Millions of reasons to love this team

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Yesterday saw an unusual alignment of the stars in the Mayo GAA Blog world. In the morning, the cumulative hit count on the site topped five million and then later in the afternoon the total page views for 2015 went over the million mark, as the image above illustrates.

The figures got me thinking about the rollercoaster we’ve all been on over the last few years. I reckon I’m correct in saying that the interest in and devotion to the Mayo team is at a higher level now than it’s ever been before. In this always-networked, social media-driven world we all inhabit nowadays, it’s obvious that this interest – this unceasing obsession – we share to see the lads reach their ultimate goal should spill over from the sideline to the online world.

In this sense, the two numbers recorded yesterday are no more than numerical confirmation of our support for a group of players who have given us on a consistent basis some of the best sporting memories any of us will ever experience. There are millions of reasons to be proud of these lads and yesterday’s numbers merely bear this out. Onwards and upwards.

69 thoughts on “Millions of reasons to love this team

  1. Well done on the blog WJ and for keeping us all so up to date on all things happening in Mayo GAA! This site is so professional and well set-up. The high number of hits just shows how popular your creation has become, keep up the good work, we’d be lost without it…

  2. Congrats Willie Joe I always love checking out your blog and the comments posted on it may you live long and prosper Up Mayo

  3. Wasn’t 2012 a poor year all the same Willie Joe? A mere 680,000 views; I guess just getting to a final didn’t count for a whole pile!

    It’s a fantastic service you provide. As well as the blog, the archive is such a great repository.

    Long may it continue.

  4. These are great figures WJ. If Mayo win another game or two ; ) you’ll easily hit the 2M mark. It is a very professional website with good standards – hence the amount of hits. Well done.

  5. A great blog and huge congrats have to go to you WJ.
    It’s great for up to date info on team and county news and the varying opinions make for great reading.
    Well done.

  6. Fair play to willie joe and to all involved I’ve said it before and il say it again when you are living abroad it’s things like this blog that keeps us proud mayo people together

  7. WJ, I echo all those sentiments from other contributors. It is an excellent site for all people with an interest in Mayo Gaa, wherever in the world they are based. One question I have is the funding of the web site? There must a cost to running this? I would (and I’m sure others would as well) be willing to make a contribution to this as it provides us with such entertainment over the year.

  8. Great stuff Willie Joe; could you not have been a bit more ‘GAA’ and stick in an auld 3 with the million?

  9. Great site thanks to WJ. You know it’s getting more popular by the year when you are discussing the site at the local bar with another reader. Hopefully this is the best year yet.

  10. This blog is the main site I browse on mobile when travelling or waiting for someone. Others similar I think.

  11. Congratulations I must add, superb service. About time you got official recognition for service to Mayo GAA.

  12. Thanks WJ for rhe site, all the updates, chance to put a few thoughts together and appreciate you are doing it for no monetary reward.

  13. Well done WJ. Great site and a great service to Mayo football followers……we would be lost without it.

  14. Congrats WJ, a great site and a great service. Much appreciated.
    Thanks also for the great moderation you put in to this site – I know it’s a lot of work for you, but it really makes it more enjoyable for everyone as the threads don’t become bogged down in the usual ‘tit for tat’ that ruins so many other blogs and sites.

  15. Well done WJ. I love this site , am always on it .I would be lost without it. Thanks for a great service. It’s the best to get all the news and views and no bullshit. Thanks again.

  16. Good man yourself WJ.

    Great site, one that I’ve enjoyed since it was a wee little newborn way back when.
    Amazing how it’s grown over those years.

    Well done especially for keeping the standard of commentary so high and keeping the bullshitters and trolls to a minimum.
    Some of the regular contributors here are a joy to read.

