Minors and Juniors face Galway this weekend

All the talk is, I know, of Páirc Esler on Saturday week and all that entails but before all that there are two matches of interest down for decision this weekend.

Tomorrow evening the Minors are back in Connacht MFC action, with a Round 4 tie against Galway scheduled for MacHale Park where throw-in is 7.30pm. The Minors started their provincial campaign really well, with big wins over Leitrim and Roscommon, before suffering a setback by losing to Sligo last time out.

There are three play-off places up for grabs as the round-robin series of matches near their end – the group winner goes straight into the final while second and third contest a semi-final. This weekend is our final group game but, as it’s a five-team group, one county always sits out a round and it’s our turn to do so the weekend after next. Just as well with the qualifier match.

As the finishing line approaches, four teams are in contention for those three places. There are different permutations in terms of who might or might not qualify depending on how results go but the obvious objective for the lads tomorrow night will be to win the game. If they do that then they’re definitely in the shake-up, most likely straight into the final as group winners.

In the Connacht Junior Championship, meanwhile Galway got a bye straight into the final this year. Our lads, meanwhile, had to battle past Leitrim in the semi-final, a match that was played at MacHale Park a few weeks back as the curtain-raiser to our fateful Connacht semi-final meeting with Roscommon.

Sunday’s Connacht JFC final is, once more, the warm-up act for the Senior game, and it’s fixed to get underway at Pearse Stadium at 1pm that day. And, of course, once again we’ve no skin in the game as regards the Senior final. Connacht final day is, alarmingly, becoming but a distant memory for us now, a fact no doubt many will ruminate on as the miles clock up on the way to Newry and back on Saturday week.

Best of luck to both the Minors and Juniors in their respective clashes with Galway this weekend.

58 thoughts on “Minors and Juniors face Galway this weekend

  1. Willie Joe, your comments about Mayo once again missing out on a Connacht Senior Final appearance, got me thinking.

    It’s amazing how our fortunes have changed..From winning 5 in a row (under 2 different managements) to suddenly failing to reach a Final in 4 successive years.
    During this 4 year spell, we have managed to win just 3 Connacht Championship matches, against the might of Sligo, London and New York !!..

    During the 5 in a row times, there were supporters on this very blog, making comments such as, ”’Connacht Titles are not the currency that this Mayo team deal in, ”’ and other comments like that.

    Best wishes to our Minors and Juniors this weekend.
    Two chances to strike some kind of a blow against Galway.
    As the Junior Final is scheduled for 1pm, I presume there is provision for extra time, given that the Senior Final is fixed for 4pm?

  2. The Connacht Final in our day was a big deal. A chance to get the bragging rights for another year and all that stuff. It was also a quarter final and it was knockout. Times have changed. The quarter final is now called the Super 8. Croke Park have moved on from provincial finals day. The continuation of these games will be further demoted over the next few years. The Super 8 is where it is at now, like it or not. Some supporters are being conservative in their attitude here. In 2015 the 5 in a row was waved away like confetti. Galway get one in a row and it is back on the menu.. Wish I had a better understanding of it all. Kerry are on 7 in a row while Dublin are on, now where is my calculator. Ulster is different. As long as you have a protagonist you will have the Ulster championship irrespective of what Croke Park decide.

  3. The Super 8s format may be “where it is at” but it didnt work last year and I believe is fatally flawed and has resulted in an even further reduction in interest in football

    Provincial championships played off quickly, theres a long history there that we shouldn’t just throw away.
    Sam Maguire A championship – all division 1 and 2 teams, open draw straight knockout, provincial champs guaranteed home advantage in 1st round and in any game drawn against a team from their own province in any round. No back door, lose and your out.
    B championship – all division 3 and 4 teams, open draw straight knockout. Final is played the Saturday before the Sunday all Ireland.

  4. A big call out here to support the Minors tomorrow night. It’s their last game in the Round robin and should be a cracker.

  5. With the necessity nowadays to be at peak fitness and sharpness in the latterstages of the All Ireland the Provincial championships have to take a back seat – for anybody serious about the All Ireland, as Mayo are and have been in recent times. It’s ok for Rosc and Galway who know they will not be in the hunt come All Ireland Final day. But you cannot peak twice in one summer.
    Good luck to the Minors and Juniors. I hope to be in Castlebar for the minor but I’m afraid it would take a bigger attraction than the Junior final to draw me to the nightmare that getting to and out of Salthill is.

