Mike Solan shows his hand

Photo: Mayo GAA

As this piece by Donnchadh Boyle in the Irish Independent so aptly puts it, the race for the vacant position of Mayo manager is hotting up, with the news coming out tonight about the proposed management team assembled by Mike Solan.

The Ballaghaderreen clubman’s candidacy is one of what I understand are four nominations for the post that were submitted ahead of this evening’s 6pm deadline. None of the them are as yet confirmed but two of them are almost certain to be Mike Solan and Kevin McStay.

Ray Dempsey and Declan Shaw were also reported by the local media as possible nominees earlier this week. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, however, whether or not their names were submitted by this evening’s deadline.

Mike Solan’s proposed backroom team is a strong one. It comprises former Armagh player Aidan O’Rourke, Sligo All-Star Eamonn O’Hara, ex League of Ireland manager Alan Murphy and former Mayo player Mark Ronaldson. That report linked above also states that Mike’s brother Barry, who was involved with Mayo in the past and who works full-time on S&C with Arsenal’s first team, “will offer his expertise to the new set up.” 

129 thoughts on “Mike Solan shows his hand

  1. Not as impressive as McStay’s. I’ll wait to see who Will.I.Am and Jessie J pick before I pass final judgement.

  2. At first glance not very inspiring. Was expecting a stronger line up from solan but who knows. People looking for new voices well that’s one thing going for them.

  3. McStay has a very strong team. Trust the County Board to find a reason not to give him the job. The only acceptable alternatives are Jim McGuinness or Eamon Fitzmaurice. If the CB executive mess it up they should be thrown out by the clubs.

  4. It could well be! Difficult to have a meaningful discussion in a vacuum but if all the nominees and details of their proposed backroom teams are confirmed then we definitely have plenty to talk about.

  5. Not much time for o’hara but no problem with Solan.
    Hope CB are transparent with their interview team,an outsider on the panel would be good

  6. There is absolutely no comparison in terms of coaching and intercounty experience between that and mcstays
    I’ll despair if that is the chosen team and I suspect so will some of the players

  7. Nothing to get excited in that announcement. I’m not a fan of O’Hara as a commentator never mind as a future Mayo selector! McStay/Rochford team is much stronger and more experienced. I am nervously hoping that the CB get this right.

  8. In the best interests of Mayo football, all interested candidates apart from McStay should withdraw and leave the CB with no scope to mess up the process and appointment

  9. So another management team announced this evening. It’s nice to see it didn’t come from the genius on twitter anyway. Seems Solan announced it off the back of the news yesterday. I’d say the consensus belief amongst mayo people is that the McStay team is stronger. For me I’d look at that team Solan has put together and say one thing about it, it’s fresh compared to McStay. When JH stepped away a month ago everyone said we needed a fresh start. New voices. This ticket seems to offer that over McStays. But do I think it’s stronger, I’m not sure. One thing I do know as a life long arsenal fan I’ve never seen as much lads pick up injuries then I did over the last few seasons. But I am certainly not having a go at Barry solan there. Just pointing out that when it comes to backing sports teams, I’m shit out of luck.

  10. 2 all Ireland winners in that group, a national league winner, 5 ulster titles i think.
    3 ulster titles in a row. Soccer experience to boot .handy when taking penalties.
    expert S&C . Its wait and see what else comes up in the days ahead. slan

  11. If we want Eamonn O Hara to tell us how to play football after years of snide remarks……

  12. All I have to say is fair play to Mike Solan for going out there and assembling that backroom team. It sure is fresh and it spans different counties.
    I’m impressed by his bravery in doing this and also his gumption.
    As for the rest, it is in the hands of those involved in the recruitment process.
    I’m kind of proud that we have people like this willing to put their hats in the ring.

  13. I agree with tommy joe, i heard whispers that both artists are reluctant to show their hands with even greater star-studded backroom teams

  14. Interesting to see aidan o rourke included. He was involved with down this year if im nit mistaken, wonder what he could bring to the table in terms of getting the big monkey off our back

  15. Let’s not shoot down the effort. Interesting mix and seems to be a definite effort to pivot the style of play. Fair play to Solan for entering the ring. Not many about who’d put the names forward let alone put themselves out there to assemble a team.

    Interested now to see what’s been stirring up in Knockmore. Dempsey has kept his cards close on this one. He’s a shrewd operator and I can’t imagine he’ll be found wanting here. McStay certainly not home and hosed.

  16. Just one to add, the players should have no say whatever in deciding the new management team, if they have then we are off to the wrong start. Any player that opposes the new management should be shown the door.

