Midweek stuff

Is it only me but is this week going very slowly?

It’s Wednesday so there’s still a bit of time left to go before we lock horns once again in the Championship against Dublin. Plenty of time, in other words, to have a look at what’s online relating to our clash with the Dubs on Sunday.

Sunday’s fixture brings back memories of the heydays of the Dublin/Mayo rivalry of the past decade, which was epitomised by the direct clash between two of the finest players of their generation, Diarmuid Connolly and Lee Keegan.

There used to be a fair bit of tut-tutting at the time about the ripped shirts, the wrestling and all the stuff that went on but, for most Gaelic football supporters, it was obvious that what we were witnessing was a battle between two class players at the top of their game. It was inevitable that one day these two great soldiers would reminisce about those battles and that day has now come.

Gordon Manning in the Irish Times has a piece on the Keegan/Connolly battles here and there are also pieces on the same theme in the Irish Sun (here) and the Irish Mirror (here).

Also in the Irish Times, Seán Moran muses if we’ve become the role models for the new Championship format, noting that, while we’ve lost two matches already in this campaign, we seem to have developed the happy knack of winning the games that count. That one’s here.

Over at the Irish Independent, meanwhile, Conor McKeon sets out a list of ten issues that he reckons will decide Sunday’s big match. That’s premium content in the Indo and it’s here.

In the Irish Examiner there’s a piece by John Fogarty referencing that Jack Carney left Pearse Stadium the last day in a sling. That’s here. The Kilmeena clubman is nonetheless expected to be available for selection for Croke Park.

There are interviews with Aidan O’Shea in both the Irish Examiner (here) and the Indo (here).

There are also a few pieces in this week’s Mayo News that are worth a look.

Edwin McGreal looks back at the Galway game and sets out the reasons as he sees it for why we won in Salthill (here). Michael Gallagher, meanwhile, sat down in Tierney’s of Foxhall, right on the Mayo/Galway border to watch Sunday’s match and his piece about the experience is here.

Looking ahead to Sunday’s game, Michael Gallagher has a piece with Andy Moran (here), which includes the rather chilling statistic that seventeen long years have passed since the 2017 Footballer of the Year featured in that memorable All-Ireland semi-final win over Sunday’s opposition.

Back to some more reminiscing to finish up, Balls.ie have run the rule over all the Mayo/Dublin Championship meetings that took place over the past decade (which means that our 2012 win doesn’t make the list) and they’ve ranked them. I think they’ve got the order more or less spot-on but judge for yourselves – that’s here.

113 thoughts on “Midweek stuff

  1. Yes that countdown seems pretty spot on alright in the past 10 years.
    2006 will always be the one for me though. My God, what drama and unpredictability. Brings back so many vivid memories 17 years on!

  2. I no it’s been mentioned on the last post so apologies but the ticketmaster site and distribution really needs to be called out , it’s a total mess with tickets been drip fed with no regulatory,myself I’m a season ticket holder for years now but we wanted to go to the game with the kids so we decided to give our 2 tickets to 2 friends so we could get 2 adults and 2 kids tickets together I didn’t mind where we sit for the kids first time in croke park but it’s near impossible to nail down these tickets it’s obvious there are limited juvenile tickets because there cheap and the Gaa don’t seem to want to loose money , I’m shur we’ll get some but it’s a very messy ,frustrating and a whiff of greedy money grabbing off fans

  3. That balls.ie article is a hard read, some truly painful memories, ‘16 and ‘17 really could have gone our way. Such an incredible team we had then.

    Still though, it’s about Sunday this week and the likes of Sam Callinan, who was barely a teenager in ‘16 won’t care one iota about games gone by. A clean bill of health would be nice to have as it would mean a serious lift from the bench, assuming the likes of Cillian, Carr, Hession, McHugh, O’Hora are all ready. It could be decisive in the last 20 minutes when shape and structure are out the window.

    Hopefully a lot of work done on kick outs during the week and players show for Reape a lot more. Dublin will press up on it and we need to win around the middle and be all over breaks. Cover for midfield is lacking which could be a factor as I have no doubt Mattie and Diarmuid will run themselves into the ground. Could it be a day to sub Aido off and then bring him back in for the last 10 around the middle?

