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It’s midweek and our double All-Ireland semi-final meeting with Dublin on Saturday at Croke Park is now just three days away. It definitely has the air of an occasion that’s surreptitiously creeping up on us but maybe that’s just me because, to be honest, I haven’t a whole load of free time to be thinking about the football right now.

We’ve met Dublin so often over the past decade but, with all those Championship meetings ultimately producing the same depressing outcome from our point of view, you get the sense much of what’s been written leading up to this meeting is influenced by the reality of those past results.

There have, though, been plenty of cracking contests between us since 2012. For anyone who’s just dropped in from Mars and is wondering what the Mayo/Dublin back story is all about this primer on Balls.ie (here) provides the details.

The Mayo News has a great All-Ireland semi-final supplement this week and a few of the articles from this are now online. All are worth a look, with Billy Joe Padden outlining what he thinks we need to do to win this one, Edwin McGreal setting out five areas that could decide the game and Mike Finnerty setting out three talking points ahead of the big match.

The paper gives the ladies’ match against Dublin a decent mention too. In this respect, Mike Finnerty puts the spotlight on three Mayo players to watch out for in the curtain-raiser at Croke Park on Saturday.

Much of what’s in the nationals sits behind paywalls, which you may or may not be able to access.

The Irish Times has its heavy-hitting columns from Jim McGuinness, Kevin McStay and Darragh Ó Sé who all offer their tuppence on how they think the match will go. In different ways and with different degrees of emphasis they all ultimately give the nod to the champions to advance.

In the Irish Independent, meanwhile, Colm Keys talks key match-ups. Conor McKeon focuses on Dublin ‘keeper Evan Comerford who is set to appear between the sticks in an All-Ireland semi-final for the first time on Saturday. Michael Verney has an interesting piece with Enda Varley who makes the point that Covid-enforced remote working has helped to reduce Mayo’s usual geographical disadvantages this year.

That’s the lot for now. If you haven’t yet got to the podcast special episode with Séamie O’Shea then do yourself a favour and give it a listen. The big match preview episode will be online at some stage tomorrow.

17 thoughts on “Midweek round-up

  1. Connaught Telegraph has now an unconfirmed report of the injured player in question. That paper should be ashamed of itself….

  2. Ya but unfortunately no smoke without fire. That rumour was flying round this morning. Monumental loss if true.

  3. We need Mullen on Saturday. Him and Ruane are our key players and I can’t see us doing it without him – don’t forget we lost Durcan at HT in the AI final last year also.

  4. Telegraph are generally correct with these things unfortunately. A monumental task became even more difficult. The players (and they’re what matters not us) have to believe they can do it without him and for him. I’m sure they will.

  5. Anyone know what the score is regarding extra time / penalties or a replay for the semi and final

    Cheers in advance

  6. Hopefully it’s only a minor strain and he is good to go on Saturday we need all hands to the pump. if anyone has 2 tickets for Saturday in any part of the ground I would gladly take them . We haven’t missed a match in over 25 years and more but seem to be drawing a blank everywhere as we don’t live in the county anymore

  7. Boyler to replace Oisin and Mayo to win on Saturday. If Carlsberg did All ireland semi finals….

  8. Listened to Paul Rouse podcast on the Examiner.
    Tony McEntee and Oisin Mconville.
    By God did McEntee stick up for Mayo.
    Fair play to him.
    It’s a great listen, 1 hour long

  9. @liberal would Boyler of 2021 be able to handle Kilkenny? His presence, for the supporters at the game alone would get some lift from him @ 6. Can’t see it happening. Huge call by JH.

  10. It’s possible this is just a runour or not too serious.Also possible that’s its a story leaked on purpose to sow uncertainty….
    Have to be optimistic

  11. Unlikely Mayo13BG, but wouldn’t it be amazing to see.

    The question is though… who will be brought in for Oisin.. massive calls to be made. Horrible thing to happen to us, yet again.

  12. I wish I shared the optimism, xfactor gone . Oisin was the one capable of making the difference. Hes a super A grade athlete , nobody compares to him in that regard . We seen glimpses of it in last years final, where nearly everyone after that game was thinking ,push him up ,crickey hell do some damage breaking lines .

    Anyway shur we still have to turn up and sure they need us lot to support them even more . My worst fear now would be the demoralising factor with such a loss so close to the game ,not forgetting the negative buzz that was cillians injury and just getting over that planning how to cope. How do you cope so close to a big game with such a blow.

  13. Seàn Burke..Agreed..Listened to Mc Conville and Mc Entee on podcast and it was clear how highly they rate Oisìn..The ” if onlys ” on Sat night will wreck our heads I fear.

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