  17. I like Aidan o’rourke as an analyst but In management he has yet to impress. Was James McCartans selector this year with Down and they had a terrible year. Everyone should be judged on their merits.

    It’s the McStay ticket for me unless Dempsey or shaw throw up a star studded cast

  18. @Mayo88

    Don’t agree with you there. At the end of the day this is a joint effort. Players play the game at the end of the day. And as much as we like to think we know the sport, we don’t understand the white heat like them men do. I don’t agree with “player power”, but as anyone knowe from their own job, if you don’t like your boss, you’re not as arsed!

    They’re as good a judge as any committee. If they back someone it should be heeded. Imagine they’ll have a want to a Buckley return?

    Players are the key stakeholders here. The ones putting lives on hold for this thing.

  19. Has anyone on this ticket previous experience at senior level and if so, has it been successful?

    Tbh I just don’t understand how Solan is in the shake up at all. What’s he been doing to enhance his cv over the past 3 years?

    O’Hara was a fine baller but what’s he done at management level? O’Rourke seems a decent pundit. Alan is a very good guy but is very new in his managerial career so no track record, certainly one for the future.

    BUT there’s hardly a decision to be made when compared to the McStay’s combo.

  20. O’Hara, O’Rourke is odd selections by Solan to say the least. Both little or no senior County management experience.

  21. Fair play to Solan, he’s put work in gathering troops anyway and good geographic spread also! May not jump out to all but at least it’s the look of a different approach would be taken and be new voices for the lads, whether it makes the difference to get us over the line is another question.

    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Is a new approach the way to go or do we go back again to what we’ve had in past??

    Be interesting see all contenders cards on table, which given how things panning out we likely will in coming days or weeks ?

    All I know is I wouldn’t have balls to put my name in when see all the comments on the different forums so fair play to all the contenders.

  22. Also…some people are talking about “freshness”. I get that but experience and ability are key components too. Would you have described Jack O’Connor as ‘fresh’? Hardly.

    In terms of the Mayo role, McStay and Mulligan are definitely fresh given they’ve not been involved previously at a senior level. Roch has been involved with dgal and while they underperformed I believe he’ll have learned a lot there and ultimately the manager calls the shots.

    McHale is also definitely fresh. And on him, he was seen as a very positive influence in the St Brigids dressing room in 2013. I knew several of the more senior members of that team who would say that he and McStay were central to their All Ireland success. Very different personalities in the dressing room. Different roles. We’ve always heard over the years that the Mayo players didn’t want him on board, but thats something I couldn’t ever really get. And I don’t know if it’s even true. He was a great servant to Mayo as a player. Passionate and driven. Robbed in 96. Why not allow him a chance? That was my strong opinion in September 2014 and that sentiment remains. Give McStay & Co a shot and let’s see what they can do.

  23. It wouldn’t be the same thing over again though Gizmobobs – McStay has never managed Mayo. It would therefore be a different dynamic with a different leader at the helm. Rochford and Buckley deserve a chance to be part of that backroom team given the standards they would bring from prev experience

  24. @ourtime previous is the thing, what new can they add lads not already got from them?

    They’ve been brilliant for Mayo in the past l must add.

  25. McStay managed Mayo’s U21s in the past and the best he did in that role was All Ireland final appearance losing to Tyrone. Rochford of course has managed the seniors recently and Buckley,McHale has been part of past Mayo senior teams.

  26. How much of the Rochford era was a carry on of the fine work done by Horan? That’s a question we must ask and I really back Stephen.

  27. Please God this ticket doesn’t get it. Eamon O’Hara?! Brilliant player but hasn’t a breeze. Solan is living off the u21 win and I’m just not sure he warrants the consideration he’s getting. His brother would be a big addition but how much time could he really commit? McStay ticket is miles ahead of this in every way.

  28. @twoyellows, Horan built the team from scratch but Rochford was miles ahead of Horan tactically. No Mayo major bar Maughan has gone closer on the big day than Rochford has. Also, his Corofin team was basically as good a team as you’ll ever see at that level.

  29. @GBXI

    100% agree there. That’s what’s exciting me here. There’s some raw material to work with. James seems to have an insane ability to maximise the athletic talent. What we need now is some all Ireland nous I feel. Get this talented group over the line. Let’s see what comes in the next week. There’s lots of great candidates left to show their hand. A backroom team is as good as it’s leader. And the leader needs to Inspire the players.