  4. Using 2 of our 5 substitutions to bring Aido off and then back on again would be ridiculous.

  5. For a bit of balance I checked in on the Reservoir Dubs site earlier and a lot of them are quite nervous about this one. If they did a poll it might be 60 40 for a win or not much above 50 50. Of course still a few arrogant once’s who think we’re not great or if player x or y plays they’ll take us easy but we have a few of those in our camp too. They’re looking at the opposition they played this year and how they performed and also our opposition.
    I would say the Dubs have had some big wins so are capable of scoring well. I’m also not convinced they has as formidable of a back 6 as days gone by or certainly not as good as a unit. A long way till Sunday.

  6. God this is a slow week. Yep, like Mayo Mayo1, I found those reports on previous games a bit sobering. We really need to start rectifying the balance…or continue what we started when we finished the 7 in a row Dubs…
    It’s awful hard to wait till Sunday. But on the bright side, I just got 2 tickets on ticketmaster…myself and my daughter are going along, in hope and expectation. Not great tickets but we’re up high so we should see enough.
    I have a feeling there might be a curved ball in mid-field…
    I also think this is the first time we have a serious bench with pace and guile. That’s something new for Mayo…will it do the trick. Hope it does.
    Must be nearly half eleven so I need to get to bed. Can’t be too tired for Sunday. Get lots of rest the lot of ye.
    Mayo for us…Maigheo go deo!!

  7. If we were only to look at form and level of competition this year, you have one team who beat last years champions(*2), last years runners up(*3) plus the champions from the year before versus a team who’s beat and been beaten by last years semi-finalists. I think we’ve got a very good shot.

  8. Our Dublin preview pod is up on Patreon. Rob is joined by Stephen Drake and Tony McEntee on it. The latter knows all about facing the Dubs, of course, as Sligo manager this year.

  9. What the hell is going on with Ticketmaster. If you enter the site, no tickets. Yet different links to ticketmaster going around that give access to tickets! One posted by Mayo Gaa group on FB this morning!

  10. @Rakestreet, I don’t like that idea of only one plan and was not sure about it when I first heard it
    We need Plans A, B, C…..

  11. We were reading all last week that if Sean Kelly plays Galway will win. A fullback if you don’t mind, a bloody good one but I’d put more credence to the call that if Con O’Callaghan performs we could be in trouble. However I’m not of the belief that any one player including David Clifford should be just by his presence an automatic game winner. If that’s the case then the opposition management and players aren’t doing their jobs because a proper plan these players might not completely nullify them but should restrict them to mere mortal status. This present Dublin side is full of terrific players but if Con and Kilkenny are well held I believe the rest can be a bit leaderless. Can we do a job on these two? Who knows? But if we can then we do have the pace and forwards to cause major problems at the other end.
    As others have said the Ticketmaster site is a joke. Sorted personally but good friends and lifelong Mayo fans being driven to distraction opening link after link to see tickets available that disappear when they try to purchase. Surely this would be a more important issue for RTE sport instead of their vindictive little campaigns on individuals we see over the years.

  12. Keith Higgins on OTB yesterday. Excellent interview and he talks about the psychological baggage of ’51.

  13. The ticket situation is ridiculous. What’s going on? I know loads who can’t get tickets who would have always got them from their clubs. The turnaround was short but some sort of facility has to be made to allow clubs distribute tickets.

  14. Yew tree. That ticketmaster link thats doing the rounds on the Reservoir Dubs website seems legit amd has tickets on it. But if you go directly to ticketmaster.ie it has no tickets.
    I dont know, i cant explain it

  15. It would appear that Ticketmaster allocated links to different clubs with their ticket allocations. Unfortunately many clubs published their links online so it kind of turned into a free for all. Not sure what link I got on in the end! I’d say after lunch today when all those links have expired and season ticket deadline has passed there will be regular public tickets on Ticketmaster. The club links expire at 11 afaik so anyone looking should try then.

    Also, for some reason you’re not allowed to leave one empty seat in a row so I have an extra juvenile ticket if your kid is stuck! I’m in 708!

  16. They really are going to have to do something about the situation with ticketmaster , it’s certainly not just a few of us on here who are fed up with it .

  17. Apologies @batetheblsnket I should have put quotes around that statement .. I was referring to swanee’s amazing interview after we beat Dublin in semi ..the great thing is we actually have a few game plans now, running, kicking, and defensively, we just need to lose the streakiness

  18. I saw on a dub page on fb that their was link posted saying mayo tickets and dubs were wondering if mayo clubs had returned them or not going ha

    Think then it did turn out to be free for all then as @amc said .

