Mike makes the case for Croke Park as venue for Junior final

The Connaught Telegraph has reported (story here) that the County Board has made an official request to the relevant fixture planners within the GAA to have the All-Ireland JFC final against Kerry played at Croke Park on the same day (8th August) that the All-Ireland SFC quarter-final involving us is held. County Board Chairman Mike Connelly is quoted as saying:

It would not be possible to play the junior and senior big games at different venues on Saturday week.

We have asked Croke Park to look at bringing the junior final against Kerry to Croke Park on Saturday week and having a triple-header. It would seem to be common sense.

I like the “it would not be possible” bit in the above quote. If the Junior final is definitely going ahead on that day and not on the Sunday then, as Mike says, there’s simply no way we could have two significant matches involving the county played in different places on the same day.

Triple-headers on All-Ireland quarter-final day are a regular enough occurrence. Back in 2012, our minors played Tipperary at HQ before the seniors took on Down and last year as well our minor and senior quarter-finals were on the same triple-decker card, as the first and third games that day. There’s no reason, then, for not doing the sensible thing and fixing the Junior final for Croke Park on 8th August.

By the way, the seniors aren’t scheduled to get into action at HQ that day until 6pm, with the quarter-final involving Monaghan on before it. This may seem like an odd time to be throwing the ball in for a senior championship game but later starts are pretty much par for the course nowadays for championship matches played on Saturdays.

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  1. 6 o clock start is very late but I will really only complain if we dont win! Dont give a damn what time it is so long as we come out right side.
    would be great to see Juniors too …will be a long day if it happens!

  2. Hopefully common sense will prevail and put the junior championship in the front window in croke park before our senior team, I don’t care what time the match is at, I’ll be in early if I have to, to support the lads!

  3. Fair play to Mike Connelly for raising this. It is a reasonable point and good to see the chairman of our country board acting swiftly to protect the interests of Mayo players and supporters. The more common sense heard from the board, the better.
    Also, positing reasonable suggestions will help if a time comes for legitimate complaint, as the complaint is then more likely to come across as reasonable rather than as a whinge

  4. As somebody that was in Tullamore with 200/300 loyal souls it makes me laugh how some of the comments on social media are rallying for the game to be in Croke Park and we must be allowed to support the lads. The lads have played 3 games with no support so far it’s a bit late to jump on board. As somebody with a cousin in the team I know that they have put in more of an effort to this level than other years but the word is that Kerry will be a big ask.

  5. I hate to be pedantic Willie Joe but we played Down in q-final in 2012 (not Derry)! Also, I don’t believe the throw-in time will be confirmed until next Saturday evening after Galway v Donegal game. It depends if they want Mayo to be the curtain raiser or not, right? I see the latter game next Saturday is at 6pm so perhaps the q-finals will follow suit on a Saturday also. However, like most things with the GAA I suspect that could change.

  6. Ger
    Surely the lads would like it to be in Croke Park on same day as Senior match.Not everyone can go to.every match…thought this would be ideal opportunity to increase the support.

  7. Of course huey. The lads would love it, and deserve that reward. But if they are there no point in the supporters that are only appearing now being irate.

    I seen a tweet on the sidebar asking about hotels for the 8th August in the big shmoke. Try booking.com. I got sorted there although they are saying that 89% have been taken to date.

  8. Ger, I have been to every senior game this year (excluding challenges) from January on. I support the minors and u21s home and away. While I wish the juniors well 100% it has proven difficult to go the extra mile to support them. It’s more petrol money, more ticket money and it means another day away from home. Everything can’t be MayoGAA related. I had planned on going to tullamore this weekend but had to cancel. That’s a pity but I won’t be made feel bad because I haven’t gone to every junior game this year. I genuinely and sincerely hope that their final is in croke park. If not, I hope it’s somewhere close to Dublin and early enough so that I can go to both games.

  9. Whatever about the point about who was or was not in Tullamore on Saturday, it is unreasonable to have the senior and junior matches in 2 different venues on the same day. And that is not only for the supporters, it is for the players and their families who would also like to have the chance to go to BOTH games.
    But if the junior game is finally scheduled in a different venue (in which case it would most likely be on the Sunday 9th), it would be great if more people could support them. I know that there are time and money constraints but you could see how much the players appreciated the support on Saturday when they spent a good 30 mins on the pitch mingling with the supporters after the match.
    It’s an honour to be chosen to play for your county at any level and there is considerable hard work required from a player to get that honour, but when it is appreciated by the supporters as it was by those in attendance last Saturday, it is really special for the lads themselves.

  10. Mayo Mark any fella can come on here and say they were at every game. post up pictures of your tickets stubs , show where the scanners scanned your season ticket and put up a photo of your mayo for sam underpants, clean please, not before they go in the wash.

    some chancers on here , right enough.

