Micko opts out

Hogan Stand is now carrying the report that appeared in this morning’s Daily Star which said that Mick O’Dwyer is no longer interested in becoming the next Mayo manager (thanks to Dan for spotting this).  It’s no surprise that the septuagenarian has decided not to take the process any further with Sean Feeney more or less confirming the other day that he was out of the running for the post.  And then there were six …

12 thoughts on “Micko opts out

  1. This is the best news I’ve heard in a while. Micko would have been great for Mayo in his prime but his training methods and approach to the game havent moved with the times. He is suited to the likes of Wicklow because lets face it he started from a very low base and has made some progress. He would have created a media circus which would undoubtedly have affected the players and county as a whole. I wont even go into the cost of helicopters and the round trip from Waterville to McHale Park. We need a good home grown manager with fresh ideas and ability to instill a bit of steel and determination into the team. Would like to see Denis Kearney get the nod. Maigh Eo abu.

  2. give the job to james horan he is the best the next would be peter forde or denis kearney the rest are not up to standard we must have the best not some one talking about what they are going to do maughan mc garry tommy lyons and carr are all great talkers apart from maughan the rest werent great on the fied them selves.

  3. auds a man going into the job has to have plans and also a good backroom team,maughan had his two chances its time for someone like mcgarry or horan two honest men who wont look for big money to do job.

  4. Could we take some of the candiates for the job and have “joint” managers? A lot of talent amongst the final six – lets use that to our advantage.

  5. safetysam have you heard the expression too many cooks spoil the broth! Joint managers is not really an option, you have to have someone who has the shout and is not afraid to use it! Otherwise you have dissent, bickering etc. etc. and don’t tell me men don’t bicker!!!

  6. Not so sure about joint managers, but maybe there should be a place in the backroom team/selector for one or more of those mentioned.
    Of course it all depends on whether they have similar ideas, are willing to take a back seat slightly and can have a good working relationship with the main man.
    If Horan doesn’t get the job, I’d love to see him involved in some capacity, giving him some experience of the inter county scene. Whether he would be willing to do this is another matter.
    Horan may not get the job this time, but I’m sure he’s a future Mayo Bainisteoir.
    We should be looking more long term with this appointment.

  7. I agree with Dan that a possible selector position for one of the defeated candidates might be a good idea. I’m not sure how well they would know or trust each other but for example Holmes and Connelly worked well together for the U21’s. I think officially Holmes was manager on that ticket

  8. I’m glad Micko is out of the equation because we need to put in long term plans to get long term success not a short term fix that might see us okay for a limited time. Alot of people in this county just want short term success, I want a system in place for the long term that will bring through players who skillful,hungry and above all else believe in themselves and the county. If we put measures in place from under 14 up we might in 10 years time have a team that are spoke in the same breath as the Kerry and Tyrones are now.

  9. yes i agree john maughan had his chances i do believe james horan is the idea canadiate for the position sorry for been harsh on mcgarry but i dont see evident of managerial potential with him. I think we need a new fresh approach and some one who served as a player in his time as horan who gave 100% as a player as horan ticks all the boxes for me he is a guy who knows what back room team is needed to work with in the area of backs midfield and forwards to work with him been objective not bringing in his yes buddies but like walsh for sligo did.Seclectors that represented mayo well in the jersey and been the objective to work in those areas in developing a team and panel of players. it would be based on ability not on poltices of club that has been the root of our problem. that what the last group of players consisted of. john maughan would still be playing the mortimers, gardiner and macgarrity whom i think dont have ability or attitude to be part of the mayo set up anymore those guys are failed players i hate to say this but it was evident this year they dont have the attitude and bite any more. we need to focus on the under 21 and lads that have from senior to itermediate and junior. That is what tyrone kerry and down have been doing over the years.

  10. auds both horan and mcgarry give long service to mayo football horan made his start at the age of 28 in 96 mcgarry was there from 89 to 98 with senior and won a all ireland u21 in 1983 he has 5 connaght senior medals there both honest lads who wont rob the county board,their ideas going forward plus their backrooms teams should be made public then we can judge them ourselfs.

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