    I really don’t know but saw some dubs got those tickets then not sure what the story is ..

  19. btw my reading of his meaning of “one plan” is to “win Sam” which is the best plan u can have.. reckon kickout strategy is crucial, and like Tony mcentee said on pod, cluxton is not same player and defense is not the same so Mayo could make hay with high press as well

  20. There is only one Plan to win Sam, but to achieve that there has to be numerious sub plans that are changing even as the game is being played. On the other point, any player even Clifford or Con can be marked using the right man and right plan to do so. Mayo by 2 on Sunday, we dont do big wins.

  21. “Amazing” is one word for it perhaps but overall its an interview which aged absolutely terribly!

    I know it was a huge deal at the time, but you would be hoping there’s no-one getting too carried away if we do win Sunday, I don’t see it one bit beyond our capabilities beating this Dublin side, in fact we should be fully expecting to do so, no fuss. If anything Derry and Kerry may well be tougher opposition in 2023, so there could be bigger tests ahead

    For the players I hope its fully head down and focus and leave any sentiment and emotion till 6pm on Sunday 30th July

  22. I think Derry, type of football, would not suit us at all. I think they would be a minefield of a match. I perfer Kerry. But they have a job themselfs to beat Tyrone. It wide open, Mayo, Dublin, Kerry Tyrone, and begining to change my mind that Derry could take out two off those team to win it. But if Derry got Armagh or Monaghan in semi, well capable of knocking the remainder down

  23. But cant look past Dublin, we going to have to play as well or better than we played in Killarney. As Dublin will play better than Kerry did that day.

  24. Jesus. Don’t know about Derry. Everything we’ve seen from them in Croke Park has been pretty terrible, no? Including the league final hammering they got

  25. Ciaran, agree it was good soundbite but only works if backed up with a win.
    Poor Swan has bad record with interviews, he’d a similar one after club game with MayoGAATV after a quarterfinal.
    Ballinas next game didn’t end well either 🙂

    If Carney is indeed injured would it be Ruane straight in to wing forward?

  26. Sean Dean stepped down from minor role today. Fair play to him, unlucky not to get over the line last year and just came up against a far stronger team in Monaghan last month. Not sure if he will go for the u20 job. Will be interesting who takes up both the minor and u20 job

  27. Would like to see Andy Moran take the minor job. Rather see our guys working with Mayo than in other counties.

    I’ve always thought he would have the character to lead and inspire. Do what Mickey Harte did in Tyrone – bring through successful underage teams up to senior.

    Andy is someone the young lads would love.

  28. Gizmobobs – the interview on Mayo GAA tv was after a group game and ballina did beat knockmore the following week

  29. James Fleming, expect team and subs to be named around 10am tomorrow.
    Wouldn’t rush to buy a programme mind, based on past games won’t be worth paper written on.

  30. Andy surely has something to offer alright at academy or underage level but he and Solan are having an absolute shocker at Leitrim.

    Failed to get out of a mediocre Division 4 2 years running and losing all 3 tailteann cup group games is an unmitigated failure. If Terry Hyland produced similar results he would have been hounded out.

    If solan and/or moran had designs on getting the mayo senior gig in years to come they need to build up their cv all over again

  31. He’s a very passionate guy Gizmo – which is great to see – but it really has that “Meath fans ole-ing” in 2001 retrospective feel to it!

    Only men who should be let near a mic after Sunday are the O’Connors, Durcan, Coen or O’Shea 😀 they’ve lived it all!

  32. Would Ray Dempsey be interested again?

    Definitely a forgettable stint with Limerick, but outside counties don’t suit everyone

    Two minor finals in a row was good going in the late 00s, the 08 team was a fine side but still beat an excellent Kerry group and a good Roscommon side on the way to the final and took a fine Tyrone team to a replay. Made a final again with a mediocre group in 09.

    Hard to disagree with Supermac’s assessment in all fairness

  33. Wide ball the quote I can’t remember verbatim but just that it went viral nationally, it amounted to that they were going win all games more or less. They won the group game which was a dead rubber and they then got bad doing in knockout.

