Mini-League results for Week 2

The Mini-League results for Week 2 are in and it’s no surprise that, with the form book going largely by the wayside in this weekend’s Division 1 and 2 NFL matches, significant movement has occurred in the Mini-League table, with not a single contestant ending up in the same position as they were in this time last week.  Here’s the table for Week 2:


Maigheo has now joined MickC at the top of the pile (Face The Ball uses the current week’s score as a tie-breaker in assigning positions when two or more contestants are on the same number of points and so that’s why Maigheo is deemed to have taken over at no.1), with SixPointsUp tucked in there nicely in third and hammer11 moving up two places to fourth.  Yengae in fifth has made a dramatic advance, climbing ten places from last week, with martync2 (up from 12th to 6th), Mike (14th to 8th), devel (21st to 10th) and the redoubtable Fougoal McGee (up from 28th to 11th) all showing significant improvement on the opening week.

But this is, of course, a zero-sum game and so, for every happy tale about those coming up in the world, there’s a corresponding tale of woe from the dispossessed.  Like AFL Scout (down from 5th last week to 14th now), Stephenite  (down to 16th from 8th), Tubberman (down from 17th to 23rd), Yamo2004 (24th, formerly 16th) and, most dramatically of all, poor old brianm242, who has fallen all the way from 10th to 26th.

Just in case you think I’m taking any kind of vicarious pleasure from all this shifting of the deck-chairs, rest assured I’m not: I have my own problems to be getting on with.  I had a slightly better week this week and I’m now holding down the lofty position of 20th (up from 23rd last week) but I fear that, like the county team, a grim basement struggle is going to prove my lot for this particular league campaign.

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