released.

  8. Willy joe thanks for the tip..I’m back on.patreon..easy when you know how..I’d.recomend the patreon content for everyone…its great

  9. Best wishes to Michael Moyles he came in at a turbelent time and steadied the ship. Has a lot more to offer Mayo GAA maybe in an underage roll for now.

  10. Mayo ladies football was in crisis when Michael Moyles took over. 12 players had walked out in a dispute with the previous manager so there was a massive rebuilding job to be done. To make things even more difficult he lost 5/6 of his best players to Aussie Rules. Just to keep Mayo in division 1 was a great achievement but to get to 3 All Ireland semi finals was truly remarkable. Take a well earned break Michael and please stay involved in Mayo football, I’m sure we’ll benefit a lot if you do.

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