    For someone who has never played or coached etc at any level, the amount of insight I’ve gained has been incredible (sure I even pass off a lot of the more insightful comments as my own down the pub – one day I’ll get caught out by another reader of the blog…)

  17. Couldn’t imagine life without the MayoGAA Blog now, WJ. It’s a great credit to you. Congrats!

  18. Serious numbers WJ. Thanks for the great resource you provide and even though I snipe sometimes at the negativity merchants you keep me and others in line. We’d be lost but for the blog and I know you have a large following beyond the red and green.
    Hon Mayo!

  19. Brilliant site, WJ…………..All above sentiments also shared by me. But just to add one more very obvious point………It is the easily the best designed, best laid out, most professional looking site of all that I’ve checked out (Hogan Stand, Reservoir Dubs etc etc)……There are links to amazing pictorial archives, the ‘twitter’ stuff on the side of the main page, and the overall graphics are top class. The Facebook equivalent on the side adds to the enjoyment.

    In fact whenever I’ve gone snooping for say, Kerry’s or Donegal’s equivalent blogs, there are none that I can see…….nothing equivalent in any event…!!

    Best wishes for many more years of mad Mayo blogging !!

  20. Sincere thank you Willie Joe on a fantastic blog. It’s a testament to you that the numbers are so high. Huge congrats. This is no surprise to any of the posters here given the meticulous way it’s managed and led. This is appreciated by all and I think the quality of the commentary reflects this appreciation. It’s a unique thing and long, long may it continue.

  21. An essential part of the GAA infrastructure at this stage. And critical to ensuring my commute to Dublin every day passes seamlessly while I concentrate on all things Mayo.

  22. Congrats Willie Joe on your awesome blog! Those numbers will grow exponentially and you will become a legend in Mayo GAA, no doubt in my mind and rightly so for your service. Living abroad your blog gives me insight that I could only dream about in the past. You are providing a great service for many Mayo expats! Wishing you continued success.

  23. Viewer since 2008 millions of reasons to this site as well as our team fair play WJ

  24. I can honestly say one of my highlights as a Mayo supporter over the last was writing a piece for this blog before the All Ireland a few years back. I can always say I was on this blog! Here’s to many more years happy browsing on here!!

  25. Congrats, Willie Joe. As the old saying goes “The proof of the pudding is the eating”. The figures prove the quality of the site and it is thanks to your hard work, esp. in moderation of the site and comments that it works so well and is so appreciated. As somebody living outside the county for most of my life I now find it absolutely vital in keeping up to date and following the team. Congrats again and thanks.

  26. Well done Willie Joe and all those that ensure that the blog is a success, I’m sure that your sarcrafice is mirrored by those around you as it must take some effort to keep an eye on everything.
    It is an enjoyable site and it is a wonderful link for the Mayo diaspora to maintain that all important closeness with their fellow county men and women. If we meet someone with any county jersey in Nepal, Mississippi, Boston or Madrid we are drawn to them like a moth to the flame, that is what the GAA brings to the table. We are a fascinating people and our games are a huge part of the bond that exists between us.
    Hats off.

  27. Congrats and thanks WJ for this wonderful site. I get great enjoyment from it and couldn’t imagine life without it now. As herself says , you’re addicted, you’re on the blog again, when I’m not paying attention to she who must be obeyed.

  28. A brilliant site WJ and an almost daily port of call to catch up with all things Green and Red. Thanks for all your hard work and constant vigilance. You have us all spoiled and we’d be lost without it.

    Ten million won’t take as long the way those numbers are growing. If only everything could have grown like this site over the last number of years !

  29. Congrats Willie Joe. The numbers speak for themselves. The site is an institution and a phenomenal success and I’m sure that, like myself, visitors and posters do not take it for granted. Time to stand back, reflect and say go raibh mile maith agat.

  30. Enhorabuena desde España, Viva mayogaablog! Excellent site, well done to your good self WJ and to the mighty Mayo folk and occasional outsiders who contribute too.

  31. The number reflect the fact that the blog is professional in every since of the word. Thanks for all the effort you put into the site as i can only imagine how much work is involved.