    It was likely tongue in cheek, but bit like Leroy’s interviews recently we don’t need be making any sticks for ourselves.
    Until we get monkey off our back of an all Ireland win.
    We need confidence and self belief, but it should be kept in appropriate forum. Doubt the quote had any impact on Swanee, who has good experience in mindfulness and stress management, but traction it got may not have helped teammates.

  34. The key area is midfield, and Mayo will need to win this area 60/40. It won’t be easy, as you get the feeling James McCarthy is on a mission this year. Mattie Ruane and Diarmuid O’Connor will need to produce their best on Sun. As regards contenders, I get the feeling Cork are improving at notts. I’ve always admired their stylish, yet powerful play. So, I can see a Kerry v Cork final, and who knows, with Kevin Walsh’s influence, they may just win it. Cork have 7 AI titles to their credit..

  35. I didn’t read the article on the Irish Times, although I have a subscription to it. The headline read, “ ‘We talked about the mad stuff we did’: Dublin and Mayo legends recall past encounters before counties renew rivalry”

    I didn’t understand how Lee could subject himself to it (may the sun always shine on his shadow) given that he lost every single game that mattered. It isn’t accurate to refer to it as a rivalry either. We didn’t win a single game that mattered in the last ten years.

  36. Completely agree Supermac, Andy Moran has a long way to go yet in management to be considered even for a mid-tier Intercounty team, never mind a top tier team.

  37. I would love to see Ciaran McDonald manager of the U 17/minor team. Best wishes to Sean Deane he gave his all.

  38. You would think the early candidates would be
    -Sean Deane
    -Andy Moran
    – Damien Mulligan (a potential link between senior and u-20)
    – Ray Dempsey
    -James Horan (Jack O’Connor esque)

  39. I reckon both Dublin and Mayo will give their best performances this year on Sunday.. reckon 1-15 will win it, so we will need a good spread of scorers, including some reape long range frees…I think we should have our best team on from start and look to hold out a small
    Lead rather than come with a late charge.. this is a game for Aidan to make hay without a McMahon pulling out of him

  40. @joeclarke.you set the bar very high claiming mayo didn’t win any game that mattered in the last 10 years. Plenty mattered to me anyway. Connaught finals, all ireland semi finals, league finals and plenty more gave me great memories.

  41. I see that Ticketmaster are about as reliable as they ever were. I made the mistake of trying to get a couple of tickets to Bruce Springsteen via their site last year, which immediately crashed, but amazingly had the same tickets available on the resale sites immediately for three or four times the recommended retail price. They are a US monopoly trying to be a global monopoly which routinely rips off fans of all descriptions, whether they be GAA supporters or music fans or whoever, and which should be broken up immediately. Aren’t there Irish competitors which the GAA could work with? After all, “nothing beats being there”, right?

    Anyway, rant over. I would also say in response to @Joe Clarke that the 2021 semi-final mattered for sure, given that they were defending All-Ireland champions at the time and seen as unbeatable in many quarters. It’s true that we couldn’t quite topple the Dubs at their best, though we had them on the ropes at times. But Kerry v. Tyrone is often seen as the defining rivalry of the 2000s, and yet Tyrone won all those games too. Go figure.

    I saw that Boylesports did an interview between Connolly and Keegan and it came across as very respectful, good to see that the enmity faded with time.

  42. Trying to figure out my team for Sunday and it’s proving difficult.

    My starting half back line:
    Paddy Durcan, Eoghan MacLaughlin and enda Hession.

    The reason being if I’m a Dublin half forward and paddy or Eoghan trots over to me for the throw in, then my heart sinks because I know I’ll spend the day running after them. You’d imagine that if it’s Conor Loftus or Stephen Coen, and you’re looking at paddy and Eoghan taking up your colleagues, your probably feeling pretty relieved. But if it’s enda that trots over…..

  43. An opportunity to get Colm Boyle involved with some prominent role. Highly respected and good way with young people. Great motivator. It is important that football is a good experience for youngsters

  44. Jordan Flynn is giving me trouble as well.

    If he plays in the half forward line, then if I’m Dublin I’d probably try to have McCaffrey running at him, and I don’t think that’s a good match up for us.

    Imo Kerry tried to do this exact same thing against Jordan with Gavin White, and we dealt with it very well, by from what I saw keeping Jordan on the opposite flank.

    So we could try the same as in Killarney or we could move Jordan to midfield.