  6. I like your idea there east cork exile but what would you do if a div 3 team won their provincial title or were even in the final. They wouldn’t be too happy ending up in the B championship.

    I totally agree the system as it is has taken alot of the buzz from the football championship.
    We have 6 games now to try and make an AI semi final and we don’t even have to win them all.

    The unfortunate point about any changes you are likely to see to the football championship is that the changes we are seeing are not totally in the intersets of improving the championship but moreso in increasing the annual gate receipts.

    I mean reduced ticket prices would not hurt the coffers as I think more people would attend the games.

    I would start the championship a bit earlier for div 3 and div 4 teams.

    Draw out of a hat and let those teams play their opponents at home and away ensuring every team will get at least 2 games.

    Draw again and until you get it down to 4 teams that would then join div 1 and div 2 teams in qualifying for the championship proper.

    That would mean you are starting the proper championship without the 14 weakest teams.

    Slot these 4 teams in to whichever Province / Provinces has the lesser number of teams.

    So now your left with 20 teams for the remainder of the championship.

    The like graded teams have had at least 2 matches against teams they will not be annihilated by.

    The 4 teams that join the div 1 and div 2 teams should be of a fair good quality.

    Scrap the super 8’s.

    Let the 5 teams representing each province play each other. League format. That’s 4 games.

    The 4 teams that top their respective provincial league are the provincial champions and go on to the all Ireland semi finals.

  7. East Cork Exile Rewind that again for me. Are you saying we should return in some format to a knockout. Twenty years ago a county team had 120 training sessions in preparation for one game and the whole summer to lick their wounds after their first outing. Thing’s are a lot different now and training sessions are more frequent and probably more intense. Galway or Tyrone to mention 2 who have benefit from a second chance.

  8. Andy D.
    Highly disrespectful to Ross and galway, 2 teams who made the super 8 last year and one who made the semi. You think they are not serious about winning an AI. Were we not serious bout winning an AI when we were winning conn titles every year? You may hope to peak for AI final day, but do you seriously think any manager in his right mind will be aiming to have he’s team peak on a day they may never get to.
    Good luck to the minors and juniors this weekend. Hope slingerman shows he is an option for the seniors with a good showing for the juniors.

  9. With the round robin series now at quarter final stage – the front door is the only way to go. IF Mayo keep winning they have 7 games in 8 weeks – hardly ideal. Leaving aside New York we have lost 4 out of our last 6 championship games – only beating Limerick and Tipp. No one is going to fear us in the qualifiers. Our top players have gone past their best and our younger players need time to adjust to championship football at top level. Some people taking too much out of league victory – we were lucky to get to the final and as poor as Kerry played – they could have still beaten us at the end. I would have hoped full focus was on winning Connaught this year and take it from there.

  10. He’s injured Ros Town. Article in the Mayo news about it, he broke a rib playing Soccerball.
    Question is – if Schlingermann lines out for the Juniors, would that rule him out entirely of playing for the Seniors this year?. Has he perhaps already lined out for the Juniors at any stage?.

  11. No it would not rule him out. However if juniors progress and he gets game time with the seniors then he would be ruled out of any further involvement with the juniors.

  12. Didn’t know that. Thanks for the update. That’s what is so good about this Blog.

  13. South Mayo Exile If Mayo win next weekend they are in the for the third round. If they win that game they are in for the fourth round. If they win that they qualify for the Super 8’s. That is 3 games they have to win. Not 6 must win games. If we get that far the narrative will be changed you can put your house on it.

  14. Junior
    Míchéal Schlingermann – Kiltimagh
    2. Ronan Conlon – Bonniconlon
    3. David Lydon – Kiltimagh
    4. Barry Leonard – Lahardane
    5. Barry Duffy – Balla
    6. Cian Bourke – Ardnaree Sarsfields
    7. Conor Igoe – Bonniconlon
    8. Sean Walsh – Kiltimagh
    9. Tomás Fahey – Kilmaine(C)
    10. Liam Moran – Swinford
    11. Adrian Leonard – Lahardane
    12. Brendan Carr – Ardagh
    13. Michael McGarry – Eastern Gaels
    14. Keith Hopkins – Crossmolina Deel Rovers
    15. Darragh Keavney – Kilmeena

