I dunno about the rest of you but I’m getting kinda itchy with all this waiting around till Sunday.  I know that I should be more patient – it’s the last time a Mayo team will take the field in a competitive match for several months so one shouldn’t be wishing the days away as soon enough we’ll have all those non-football months stretching ahead of us.  But it is Wednesday and I want it to be Sunday so what’s going on in the world to keep one amused?

No team announcement from the Orchard County yet.  Nothing much out of that quarter apart from Grimleygate and Sean-Boylan-Ruling-Himself-Outgate.  Hang on – their midfielder James Donnelly says he can’t wait for Sunday either.  See, it’s catching.

There’s a piece in the Indo about all the minor finals we’ve got to and lost in recent years but this is stuff that your average Mayo supporter already knows off by heart.  In this respect, I’m sure you’ll find that An Spailpín’s uplifting ode to the Mayo minors and the GAA in general (which he says is also carried in this week’s Mayo News but I can’t locate the link to this) will go down much better with your morning coffee.

What else?  Armagh’s odds with the bookies have tightened another wee bit: they’ve come in from 4/6 to 8/13.  Those odds are beginning to approach stupid levels, I reckon – there could be shillings to be made there if a man was of a mind to do anything about it.  I’m glad to see that punters here remain confident about our chances – 71% of you (out of a total valid poll to date of 110) say we’ll do it.

Club Mayo Dublin are doing their best to fill up everyone’s social diary this weekend: if you can’t make the pre-match bash out in Bewley’s Ballsbridge on Saturday evening (throw-in 8 pm), there’s always the post-match function out in Finnstown House to consider – details here.  You’ll get spuds at the latter and so you’ll need a ticket (a €50 one) – anyone that’s interested should send an email to secretary@clubmayo.ie.

That’s about it.  Wait a minute – what’s that I’m getting the scent of?  I know: it’s tickets, that’s what it is.  Right, I’m outta here …

4 thoughts on “Midweek

  1. Just a note and not aimed at Roger. What is this Mayo obscession of bringing a trophy back to Knock? Is it a control county board thing or what. Do the Mayos of Lexlip, Maynooth, meath, Kildare, westmeath etc not deserve to see the trophy or a trophy on the way West. What about the border town of Ballaghdereen. Why fly the thing to Knock. Galway brought Sam by road, Kerry by rail as did Cork with the Liam McCarthy, but Mayo want to fly the bloody thing into control land. When we won the league in 2001 a decision was made not to show the trophy and team around. Foot and mouth or bad weather. Let the mayo supporters EVERYWHERE see a cup if we win it, not fleeing the city and out to the airport with the chosen few hogging the scene.

  2. I hear you on the road , i just remember from 89 that the big thing was that they were going to fly it into the newly opened knock and it has always been in my head ever since.. personally the romance of it crossing the shannon is something that would be lost but landing it in knock would be something unique too.. and its not like we wouldnt see the thing all round the county for the next year ( personally i would come home and follow it round!!) but i definitely hear what you are saying..

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