    I don’t see many people tipping Jordan to mark Fenton, which I’d be tempted to do. Is there something about that match up I’m missing?

  45. Final thought for the moment.

    I’d name Fionn McDonagh at 13 in my starting team instead of Aidan.

    Reason being I can’t decide if I want Aidan to start or come in and finish. Aidan named to start and not starting is imo a boost to Dublin, but by not naming him to start I think that boost is reduced.

    I’m leaning towards starting Aidan because I don’t think Dublin will play with double sweepers and I think we’ll get opportunities to kick it in quickly as a result

  46. have 2 tickets available for face value in section 731 (Center) row Z . Text me on 0872755239 if interested

  47. I’ve deleted those comments accusing a contributor of trolling. To my mind, the comment was no such thing. Just because you disagree with what someone says that doesn’t make him/her a troll.

  48. each to their own Joe, but to say we didn’t win a single game that mattered in the past 10 years is way off the mark in my view. Maybe you were just referring to the Dublin v Mayo games specifically, but even still we did beat them in 2012 & 2021.

    And Lee can look back at those games against the Dubs with immense pride for his performances. He easily got the better of Connolly & Kilkenny in those battles, with the only blot being the 2019 Semi where Con exploded for 10 minutes. So why wouldn’t he want to look back at those days.

    re the rivalry. We rarely got the upper hand, but they were such immense battles that I would safely say that all the Dublin players saw it is a rivalry anyways.

  49. As FrostTHammer says speed is a huge asset in the broad Croker plains.. However, much as I admire Eoghan he’s a borderline liability much of the time (high tackles, leaving men unmarked, chances wasted) and a potential match winner for the rest of the time. Perhaps better to start with him – def not a man to defend a lead in the final 10 mins?

  50. Some very good tickets available now. Go through the link on mayo gaa twitter page.

  51. @willie joe fair enough .

    @mayo focus yeah totally agree with you . Dubs always saw us a rivalry even for this match they are all saying it and saying that it’s always a momentus occasion

  52. John Martin
    I understand your point, but just to be pedantic, was it not Eoghan who defended our lead in the last 10 seconds v galway when reape was caught in no man’s land.

  53. OK Ahnow – bigger picture – there are 60 different 10 second segments in the last 10 mins, what about the other 59? – perhaps you could check exactly how numerous posters were reacting on this site last Sunday DURING THE GAME when he was flirting with a red card right up to his game saving save – exactly the point I’ve tried to make? His tackling technique is a foul magnet – sorry!

  54. Walked into Super-Valu at 1.30 today and got 2 tickets in 329 Lower Hogan €80.
    Ther woman said she had people coming in all day and nothing available then she checked for me and there was availabilty.
    It feels like fans are being baited and I dont think that’s right!

  55. Getting down off high off last weekend, to get back up for Dublin match is going to be a issue. Beat Galway in League final, and could’nt get to pitch of that game at all, for Roscommon game. I think Dublin, far superior team than Roscommon, not that Roscommon a bad team, but I think Dublin better. Hopefully not too many niggle injuries. Expect Mattie to start, and be raring to go, will need a big game from him.

  56. John Martin
    As I’ve said, I do understand your point. Not disagreeing with you, just trying to be smart.

  57. @mayotilidie, that’s not going to be a problem this time for Mayo because this game is knockout and the winner has a great chance of winning the thing outright. The Roscommon game it was hard to see the benefits of winning. Wouldn’t be worried about that at all. They do however need to bring that same intensity as last week and I think they will – but will they bring their shooting boots?

  58. Ahnow – clearly you’re both smart and funny. We’re all getting impatient for the next internment of our beloved DUBLINERS!

  59. Hi All,
    Selling 2 Lower Cusack stand tickets (section 311) at face value.
    Text 0867755005
    Thank you

  60. Prediction- Jack Carney won’t start and Fionn will come in. Swanee will start, not sure at whose expense.

    That will happen under the squad rotation policy.

    Bit puzzled by Tony McEntee’s claim (if I heard him correctly), that we are weak from 16 to 20.

  61. We need Mattie to start to shore up our midfield.Breaking ball all important so we need to get back to our league final form in that department.

  62. JR, I’d imagine he would be straight in for Carney if he misses out.
    Could see two of Hession/McLaughin and O’Hora in for Kevin and Jason.