  32. Nice one 🙂 I reckon outside of Dublin ,Mayo has the biggest fan base .Would I be rite in saying that?

  33. Thanks all for the kind words. That wasn’t my motivation at all in writing the post, rather it was, as I said, just to make the point that the numbers are driven by what the team has achieved in recent years. It’s them, not me, who deserve the praise.

    And now I feel even more guilty over the fact that my holidays are getting in the way of the quarter-final – there’ll be less talk about great service and so forth when I’m away then! I will though, of course, remain networked and in touch with what’s going on while away, more so than usual in fact this time given where we’re at in the season now.

  34. to be honest lads and lassies i never write on this but it’s a bloody addiction….i cannot stop opening it up for the news, info, banter and genuine love and passion for Mayo football…and hurling and all things Mayo. Am so proud of this site and yourself Willie Joe and the super work you put into it. You are a gem! There should be a ‘like’ button for acknowledging the depth of feelings we have!!! God if only we could win the Sam Maguire…if passion brought it home sure we’d be up there every year! Thanks…Mile buiochas

  35. Well
    Done willie joe. The posters on this blog should actually pick the mayo team
    And subs before every
    Match on here and pass on to noel and pat. We are the experts after all.

  36. One way to contribute would be to track stats for high potential players. We have enough users to attend all games at all levels.

  37. Love this blog …huge thanks willie joe for all the hard work …Lovely to see how much its appreciated …keep her lit !

  38. Required reading, as much part of Mayo as Croagh Patrick or Nephin. Well done sir.

  39. Wherever you’re going Willie Joe, enjoy the holiday. Like so many on here, I rarely miss a day that I don’t click in to check on the latest up-dates, opinions and gossip. 5 million hits and counting is truly amazing, and all down to you.

    Mayo Man of the Year can’t far away!

  40. Well done WJ. Great site and great service. Just think of the “hit” figures when we win the holy grail……

  41. Well done and congratulations on a brilliant blog.
    I don’t participate so much in the comments but like many others I read every single post. There are very knowledgeable contributors from all over and it is great excitement especially leading up to our games.
    Some time soon we are going to lift the Holy grail and then we will have one hell of a party.

  42. Congrats WJ and to all who contribute to the hit counter for the blog. Here’s to hitting the two million mark this year with most of that happening on a certain evening in late September.

  43. Whats wrong with ye all, 57 comments and no aggro?

    Fair play, I’m addicted too

    Thanks WJ

  44. WJ, congrats and thanks for all the time and effort you commit to it. Great credit also is due to you for not seeking to “moneytise” the popularity of the site. I too would have no problem contributing a subscription if it ever was called upon as the mine of information, debate, opinion and knowledge that is Mayo GAA Blog is a precious resource.
    I predict the 2.5 million mark will be topped this year, with a huge surge on Tuesday 22nd of September, (the Tuesday after the All Ireland Final). I think we could write the Monday off as things might take a while to get going after the victory 🙂
    As regards the support for this team? The match attendance figures say it all. Out-numbered Derry in Derry, Cork in Cork and put the heart-pounding pride back in the jersey. We’re no-ones whipping boys anymore.
    Enjoy this current team and the success they bring, it won’t last forever. Whether they win the big lad or not, they have brought me, my friends and my family wonderful days of enjoyment and smiles. Like your site WJ, there’s no cost that be put on that. As I said before, there are 29 or 30 other counties that wish they were us.
    Hon Mayo.

  45. Addicted to this site not a day goes by that I’m not checking in for a nose well done Willie Joe every bit of praise you get is thoroughly deserved sure we’d be lost without you !! we’ve all shared in the absolute joy and the heartbreak that comes with supporting Mayo over the years and when this team do cross the line Willie Joes Mayo Gaa Blog will break the internet ! Enjoy the holidays we will all shout extra loud for you!! Well done again Maigheo Abu!

