Mini-League Week 7: all over, regardless of the final

Minileague Week 7_The league final still has to be played (all four of them, in fact) but here in NFL mini-league land, we already have a winner irrespective of how the Division 1 and 2 finals (which are the only two that count for the purposes of the mini-league) pan out.  Mick C – one of the leading lights in Club Mayo Dublin as well as Gaelic football soothsayer – has won the thing pulling up, despite the best efforts of Barney and ontheroad who are currently second and third respectively.  Mick enjoys a lead of 110 points over Barney and so, with only two matches in next weekend’s final round, there aren’t enough points up for grabs to wipe out this lead.  So, Mick, you may as well take a bow now.

Not only that, but Mick has also gone and won the overall prize on facetheball as well, where he’s come out top in a field of 274.  Like the mini-league, he’s sufficiently far ahead at this point that he can’t now be overtaken with measly amount of points that are still on offer.  Our mini-league lads have actually done rather well in the overall leaderboard, with Barney in sixth and ontheroad in 13th.  Modesty almost prevents me (but hasn’t fully succeed in doing so) from revealing that I’ve managed to reach the lofty heights of 15th in this table.

We never sorted out prizes in advance of the mini-league getting underway – that was something I put on the long finger but hen never got back to – so I’d better get cracking now.  Books and/or DVDs would, I reckon, be in order in this respect.

14 thoughts on “Mini-League Week 7: all over, regardless of the final

  1. Many thanks WJ…As I said before, if only I bothered to put my faith in my selections into a few wagers on I’d be a richer man now!

  2. Hey Willie Joe,

    Just wanted to sound out what do you think the deal will be with tickets as its a double header do you think it will be safe to pay on the day?

    I probably think so but just wanted your opinion on the matter, thanks in advance

  3. Willie Joe, you could still pip me for the Champions league spot. It was an enjoyable bit of crack and it has shown me that I am no JP McManus. Well done to Mick and Barney, a nice level of consistancy in their work.

  4. I’d say there will be tickets on the day at the usual locations close to the ground (such as the little caravan they set up on the Drumcondra Road up near the Archbishop’s Palace), as it’s unlikely to be a sell-out! If you want a handful of tickets seated together, though, I’d say it’d still be better to get them online in advance.

    You’re right, ontheroad – we’re still battling it out there for the minor placings in the mini-league. Will head or heart decide it the next day, I wonder?

  5. Time for Mayo to get head and heart together for once. No point in losing another final. God as I wrote that I felt a weight on my shoulder. Still we have to win a final at some stage. Lets keep the positive vibes going and hope it will be this one. Donegal didnt fear us in 2007, we should not fear Cork in 2010.

  6. I see Dublin and Tyrone are putting forward a proposal to congress on Saturday, whereby beaten quarter finalists get a second chance.
    It would mean provincial winners playing off against each other, with the winners progressing to the semi finals and the losers playing the 2 surviving qualifiers.

    This is something I think should definitely come in, if just to revive the provincial championships.
    The argument about it affecting club games doesn’t add up to me, we should just condense the provincial championships. We only need look at ourselves in Connacht and the gap we have between games.

    Still, like most of the proposals that are to come before congress, can’t see it being passed.

  7. Sounds good dan. The more games in championship the better I think. Would like to see that coming in.
    Just listening to the weekly podcast on the Mayo news page. Mike Finnerty making the point having club games this weekend could have concequences. Have to agree. Surely they could have managed without county players this weekend.

  8. tis a great proposal Dan so prob wont get through. Of course the handpass rule will stick cos it slows up the game. The one rule id like to see go above all else is the one that prevents the pick up off the ground…twas tried a few years a go and was highly effective but the traditionalists had their way.

  9. Ted I prefer the fisted pass-it’s slightly more difficult to master and although it may slow up the play (though I don’t know how) as Sean Moran in the IT yesterday, we may as well allow players to throw the ball would speed up the game if that’s what is wanted. Darragh O Se was a great man for the palmed pass- sometimes he’d only wave at the ball before throwing it.

  10. have tickets for sale now on their website, they will also be on sale on the day at the ticket office on the NCR opposite gill’s pub and on dorset street lower.
    Adults €25, students €10, juvenils €5.
    No ression in the gaa then 🙁
    Thankfully i’ve the seasion ticket 🙂

  11. With the fisted pass, I just can’t see any point in it.
    It was brought in to try and speed up the game, cut out illegal hand passes (throwing the ball) and encourage players to use the foot pass more.
    Well from what I’ve seen it’s achieved none of that. The game is being played at the same speed and there’s as much hand passing as there was previously.
    There’s been less throwing of the ball, but just as many frees (probably more) given for players reverting to the open hand pass due to the confusion. So no real positive there.

    I just don’t see the point in introducing a new rule that would force players to have to disregard a ‘skill’ they’ve been learning all their lives, yet the rule actually has very little positive impact on the game.
    Although they are usually the rules that get passed!

  12. I think the real problem with the fist pass is that it is so hard to police and decisions will be missed on the basis of how far the ref is from play at any given time – this will just lead to howls of injustice from the opposition when an open hand pass is missed.

    I recall that Setanta had super slow-mo replays seeing if it a pass was executed open or closed, to be honest I have sympoathy with refs on this one.

  13. Hope they keep the mark-they wont.
    Hope they get rid of the fist pass-they wont
    Hope they bring in provincial rule-they wont
    Hope the refs improve-they wont
    Hope media give Mayo respect-they wont
    Hope Volcano in Iceland doesnt cancel League Final?????????
    Hope lad who won lotto is from Mayo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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