    Whatever team we get in morning will likely not be team to start anyway.

  63. I thought Kevin Mc put in a surprisingly good display last week. I understand horses for courses but he’s previously played a sweeper role to good effect, has been a winner of secondary possession through breaking ball around the middle and is clever regularly sneaking in between the lines to find a pocket of space to receive and give a pass. He might start again

  64. Stephen Cluxton has to be number one target. Two years out of the game. No test since he returned and 41 years of age.

  65. Our time has come, agree. He’s possibly the most underrated or talked about players we’ve ever had.
    You may be right on him starting as well, one of himself or Jason could start.
    Not sure they will start both together in Croke Park.

  66. I am very disappointed that public opinion has not played out team yet,surely should be able to do it

  67. Packing here for my hols I’m like sun tan lotion ha..hmm what else mayo flag haha!

    I’d say Jack Kearney should be good to go by sounds of it (hopefully what a player ! )

    Be a cracker of a match can’t wait !

  68. James + Fleming.
    You always seem to have a problem with getting tickets. I can understand for us older folks it’s not easy to do with ticketmaster. I don’t know how to do it myself, so I always go to SuperValu as I know for sure I will get them at face value. I’m a bit old fashioned but I give my money and I get a proper ticket in my hand.

  69. @Nephin I go to supervalu to def its not easy with ticket master at all I always had to get my mate to do it ( I’m not techy at all ) just easier to go to supervalue etc hope ye all get sorted! I’ll he cheering from Paris all the way ha!

    Be interesting to see team tommorow .. Tommy c must start in my view anyway …

  70. Super Valu or Centra can be better in this instance.. Your ticket looks genuine if you wanted to swap with someone, would you trust a printout?. Suppose most of your friends were in the Lower Hogan and you had a Upper Cusack, you met a stranger on the Jones Road, in a similar position and a mutual swap would suit both of ye. But your left in this situation, the ticket could be genuine but its a ‘printout’ and wanted a swap, would you trust that it was the only ‘printout’ with that seat number?. I know well that I wouldn’t

  71. My team for Sunday:

    1. Reape
    2. Coyne
    3. McBrien
    4. O’Hora
    5. Paddy Durcan
    6. Coen (very deep sitting 6)
    7. Eoghan McLaughlin
    8. Jordan Flynn
    9. Ruane
    10. Kev Mc
    11. Carney
    12. Diarmuid O’C (sweeper between coen and midfield)
    13. Aido
    14. Ryan
    15. Tommy

    Subs early second half:
    James Carr
    Enda Hession
    D McHugh
    Fionn McDonagh for Kev Mc

  72. I was in a pub in Stoneybatter, on a monday after a Mayo defeat to Kerry in the naughties. Coming from Mayo and a bit down in the dumps after yet another All Ireland , I was doing more listening than talking. Mulligans was the pub, a few Dublin players from the 70s used to drink there. Anyway from listening to the conversation there was a Ticket Tout at the counter beside me , he had’nt had a good day the previous day and it the height of the Celtic Tiger, he couldnt actually get his hands on any tickets, altought he had plenty of clients for the tickets, because them as he put it ‘Cuilche Bastards’ wouldnt part with them. Of course to cheer him up I told him that I had a few spares, it was very easy to get them if you knew the right people.

  73. I knew I was forgetting someone Mayo Focus, of course Sam makes the cut. Ok back to the drawing board in my dreams!!

  74. West is best I’d say be nearly exact same team named to start as did v Galway last day with perhaps Swan in for Kevin or Jason. And perhaps Ruane for Carney, although that may be left until day of game.
    Could McCormack be back on bench for Midfield cover if Carney was to be out?

  75. @Mayofocus totally agree sam c must start to me is as Well as Tommy c

    . . Sam c what a player and not afraid of opposition a must in gaa..

    An up and coming star if you ask me for mayo is young Bob touhy why hasn’t Bob got more game time I wonder ? He’s an amazing prospect for the future if you ask me anyway….

  76. Our time, I do often try and pick a team and can often overlook someone too ? really emphasises the options we have.

    Dublin probably haven’t a clue what team we’ll pick

  77. A scan across a few national media outlets the Dublin narrative is ‘we dont know where we are at we’ve only played one D1 team etc.’ they are talking themselves down appears to be the policy. I’m having none of it all mind games. Appears they are trying to surprise Mayo…

  78. @TheDarkyFinn, I agree. Classic Dublin, either blow smoke up the opposition or play themselves down. Thats the way to do it, but no one in Mayo buys it.

