Minor semi-final confirmed for Longford on Sunday at 5.30pm

It’s set to be a busy weekend on the football front for the county.

Hot on the heels of the Senior match against Derry being confirmed for Saturday at 6.30pm, it has now been announced that the All-Ireland Minor football semi-final between ourselves and Armagh will take place at Pearse Park in Longford on Sunday. Throw-in will be 5.30pm.

8 thoughts on “Minor semi-final confirmed for Longford on Sunday at 5.30pm

  1. All of Next weekend big matches only available to watch on F*cking gaago.
    Disgusting and disgraceful for supporters who can’t attend.
    Midwest for me as I will never Pay for F*cking gaago.

  2. #joeG As I have said before it’s not possible for many of us Mayo supporters to get to all of Mayo’s Matches.
    I have spent Decades of going to mayo matches in case you are wondering.
    I hope you are able to get to all of our future matches.
    Maigheo Abu.

  3. Fair play Mike H. I haven’t been to as many matches as I used too for different reasons, it doesn’t make us any less of a supporter.

  4. Sorry Mike H. It genuinely wasn’t meant as a dig at you or anyone with genuine reasons but as a general point to the thousands who have stepped back.

  5. JoeG-didn’t see anything wrong with you question. Of course fans are unable to attend for reasons such as Ill health, work/family commitments, finanical issues, travel difficulties etc.

    It would be great to have big crowd for our last home game of the year like 4/5 years ago when there was huge support to cheer on the lads and hopefully get us to a 1/4 final.the following week.

  6. In principle I accept a pay per view option, it means that those who cannot attend have the option to watch if they want. The season ticket is good value but again may not be for everyone.

    I do not agree that all matches should be free to air, and think that it is unreasonable to have this expectation. There are probably too many matches and I would be delighted of another one after this Saturday!

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