  11. Well said MayoMark. I get to every game I physically can at all levels, including ladies’ games and club games. But I haven’t been able to get to any junior games this year because, you know, life sometimes gets in the way and you have to prioritise.

    I cannot abide this attendance snobbery. The jibes of “if you weren’t there, you’re not a real supporter”, or the implication that those who attend less “popular” games are somehow better. Attending matches is not cheap, and no-one should be judged because they cannot get to a game, nor, incidentally, if they choose not to go.

  12. Also meant to say (I got diverted there, sorry) that it’s good to see Mike Connolly being proactive in his role as chairman, and not for the first time either.

    Luigi, your point re being able to choose to see both games is the key one. I think scheduling the game for the following day wouldn’t be reasonable and I would certainly make every effort to attend. But it would be nice for both teams to get a run-out in Croker too. Long day, but the seats aren’t too uncomfortable in Croker 😉

  13. Thanks for the correction on 2012, Eoin – I meant to say Down (I was there that day and remember the game well) but for some reason typed Derry instead! I think you’re right too that we’ll have to wait for confirmation on the throw-in time for our quarter-final until after the Donegal/Galway game. Assuming Donegal win it, though, a quarter-final between us and them would be the tie of the round and would be certain to be the later game that day (unless they wanted to accommodate our supporters by agreeing to put the junior final on the card and scheduling our senior quarter-final for right after, though I can’t see this happening). All will be revealed in due course, I guess.

  14. People give fantastic support to the minors, u21, senior League and championship. My brother goes to all of that. If a junior game was close by he would go. But at some point you have family and a job and calves that needs scullin. The Saturdays and Sundays start to stack up in terms of going to games, petrol, tickets etc.
    It would be good for the game to be in Croke Park purely for the players involved to get the respect they deserve in recognising that these guys are involved with no re-compense for expenses.

  15. Anybody know when the Connacht v Leinster All Ireland semi is on? Sun 23rd or 30th?
    Not counting chickens before they hatch but planning ahead is sometimes necessary.

  16. It’s on the 30th, Andy, with a nice, old-fashioned 3.30pm Sunday afternoon throw-in. Now all we’ve got to do is qualify for it!

  17. MayoMark and Anne-Marie don’t be getting ye’re knickers in a twist. we know ye are mighty.

    There are plenty that dust the jersey down and put themselves out as supporters of the year. To be honest like the ladies football nobody will really give a damn if they win or lose bar the players and family like myself. Nobody will remember how they got on if you ask in a few months. It’s all about senior minor and under 21.

  18. Who cares how many Mayo teams you follow that’s up to you! The vast amount of supporters only follow the senior team really and if minors are playing same day that’s a bonus!

  19. In relation to the Junior Final, Wexford were beating Kerry by 5 points midway through the second-half, in the other semi-final and it was only a late surge that got Kerry into the final. They scored 3-4 late in the game in a 13 minute spell. The subs they brought on won the game for them. One lad that will be dangerous is Conor Cox, who would be close to getting a place in the Kerry senior squad, he scored 2-4 but he is one of those types of players who blows hot and cold. Killian Spillane also came on and scored the third goal. It will be a tough match for us but one we are well capable of winning so best of luck to the lads on their big day. They are only 70 minutes away from winning an All-Ireland medal so that is something really worth fighting for. Go for it lads!

  20. Is Killian Spillane nephew of Pat, from the 14 minor team?
    Conor Cox is good. Looks like future senior.

  21. Call up to senior squad are you taking the piss ??Conor Cox nice player would not even get a game for Roscommon

  22. Anyway, any word on SOS’s injury and any other news from the senior buckeens besides the game of head tennis?

  23. Yes JP, he is alright, the lad that played in the 2014 Kerry minor team.

    Joe, as far as I know, he was in the extended Kerry senior squad early in the year but was not deemed to be hard working enough. He scored 2-4 against Wexford in the other semi-final, so at this level he would be a dangerous player. He is the kind of player who could kick a point from the side-line but then miss a chance from the 21 yard-line.

  24. We’ll definitely be on at 6 lads on sat week

    looking objectively at matches as a viewing prospect

    Mayo Donegal>>>>>>>Tyrone Monaghan (zzzz)
    Mayo Tyrone> Monaghan Galway (Mayo being “big 4” will ensure they get ‘main event’ billing, although both matches would be intriguing
    Mayo Galway>>>>> Monaghan Sligo (local rivals vs massacre)

  25. Big difference in class HopeSpringsEternal can’t see it but I could be wrong! Barry John Keane still gets a game one of the great mystery of all time a real class act NOT!

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