Mini-League Week 5: stasis

Mini-League NFL 2010 Week 5After all that helter-skelter, hold-onto-your-hats welter of movement in previous weeks, this week’s mini-league table bears a remarkable resemblance to last week’s offering.  If this were World War I (which it’s not, though it felt a bit like that at Comment Moderation HQ tonight), it would appear that we’ve now reached the Marne and the shovels have just been produced.

The top five are the same as last week (with some minor movement in position) and there’s only one change in the top ten.  MickC has tightened his grip on top spot and, a bit like Cork for the NFL, he seems to be short odds for this particular title with just two rounds and the final itself to go.

I’ve made a bit of a burst up from ninth last week to sixth but I’m not entertaining any hopes of winning the thing.  That’s not just me doing a Johnno-style lowering of expectations: I’m almost 150 points off the pace, for feck’s sake, so I think, like the Kerrymen, I’ll have to forget about the league and concentrate on the summer football instead.

7 thoughts on “Mini-League Week 5: stasis

  1. Looking st the mini league table I hope to avoid relegation this season. Congrats on a massive post bag re. the Kerry game. Fantastic to see such a response. We are a passionate people in Mayo especially in regards our football and this has to be admired. Myself included , we tend to swing a bit, from total devotion to utter contempt. We need to balance on occasions. Instead of seeing Conor (or McDonald before him) as the total sum of our fortunes lets just accept them for what they are; one of fifteen Mayo men hoping to do their best. Conor has got a challenge this year, Ronaldson is a viable replacement. That is a good thing, both players will prosper and we might benefit. Lets give the likes of Aiden O Shea, McLoughlin, Vaughan and Conroy that space to grow in as well.

  2. if only I was putting a few of these predictions into cash bets on a certain Bookmakers website I’d be a rich man by now!!

    two tough weekends ahead though….

  3. It might be just me, but apart from a minority(on here i know theres good support) & the hardcore mayo supporters but we have to have the worst supporters in ireland. I remember wj backed me on here on the conor mortimer topic about a year ago,almost every mayo supporter turned on him, what other county would do that,even the sheep stealers love that unlikable frankie, well i dont think his full name should ever be mentioned here.Every other county do not like him(conor) for a reason and believe me its not because of his hair, even after the dublin game how fickle the support was to turn so quick on Mayo again. I remember wj pointing out the atmosphere, for a home top of the table clash could the mayo supporters be much quieter? In a way if mayo won the all ireland i dont think i could stand all the clueless fans saying ‘i told you so’. As for them utter pricks on hoganstand, have we now on the whole the worst supporters in ireland? or atleast most critical?

  4. you can,t be critical you can only do your best mayo is bringing it on sam is on its way they are working always did to be fair and got hearth broken 96 especially well done conor and all the mayo footballers keep up the faith and beleive we have a potential

  5. I dunno about that jj. All counties have their fair share of idiot supporters, it’s more a sign of the society we live in now than anything else.
    I don’t think we’re particularly worse than any other county.
    Any time I’ve been to McHale park or wherever, I meet knowledgeable supporters who aren’t overly critical of particular players etc.
    I think you’re judging us on our reputation on that godforsaken Hogan Stand forum, which apparently isn’t great.
    Well I certainly don’t judge us on that. I used to read some of that, until I found this site a couple of years ago. This is all I read now. Proper deabate on Mayo GAA. Sure there’ll be the odd bit of criticism, but it’s always constructive and doesn’t descend into petty personal insults (bar the odd latest exception!).
    We haven’t won Sam since ’51 and we’ve had years of near misses and heartbreak, so there’s always going to be criticism and occasional negativity. Kerry get it from their own supporters and look what those hoors have won!

    I’m sure the rest of Ireland doesn’t judge us on what a few clowns on Hogan Stand write. If they read this site I’m sure they’d find a truer reflection of Mayo followers.
    Anyway, we shouldn’t be so worried about what others think of us!

  6. \dan itgs true but i think we are judged by those idiots.. Mayo were losing to dublin by 2 points and mc hale park was silent.. Twe have suffered heartbreak but no more than most..mayo supporters act like they are owed something

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