Mini-league final result: it’s hats off to Mortified

Mini-League Cship Table Final_It’s not just Kerry and Armagh who’ve had cause for continual celebration since Sunday: with the culmination of the championship has also come the denouement of the Green and Red/Club Mayo Dublin championship prediction mini-league (with thanks to Face the Ball whose technical wizardry made it all possible).

Mortified has won it: he led the field from a long way out and held off the challenge of rayosilke coming up the home straight.  SixPointsUp – who won the league variant of this competition – made a late dash for glory but had to be content for third spot.

I made it over the line in seventh, which was an improvement on my league form but still well off the pace.  A bit like the senior team, in other words.

There are prizes to be doled out and the fact that I left all that on the long finger for the past few weeks has now come back to haunt me.  To compound matters, I’m off to London in the morning for some worky stuff so it’ll be next week before I can get that sorted.  But, hey, haven’t we got months ahead of us now with no football to occupy us?  I’ll sort out the loot shortly, Mort, honest I will.

4 thoughts on “Mini-league final result: it’s hats off to Mortified

  1. This seems as good a time as any to thank you for some good blogging over the past season. It’s been interesting to read, and been invaluable in helping to keep track of how the county has been doing from the wrong side of the Irish Sea.

    Thanks very much.

  2. cheers, cork let me down on sunday and I would have won the whole thing, not impressed with the langers!!!

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Jay – I spent a number of years over there myself and part of my motivation for doing this was to make it easier for those living abroad to access info on the various Mayo teams in the way that I, in that pre-internet era, wasn’t able to do all that well. Good to hear that it has helped you to keep in touch with what going on.

    I think Cork let us all down on Sunday, Mort, but I think it would have needed a draw for there to be any chance of your being overtaken at the top of the mini-league. Winner alright!

  4. I just heard that Aidan O’Shea, Michael Murphy and Colm O’Neill have received nominations for Young Player of the Year.

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