  30. Not sure Rochford was miles better tactically than Horan however Rochford did come up with some bizarre moves that I think confused even the Mayo players. Corofin under Rochford also lost two Connacht finals to Castlebar and after he left Corofin would go on to win 4 Connacht titles in a row and 3 All Irelands under Kevin O’Brien who was a selector under Rochford at Corofin. Perhaps Ray Dempsey has him on his ticket?

  31. @mayomagic.

    Stephen ” Confused ??? ” the mayo players into playing the best football they ever played.

    Under James it was spelled tactic. The singular.

    Under Stephen we had tactics.

    The difference between the two was the ability to adapt.

    One had that ability and the other did his best without been able to adapt.

  32. Its nice to see fresh and new faces entering the race .It will be freshness , a new voice with new ideas , to the Mayo Dressing room. We need a big change in Tactics

  33. Absolutely no comparison between the 2 backroom teams . McStays backroom team is miles ahead …Eamonn O Hara !! Christ .
    Seems to bit of some anti McHale sentiments from a few Mayo lads I was talking too but without any real reasons which is strange .
    People talk about ” freshness ” … ” new voices ” .
    Jack O Connor might answer that one ….

  34. The thing to try and understand before dismissing any of the characters involved in the proposed groups is why the group leaders want them. The first thing is to ignore anything they’ve done in punditry or even success levels in other county setups. The main thing is why does McStay or Solan want such and such a figure and you have to presume he believes that person is the right one. He must also assume he thinks the team he is assembling will gel and work together which is vital. No more than the lads they select for Mayo his group has to be a “team”.

  35. All a little unedifying having management ‘teams’ identified in public in this way. The only Team that should matter is the playing team. We should know the names of the contenders for the manager position and the selection committee should decide based on the interviews process. They should reveal the makeup of their respective management teams and argue the merits thereof. While it is of public interest to discuss these topics, the only interest I have is that we win the All Ireland, with the best resourced and experienced team to guide the players to this destiny. A little less publicity could allow for adaptions to proposed management set up from respective candidates; based on teasing out the merits of each presentation. Unfortunately, we will now have winners and ‘losers’ when choosing how to proceed. I have had my fill of ‘losers’ tag….now its ALL about winning. And, YES WE CAN!

  36. Solans ticket is only fit for a club team. I wouldn’t have O’Hara near any Mayo team.

  37. Personally I’m amazed that Paul galvin has not been mentioned
    Has won senior Al Ireland medals and lives in mayo….
    Also he has managerial experience

  38. Pat Dolan, in relation to comment at 11.09 last night- Kevin didn’t get the job previously when he was the only candidate so you couldn’t take anything for granted even if he is the sole candidate.

  39. Nothing against Mike Solan or any of the other candidates but I like the look of Kevin McStay’s backroom team. Kevin obviously wants the job I think he should be given it for 2 years and reviewed then. Some of the players dont like McHale? Thats good we all had teachers in school we didnt like but it didnt stop us learning. One thing for sure with McStay he will be more open to the media and fans his media background will help in this. Id be delighted to see Buckley back to instill our former ferocious tackling and any improvement in forward play or a semblence of a plan for the forwards will be most welcome

  40. I wouldn’t discount this ticket. It appears compact and not top-heavy. We all know what happened to Kerry when Eamonn brought in Maurice Fitz. and Mikey Sheehy – too many cooks… I know Eamonn O’Hara is a Marmite character but he’d call out any sacred cows.. He’s also the nearest to an AI winner (air of confidence) – having won an all-star with a non-prominent county (with all due respect).

  41. Charlie “he’s also the nearest to an all Ireland winner” – no that’s just a ridiculous statement re O’Hara. He has no idea what all Ireland final day looks like never mind win one

  42. Fair play to Solan for choosing a team and putting his name forward. Indeed fair play to the other as of yet un named candidates. It takes courage to put yourself out there and I am sure all candidates are worthy in their own right. But for me its a no brainer. The McStay management set up looks very impressive and offers us most hope going forward. Its absolutely imperative that the Co Board get the choice right. We can’t afford to waste a year. The AI next year is relatively open, Galway are on the rise and we have no time to waste. We do not want a scenario like they had in Tipp hurling where they removed the manager after a disappointing year. Get the choice right, with a huge level of professionalism. We have a lot of good players and they need to be facilitated and given the best opportunity possible.

  43. Very disappointed to see solans back room,
    Alan Murphy from Ballinrobe is a gent, and would offer a lot.
    But Eamon o hara Is so far the other way,
    Ego centric and time and time again has taken joy slighting at Mayo, i always felt his analysis was not on the money. He is there in my opinion to build his image back up.
    Where I know mcstay will bring a lot of profile and attention which I believe is not a good thing with current panel, they for sure don’t need anymore,
    But back room of rochie, Buckley and Mc stay(I really like and so will the players I’d say) will offer substance.
    Mcstay for me!!

