Mini-League Week 1: we’re off and running

NFL Mini-League 2010 Week 1 TableThe NFL 2010 mini-league is, like its on-field source material, already out of the traps and over the first hurdle with the field of 25 now haring off towards the second one this weekend.  Out in front at this very early stage is ComeOnTheGaels, a name that didn’t feature in either the NFL or championship mini-leagues last year (could you be FourGoal in disguise, I wonder?).

Tucked in ominously in second, though, is rayosilke who only narrowly failed to land last year’s championship crown and not too far away either in this still heavily bunched field is the winner of last year’s NFL title, SixPointsUp.  The same gent also came in third in the championship race last year so he’s clearly the one to watch.  I’ve somehow managed to blag my way into fifth, despite getting what I thought was a fair few wrong last weekend.  But then I suppose most other people would also have gone for Kerry and Tyrone and I did eventually decide to let my heart rule my head when it came to the outcome of the McHale Park clash.

I note that there’s no sign of Mortified, the winner of last year’s championship mini-league, in the field this time out.  I thought they had fairly decent internet access Down Under – maybe he’ll join in the fun once himself and Alan arrive back from their travels in a few weeks time.

5 thoughts on “Mini-League Week 1: we’re off and running

  1. Mortified is strictly a championship man and will be back with all guns blazin in May. Headin to the Bay to visit Alf tomorrow 😉

  2. Much an all as I would like to be on top of the mini league, I have to admit that I am not there in disguise. Was up to my eyes in work over the last few weeks and missed out on registering. It must be a thing about aging, but the idea of waiting for the Championship is appealing to me.

    Great result on Sunday. It was great to see a bit of bite in the performance and no one better to bite than your nearest neighbours – particularly when it was least expected. And while everyone is saying it’s only February, I got the same feeling when we played Derry early in ’96 (albeit April and a defeat) and the Dubs in 2004 (also in February).

    Maybe, just maybe…

    Keep the Faith!

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