Mini-League Week 6: head-to-head rule unlikely to be needed + Good Friday challenge

Mini-League NFL 2010 Week 6_We’re approaching the finishing line in this year’s NFL mini-league and, unless he comes a cropper at the final fence, Mick C is going to win with a bit to spare.  He’s got 63 points to spare on Barney in second place and with only one full weekend of action (plus the two finals themselves a fortnight afterwards) to go, it’s difficult to see him being overhauled at this stage.

ontheroad has made one last burst from the peloton, jumping from eighth to fourth, but I think he may be coming too late with this run.  Mind you, Mick has previous where it comes to tailing off down the home straight – last year, he was second at the end of Week 6 but fell to eighth the week after and ended up finishing sixth overall.  I’m not trying to spook you or anything there, Mick, but I suppose it’s no harm either to inject a bit of spice into the proceedings as we face into the business end of this year’s mini-league.

In other news, Liam Horan has been on to me about the Good Friday challenge which is being organised by Seán McCaughey  of Fitness West in Westport.  This initiative is being organised by Seán to give people who are in or around the age of fifty to demonstrate their level of fitness, bearing in mind that the half-century mark has now been set as the compulsory retirement age for referees.

The-Reek_Despite the fact that this rule will, at last, mean that our old pal Pat McEnaney will shortly be forced to call it a day, it’s obviously the case that many people approaching this age still have a fair bit left in the tank from a physical perspective.  Anyone who thinks they fit into this category and would like to put it to the test on Good Friday should drop an email to Seán at  Aside from various boot camp calisthenics, I see that the challenge will also involve a trek up Croagh Patrick.  In contrast to the conditions that PJ and myself faced when we climbed the Reek last September, however, the forecast for this coming Friday looks rather ugly, which could mean that this bit of the proceedings might actually prove more of a challenge to those at the lower end of the scale where it comes to middle-aged ballast.

11 thoughts on “Mini-League Week 6: head-to-head rule unlikely to be needed + Good Friday challenge

  1. jaysus WJ! no pressure like!

    just looked at the fixtures there for the next round…they’re not easy at all to predict….

  2. You need to log in at and then go into the 2010 NFL under ‘My Competitions’. The overall leaderboard is the third option down on the left-hand panel.

    BTW: our own Mick C is the overall leader, not just of the mini-league!

  3. The mini league seems to be quite different from the main table ?how come
    Also I see in Round 7 line up…. Down have a bit of a problem being at home and away in the same day!!

  4. The mini-league is simply a subset of the overall competition, which has 273 participants as opposed to our cosier line-up of 26. We’re all in there, I think, and in the correct order too but it’s just that everyone else taking part is as well.

    Thanks for pointing out that double Down issue. I’ll send a mail to the facetheball lads to alert them to it.

  5. Happy Easter WJ. Sorry to piggybank on your site, cannot figure out Spalpins but once more he has hit the spot in his latest missive. He writes on Irish pubs, Gaughans I remember well, throw in Rouse’s snug and from my young days and a place called Cassidys up near the Post Office in Ballina, In it hey had a juke box and I played Yellow Submarine until it sank. What I want to laud him for is his paragraph on the publicans of Limerick. They would put a chip van at the foot of the Cross. I would kill for a line like that. So true and so sad. Truely one shagged up country we live in…thank god for the GAA.

  6. Many happy returns, OTR. Are you heading west for the holiday weekend? We’re off in that direction in the morning – I hope the weather isn’t as bad as they were forecasting last night …

    That’s a cracking line alright from An Spailpin – I know the two pubs in Dublin he mentions but never managed to get as far as Gaughan’s before they shut up shop. It’s true what he says, as well – the drinking culture is dying (some would say that’s no bad thing) and the pubs are heading in the same direction.

  7. Enjoy your trip the West WJ. I am house bound unfortunatly but some of my gang are going down. I miss going down and once I pass Glencastle my heart lifts when I smell the sea for the first time. Decent people and a decent county. Long may we live!

  8. The versatile Vaughan was just one of the stars last Sunday and Mayo came from behind to snatch another two points and keep them in the race for promotion. A news update which came from that garbage hoganstand… see the kind of crap we would be looking at to get our ‘mayo gaa fix’ if its was not for mayogaablog…

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