  44. @myball and @Mayonaze I can see where ye coming from but the Jack O’Connor example doesn’t make sense to me.
    My tongue in cheek quote on what insanity is if we carry it through here with your example of O’Connor, Kerry repeated the same thing again and again by bringing him back and got same results…. But what were those results? Some results are worth repeating 🙂

  45. At the level Mayo are at now, having a manager with intercounty experience at Senior level is a must imo..
    Maybe Mc Stay isn’t the ” silver backed gorilla” like O Connor, Gavin and Horan as mentioned by another poster but I genuinely think that he and Rochford would give every ounce for Mayo to succeed..

  46. I’ve no doubt they would give their all Regina but for me to many similarities with past attempts.

    How many years can lads listen to the same voices? Now if they were winning year in year out with those voices that’s a different thing.

    The rumours around whose involved in the other tickets not yet disclosed is exciting and will give serious food for thought if true, but given only rumours at minute out of respect for house rules we will have sit and wait.

  47. @to win just once
    Similar to an IC football team, there is a danger that a management team can also have egos. And the more high profile the members, unwittingly a sense of self importance/indulgence/privilege forms, often to the detriment of the overall team goal.

    This is why, imo, it’s important to keep the management team compact (leader and troops) – clear demarcation of responsibilities.

    In this regard, I like Solans team members. McStay’s team looks good on paper – but has anyone questioned e.g. why Rochford’s term as coach with Donegal (with loads of talent) was so stunted..

  48. It’s interesting to see all the different angles here. The most striking one is the lack of freshness that Jack O’Connor had coming back to Kerry. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. It might be worth pointing out that the Kerry county board appointed a man who was a winner. 3 all Irelands in the bag as a manager and another few as a selector under Paudi as well as multiple underage titles with Kerry. I wouldn’t care one bit about freshness if I knew I was hiring someone of O’Connors success. Nor would any footballer. There isn’t a candidate in this process that comes near to his success so we have to look for something new. Oh and by the way he did bring in Paddy Tally from Tyrone which to me seems pretty fresh. As well as a top performance psychologist. The only issue I have with the Mcstay team is that there are elements of it that are going back to the past that proved unsuccessful. Very different to O’Connor

  49. I am truly baffled as to why people want McStay as manager. People have very very short memories. The following are the results from his last 3 games in charge of Roscommon. Tyrone 4-24 Roscommon 2-12, that’s a loss of 18 points folks. Roscommon 0-13 Donegal 0-20, that’s a 7 point loss, followed by a 12 week suspension for McStay for an incident involving a match official. Dublin 4-24 Roscommon 2-16, that’s a 14 point loss. He then steps aside in September 2018 and the following year Roscommon win the Connacht title beating both Mayo and Galway in the process. Those are the facts I’m afraid and based on those facts I would not like McStay to be the next Mayo manager. I could go through Rochford’s recent results too with Donegal and they wont make pleasant reading either.

  50. Regarding O’Hara, he managed his local team Tourlestrane to at least 3 Sligo titles, the only question was their inability to make more progress in Connacht, they played a defensive counter attacking style but he certainly exudes confidence and if I am not mistaken he has a Mayo connection. Regarding O’Rourke, probably unfair to judge him on the year, Down are in a period of turmoil and seem to have player driven issues, is it his brother that has worked with rugby teams on mental side of the games?

    Let’s see what each of the applications bring and hopefully we end up with a winning team.

  51. We seem to have really invested in the cult of the manager. There is absolutely no doubt that we need to get this appointment right, but it doesn’t guarantee us success either.

    Every man that managed Mayo over the last 30 years cannot be viewed as an abject failure because we didn’t land Sam. Some did their best with what was available to them. Others – like Rochford – got us damn close. Fine margins and all that.

    Jack O’Connor abandoned Kildare because he knew that Kerry squad wasn’t too far away. Or more accurately, he knew he’d have David Clifford with able support.

    For what it’s worth, I like the combination of Rochford and McStay. Donie Buckley is revered by the players. Like Tally with Kerry and O’Neill with Galway, management is now a group endeavour.

    I’m glad Solan has stepped forward with another option. But like many others, O’Hara is a hard no for me on the Mayo line.

  52. Don’t think he got within an asses roar of the moclair cup though ? Did ballagh lift it only a couple of years before he went in to manage and they didn’t get out of group stage if my memory serves me right .

