Minor match details for this evening’s provincial opener

The county’s U17s are in Championship action this evening, with Round 1 of the Connacht MFC round-robin stage seeing them take on Roscommon. The game throws in at Dr Hyde Park this evening at 6.30pm.

If you’re planning on going to the game, then you’ll need to sort your tickets in advance. The link for purchasing tickets online is here.

There are various traffic restrictions in place today due to the visit to the county of US President, Joe Biden, so if you’re planning on going to the game it’s worth checking in advance on local road closures you might encounter en route. Information from the Garda Síochána on this is here.

The match is also being streamed live by Connacht GAA, with match passes costing €10, so it’s the same as for tickets to attend the game. The link for that is here.

Details of this year’s Minor panel and the Mayo management team are here. Our match-day panel for this evening’s game was announced a short while ago and here it is:

Mayo manager Seán Deane spoke with Oisín McGovern of the Mayo News ahead of the Minor Championship campaign. You can read that interview here. This week’s paper also has a piece by Oisín on the addition of Colm Boyle to the Minor management team this year, which is well worth a read. That’s available in the digital and paper variants.

I’m otherwise engaged myself later on so I won’t get to see the game but there’ll be a report, of sorts, on it here on the blog later on. We’ll also have a Final Whistle pod from Hyde Park, helmed by Mike Finnerty, which will be up on Patreon soon after the match finishes so club members should watch out for that.

The best of luck to the lads in this evening’s Championship opener.

44 thoughts on “Minor match details for this evening’s provincial opener

  1. Must cofess, other than 4 of these lads I know nothing about this year’s panel. Anyone got and pointers?

  2. Just looked at your team there, I never heard of Parke Keelogues Crimlin. Where are they based? Are they an offshoot of a town club, or an amalgamation?
    Safe travel to all going today.

  3. Well, I mean they’re all involved since u14/15 and from various clubs. Shane Cunningham at midfield played soccer for Ireland.

  4. Excited to see the team… interesting to note that there’s no lads in the squad that are eligible to play minor next year as far as I know

  5. @Gweestion, that must be a definite first if true. Anecdotally yes, I see only final year u17s of what I know.

  6. Switching back to u20s for a minute, an upside is that Callanan and Tuohy are now completely committed to the senior panel. Would it be fair to say (wasn’t at/didn’t see it on Wednesday), that Fenton Kelly could usefully be added to the senior panel in a serious way, if not already on it?

  7. Substandard…Parke Keelogues Crimlin is an ammalgamation..Keelogues is Ballyvary ( last village before Castlebar)Parke/ Crimlin are two small villages ..
    Dara Neary a past pupil so I have a huge interest in this game..

  8. Sligo getting the win against Galway by the looks of it. 5pts in front well into injury time. Great underage work being done in Sligo for the last few years. Think we have Sligo in 2 weeks and that one should tell us a lot about where we are.

  9. 12 point win away from home – there must be great work going on in the Mayo academy system!
    The opposite of what was said 2 days ago….

  10. Great result for U17 lads. Just what was needed. The scores were spread among the team and came on a regular basi. That is a good sign for the future. Good luck

  11. Fair play to our U17 team. A badly needed win in the week that we have had.

  12. Tubberman..I know now but I was at Hyde Park and got a call from my nieces husband who is a Sligo man. He thought it was hilarious. Lol

  13. Thank God for the minors. Lovely bunch of footballers again. Hope for the future.

  14. Sean Deane knows his stuff to be fair. Another good looking Minor team. I don’t know if age for age they are more talented than the U20s but they definitely look to be better coached.

  15. Final Whistle pod from Hyde Park is up now on Patreon. Mike with Nigel Reape, chatting about the Minor game, also about the Seniors and U20s. Post-game reaction from Seán Deane too.

  16. This group of U17s was also strong at U15,U16 level and winning trophies. Will be hard bet in Connacht and there or thereabouts in the All Ireland again.

  17. Very impressed with the lads… this is exactly what we were calling out for after the u20 loss – skilful players, attacking football, no fear to take defenders on etc. Good luck to them in the rest of the competition (and hopefully go one more step than last year)

  18. Brilliant win for the lads. It had been a very depressing week for us diehard Mayo fans.

  19. Congrats to the under 17 so much promise in that team keep the faith ! Been hard the last week or so but some promise in that team !

    Under 20s will come back hopefully if things change..

    Our seniors will definitely be a different animal in 5 weeks now in round Robinthe break is a blessing I think just need to cope with all the slagging ha as Biden even says mayo for sam haha ( some day! )

  20. @Ross Town &Clare I agree just the lift we needed, followed it on twitter
    What is Deane’s background?

  21. I still can’t believe that the people in the county board somehow came to the conclusion that the u20 management team of the last two years had done a good job and deserved to be reappointed again for 2023. These lads have been coaching the football instinct out of good young players and turning them into robots.
    It looked like these lads didn’t enjoy their football either playing this system of football. It was only when we were beaten on Wednesday night and players threw caution to the wind that we got a few scores

  22. @southmayo exile apparently he gave the impression that it was the young guys in the teams fault for loosing in an after interview on a podcast.

    They def didn’t look like they were enjoying it at all.

    Managers should give confidence, a flare , and a bounce to players but that certainly was not the case .

    Under 20s have loads of talents so something is not right in that camp.

    Well done again to our under 17s so much talent !

  23. I think most people were willing to give last year’s u-20 management the benefit of the doubt when they got an extension. There were a few Mayo legends there and another added, surely they would see last year’s approach needed ”tweaking” at least. We wanted them to succeed.
    Alas no.
    A Mayo player won his free,tried to take it quickly,was impeded so the ref moved it forward 15 metres. The player sprinted up the 15 metres,turned around and kicked it BACK 20m.
    That would not be in a young lad’s psyche so obviously coached in there.
    Time to move over lads.
    Well done to the minors . Lets hope management allow these lads continue to express themselves and reap some benefits.

  24. @2hops totally agree with you time for new manager to step in maybe one of the guys who didn’t get the seniors Job ?

  25. 2 Hops – Year 2 was the benefit of the doubt, year 3 was bizarre at best should never have happended and I believe the majority on here thought the same as did those close to the players. Anyway sounds like the minors are in good fettle and taking the right approach. Hoping and expecting Boyler has a big influence on them..

  26. Sean – the interview in full is on the This Week on the Podcast show, it’s near the end and is accessible on the SoundCloud player embedded in the post here on the blog.

    For what it’s worth, I don’t think it’s a fair portrayal to say that Maurice Sheridan faulted his players for the defeat but what’s striking is that he seems to be at a complete loss to explain why they were beaten in the way they were.

  27. @willie joe apologies shouldn’t have really put the blame on Maurice but as you said had no explanation somethings not right for the camp players don’t seem happy !

  28. Clare I asked about if you’d listened as just thought it unusual you were writing ‘apparently’.
    But, anyways, we move on I don’t want to stir up much more about u20s with the brightness of minors yesterday.

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