  46. Well done Willie Joe. Don’t get involved much with blogs, Facebook etc. but from February to September would be an almost daily visitor. Great posts generally(although the anti-Roscommon thing is a bit childish and against the spirit of the site IMO). Although I haven’t met any of the other posters I feel as if I know Pebblesmeller, John Cuffe, Catcol, PJ etc. Maybe in Bowe’s later in the year!

  47. Agree this is a great site and I would have no problem making a contribution should the cost become more than you’re willing to bear WJ.
    Would suggest against going down the subscription route though – perhaps a voluntary contribution, or even something that you can update any costs and people can contribute what they feel they can towards it. Once the costs are covered, no need to contribute more as that would probably be more hassle for you thank its worth to keep account of, although I doubt anyone would begrudge you a few pints or more given the amount of personal time you put into this.
    Anyway – fair play for all your time and efforts putting this together and maintaining it so well.

  48. Back in 2010, after the Meltdown in Markievicz Park, I wrote a comment on this blog, an excerpt from which went as follows:

    “In footballing terms, we are now a laughing stock. The RTE pundits, constantly looking for another humourous soundbite, love to see us coming. The likes of Spillane, Brolly and O’Rourke look like they have their lines pre-prepared and they love to deliver them to maximum effect. And we, who have long followed our county, have to sit and take it, YEAR-ON-FUCKING-YEAR!
    And then there is the pity. I have had people from Division 3 and Division 4 counties coming up to me today saying that we could have won it! As if I needed that! I’d say that these same counties would be rubbing their hands with glee if they drew us in the qualifiers.

    Let’s be clear. I am not looking for perfection. But after more than a half of a century of this life, I would like to end one year – JUST ONE – with a feeling that we could stand tall and say to the rest of the footballing world that our county is a proud one, our county does not give up, our county will give every last bit of effort it has to reach its potential, our county deserves respect.”

    What a distance we have come since then. What an enormous turnaround. We truly live in a golden era and we cannot thank those involved in the Mayo GAA senior set up enough.

    And along this journey, we have had this wonderful blog and all of the craic it generates. Huge appreciation is due to Willie Joe for his unstinting dedication to the cause and for his positive action that helps keep this wonderful fire burning.

    A Kerryman recently said to me that we would know that All-Ireland Final winning feeling soon. My response was that, when we get there, we will experience something that is beyond the imagination of any Kerry person, as the joy of more than six decades of wild fanatical support will be unleashed. And this blog will have contributed to that unleashing.

    Bring it on Boys!

    Bring it on!

  49. This Blog is for a people in Limbo,
    Like a group who have lost
    Their way and seek the Promised Land.
    It is a place of Refuge, where this people
    Can rest their weary bones along
    The Way.
    We have been born into
    A House of Pain – and the Pain
    Just hasn’t gone away.
    Meanwhile we can sup from the
    Cool,Clear Water
    That is the mayogaablog
    And drink and feel soothed.

    Knowing that One Day
    We really will OVERCOME!

    Fair Play to ya WillyJO.
    Fair Play to the lot of Yee.
    And FAIRWAY to the Boys in GreenandRed!

  50. Lovely comments here and all thoroughly deserved. Thank you WJ for the unerring enthusiasm you bring to this site and for providing such a valuable resource. And thanks to each and everyone too that contributes to this community – it is truly unique. In addition to the daily education I get here I consider myself lucky to have met some wonderful people as a direct result of this site, and for that I will always be grateful. Here’s hoping we’ll get another night in Bowe’s in the not-so-distant future, and one hell of a party come September.

  51. As always full credit to you WJ, this site keeps the Mayo supporters heart beating as one from all corners of the globe.
    Many,many thanks once again.

  52. As with Anne-Marie, i’ve been lucky enough to meet some of the contributors on here in the real world via mayogaablog & club51! The likes of AM herself, EmmaMc, Livenhope! Not yet that talented writer Mr John Cuffe however! Who knows maybe a Monday this September!!! Mayo forever

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