    Absolutely wanted solan to get his chance but I think he made a mistake by adding the sligonian to the ticket .

  53. There’s a more general wider discussion to be had about how out of hand these management teams are getting at inter county.
    Who is going to pay for it all? Its not sustainable unless you have a JP McManus type

    Reading here in the indo about kerrys 22 man backroom team, including bringing down paddy tally the best defence coach in the country who wouldn’t come cheap.

    The mcstay ticket looks very expensive.
    Same with every top county though as that’s the level it’s gone to, mayo unfortunately are still in massive debt thanks to mchale Park. At some point croke Park are going to have to intervene and put a cap on the inter county gravy train because its getting out of hand and some counties will be bankrupt or left behind.

    If other counties trying to get to an elite level like limerick they will be bankrupt

  54. I agree about what Charlie said about management and ego to the detriment of the team
    However I don’t think the size of the management team but the size of any one persons ego
    Say someone who was manager but seemed to refuse to any of those around him such as his selectors. Leading to a huge turnover of selectors ………
    I don’t think there would be that issue with McStay. He has assembled a serious backroom team for a reason .

  55. The fact that McStay is high profile in the media might take pressure off the team.

  56. Connection to clubs key too folks. Need a manager who can work back and build up the league again like Jack sending any man without game time back every weekend.

  57. Agreed Two Yellows….

    A closer connection with the clubs is key, can’t be treating clubs as a hindrance any more. One of the most admirable things jack o connor did this year was releasing county squad players for club games throughout the year.

    That kind of stuff unites the clubs behind you and keeps fringe players fully invested

  58. @The West is Best.

    I think Mcstay also won the Connacht final with Roscommon if I’m not mistaken.

    Jack O’Connor’s results with Kildare were not spectacular but he has just won the AI with Kerry.

    I mean we drew with Roscommon and then beat them by about 20 in the replay.

    You can pick and choose the results that suit your argument, but Pep Guardiola is going to achieve more with Man City than he can achieve with Watford.

    Impossible to say right now what Kevin might achieve if he was to become the manager. I think he’s owed a shot at it though.

  59. Two Yellows – that happened in Mayo this year too. Only problem was our league started much later than other counties.

  60. People who give out about McHale should understand alot of basketball tactics in GAA and McHale know basketball, so far McStay is the only ticket.
    IOHara was a good scorer, could kick a score but hope McStay gets it

  61. Revlino your point about Jack o comer is simple,players win games and Kerry have them, small tweaks in defence was enough to get them I’ve the line

  62. Nothing in Solans ticket really excites me and its not clear the involvement Barry would have. With modern player specific S&C he really needs to be present regularly which won’t happen.
    So far McStays is the stronger more experienced ticket, looking forward to what Dempsey and Shaw are going to offer, I’m sure it will be announced (leaked) soon in order to gain some momentum.

  63. What Gaa club was Alan Murphy involved with last? Or was it just the soccer he coached ?

  64. Alan Murphy is over Oughterard I think. It wasn’t even that long ago when he was appointed. Both him and Ronaldson have been living in Galway for a long time now.

  65. Modern GAA management seems to have become a battle of look at the size and the names on my backroom team. All run through the media.

  66. You’d wonder given that the sport is amateur why it then isn’t even more important a logistics and operations and project mgmt type person is a big deal on a ticket.
    Surely they’d have more impact than a straight forward selector-assistant coach?
    Yet you never see that role listed on tickets till much later, almost an after thought.

  67. McStay ticket for me, unless Dempsey or Shaw show us something stronger. Give them 2 years and see how it goes. If the CB makes a mess this there will be a lot of unhappy people.

  68. McStays team is far stronger than Solans, McStays own experience is better than Solans, he won All Ireland Club with Bridgets and Senior Cannaught Championship with Roscommon and took them to Division 1. Solan won All Ireland under 21 with Mayo but is only number 2 to Andy with Leitrem so McStay has experience of Senior foorball management.
    Most important thing who ever gets the job that there is No Player Power or County Board interference with them.

  69. I like O’Rourke as an analyst, his RTE column has offered some very interesting insights on our attacking play over the years. Armagh teams tend to be a bit ahead of us in that regard IMO. Barry Solan might also be helpful in arresting the recurring injury crises we have been suffering in recent years.

    Otherwise, I would agree that McStay is the stronger ticket. McStay has won an All-Ireland club title plus a Connacht SFC with Rossie teams, no mean feat. A quarter final plus a spell in the Super 8’s is a good return with a smaller county.

