Minor final fixed for Hyde Park on Friday week

It’s taken a while for it to be confirmed but Mayo GAA announced a short while ago that this year’s All-Ireland Minor football Championship final will take place at Dr Hyde Park, Roscommon, on Friday week, 8th July. The novel all-Connacht national decider between ourselves and Galway will throw in that evening at 7.15pm.

It definitely makes sense for the Markham Cup decider to be played within the province. Dr Hyde Park, which can comfortably take the expected attendance, which is easy to get to and get out of and where the playing surface is excellent, was the obvious neutral venue to choose for the match.

The Friday evening throw-in also aligns nicely with this year’s Connacht Championship, in which all the fixtures took place on the same day of the week at around this time of the day. All we need now, from our perspective, is the same kind of result to the ones we enjoyed in all of those ties.

The final will be broadcast live by TG4, though I’d imagine there will be a big Mayo crowd at it, seeing as, aside from the women footballers, it’ll be our final inter-county outings of 2022. Ticketing information on the game will, no doubt, follow in due course.

42 thoughts on “Minor final fixed for Hyde Park on Friday week

  1. Great news, the Hyde is a super venue and very accessible for travelling Mayo and Galway fans.

  2. I see it as a downgrading of the final which was always on before senior final. It’s as if they’re finding a date for it- sqeezing it in if you like

  3. It’s a shame the minor final has been taken away as a curtain raiser to the senior final. The GAA have been downgrading and making a mess of the minor and once great u21 championship.

    That said I’ll settle for the Hyde. A great surface and very accessible for both counties. Will we get 10-15,000 for this final? Hopefully as the young lads deserve our support. Mayo have been fantastic this year and have one final hurdle to jump.

  4. We could make this very special for them and would be forever remembered if we got the result too . I’m texting my boss after to tell him I’ll be finishing early Friday week . Let’s bring 15k , come on .

  5. Much prefer to see it played in Hyde Park,this has the makings of a special occasion (remember Ennis 2016!)
    This game would have been lost in Croke Park with tiny support travelling again from Mayo.As it is now we should have a big crowd and hopefully something to celebrate. The minors have been fantastic all year and a joy to watch,I’m really looking forward to this.

  6. The Hyde is ideal. I’ll be there while I wouldn’t have gone to yet another costly Croke Park fixture. Hope there’s a massive crowd and a great atmosphere because these lads deserve it.

  7. Thats the spirit Sean Burke. We are well capable of making it an occasion to remember in the west. Lets get out and support…

  8. As an example the All Ireland Minor Hurling final is between Offaly and Tipp,its on this weekend in O Connor Park Tullamore and is close to a 27k sell out.That will be some experience for those lads.

  9. Probably should have been played before Derry vs Galway but the Tailteann cup is on at 3pm. Predict many including my gang will skip that and arrive for the 17:30 game. I wont be able to make the Hyde due to commitments but expect Galway to get the win at the third time of asking as they are improving with each game. Still its only U17 so a great day out for both teams is the main thing and no injuries. Galway by 4. Up Galway.

  10. Happy with the venue, as supporters it is important that as many of us as possible attend this game, the Minors have been playing some great football this year, they deserve a big following. It’s an All Ireland Final after all, it has been 9 years since we were in one at this grade. Let’s get behind them.

  11. Was very impressed with Mayo dismantling Galway in Tuam a few weeks ago and although Galway have improved; I cannot see anything other than s Mayo win.
    It’s hugely positive for football in the province however and should be a fantastic occasion.
    I’ll be there cheering on our own Shay Mc Glinchey our other Tuamstar with the Bellaghy background..

  12. I am looking for two tickets for the Hurling game between Clare and Kilkenny please .The Mrs is from Clare.

  13. James+Fleming,
    You can buy any amount of tickets for any part of the ground on ticketmaster (that’s where you buy GAA tickets now,all in one place online) supervalue and a few outlets also have them.I just double checked it there.

  14. Ahh here I think there’s a funny business going on here with this buckeen and tickets .

  15. Should be a great game – no need to bring the young lads to CP with the price of petrol.

  16. Should be a great game especially if weather conditions are favourable. A massive occasion for all these young men and winning will seem like heaven while losing will be devastating. Such is sport. These are two brilliant teams and it could go either way but I suppose in the greater scheme of things you’re hoping every year to get 1 or 2 making the eventual step up to senior Inter County standard. In that regard both teams look like they could outperform those expectations as each side is blessed with numerous talented players. I would expect many on view at the Hyde to do battle against each other many times during the next couple of decades.

  17. A lot of people saying it is the right decision on here and cant help but disagree. This should be in croke park as the curtain raiser to the AIF.. Anyways that being said best of luck to these young lads and the management tam. Some serious ballers with a lot of potential. Shame they wont be able to bring the cup across the Shannon like Stephen Coen did in 2013 but to win an All Ireland in the rossies back door wont be a bad substitute.

