Mini-League Week 3: ontheroad hits the road

Mini-League NFL 2010 Week 3It’s all change again in the NFL 2010 prediction mini-league, with only two contestants holding onto the same place they were in the previous week.  (Unfortunately for them, the positions in question are 24th and 25th).  The big news this week, though, is the meteoric rise all the way from tenth to first of ontheroad, whom many of you will know in his guise as a long-time contributor to discussions hereabouts.  Joining him at the top of the tree is rayosilke, who was, of course, runner-up in last year’s championship competition and tucked in behind them is Mick C, completing what looks like, for now at least, a three-horse race.

But, of course, in this zero-sum game world, for every up there must be a down.  This week’s fall guy is my Mayo GAA blogging colleague nooneshoutedstop who has tumbled all the way from top spot to thirteenth.  Like the lads on the field, though, there’s precious little time for moping about what happened last week as there’s another batch of predictions to be filled out for this weekend’s fourth round of games.

By the way, when you’re filling out the predictions you might notice that Westmeath appear twice on the list. (God love them, the Lake County are hardly able to give a match to one county at a time right now, let alone two).   The first match listed for them (where it says they’re away to Tipp) is incorrect – it’s Meath that are up agin the Stone Throwers.  Westmeath instead face Laois in what’s likely to be a dour relegation tussle at Cusack Park.   My thanks to Albany for spotting this error, which no doubt the Face the Ball lads will correct shortly.

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