    Rochford has also won an All-Ireland club with Corofin, was closest to leading us to All-Ireland glory IMO.

    I get fellas will point to Solan’s success with the U21s in 2016, but that was a very strong Mayo side when you look at the personnel who subsequently graduated to the senior team- DOC, Ruane, Loftus, Stephen Coen. In 2018 I don’t think we did a very good job in curbing Jimmy Hyland, who ran riot that day. Strong enough Mayo team too, with Ryan O’Donoghue, Tommy Conroy, Jordan Flynn.

  70. Fairly underwhelming after the mcstay ticket.

    The worry with Mike would be that he doesn’t have the profile outside of the county to pull in the big names, and while has transpired to an extent, I think it’s actually the Mayo side of this ticket that’s most disappointing.

    This will be a good learning experience for Mike though, and I imagine he’ll be back again knocking on this door, possibly as a joint ticket with Andy.

    Maybe unfair of me to dismiss him for the job this time around but on the surface this ticket isn’t at the same level as McStays. I hope though that he at least gets an interview, unlike last time. At least let get that experience, it’ll imo benefit him and Mayo down the line

  71. Revellino in the last 4 years did the mind grow fonder? Rochford regularly came up with a number of confusing choices. Failed to win a Connacht title under him, plenty of other games under his “tactical know how” Mayo sailed very close to the wind against Kerry, Cork, Fermanagh, Roscommon etc and eventually caught out by Kildare. Few AI finals was more winnable that 2016 (Dublin was average at best) yet played his part in not getting Mayo over the line by dropping his All star goalkeeper.

    6 Connacht titles, NFL title and only once did Mayo not at least reach the last 4 of the All-Ireland championship under Horan not bad for someone that was “unable” to adapt.

  72. If solan and O hora were not good enough for the sligo job then surely not good enough for mayo.

  73. Revellino, yes you are correct of course. Roscommon did win a Connact title under McStay and yes Mayo did beat Roscommon after a replay in 2017, but not by 20 points as you suggested. I think the score was Mayo 4-19 Roscommon 0-09, that’s a 22 point hammering. People now want to give that Roscommon manager the Mayo position. I’m really struggling to grapple with that idea. Had he turned their fortunes around in 2018 one might have given him the benefit of the doubt, that year they were absolutely trashed by Tyrone, Donegal and Dublin. There is just way you can stand over that record in my opinion.

  74. @sean burke if we have any luck Conor Finn will stay on but not sure has he made himself available hopefully that’s not true or we could be in bother

  75. It’s a fairly serious vote of confidence in Kevin McStay from Buckley, Rochford and Mulligan that they are willing to work with him.
    I wonder who they propose for S&C and psychology/performance coaching?
    My only concern about this ‘ticket’ is that there may be too many cooks and not enough dish washers, vegetable choppers, waiters etc.

  76. How do ye know stephenites weren’t interested in Mcstay , it’s a fair trek from Roscommon for a club job . I don’t know either way but I think it’s a bit presumptuous to just think ballina weren’t interested

  77. That’s a good point about the cooks Diehard. In practice the roles etc would need to be very carefully and clearly laid out and agreed.

  78. Who’s says stephenites didn’t want Mcstay/ McHale. I heard he was asked. But it was the heart of covid and that was the reason

  79. Not overly enthused by that Solan ticket.

    I also think there is a lot of hype around Solan and I’m not sure where it comes from. His record with our u20/u21 wasn’t actually that good. He may have one the All Ireland in 2016 but really that group were supremely talented and in my opinion they regressed over the three years. They went from hammering teams at minor to winning two of their four championship games in 2016 by a single point.

    In his 5 years with the u20s, he never managed to beat Galway. In 2018, we had what could only be described as the easiest of routes to an All Ireland title (Leitrim, Roscommon, Derry and Kildare) and we still didn’t win it.

    So for me, until he has a successful stint with another county or a club team – I don’t think he should be in the conversation.

  80. @The west is best.

    Not that it matters but I didn’t suggest that Mayo won that Roscommon game by 20 points, I said by (ABOUT) 20 points. There is a difference.

    People thought K Mcstay was way off the mark by saying that Galway were possibly the best U17 outfit in the country.
    When the hammer hit the iron he was proved correct.
    Maybe he knows alot more than he is getting credit for.
    Nobody, and I mean nobody thought very much of that Galway squad when Kevin pegged them as a talented outfit.