    You’d have to have a limited knowledge of GAA to beileve Dublin won’t be coming at us at 100mph an hour. This “not tested” tripe is a smoke screen. 3 D2 teams in last 8, Dublin have beaten both. This will be a war.

  79. Perhaps we should rest a few of our players for the more important games ahead,Dublin won’t be able to live with this Mayo team

  80. Heard a bit of Davy burke on a podcast this week, very interesting… No-one better qualified to assess this match after facing both this year

    Essentially reckons if McCaffrey and murchan are fit (neither featured v Ros, but both did v Sligo) and play that swings things in Dublin’s favour as without them they’ve no pace or anyone to break lines attacking from the back

    He feels they’re the difference for Dublin. Dessie Dolan was on the same podcast but just came out with usual soundbites –
    big players from Dublin have looked disinterested at times but could well catch fire etc. type of stuff

  81. @corick bridge, team named to start will likely be the team that actually started the last day with Padraig O’Hora in for Kevin McLoughlin and Ruane in for Carney or if they want to really throw opposition Ruane in for someone unexpected.
    Bench roulette could see McCormack named.

    If get time will have a guess at what actually team to start will be later in week 😉

  82. On the only played one Div1 team thing.
    Derry are a prompted to and strong division one team. So, really they’ve played Div1 teams three times.

  83. Yeah JP its way overblown imo

    The only gig that truly matters is championship, and this is when every team is at their strongest, and its been the case for over a decade now that Dublin haven’t played division 1 teams (or haven’t played any decent division 1 teams) before this stage of the competition. Their quarter final record since 2009 (and aggregated score difference) would read for very sobering reading here

    Derry are clearly a division 1 team in all but name, while Cork have shown they can beat ourselves and Roscommon and would be a similar level to Armagh and Galway, and better than Donegal and Monaghan

    Won’t be popular here but – and I said it at the time – being in Croke Park for the league finals, I thought the D2 final was played a higher standard than the D1 for the most part

  84. @Paddyjoejohntom
    One lower Hogan for sale, Section 332, Row FFS, €300, ,Cash Only

    That made me chuckle. I’ll have the ticket off you as long as i can pay you in Punts.
    The ticketing process is a nonsense.
    Goodness knows why they don’t put all or at least the large majority of tickets on sale at the same time. If they have to hold a few blocks back for whatever reason then fair enough.

    I’d love to hear the explanation.

  85. Dublin team named, MacCaffrey in, no Mannion or Murchan. They look like their full back line can be got at.

  86. @Corick Bridge, I presume your being sarcastic with your last post? Either that or your mask has been slipping here for a while…..;)

  87. Dublin team looks very impressive around the middle 8 (McCarthy, Small, McCafferey, Howard, Fenton, Kilkenny, Scully), they a very good full forward line (Small, Con and Basquel) and an inexperienced full back line (Newcombe, Gannon, Fitzsimons) . They also have some good impact off the bench (D Byrne, E Murchan, P Mannion, C Costello).

    Mayo should be able to match them in most places and both will have serious fire power coming in for the last 20 minutes.

  88. Can anyone believe that this time 12 days ago we were on the road to Limerick to play Cork?? It almost feels like a different season.. have to love knockout championship football!

    Nervous about this weekend but believe we can do it.. I think that this is the game they’ve been really working towards since Killarney… Also wondering will McStays curveball this time to play the team named 😉

  89. Pretty much agreed with JKEL88 observations on that dublin team.
    Very strong middle 8 but very very weak fb line, very small fb line, big step up for newcombe and gannon is more of a wingback than a man marker. Would dublin be willing to lose their cb by dropping John small back on aos

    Murchan a big loss as he has done very well on conroy in both 2020 and 21, twas only when convoy went out to hf line he got some joy

    It’s set up for a shootout

  90. Margie alass,sarcastic is my middle name,I only try and lighten the very serious mood ,because football is for relaxation

  91. No doubt,I am afraid that I could not afford the time,never mind my complete lack of intelligence to manage a team

  92. Ah tis easy Corick see I called the team named to start pretty much dead on 😉
    Get lad in to do the work and sit back and count the cash 🙂

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