Minor match reports + Round 2B throw-ins still TBC

Ryan O'Donoghue MOTM award

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Just a quick one, this, to provide a few links to reports on the minors’ match last night.

The only proper account of the game, which our lads won by 4-11 to 1-8, is provided by Colm Gannon in the Mayo Advertiser. His match report is here. Round-up reports, covering both our match and the other semi-final between Galway and Roscommon, are available in The 42 and Irish Independent.

No word yet, by the way, on the throw-in time for our Round 2B qualifier clash with Fermanagh on Saturday week. Cavan’s Joe McQuillan has been named as the ref for the fixture but it’s still not clear when Joe and the rest of us are expected to pitch up at MacHale Park for it. I guess the hold-up must be something to do with decisions still to be made on TV coverage but it’s veering towards odd at this stage that full details of all the Round 2B ties haven’t been nailed down by now.

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  1. Well done to our Minor team on the win. If you notice in the past, the teams that have been successful for us in the last few years have had a great capacity to score goals. Our Minor team in 2013 and our U21 team this year are examples of this, they were great teams to score goals at the right time. It shows a ruthlessness to get the job done. Lets hope our Minor team can keep doing that this year. Even for our seniors in 2013 the year we came closest to winning an All-Ireland, we scored lots of goals that year. Something for us to think about for the year ahead.

  2. I was at the same fixture in 2013 in McHale Park for the Mayo v Leitrim game. We could have been a goal up at half time and we pulled away a bit more second half. I remembering saying that evening that there would be no silverware for that group in 2013. I learned a lesson in 2013 that I would like to recall to all of you. It does not matter how we look in a minor game when we play Leitrim, whether it is in the Minor league game or Championship. Performances from now on are the only ones that should count. We have 2 games at least to play and this should be our focus. The sideline got this one right. The Blitz in the first 3 minutes with quick foot passing and hard running was the master stroke that set up the win for us. Leitrim were always under pressure from then onwards. Leitrim had a few decent footballers also. I liked the number 8 Niall McGovern what I like to call typical Leitrim midfielder good in the air and well able to win dirty ball. Calab Duffy was a fast hard working forward. Darragh Rooney was a big full forward that caught the eye. If the goals were a bit wider at their end they would have looked a much better team.

  3. WJ I don’t know if this has been posted or if you mind me posting this link but it is well worth a listen, an interview with Padraig Carney (aka The Flying Doctor) on the Damien Lawlor RTE GAA show. Padraig was home recently for the Galway game. Maybe he reads this blog 😉
    The interview starts at 39.42

  4. Ladies final is at 4-30.
    Galway ladies are worried about mayo on Sunday.
    Sean hehir has poor reputation in Galway.
    Salthill had serious issues with him a few years ago and they won the game!!
    By the way Evan Murphy who starred for Galway last night is is a first cousin of Sean Armstrong. He’ll need minding Sunday week.

  5. …and Robert Finnerty (a Salthill team mate of Evan Murphy) is Larry’s young fella and is the cut of him. Same walk! Finnerty is a classy forward. Good with both feet and was on the Salthill senior team last year. Pity he’s wearing the wrong county colours!

  6. And if Evan Murphy and Sean Armstrong are first cousins he has strong Neale and Mayo connection.

  7. At this stage it seems GAA won’t announce throw in time until after this weekend’s fixtures are complete. A draw in any game this weekend will mean a replay next Saturday. Sky tv has 7pm slot Rte have 4 pm.

  8. I see from the predictions foe next week that the Mayo v Fermanagh game is on at 5pm on Saturday.

  9. I’m sick of this Sky stuff! I cannot afford Sky. I work hard for my club. I go to all Mayo matches (except London & New York). I have my Cairde ticket and support Mayo in every way I can. I just love to watch football no matter who is playing but I’m prevented by a stupid arrangement between Sky and the GAA. For example I wasn’t able to watch the first Donegal v Monaghan match. Instead TG4 had the rugby u20 rugby World Cup. I have nothing against rugby but I ask you is this the spirit of the founders of the GAA? I still haven’t seen a recording of the Mayo v Galway match ( if only to see how bad we were!)
    The GAA need to cop on and get all our games on irish television stations and not forget our roots.
    Rant over!

  10. Agree 100% diehard. But when money gets in the way, roots and everything goes out the window unfortunately.

  11. Diehard,
    Very hard to argue with anything you’ve said there. I’m in exactly same boat as you as are countless others. I don’t wish to be self-congratulatory but it’s people like us who are the bedrock of the GAA. I wouldn’t like to count the hours per week or the financial cost associated with my involvement in helping to run a club. And then, for thirty pieces of silver, we flog our big games to Sky. It’s akin to the fur coated ladies who hardly know where their local club ground is and you see strolling down Jones’ Road on the third Sunday of September. My rant over now!

  12. It actually beggars belief that the throw in time hasnt been announced yet. The monday before a sat game. Wow just wow

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