  81. @revellino were they not one the favourites from the outset?
    I know I was told. back them by some prominent Mayo GAA people

  82. I say this again @ ” Two Yellows”, good luck to the new management team, they will need every bit of it, now, in the name of God it’s clear that we need a very fresh look to the panel 10 – 15 players to be developed for Senior level, going with the same guys that served us very well but lost on 6 occasions is daft.
    We all need a bit of freshness.

  83. We need a need a new S&C coach appointed with the new team, high profile if Mayo Board can afford it.

  84. 10-15 players
    That’s half the panel you want to get rid of
    Name me the 10-15 players who deserved their place ahead of 10-15 named current squad members
    I’ll wait 😉

  85. @west is best …. fairly obvious by your numerous comments you’d prefer McStay line up to get it …
    Who is your preferred alternative to this line up of well regarded , experienced ticket that he has put together

  86. KM, I’m not going to name players, it goes against this blog house rules, it’s not just the 15 players, some subs and extended panel also.
    Time to invest in youth and let them have their chance.

  87. @Gizmobobs.

    K Mcstay was praising the Galway u17 talent after they had shipped a beating or two as far as I know when everyone else thought they were a beaten docket.

  88. He was in fairness to him but he was far from only one. Galway were improving game to game where as Mayo were playing at nearly same level from start to finish.
    You could nearly set clock to the time of subs and who they be.
    Lot people made few quid on them at 3/1 in final. And reason people leaked of them was based on how they done in the U16s etc.

  89. The results My Ball speak for themselves do they not? I haven’t seen all the other tickets, but under McStay and McHale, Roscommon took some awful bad beatings. I certainly don’t want Mayo to be going back to those type of hammerings. If 22 point beatings don’t get people to stop and think, what will. So not McStay for me thanks.

  90. Lads we can go over and back saying McStay said the Galway under 17 team were improving. He got that call right. Although I would argue that anyone who watched the U17 Connaught final could see the gaping hole in our half back line that Galway went into every time. Just failed to score. I think I might be also correct in saying that on the Mayo News Pod a few weeks ago, in the lead up to the AI final McStay said that Sean OShea was better then David Clifford. I think he may have been proven wrong on that. But the point is every single manager makes right and wrong remarks. It’s about making the right calls on the sideline at vital stages

  91. @MyBall most people will have their own preference as to what team they want in.
    As will I when see all options. Currently I be leaning more in Solans camp purely because it’s different, it may work or be a disaster I just think the alternative is to similar to what’s been done over the past 10 years and while well regarded and experienced it didn’t land big one with best crop players we’ve ever had.
    I feel the panel new management have is not as strong as past 10 years, but the pack have come back with no team like the Dubs of last decade. The younger lads that may be future stars are few years away in development yet.

    Let’s see what Shaw and Dempsey bring to table and whoever else in the frame 🙂

  92. Common sense says the McStay ticket gets it, if however it does boil down to money, I think Solan gets it with his crew (offering an uninspiring one at that) . The CB can justify a decision by any means and spin it. Mayo have a great chance of continuing to challenge for major honours a huge job for someone that will need a neck as thick as a Belgian Blue, does Mike have that I’m not so sure, Kevin on the other hand will have dealing with the Mayo CB. Whoever gets it will have my backing because regardless of who’s in charge this is my team.

  93. It is important that the new management team has the full support of all players and while the players should not get to pick the manager, they should certainly make it known to CB who they don’t want !

  94. @Green and Red.

    Both guests on that pod said Sean O’Shea was a better footballer than D Clifford, not just K Mcstay.

    I suppose you have to pick your day.

    Munster final 2021 Kerry beat Cork 4-22 to 1-09.

    That day D Clifford scored 1 point from a free.

    Sean O’Shea scored 1-06.

    You wouldn’t be saying that day that D Clifford was a better footballer than Sean O’Shea.

    Actually alot of people will always pronounce D Clifford man of the match regardless of whether he is or not.

    Alot of people on here said Clifford was the definite motm for the AI final, although a good few of the papers reckoned Shane Walshe was.

    I think the examiner gave Clifford 9/10 for his final performance and gave Shane Walshe 10/10.

    I have nothing against David Clifford and think he is a gifted player, but I’m not blind and can see when other players play better than him.

  95. Sean O’Shea held his nerve and nailed that free from over 55 metres out with curl that got Kerry into the AI.

  96. Youd think that all applications would be published by now seeing as the deadline was yesterday evening.

  97. Dave don’t think they be disclosed unless by the candidate themselves. Some people would want anonymity in event they not successful here and are in for other jobs, as was seen earlier this week.

    Fair play to all who have put name in, rather them than me.

