Mini-league: Mortified can’t lose it from here

Mini-League Cship Table 4 Sept_Like the All-Ireland itself, there’s only one match left before the spoils are claimed in our championship mini-league but while the destination of Sam remains a very open question, by my reckoning Mortified is already home and hosed in the mini-league.  Given the lead that he has and the number of points that can be garnered from the one remaining match, there is only one scenario by which he could be overhauled on All-Ireland final day and, from what I can see, if he adopts an appropriate blocking strategy (call it cynical play if you wish), he can ensure that he won’t be beaten on Septmber 20th. Wouldn’t it be great if the minors were in the position to approach All-Ireland final day with the same certainty of success?

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