  18. The publicans in Roscommon Town love a match with Mayo in it
    Because they spend money the Galway’s not so much
    Willie Joe would you ever put up a survey what the average Mayo fan or family spends per year nothing to scientific 0-100 100-500 500 +
    Best of luck to all travelling to the Hyde these young lads are the future

  19. Lets not worry about the venue……
    We are in another AIF . With a real good chance of winning it.
    I was in Ennis when we won the U21 it was a fantastic night ……..probably my best as a fan
    Please lets get more positive generally too the last 10 years are gone…..
    I think the next 10 will be better with what we already have on the pitch in senior level already whats coming in terms of new management and players. Anyway I cant think of anything better to do at this stage

  20. No lights in the Hyde, it’s literally next door to me (a mayo man marooned in Roscommon may i add), if its a dark evening with rain which good very likely to happen it could be an issue. Hopefully, we have an electric atmosphere

  21. The logical thing would be to start the game a little earlier.
    Lots of people making plans to go to the game, neighbours, clubmates, grannies…
    If 27 000 can go to a standalone AI minor hurling final in Nolan Park, well the best football supporters in the country can make noise at the Hyde.
    WJ a little player profile of the panel would be great if possible. I know its hard work, maybe in a podcast…

  22. The right decision. Should be a great occasion with a full house. Far better than be played in an empty Croke Park or with a Galway crowd there for the Senior. final.
    After all winning those Under 21’s in Ennis in 06 and 16 did not take away from the great occasions they were.

  23. Terrible decision!!!,
    from a players point of view, those players deserve to be playing at Croke Park. Imagine at the start of the process some of the first words out of Mgts team was “this is the start of the road to Croke Park”
    these players have trained hard to get to an AL Final and not playing in Croke Park is a right kick in the gut for them. I take it some will say , isn’t it better playing in full house somewhere else and everyone has their opinion but if you were to ask the squad, i would put money on it that they would prefer to play in HQ

  24. The weather forecast for Friday 8th in Ross is for a dry evening with light wind from north west. That should be grand for football

  25. BazHam 19….I think the Mayo lads would much prefer to play in front of thousands of fellow county men and women than in Croker with hardly a Mayo person in sight. Would be same for Galway if they don’t qualify for the senior final. Add in the fact that we’d have to pay 80euro for tickets and face another expensive trip to Dublin. So for all concerned Hyde Park makes rhe most sense.

  26. Here’s one name that hasn’t been mentioned from what I can see, and maybe it is because he wouldn’t travel from Kerry, but Stephen Stack was being seriously touted for the Kerry job prior to Jack O’Connor being put in place. According to Tony Leen on one of the podcasts, he would have been the number 1 choice for a lot of Kerry people. Was bringing a great backroom team with him in Mickey Ned O’Sullivan, Aidan O’Mahony, Donie Buckley and a few others. He is well thought of in Kerry GAA and is obviously interested in the step up to inter county. May be looking for a point to prove after getting overlooked for O’Connor, which could be a great selling point from Mayo CB(?)

    There’s possibly no traction in this but I think it would definitely be worth exploring.

  27. Tickets are on sale now through the usual channels, 15.00 euro for general admission, U16s do not require a ticket according to Ticketmaster. 15 euro is good value for an All Ireland Final in fairness, much better than forking out Croke Park prices. Hopefully a large and vocal Mayo support turns up, these lads deserve it.

  28. Fantastic news way out west. No hassle getting tickets and youngsters go free. Even weather looks good. Historic occasion for the teams involved.

  29. Cheers Way Out West. 4 of us going 3+1 and it will cost 45euro as opposed to 320euro at Croker. Surely at these prices and an easy journey both Mayo and Galway fans will flock to the Hyde.

  30. Hyde Park certainly is far better and far more affordable than Croke Park..My thinking on the subject, is that it’s not out of the goodness of Croke Park or the CCCC’s heart that this is happening… First of all definitely the All Ireland football final will sell out..so they wouldn’t be gaining anything by having the All Ireland Minor Final played before that Match.. Secondly the Tailtain Cup final will be played before the Galway and Derry senior semifinal… And they fully expect the El Classico Dublin V Kerry Senior Semifinal to sell out as well..As those dates come closer I expect the same regular poster on this blog to be once again enquiring about tickets, for any fixture (some of ye must be coming close to figuring that out by now).. Options for the train from Westport or Ballina, or Galway or Dublin to Roscommon…It’s a no brainer…. But if Croke Park or the CCCC would take Mayo fans or Galway, or Kerry or Derry fans into concideration..it’s actually quite amazing that We Mayo played, Kildare in both Minor and Senior on the same weekend, two weekends afterwards, Mayo played Kerry in both Minor and Senior and it’s really questionable why the Minor and Senior fixtures involving the same two Counties weren’t fixed for the same day and venue in the first place..

  31. Food for thought leantimes. Makes you wonder whos ppulling the strings. Certainly the Gaa would have made a lot more money if they had run both mayo kildare games at Roscommon. Where do the tv companies come into it?

  32. A huge improvement on the first half performance from the semi required. Hopefully we can do it. The future of mayo football is not all doom and gloom

  33. @Ontheditch.. to be fair to Sky.. Sky broadcast Mayo v Monaghan live from McHale Park just over a month ago and also have broadcast many other live games from provincial venue’s. .. I certainly don’t believe that Sky have been holding the GAA over a barrel on this. But plenty will try and muddy the waters and put the attention elsewhere, especially seen as only 16K turned up at a soulless Croke Park for a double header, two and half weeks ago. The buck stop’s with the CCCC!

  34. Thats fair enough Leantimes. Thanks for clarifying, i wouldnt have a clue of the ins and outs of it. Theres obviously money in it outside of gate receipts. I think for the kildare match, there was an assumption that Mayo would travel in big numbers.

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