  98. Should Clifford’s yellow card have been a red.Full back had ball in his hands when Clifford hit him across the face with his hand.The rule states that striking with the hand is a red,it doesn’t mention fist.

  99. If Kerry have a forward who is a better footballer than D Clifford- as some people claim- then there is no hope for the rest of us for the next few years.
    Sean o Sean is a top class free taker – but not in the same league as Clifford as an all round footballer.
    The fact that Clifford might not have been motm v Galway is a reflection of Walshs brilliance on the day – as well as Cliffords brilliance

  100. @Soutmayo Exile.

    He wasn’t motm in the semi final either.
    That had nothing to do with Walshes brilliance.
    His brother got motm that day.

  101. This soft line that gets thrown around that the current players should have input.
    That is a resounding no.
    I don’t know of any high performing team where the players have input into the decision on the next manager appointment.

  102. Everyone is entitled to their opinion – I think for consistency and brilliance D Clifford is on a different level to anyone else who is playing football at the moment.

  103. @ gizmobobs. I am intrigued about people backing the Galway minors at 3/1 in the final against mayo and also by some prominent mayo gaa people telling you to back Galway minors. I assume there are some underground bookies where you live because it is illegal to offer odds and betting opportunities on underage matches up to the minor grade. paddy powers ,boylesports and ladbrokes do not offer odds on minor gaa games. Please enlighten me some more about bookmakers betting on underage games because i do not think it happens.

  104. Agreed Southmayo Exile. Worth remembering that Shane Walsh had never really preformed in a big game for galway prior to the final.
    Fair play to him, he was outstanding that day, but he’s 29 and it took him best part of a decade to deliver. Clifford has been doing it far more consistently and from a much younger age, and that despite all the hype and attention he gets.

  105. @Southmayo Exile.

    I wouldn’t argue with that at all that he is the most consistent at the moment and a terrific player.

    I would argue though with some people who have for the past couple of years been hailing Clifford as the greatest footballer of all time.

    No one can tell me who the greatest soccer player of all time was.

    Pele ?
    Maradona ?
    Best ?
    Messi ?
    Ronaldo ?

    It’s always a hot topic of debate.

    No one can tell me who was the greatest boxer of all time.

    Ali ?
    Robinson ?
    Leonard ?
    Tyson ?
    Hagler ?
    Oscar De la Hoya ?

    People have their own greatests.

    Some people see themselves as experts. They seem to have the qualified expertise to grade every footballer that has ever played the game.

    Thousands of footballers who they have never seen play the game, and yet they are able to pronounce with authority that David Clifford is the greatest player of all time.

    These are the same type of people who perform trumpet concerts to vast audiences before they have taken any trumpet lessons.

  106. Matt Connor Offaly remains the best forward I’ve seen and a career cut short when he was seriously injured in a car crash

  107. Just love your last line above, Revellino.

    There’s a lesson in there, including for me!

  108. I’m sick to the teeth of people talking about David Clifford as if he is some type of a God
    The fact is he should have got a red card for his hand belt to the face of the Galway player early in 1st half, no ifs or buts about it. This is a striking offence.

    Galway are shafted by referring decisions from 66 minutes on, that was no free in where the Galway player was held back by the Kerry forward, then another soft free followed later when the Galway keeper was guilty of little or nothing.
    Another thing that I will never change my mind on is the RTE Commentary that was biased on the Kerry side, McStay very quick to agree to the poor decision by the Referee on 66 minutes.
    The Ref and Tally are from the same club I am led to believe, was this a conflict of interest?

    Remember the 2017 final when the game was in the balance late on, here are a few big decisions that Mayo were robbed of by the Referee.
    Keegan held back by two handed tackle / hold by Kilkenny while bearing down on goal on the line in the large square, no penalty given.
    Doherty pushed and held down by Cluxtons two hands so he couldn’t get up to turn and shoot for goal, in the square, again the Referee allowed game to play on no penalty awarded, this being much more blatant than the Galway goalie tackle at 68 minutes where Kerry got a very soft free to go to in front.

  109. @Tubberman

    Ah now a bit churlish to suggest that that was somehow Shane Walsh’s first great game for Galway. It definitely wasn’t. He was superb in the Connacht final. Even better in the All Ireland final. One of the very few players that Lee Keegan has not done well against. Usually a good barometer.

  110. @Mayo88

    Kerry are always the media darlings. Unless they are playing the Dubs. Old fella told me that years ago and it hasn’t changed.

  111. I think Solan has damaged his own application for the job with the addition of O’Hara in his backroom team. O’Hara is barely liked in Sligo club football, never mind in Mayo.

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