    Luke Jennings – Ballinrobe
    2. Alfie Morrison – Louisburgh
    3. Oisin Tunney – Breaffy
    4. Aidan Cosgrove – Kiltimagh
    5. Emmet Murphy – Castlebar Mitchels
    6. Ruairi Keane – Mayo Gaels
    7. Eoin Gilraine – Ballinrobe
    8. Dylan Thornton – Ballina Stephenites
    9. Ethan Henry – Mayo Gaels
    10. Paddy Heneghan – Castlebar Mitchels
    11. Paul Walsh – Castlebar Mitchels
    12. Ciaran Boland – Ballina Stephenites
    13. Ciaran Mylett – Castlebar Mitchels
    14. Frank Irwin – Ballina Stephenites
    15. Rory Morrin – Ballina Ste

  15. 7.30 pm Mchale Park tonight… I might just take a wander in to sample the Atmosphere…. If Mayo win, hindsight will tell me that it was down to the Atmosphere … Sunday I’ll watch the Connacht Final on TV. No way would I pay €40 to watch it, it means that our Juniors will have to do it without any contribution that I might make to the Atmosphere, at least they won’t have to pay €40 to watch the Senior Connacht Final. Well I imagine that’s the case anyhow. No way would the Connacht Council charge the Junior footballer for the privilege…. They would never get away with that…. I have until midnight Sunday to decide whether to go to Newry or Not, with the season ticket… I’m not 100% sure, I think we have only one ‘Opt Out’ with the Croke Park season ticket?… I have never missed a single Championship Match (Apart from London and New York) since I got the Season Ticket in 2011…. Unreserved seating for Páirc Esler on Saturday night week!

  16. Junior Connacht final on so early because that game must finish on the day with even penalties to find a winner if required. 25 euro for terrace tickets currently on sale if you don’t want to pay 40 euro on the day. Hard to know with the U17s tonight an age group that are inconsistent as proved by the results thus far.

  17. Thanks Mayomagic, €25 is more like it… I can’t recall what the Connacht Council were charging for the Mayo Roscommon Match… because I have a season ticket, and? the price was included in that! , But I think it was at least €25, I know for a fact that it was more than the price of the other Semifinal between Sligo and Galway… further evidence that the GAA, Connacht Council in this respect regard Mayo Supporter’s as a soft touch to fill their coffers!

  18. Best of luck to our minors tonight and our juniors on Sunday.

    We should organise a Blog Bus and a gang of us go to one away match per year. I would say it would be a great day out. It might be an idea for next year.

  19. That’s an excellent idea Revelinio and we all wear our name (the names we use on here) badges maybe Willie Joe wouldn’t speak to half of us after putting us in moderation so often but it might be a bit of Craic

  20. Galway 2-12 Mayo 0-11 full time.
    Pretty sure a Sligo win against Roscommon next week keeps Mayo in the competition.
    A draw or Ros win and Mayo are out.

  21. Another championship match against galway goes against us. Really sick of this run against them and people will say there’s no link. I don’t agree with that and am very worried. This was a minor team that a lot of people had high hopes for. Very disappointed.

  22. I might be wrong but I don’t think Mayo have beaten Galway at any level ( senior, U-21, U-20, minor or U-17) since Salthill in 2015? A full 4 years ago.

  23. Don’t worry Mac. It was us that was battling out the all Irelands whether we be them or not.

  24. I thought about this idea before, it is as follows, if Mayo get to the semi final or even the final this year that I was going to stick MAYO 88 on the front and back of my Jersey, a kind of a code so that all blog users will put a face to my name.

    Provided permission is obtained from Willie Joe of course.

  25. Margin of defeat could have been bigger according to MWR, goalkeeper kept the score down . If Sligo beat Roscommon we play Galway again.

  26. Mayo can’t seem to beat Galway nowadays whatever the grade is. You are correct Galwayman and its possible that Sligo at home can beat Roscommon.

  27. And some bright sparks posting a few weeks back about them being serious AI contenders after a win over Leitrim….some people never learn.

  28. Should the senior team not have been announced by now, wonder what the holdup is?.

  29. Mayo are out. Have only 2 wins – same as Sligo & Roscommon who play eachother next weekend to join Galway in final…it’s a formality that Galway will register their third win by beating Leitrim next weekend. End of.

  30. 2 of them get to a semi and the top team goes through to final. They are most certainly not out.

