Mikey and Austie top guns for us in the FBD

I still have to find a proper home for the scorers’ lists that I keep (rearranging of those tabs up top is still on the to-do list, along with the post-Christmas recycling and a hundred other things) but, in the meantime, here’s the chart for our short and not very successful FBD campaign.  Top of the pops, jointly like, were newcomer Mikey Sweeney and old lag Austin O’Malley, who found different ways to amass nine points over the course of the three games (in actual fact, Austie racked up his total of 1-6 in two sittings).  Here’s the list in full:

Mikey Sweeney (2-3)
Austin O’Malley (1-6)
Barry Regan (0-6)
Jason Doherty (1-1)
Aidan Kilcoyne (0-4)
Alan Dillon (0-3)
Peadar Gardiner (0-2)
Barry Kelly (0-2)
Mickey Mullins (0-2)
David Caffrey (0-2)
Pat Kelly (0-1)
Andy Moran (0-1)
Trevor Mortimer (0-1)

Still on the FBD, the lads over at Club Mayo Dublin have done some nice forensics on the line-ups over the three games, which show that we used 26 players over the course of the three matches.  Of these, five lads – Colm Cafferkey, Pat Kelly, Colm Boyle, Barry Kelly and Mikey Sweeney – lined out in the same positions for the three games while Stephen Drake, Aidan Kilcoyne and Billy Joe Padden also started all three games but not in the same positions.  Now you have it.

Finally, I see that I’ve been nominated, along with twenty other hopefuls, within the Sports & Recreation category for the 2009 Irish Blogs Awards – ta very much to whoever did the honours there.  This isn’t the shortlist, it isn’t – so says the official website – even the longlist but it is, perhaps, the list from which the longlist, the shortlist and the eventual winner will emerge.  You might recall that last year I made the shortlist, which, in blogging terms, is kinda like making it to the All-Ireland final.  Unkind souls out there might feel it somewhat apposite that a blog devoted to the trials and tribulations of following Mayo’s footballers then fell at this final hurdle.

10 thoughts on “Mikey and Austie top guns for us in the FBD

  1. Well deserved the nomination. My first read every day on turning on the compressor is to go to your site. Hip hip hurray….delighted and merited.

  2. Hi WJ,
    Congrats on the nomination and well deserved.
    Your efforts with this blog really put the efforts of the county board to shame in terms of online team and game information.

    As with the Oscasrs, remember to tell them that ‘its an honour just to be nominated with a group of such talented people etc, etc’

  3. Thanks guys, it’s still only a nomination so I’ll not get too excited about it. If you look at the list of nominations, it looks as if most the Irish blogs are in there somewhere!

  4. Could not agree more. The blog has been a godsend keeping me up to date with all the happenings in and around the mayo footie scene. As a mayo supporter from Scotland it is extremely hard to stay on top the latest stories, team news and scores.

    Even subscribed to the email updates which is great as well.

    So keep up the good work.

  5. Well done WJ! Richly deserved.
    How is the voting done on this, is it an online vote by the public?
    I think if you end up winning this, then it’ll be a good omen for Mayo for the year to come! No pressure on you there….
    Maybe we won’t always be the bridesmaids….

    Agree with Mike above as well, the official site is shocking. I know we’re not the only county who has this problem, but still.
    You a busy man WJ? Fancy offering your services to the county board?!

  6. Thanks, Dan – I don’t honestly know how it’s decided and whether or not it’s by popular acclaim. I’m not expecting to win it and, as I mentioned in the post, there would be something appropriate about my failing at the final stage again!

    The official site is, I agree, shocking. They need more than my services to sort it out – as things stand what they’ve got is almost worse than doing nothing.

  7. well done wJ. will be rooting for ya. Make sure to cry if you are making an acceptance speach ( in irish of course)

  8. Thanks, Ted – although I don’t look at all like Kate Winslet, if I win I’ll do my best to make an eejit of myself just like she did in her acceptance speech at the Golden Globe Awards the other week!

  9. Hi WJ , Congratulations is most definitely in order I know you may say its only a nomination but I have yet to read a better blogger ! Lets hope you win and its the start of a good year all round … well done again and here is hoping …

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