  31. Not out yet 45, Roscommon lose to Sligo then Mayo will have a semi final v Sligo

  32. I thought only one team automatically qualifies for the final the next two play a semifinal.

  33. Very disappointing to lose to Galway again – they sure have the hex on us for the last while but like everything these things go in cycles. Galway have always had a great strike rate at underage in both codes but this stranglehold over us is longer than I can remember. Galway have obviously got good structures in place for bringing youngsters through. It might be time for us to take note and see if we can learn anything from what they are doing.

  34. In fairness Galway looked that bit sharper all over the field and deserved their win. We have some very good footballers. I was impressed by Ruairi Keane and Eoin Gilrain and Frank Irwin who scored two good points from play before Galway managed to put the shackles on him.
    I was not impressed by our style of play. We retreated into defence and kept Galway to 4 points by half time. Fair enough. However, when we went on the attack we failed to move the ball forward at speed, instead opting for moving it over and back around the middle and allowing the Galway defence to get back. We had no hope of getting a decent score with that approach. It is a style of play I abhor and if the management persist with it then we are going nowhere.

  35. I think we still have good chance of making Semi final. If Sligo win – Mayo and Ros will have lost two games each and we have them in the head to head and scoring difference.
    If Roscommon win – Mayo Sligo and Ros will have lost two games each and I think we have better scoring difference. All not lost – but we need to stop blowing up teams and young lads when they won nothing.

  36. You are right diehard our style of play is not impressive. We need to find a style of play that works for all levels of intercounty teams in Mayo and rebuild an identity for Mayo from the ground up. Each team should be playing the same way so that’s it’s ingrained in the players from an early age. I thought our minor team that won the all-ireland in 2013 had a fantastic style of play. I know you need a special group of players to come along to play the level they did but what we have seen of late reflects a lack of clarity between tactics and playing style.

  37. We only make the semi-final if Sligo win next Friday. If Roscommon win they have 3 wins and (assuming Galway beat Leitrim) Sligo will take 3rd place on head to head record with us.

    Not out of the question but disappointing to be relying on it.

  38. We need to beat Galway quick , it’s becoming a farce at this stage . Makes me sick when I hear mayo people coming out of Connacht Defeats to Galway last few years not too bothered “well be there longer than them ” so what, it’s Galway ,you beat them. Yeah it happened in 16&17 but you can bet your house it’s going full circle now and for a while by the looks of it ,Jesus Christ it’s disgusting , 16/17/18 senior loses and didn’t even earn the right to play them this year , several underage defeats , it’s shameful and dint give me this ya can’t say this you can’t say that about such and such a one , too much cotton wool in Mayo ,pelt a few of them in charge with rotten eggs is what is needed . Whoever is over seeing all this would want to look into this carefully as this losing to Galway craic is becoming a dangerous habit , habits can be hard change the longer you’re at it .

  39. Another disappointing result but role on next week…Anyone know any details the Mayo team who played a challenge against Clare last weekend. ..

  40. I’d fancy Sligo to beat Ros next week which would see Mayo into a semi final with Sligo.
    Even though Ros beat us – Sligo impressed me more. We were 8 up on Ros and fell asleep and got caught. Would strongly fancy us to beat them if we play them again.

  41. Mayo created more scoring chances but fluffed theur lines badly @ times..Build up play to slow and later as earlier poster stated..It obvious the art of composure two footed passing and shooting technique, not prioritised by most club coaches.. Any talented 17 year old playing the game should have those elements developed

  42. Sean Burke – there really is no need for that. You’re going to have to control these post-match outbursts you appear prone to of late or else you and I are going to have a serious falling-out.

    Mayo88 – I don’t think you need any permission from me for your proposed course of action!

  43. @Galwayman, Galway played with 14 men for all of the 2nd half v Sligo and they only managed 11 scores (1-10) while Roscommon 15 v 15 all game managed to score 1-17 v Galway surely that was more impressive?

  44. Jesus that is shocking bad news as regards Mathew, probably our player of year so far. ……. Gaelic football training is hard on the body…… Ultan Harney of Roscommon is out injured for a spell, Damian Comer of Galway is out for months by now….Mayo have several with knocks, and all apparently injured in training ……All I say is that I wish them all a speedy and full recovery!

  45. Galway bate Mayo by 1-7 to 0-9 in junior final. As Sean Burke knows Mayo have the losing habit against Galway at all grades now the alarm bells must be ringing.

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